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"[This article is] quite funny actually. The surprising level of detail makes me feel important."

Inserting details improves Vordrak's self-esteem. Please add more details and surprises. Vordrak's happiness depends on it.

Chris Hansen Says Hi.gif
Vordrak before gaining chubby cheeks.

Samuel Collingwood Smith (also known as Vordrak, Matthew Hopkins, and MHWitchfinder; born December 30, 1978) is a British Conservative politician, activist, and law student who seeks to protect your daughter's precious bodily fluids against pedophiles and liberals, whom Vordrak places in the same category. Vordrak operates a blog named after a Puritanical, genocidal maniac who invented the "duck test". The "journalism" contained therein primarily consists of wild claims of pedophilia against political opponents, people who have annoyed him, and random passers-by. Such claims appear to be motivated by his targets' opposition to GamerGate, this being Vordrak's means of exemplifying ethics in journalism.

Ironically, Vordrak sued an anonymous contributor to this article for mocking his baseless accusations of pedophilia against his opponents by calling him one himself, and the satire was removed as a result. It's a good thing every person he falsely accused of being a pedophile didn't sue him, or he might not have been able to afford the lawsuit against the anonymous contributor, or the bounty he has on information leading to his true identity.

After Kiwi Farms created a thread about Vordrak in January 2016, Vordrak made it his life's mission to rid the world of Kiwi Farms and people who have fun laughing at online idiocy. After wasting an entire year of his life writing blog entries, screeching to hosts and authorities, and leading the Autistic Legion of Doom in a crusade to take down Kiwi Farms by targeting innocent members of Null's family, including getting his mother fired from her job, Kiwi Farms was temporarily closed down. Vordrak ironically paints himself as a good guy in the victory of two evils while utilizing methods more sinister than typing mean things on an internet forum and resorting to IRL harassment in order to achieve victory. In the end, the greater of two evils won.

In June 2017 infighting led to at least two members of the Autistic Legion of Doom (Donny Long and Oliver Smith) to leave the group and oppose Vordrak, leaking many emails in the process.


Smith's fellow-Tory Franey, on the run with Savile

Sam Smith was elected to represent Welwyn-Hatfield's Haldens ward in June 2005. Smith was a member of the Labour party at the time. Smith ceased serving the Council in 2008, and in March 2009, Smith joined the Conservative party and was embraced by Grant Shapps, the Conservative MP for Welwyn-Hatfield.

Within a week after joining Shapps's forum, Smith made headlines. Vordrak compared the Liberal Democrats to a lady pedophile for supporting drug reform proposals:

Liberal policy poses a greater threat to our children than [pedophile and rapist] Tanya French does.

Vordrak's comment was deleted, and after receiving media attention, Vordrak apologized:

I would like to apologise unreservedly for writing insensitive comments in the heat of debate.

I completely appreciate that it was inappropriate and offensive.

Afterwards, Vordrak rarely posted to shapps.com, and threads about him disappeared.

In passing, it is interesting to observe that the deputy leader of Welwyn-Hatfield Council until May 2016 was Smith's fellow-Conservative, councillor Alan Franey, former chauffeur and colleague of the late Jimmy Savile. This is clearly just one of those funny coincidences.

"Promoting positivity on evthreads"

EvThreads, gone thanks to Vordrak.
A Photoshop artist's impression of Vordrak.

Vordrak was an avid Evanescence dork and fanboy (despite his age):

Hi guys,

I know many of us think about this but we have never made a thread explicitly for it so ... this is the thread where we plan to make Amy happy.

The goal here is to make Amy feel loved and supported. We each have our own ways of doing this. Some people make videos. My friends and I have organised a campaign team. Others bake cupcakes.

The point of this is for us all to get together and be positive.

My contribution -

(1) This year I will be trying to make Amy Hartzler happy by -
(i) Organising promotion of the new album ...
(ii) ... and the muppets CD.
(iii) Attending some concerts if she has any.
(iv) Sending her fun silly stuff.
(v) Promoting positivity on evthreads.

My question to everyone else is ... how will * you * be supporting Amy?

(Just to be clear, my buddies and I have other threads going for the band in general and for specific other members. For example, we made a thread about 'The Snobs' regarding Tim's old band. We have lots of nice things planned for the other band members. We have plenty of love to go around. But this thread is about Amy.)

Here is Danny's thread for the whole band

Here is 'The Snobs' thread for Tim.

- Vordrak

Vordrak joined Evthreads in February 2009. He become a moderator, but was shocked to learn to he couldn't transform Evthreads into a Puritanical utopia. The site's management didn't allow him to take action against self-professed pot smokers or people who published 4chan-esque tales ("paedophile material including a story about sexual offences against a physically disabled male minor") and lolicons ("cartoons with pre-teens in lawful poses but with sexualised captions"). As a true Puritan witchfinder, Vordrak wanted to report these Internet shenanigans to UK authorities, but Amy Lee and her lawyers didn't think that it was such a big deal, believing that deleting the material and moving on was good enough. Vordrak also seems to take a claim of suicide seriously, when anyone with a brain knew the claim of suicide was a fake.

In short, for Vordrak, the Internet is serious business. In 2012, Vordrak used his connections to political leaders to create a petition and then ArchiveToday-favicon.pngused Anonymous as his personal army ([1]). This resulted in the closure of Evthreads.


Matthew Hopkins

How Vordrak imagines himself.
Source of how Vordrak imagines himself.

In February 2013, Vordrak registered the "thewitchfindergeneral.com" domain and started his blog. Despite his 2009 apology, by October 2013, Vordrak was once again trying to link the Left to pedophilia and compared the Left to the Islamic Republic of Iran:

The world’s children will never be safe from the clutches of the organised left while they exist. The only difference in Iran is that at least the Iranians expect the men to marry the girls first.

In November 2014, Vordrak accused the Left of racism and used Twitter messages as "evidence". Then in January 2015, Vordrak whined about the Holly Fisher meme and compared liberals to children over a Twitter post. Again, as in the Evthreads drama, Vordrak takes things said on the Internet far too serious.


2015 has been a very productive year for Vordrak's blog with double the amount of published entries than the previous year. Vordrak joined the GamerGate bandwagon and made war on James Billingham's Block Bot. In April 2015, a former Block Bot developer AuntySarah accused Vordrak of harassment, but Vordrak and his knowledge of law allowed him to handle the claims easily.

Vordrak also tried to build a case against Block Bot but discontinued it in May. Vordrak also started "Operation Untechnica", but had difficulties running it: ArchiveToday-favicon.pngsome anons had other ideas, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdefacement of the Operation page was plentiful, and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngthe legitimacy of the entire project was questioned. Eventually, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngVordrak had to shut the project down.

Wikipedia and Wikipediocracy

Vordrak flanked by John Dean (left) and Grant Shapps (right).
Vordrak doesn't know about Ceiling Cat. Take every chance you have to remind him who CC is.
See also Richard Symonds

In March 2014, Chase me ladies, I'm the Cavalry began a year-long mission to try to connect Contribsx to Grant Shapps. A year later, the Cavalry performed an extensive series of CheckUser actions against Contribsx and blocked Contribsx as Shapps' sockpuppet, all the while in contact with a reporter for The Guardian. Cavalry blocked Contribsx as Shapps' sockpuppet, and The Guardian publicized the accusations, but not in that order (oops).

ArbCom performed an investigation into the Cavalry's account of the story, and this drew Vordrak into Wikipedia. Vordrak's first task: suggest a Puritanical approach to which usernames are acceptable. Eventually, ArbCom absolved Contributsx and punished the Cavalry for his transgressions.

In July 2015, Wikipedia critic forum Wikipediocracy ArchiveToday-favicon.pngpublished a blog entry on Vordrak, and Vordrak retaliated by publishing a blog entry on thekohser. Vordrak was apparently under the impression that thekohser was a serious journalist and that examiner.com was a serious online newspaper when neither are. Puritan Vordrak also displayed his lack of appreciation for the lulz and his lack of knowledge about Ceiling Cat:

One of Mr Kohs’ admitted accounts is called, “Feline Who Watches You Masturbate From Above”. The strange, sexualised account name is indicative of his indecorous social conduct

Vordrak and Wikipediocracy later took their blog entries on each other down. Vordrak claimed that this was due to a "reciprocal end to hostilities", but it only shows that Vordrak believes in quid pro quo and is corruptible: he'll censor his own blog in exchange for favors.

Ban from Wikipedia

Vordrak, still high off of his victory against Wikipediocracy, decided to take his arch-nemesis Mark Bernstein to ArbCom, but he overplayed his hand. Despite his buddy AmethyGloriCorn advertising the case on Reddit, Vordrak's cause received virtually no support at Wikipedia. Seeing that his case was sinking fast, Vordrak began making veiled threats:

ORLY? Well, alright then ...

Vordrak getting serious

I have archived Gamaliel's comments about his proposed reasons for blocking me ArchiveToday-favicon.pnghere. I am not entirely sure he has thought it through but invite him to reconsider. I am not entirely sure he has thought it through but invite him to reconsider.

Vordrak implying consequences (blog entry about those comments)

Under the latter circumstances [me as an outsider] I am free to say what I like and to reveal the real world names of people I would not otherwise have named.

Vordrak implying that it would be unwise to cast him out

In response to these messages, Floquenbeam banned Vordrak:

17:36, 18 July 2015 Floquenbeam (talk | contribs) blocked Vordrak (talk | contribs) with an expiry time of indefinite (account creation blocked, email disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (veiled (very thinly) threats to out others https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia:Arbitration/Requests/Case&oldid=672018719#Statement_by_Vordrak)

As being banned for intimidation doesn't make for a good martyr story, Vordrak spun the story by claiming that he was banned by the reasons suggested by Gamaliel. Being banned for threats of "negative media scrutiny" and for suggesting a fun, little "satirical animated GIF" contest sounds a long better to Gamergate drones than "veiled (very thinly) threats to out others". Floquenbeam and his stated reasons for the ban aren't even mentioned in Vordrak's blog entry.

The original version of Vordrak's blog entry concluded with the following:

I am now free to name Wikipedia editors where there is public interest and / or to take legal action if I wish.

Starting by naming Gamaliel. Watch this space.

Vordrak telling Wikipedia, "I told it would be unwise to cast me out. Waahhh."

Sorry, Vordrak, but ED has been there and done that already.

At the time, Vordrak decided not to publish Gamaliel's dox and replaced the "Starting by naming…" line with a claim that Floquenbeam and the other Wikipedia sysops follow Gamaliel's every word, worship his every step, and savor his every breath.

Vordrak's old friend Robert "Gamaliel" Fernandez had been elected to Wikipedia's Arbitration Committee during the 2015 elections. In April 2016, Gamaliel was the subject of an arbitration case for violating many Wikipedia rules and policies over a lame April Fool 'prank.' This was an opportunity for revenge which Vordrak would not let slide. After Gamaliel got himself in hot water on Wikipedia, Vordrak decided to ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwrite to Gamaliel's employer at Saint Leo University in an attempt to have Gamaliel fired for ArchiveToday-favicon.pngnot blocking an alleged pedophile who Vordrak had blogged about.

Gamaliel was so butthurt over Vordrak's email to Saint Leo University that he claimed to be "unable to edit" on Wikipedia and eventually resigned his position on the Arbitration Committee and claimed to have retired from the English Wikipedia. Vordrak even scored some collateral damage against his other nemesis, Mark Bernstein, who was enraged after he was ArchiveToday-favicon.pngconfided in by Gamaliel and told what Vordrak had done. Mark was blocked repeatedly for violating his GamerGate topic ban while screaming about Vordrak's "blackmail" and "extortion" of Gamaliel. Mark has been crying about Vordrak's blackmail ever since ArchiveToday-favicon.pngand even Gamaliel is tired of hearing about it.

In June 2016, Vordrak ArchiveToday-favicon.pngattempted to have his Wikipedia ban appealed. When Floquenbeam found out he immediately took actions to escalate Vordrak's block so that he can only be unblocked by will of ArbCom. Vordrak did appeal to ArbCom itself, and was frustrated when they ArchiveToday-favicon.pngchose to ignore his appeal.

On July 20th, 2016, Vordrak was ArchiveToday-favicon.pngpermanently banned from the Wikipedia-oriented WikiInAction subreddit and gibbeted in a stickied thread alongside Gamaliel and one of Gamaliel's Wikipedo buddies, Ed "The_ed17" Erhart. Vordrak was banned for his attempt to have Gamaliel fired from Saint Leo University. Earlier in July, Gamaliel and his friends ArchiveToday-favicon.pngtried to have a journalist named David Auerbach fired for tweeting about the Gamaliel and others arbitration case, resulting in the two of them plus Vordrak being banned from the subreddit for being such spergs about Wikipedia.


In June 2015, Vordrak and AmethyGloriCorn created a subreddit called TheGGGreatWork in order to encourage and coordinate the countering of alleged SJW infiltration within Wikipedia. They encouraged users to be patient and build "Wikipedia Capital" by giving each other Barnstars and engaging in RecentChanges and anti-vandalism paroling.

In July, after Vordrak's ban from Wikipedia, Vordrak's partner in crime AmethyGloriCorn announced a new approach to influencing Wikipedia:

The only way to achieve justice on Wikipedia is to achieve power on Wikipedia and that means we need our members to achieve administratorship. On Wikipedia that is relatively easy as there is an elected system called RFA. We therefore advise editors to build up edits in non-contentious areas and complete RFA before going anywhere near GamerGate or related topics. Edit articles about water gardens. Sprockets. Anything but GG. Water gardens are cool.

In other words, AmethyGloriCorn is asking for willing Manchurian Candidates to infiltrate Wikipedia, hide their true agenda, and then when the time is right, dupe naive voters who aren't aware of their hidden motives into voting for them.

When AmethyGloriCorn shared his or her plan on KotakuInAction, Vordrak not only expressed his support but "better yet", also suggested obtaining sysops bits in order to "arbitrarily block" their opponents:

[O]n Wikipedia administrators are elected. Anyone can be put forward at any time for what is called RFA (requests for adminship). The 'community' votes. In reality about 100 people participate in most RFAs. If someone gets 80% + votes then bam! They are an admin.

KiA has nearly 48,000 members. You do the math. Instead of whining at administrators to deal with Bernstein, AmethyGloriCorn is proposing KiA members become administrators and deal with him and the article themselves.

Better yet, normally administrators cannot just arbitrarily block people but thanks to ArbCom imposed GamerGate discretionary sanctions they are allowed to [arbitrarily block people] in relation to GamerGate controversies. :) Furthermore there are already many calls for most of the anti-GG people.

One admin willing to shoulder some flack could block the entire aGG slate. And we do not anticipate there being just. one. admin.

In other words, Vordrak is asking for patient assassins to infiltrate Wikipedia, become sysops, and then stab unsuspecting ideological opponents in the back.

Adam Roberts

In late July 2015, Vordrak attempted to pick a fight with author Adam Roberts, going as far as ArchiveToday-favicon.pngbutt into a conservation between Adam Roberts and Natascha de Waal while promising to publish an exposé so shocking that it would prevent Adam Roberts from giving public speeches ever again. Yet nothing has come of this. Vordrak has yet to publish any blog entries about Adam Roberts.



After making such bold talk about exposing Adam Roberts on his blog yet not actually doing it, Vordrak shifted gears again and found a target that would dominate Vordrak's attention for the next couple of weeks: Github and Todogroup's draft "Open Code of Conduct". Todogroup's "Open Code of Conduct" contains the following SJW self-righteous lunacy:

Our open source community prioritizes marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort. We will not act on complaints regarding:

  • ‘Reverse’ -isms, including ‘reverse racism,’ ‘reverse sexism,’ and ‘cisphobia’

The draft code divides communities to a first class ("marginalized people") to be prioritized and a second class ("privileged people") to be, well, marginalized.

The Code began sanely enough, but on June 22, 2015, "ammeeep" appeared and sought to incorporate, word-for-word, the Geek Feminism Code of Conduct's "Definitions" section, including the aforementioned controversial text, into the Open Code of Conduct. Fortunately, "caniszczyk" merged only a modest amount of ammeep's contributions into the master branch.

On July July 20, ammeep made a second attempt to incorporate Geek Feminism Code of Conduct's "Definitions" section, and on the 29th, "Bkeepers" conceded to ammeep's demands.

Several days later, Vordrak picked up on this and send a draft copy of his exposé to Github for review. Github objected, claiming copyright violations and "actionable, factual misrepresentations". Such vague legal threats from a popular website and business would unnerve most, but as a law student, Vordrak knew that Github was full of shit and proudly leveraged this fact. Vordrak published a blog entry filled with exclamations marks and bold, green text and bragged about how dumb Github staffers are for licensing their photos under Creative Commons open source licenses, and when Vordrak finally published his blog entry about the Open Code of Conduct, he devoted a few of its paragraphs to speaking about how inept Github's lawyers are and they forfeited the ability to gain money from suing Vordrak when they decided to not take Vordrak seriously and to not reply back.

Now, onto that blog entry, which ArchiveToday-favicon.pngVordrak advertised on Twitter as "[Does Github believe that it's] Ok to Harass White Women?" Sensationalism sells, and Vordrak knows it. Although "reverse racism / sexism / whatnot" usually takes the form of affirmative action critique (i.e. "X got the job instead of me because of his race / sex"), Vordrak marketed "reverse racism" as "[permissible] to harass white women".

On August 10th, ammeep's fiancé "martin308" challenged Vordrak via Twitter, claiming that Vordrak had his name wrong. ArchiveToday-favicon.pngVordrak revised his article but ArchiveToday-favicon.pngwarned martin308 not to mess with him.

Beef with Kiwi Farms

Vordrak's relationship with Kiwi Farms was initially amiable. Vordrak contacted Dynastia after watching Dynastia mock RationalWiki. An interesting exchange occurred during the conversation:

Dynastia: Yeah, we think you're a loon and I'm surprised you don't have a thread already.

Merry Christmas.

Vordrak: I expect criticism to some extent. Comes with the territory of being a right wing politician and blogger.

—Dynastia and Vordrak, December 2015

Vodrak later showed Dynastia his anti-Block Bot activities.

In January 2016, a Kiwi Farms thread was created on Vordrak, and Vordrak became hostile to Kiwi Farms.

Search results for Samuel Collingwood Smith's name on three different search engines which all carefully omit Lolcow Wiki results.

Starting on April 16th, 2016 Vordrak began writing daily articles on Null and the Kiwi Farms. The first article cites the Encyclopedia Dramatica pages as irrefutable evidence that the site admin rapes and murders children ArchiveToday-favicon.pngand animals on a daily basis and uses the Kiwi Farms to do so. His interest was turned to the Kiwi Farms because of a thread on him, but did not start writing hit pieces until the site started running a GamerGate parody forum that hurt GG's stellar public image and caused KotakuInAction to shit their pants. Not wanting GamerGate to pick up the reputation of being about harassment, Vordrak began harassing everyone Null's ArchiveToday-favicon.pngfamily ArchiveToday-favicon.pngand everyone he had ever met and promised to do so ArchiveToday-favicon.pngas long as the Kiwi Farms stayed up. Thanks to his efforts, GamerGate's reputation was saved and now there are #EthicsInVideoGameJournalism.

Some retard on Kiwi Farms's wiki also 'wrote' an article on Samuel's adventures, but for some reason no search engine will deliver it as a result. They will show Kiwi Farms pages and other Lolcow Wiki articles that are direct copies of the same page, but not the actual article. Surely this is a coincidence and not the result of Vordrak chimping out and crying to Jewgle about google bombing. Considering he does it to other people he's never met and ArchiveToday-favicon.pngbrags about it, that would make him a hypocrite, which is impossible as we know Samuel Collingwood Smith is a righteous moral authority and unbiased judicator.

Vordrak's jihad against the Kiwi Farms has ArchiveToday-favicon.pngcontinued over the months including collaborations with Margaret Pless and Peter Coffin, which is particularly hilarious as both of those assclowns have attempted to defend pedophile Sarah Butts and should be on Vordrak's shitlist. Vordrak also ArchiveToday-favicon.pngplanned to contact US politicians and the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internal Affairs because he believes a "senior member of Kiwi Farms" is an FBI informant and that FBI agents are forwarding Vordrak's emails to the Farms.


Fan art of Vordrak obsessing over Null.
Vordrak depends on people such as Oliver Smith for "information".
Vordrak enables Chris-chan's sense of entitlement (to free money).
Kiwi Farms' thoughts on Vordrak's attempts to recruit Ryulong, Tommy Tooter, Luke McKee and others to his cause.
Your taxes pay the government to go after Internet trolls instead of Islamic terrorist.

Vordrak spend May Day 2015 starting a project to expose that menace to working peoples everywhere: the trolls and drama-loving hecklers at KiwiFarms. Vordrak purchased the "kiwifarmswiki.com" domain and set up a MediaWiki installation on the next day. Vordrak unveiled the wiki on May 8th, along with "an authoritative new website for Joshua Conner Moon (http://www.joshuaconnermoon.com)". Vordrak didn't have the guts to register JoshuaConnerMoonRapedAndMurderedAYoungGirlIn1990.com, so he ended up sounding like a attention-seeking jerk instead of a troll (middle road is no place to go).

Once the Kiwi Farms users learned about the wiki, they began to vandalize and deface it, causing Vordrak to kill the baby wiki in its crib and start over from scratch; this time as an invite-only wiki.

One of the first person that Vordrak invited to his wiki was Ryulong. What followed was a bizarre situation where someone other than Ryulong was operating the KiwiFarmsWiki.com's "Ryulong" account. Ryulong blamed Vordrak, as no else would have the password for the account (assuming that neither of their Email accounts had been compromised), and Vordrak asserted that Ryulong must've been the operator the whole time. Vordrak shut down the debate by blocking Ryulong.

Vordrak also attempted to recruit Tommy Tooter to his cause, something he revealed during a Kiwi Farms attempt to gain Vordrak's confidence:

Vordrak also invited Luke McKee to his wiki, and McKee shared the Email on Kiwi Farms.

The wiki is currently home to five account, two of which ("GlobalAdministrator" and "Oracle") undeniably belong to Vordrak, while another ("Ryulong") is indefinitely blocked. The two remaining accounts ("Boater" and "Kurgock") became inactive after apparently becoming fed up with Vordrak not uploading images of Null's mom.

So far, the wiki only hosts three articles: an article on Null, an article on Null's mom, and a vanity page on Vordrak. As one would expect of any invite-only wiki with an extremely narrow focus, this wiki pretty much died after a few weeks.

With KiwiFarmsWiki.com dead in the water, Vordrak turned to the only friend he has left: Grant Shapps. Vordrak won over Shapps to his cause, and Shapps, in turn, contacted MP Karen Bradley. This likely won't go anywhere. British MP's have attempted to take down websites such as Kiwi Farms before. Tory MP Jake Berry tried to take ED down in 2011, yet ED is its article on Sophie Lancaster are still standing. Whether Vordrak asked Shapps to contribute his wiki skills and experience to KiwiFarmsWiki.com is unknown.

Vordrak sues Encyclopedia Dramatica for 10,000 pounds

LOL Don't care faggot, go for it


—likeicare's official response.

Fuck off LOL


—ED's official response.

Fan art referencing the incident where Kiwi Farms and ED accused Vordrak of paedophilia in jest and for satire.

On May 10, 2016, Vordrak published a blog entry about Kiwi Farms member "Dynastia", a massive sperglord who has been e-stalking him for ages. In the third paragraph of that blog entry, Vordrak goes off on a tangent about how Encyclopedia Dramatica is such a reliable and invaluable resource in his "investigations", despite ED's reputation and its inclination towards lulz rather than facts.

Later that day, 'someone' (Dynastia) registered an Encyclopedia Dramatica account under the handle "KiwiDynastia" (Dynastia contends that it isn't him but it is).

In any case, supposedly 'not the real' Dynastia decided to give Vodrak a taste of his own medicine of being called a pedophile based on the filmiest of evidence. Despite his hilarious incompetence Dynastia submitted "satirical", "fictional" claims about Vordrak engaging in paedophilia, along with a fake chat log (a clear reference to Vordrak's use of a chat log to claim that Null was a paedophile) in a pathetic personal attack. Soon after, long-time ED user Likeicare joined in and had to hand-hold Dynastia and outright do his work for him to keep the lulz going because his tard rage didn't translate into a readable article.

When Vodrak caught wind of this he joined our wiki and forum and demanded that the content submitted by Dynastia and Likeicare be taken down. Although the entire community just laughed and ignored him for kicks, we eventually did remove the fake claims because we're in the business of helping rumours spread, not making them up ourselves. Instead, everyone switched to trolling Dynastia as he flipped his shit at our refusal to be his personal army in his war for his downie-faced damsel in distress, Null.

However, by this point (after the police have already told him to fuck off), Vordrak had by now resorted to threatening legal action and, on the 16th, Vordrak carried out his impotent legal threats. In July Vordrak finally had his hearing, to which none of the accused bothered to show up, and obtained a court order and restraining order in his favor against an unknown internet person, stipulating that "Dynastia" must pay him the equivalent of his mother's weight - 10,000 british pounds.

In desperation, Vordrak is now offering half of his court winnings as "bounty" to anyone who supplies him with Dynastia's dox, and Dynastia is himself desperately making 25 posts a day claiming that the 'KiwiDynastia' account is not him. Likeicare noticing this, decided to call out Dynastia on his lies and was immediately banned from the thread

Vordrak sues Encyclopedia Dramatica for 10,000 pounds About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


On May 22, 2016, Vordrak announced that he was rebranding himself and his blog. He would now be posting as "Samuel Collingwood Smith" (guess having that middle name be public doesn't bother him anymore) and that he would be writing "fewer hitpieces" (his words, meaning that he's acknowledging that he's a hit-piece writer, lol). The change apparently came about after his reputations among the KotakuInAction crowd dropped due to his obsession with Kiwi Farms.

Banned from Reddit

On October 18th, 2016, Vordrak made a post to the KotakuInAction subreddit in which he ArchiveToday-favicon.pngexpressed interest in a story about a woman who had mocked a disabled man on an airplane and implied he would be writing a hit-piece on her. Despite his first comment being ignored and downvoted, Vordrak ArchiveToday-favicon.pngmade another reply in the thread and said he was going through with his hit-piece and that he had already contacted the woman's modeling agent.

Hey there (and tagging /u/mk101). I have just prepared an article about the woman concerned. As she appears to be a professional model I have sent it to her agent for comment. The article will appear on MHN in due course.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngVordrak thinks KIA will shower him with adulation

Please let me express my shock that you contacted someone's employer. No bad tactics.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngShadistsReddit knows how Vordrak operates

The KotakuInAction mods gave Vordrak a final warning and said he was one fuck up away from being permabanned from their subreddit.

Between this and your followup comment, you've stepped way out of line here. Consider this your final warning - Rule 1 and Rule 5. Pointing and laughing is one thing, writing up an article about a nobody and then contacting their employer because they said something stupid is something entirely different.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngHandofBane has had enough of Vordrak

On October 20th, 2016, ArchiveToday-favicon.pngVordrak published his hit-piece on the woman.

Sometime between October 18th and October 20th, 2016, Vordrak was finally ArchiveToday-favicon.pngsite banned from reddit itself. So far, his small army of dormant sockpuppets have not been banned. Feel free to report them to the reddit administration should he start using them again!


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