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It's a well-known fact that niggers were some of the first vores.
Voraphiles are fat. This is a fact.
Nope, nothing disturbing about this picture at all.
Yeeeah, baaaaawwh, dis here how troo kay-juns do they vore down on da baii-yoo.
I believe that I was born liking vore, and was born a VORAPHILE

Seeing a girl (or on occasion guy~) getting swallowed whole (preferably unharmed), then leaving a sexy bulge in the creature that consumed her, just gets me 'tingly'!

From the time I was a little boy, at least two, maybe three years old, I would fantasize about being trapped within something, or being swallowed whole! When watching something like a cartoon for instance, and someone or something gets eaten, I'd feel that 'tingle'!

I don't prefer digestion or scat to be involved in vore, but depending on how it's depicted, it can be VERY fetching!


—some vorefag on DeviantArt describing how vore gives him a boner

From the Latin Voro: to eat greedily, swallow up, consume, gorge oneself. And the classic Greek "Phile" suffix for any fetish. Note that this is blatantly incorrect from a linguistic perspective - the correct term would in fact be "phagophilia", which means all self-proclaimed vores are in fact phags.

Voraphiles are socially mal-adjusted, emotionally stunted people who have a fetish for being eaten, whole. It's a whole new ballgame out there in the modern sexual Olympics. Many people with a cannibalism fetish are mentally retarded and should be harrassed by the government.

I'm sure it's just a matter of time before someone builds a large simulacra tongue and mouth to be eaten by. Covered in more splooge than a plushophiles favorite plushie toy, the turkey man already gets off on hiring whores to put him in a pan, stick him in a giant fake oven, and describe cooking him. Which is totally hot.

In case it wasn't fucked up enough already, the voraphiles have decided that just about any orifice is suitable for their purposes. Examples abound of people being forcefully inserted into genitals, up asses, in through the navel, stuffed down cleavages, engulfed by nipples, you name it, if it's part of the body and either concave or convex, they'll find a way to draw people being eaten by it. Oh, and they like marsupials as well, because, hey, pouches. A meat thermometer inserted into a woman's ass is a frequent subject of voraphile "art".

Also connected to the macro fetish, because giants are huge, and that means they have huge guts. Voraphiles used to run alongside furries (who jack off to vore porn), but there is a whole new movement among those who just want to be cooked and eaten without any animals involved.

While a small number of voraphiles realize exactly how fucked up their fetish is (and still fap to it, anyways, FFS), many voraphiles and their admirers like to insist there is nothing depraved about pretending to butcher, roast and eat other people. They are wrong. When confronted with the fact that their fetish borders on serial killer, most voraphiles will cover their ears and cry hysterically. At least a few will probably get excited, follow you home and cook you. The fastest way to start a flame war with one is to compare them to Jeffrey Dahmer or Hannibal Lecter.

Voraphilia is becoming disturbingly popular on JewTube, where videos depict women getting eaten by monsters in video games [1], and fatty fat fats filming their gaping maws as they eat gummy bears [2].

Types of Vore

Because there are some fucked up sick-ass people out there, the different types of vore are next to infinite. There is more than one way to consume someone besides eating someone through the mouth. Here's the breakdown of vore:

Oral Vore: The most common, just eating someone through the mouth.

Cock Vore: to be consumed by the cock (the alternative is eating someone's cock)

Unbirthing: consuming someone through the vagina (unbirthing = reversed birthing Durr hurr)

Anal Vore: Surely you can put two and two together for this one.

Tail Vore: Consumption via a tail, most present in furfags.

Soft Vore: Swallowing, no chewing, no blood, just swallow it like a goldfish. Sometimes the the consumer lets the prey take a nice nap or hug. Soft vore is also known as safe vore. But in real life, there's no such thing as soft vore, the prey will get chemical burns either way.

Navel Vore: There exists a genre of vore where the victim is eaten via someone’s own navel/bellybutton.

Hard Vore: Pretty much the opposite of the above. Chewing, broken bones, blood, gore, you name it, it's there.

Full Tour: Being consumed from the mouth, then later being shat out through the asshole. At least most vorefags make sure the ride is clean before they rub their cocks against the intestinal walls.

Digestion: Hmm...after being eaten you get digested. Sometimes the person "vored" is dead, but most of the time they are digested while they are still alive.

It's a sad, sick world out there, Rule 34 stands strong with this one.

A Full Belly with an Empty Heart

An average voraphile's wet dream.
Vorophile's reaction to the above image. This forum is linked to below. Don't fucking click it.
A voraphile realizes her mistake in life.

I have to clean my life a lot sooner than I expected. Don't ever ask me to draw vore. I refuse it. I may delete what I have done, and I so far have gone 25 hours without it. I feel a little closer to God. I've also decided to give up Mugen, and Encyclopedia Dramatica. I may have to give up furries. Now the rest of the way back to His side is a long hard journey, but I will traverse this narrow road. Friends will forsake me, new enemies will arise, old ones will resurface. But, this is what must happen. The longer I go with no vore, the longer I can fight off my temptations and gay desires. Who's to say I don't hit a snag and fall back downhill? Doesn't matter, I still have Jesus, and He will always be there to pick me back up and send me on the right path again.

John, I will always love you, and even though I'm fighting to go back to God's side, I will always have a deep love for you. I'll stop lusting after you, but my love will remain, and will do anything to help you in life. Even if it hurts me. I'd gleefully jump in front of a bus to save you.


Sign onto DA and share with Carl your feelings onhomofurryvoraJesusphila.

Eka's Portal

A voraphile attempts to combat animal abuse with animal abuse in this thread

Welcome to hell. Eka's Portal

Eka's Portal is a site full of freaks making "art". Originally it was created for a faggot named Strega who constantly does things like bestiality and rape because he gets off to it. Since then, people have found ways to be even freakier than that through involving vore.

The site is mainly made up of easily trolled morons and weeaboos freaks who RAGE all over anyone who says anything bad about anime, as it is the nectar which fuels the faggotry. Example of an anime freak out.

For fun you can make them delete their entire art gallery and ragequit by telling them to draw some moar, the common reaction will be, "Everyone keeps telling me what to do and I have a life and I don't have time for your bullshit I'm done with this site." This will also make the other voraphiles sad because they will have less variety to fap to.

For the most part, any troll attacking the site will find that it is actually incredibly easy, as if you post anything saying "Live

OMG ANIME IS TEH #1!!!!11!!!one

vores lolz!!!!" everyone will FREAK THE FUCK OUT. Or if you bring up religion, anime, or just sit there and say something honestly sucks, there will be more idiots feeding the troll than even the numbers furfags have mustered.

Now no section on the portal would ever be complete without mentioning Eka herself. If you ever troll the site, don't even say anything about her as she'll immediately ban you and clean up your mess. But it's perfectly cool if you talk shit about other people as long as you don't push them to go BAW to her. Either way, Eka is a cunt who, rather than simply banning, bores people death with grammar parallel to a 5th grader, trying to get them to actually just leave the site rather than just banning them, or just attacks them for the lulz. Of course she's

An Update on Things

Well then, it has been some time since anyone updated this shit show. If you didn't think vore was bad before, HOO-BUDDY, you aint seen nothing yet. Care to try skull fucking a 10-year-old down the throat of some ham planet furry? No? Then apparently you're not cool enough to hang with these cats! That's right ladies & gentlemen, the sites pretty much become a weeb's pedo-playland of degeneracy. come visit and see comics that look like they were drawn by an 8 year old with down syndrome and furiously beats his dick to yu-gi-oh. involving such winning story lines as: forcing a small child to watch her family and friends be eaten on christmas by monsterwomen before being stripped and burred in the sloppy shit the family was reduced to AND used as a two-in-one shit smeared dildo and cock-sleeve! Fun for the whole family!.

Every day we stray further from gods light. fuck, I'm not even sure satan wants anything to do with this sort of unhinged fuckbucket of a site.

Oh did you hear? theyve expanded into discord now! complete with 12 hour child porn marathons and all the bad teenage-tier role-playing you can shake a Chris Hansen at! join the fun: https://discord.gg/brVwqzG

Just keep in mind that if youre piling in for a raid remember two things:

1) record it.

2) they 'vette' users to prevent raids, so get creative you faggots

The Freak Safari Raid

Whereas no anonymous raid has never been leveled on Eka's portal, the members have been exploited for lulz. Usually, troll attacks get very inflated and finally someone whines to Eka and the whole thing gets cleaned up. Sometimes, however, the troll is preserved, locked by Eka but still very much there. One such instance is the Freak Safari newfag troll orgy. (Found here.)

In the early hours of November 6th, 2008, a newfag troll group called "Freak Safari" sent in a spy under the name "Roboduck," to provide a baw session before the main attack:

The opening hours...

As the troll progressed, many came in to give Roboduck support and also to baw relentlessly at how someone had called them freaks. They also said that the didn't care about the sites opinion of them. In fact, there was about seven or eight pages of them not caring. At about the sixth page, Sportinggoods16w popped in to say they wanted to have a nice decent conversation on the fetish.

Voraphile doing what it does best, feeding.

Later, one of them posed as a member of the site. He managed to get some opinionated idiot into talking to him about likes and dislikes, doing what voraphiles do best, feeding something like an idiot. (See picture to left.)

The thread was finally closed after a loooong time when Eka finally stepped in after nine pages of baw and troll saying: "Getting stupid", which is evidentally, not normally a reason to close a thread on Eka as if she did that, well, there wouldn't be any threads left.

The members of the site were very butthurt for a long time after the troll even died down, and even created a thread praising Eka for trolling the members of Freak Safari, when any fucking idiot retard can see that the troll trolling Freak Safari was really someone else, you know, like a troll trolling trolls? Either way, someone should alert reality, they're talking about finding and kidnapping the faggots at Freak Safari... from Israel.

What it's like to be on eka's

On 3/20/2017 I decided to enter Eke's, ekas? Whatever the fuck it is. I decided to chill there for a month or two possibly because I was banned on reddit and needed a new place to troll. (It was actually because I have no life)) It became really fucking clear that going there and staying there WAS A HORRIBLY STUPID IDEA! It took one month for them to drain all my faith in humanity away and rob me of my will to live through chronic stupidity, broken English,and cringe worthy rpg maker games that I forced myself to play through while screaming"IT"S GONNA GET BETTER UNHINGED DON"T YOu fucking worry".

I read their stories (granted what they consider writing is akin to vomiting with a pen) and looked at what most feverishly attempt to pass off as art https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=49067 Don't click that god damn link.

After seeing that sin against god I decided to man up do the responsible thing, and tried to kill myself. Unfortunately there wasn't enough bleach in the kitchen so I decided to subject myself to more physiological torture. The next place on the site I went to was their chat system.

It was there I was swarmed by Nintendo fanboys, ravenous sjws, snowflakes, and whiny conservatives. Being the rational human being that I was I thought about nopeing the fuck out for a couple of seconds before realizing that I made a commitment.

Here are the basic personalty types of the chatroom users.

Narcissistic failed authors (lets just call them brain griffins) Obrove,slivith,rainbowsix(something or other)

Artists with chronic depression and whine syndrome Pumpkin,kurtus,citrine

Nintendo dick suckers 99% of the website because most of them are in their 30's and don't have a life.

Moving on now.

One night Eka got a few complainants about me and activated her trademark psm rage mode I defended myself by using logic and reason but Eka's autism isn't a force that knows mercy, love, or understanding. Insulted by my "Rudeness" she decided to insult me. And after I called her a hypocritical child in response to her unwarranted abuse she banned me for quote on quote "Childish behavior"

So after a night filled with drinking my physically painful frustrations away I decided to end my little social "experiment" Because she wanted me to apologize and quite frankly fuck that.

What the Average Eka's Chat-goer is saying

Featherscale, are you planing to bottle my lawyers up for sexual purpose?



ssooooo fucken sexy, girls will masturbate upon my awesome six pack!


—Mateo, again.

"fuck you muzzle, I fucken hate you stupid ass shit!! You go to hell!!" D<


—Mateo proving his mastery of profanity.

Featherscale, I will one day draw you as a Queen sitting on a throne of eggs, while having your feather servants slap and whip the slaves for your amusement. If they're lucky, they can become a part of you as a magnificent body. Big round ass, busty nice popping nipples, and a cute belly button to top it all off with a hint of bulge <3 God made my own heaven~.


—Mateo being a creepy fucker to the rare (supposedly) female player.

Weight: *insert clever dodge of explanation here*


—shown on near every profile written by a man.

She'd become more comfortable after rigor mortis ended and putrefaction softened her up though Lupe_.


— Katriana_Thorn on tenderizing a meal. Necrosis laden flesh, yum yum.

Withdrawal from Erotic Art


After much thought and inner debate I have come to the difficult decision that it is wrong for me as a Christian to continue posting my erotic vore art publicly. This was not an easy thing to do by any stretch of the imagination, but reason finally won me over after piling high enough to squeeze blood from a turnip.

Squidward tentacles was a known Voraphile.
Voraphiles play this game with one hand.
Voraphiles play this game for this particular dungeon.
Princess Ruto herself, who has orgies inside Jabu Jabu.
  1. I have incorrect motives for posting; the things to which I look forward are usually feedback and having a larger portfolio. I have tried to argue with myself that I do this for the good of the vore community but really, what am I providing? I make other people happy and maybe inspire some to play with new ideas but all of those related to my erotic art are most likely also erotic in nature. Which leads to my next point;
  2. I may be encouraging unethical behavior. There is no way around it, at it's simplest level, Vore is porn. Porn is harmful because it is abused by some and it abuses others. There are probably others that I'm hurting without even knowing it and that is unacceptable.
  3. Besides which, there is NO REASON a Christian should be posting porn in the first place! This comes from reason #2, because the worse offense of posting porn is not that it fuels some addictions (which again, is unacceptable in itself) but that I might possibly destroy the faith of someone else because of my carelessness. Romans 14 is pretty clear about this. Paul addresses the gray areas of action and points out that nothing in itself is evil but if you believe it to be so then you do wrong if you indulge it. So even though I do not consider what I do wrong, there are far more other brothers and sisters who might! I dare not set an example that would cause them to stray, as Paul writes: "Do not destroy the work of God for the sake of food. All food is clean, but it is wrong for a man to eat anything that causes someone else to stumble. It is better not to eat meat or drink wine or to do anything else that will cause your brother to fall. So whatever you believe about these things keep between yourself and God. Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves." (Romans 14:20-22) and "Do not by your eating destroy your brother for whom Christ died." (Romans 14:15)
  4. There is one woman with whom it is good that I share my passion and one alone. To include strangers in my sexual fantasies is a shameful thing to do and is unfair to her. Before all other people, I belong to her. How much more then does my sexual attention belong exclusively to her? For anything other than this is adultery.
  5. I am not spending my time wisely. My only goal is the great commission, to share with others the good news that Christ has died for the sins of the world, for you! Drawing is very time-consuming and believe it or not, sometimes posting can be as well. Neither of these things forwards the Kingdom of God, so I'm basically wasting my time and being an unfaithful steward (if you recall the parable of the talents Luke 19:11-26).

There are probably more reasons than this but I don't remember them right now.

A couple additional notes: I plan to leave my gallery up as long as Eka will permit it. It is the story of how I came to this point as well as the explanation of how I am the chief sinner. Perhaps this was all done as an example to inspire someone else as deeply entrenched as I was (and perhaps, still am).

This is something I will struggle with for the rest of my life, because I love vore and to be able to share it with others is a great feeling; to be a contributor to the vore community is wonderful! The mentality that I'm just making other people feel good w/o attachment is the mentality that leads to orgies. Orgies leave someone hurt. That is a thought better addressed in itself though. I might possibly still do character drawings if they are not erotic in nature. I don't really know how all the gray areas of this work yet. We'll see. I am writing this as a Christian based upon Christian motives. If you choose to argue with me, please do so on the basis of doctrine and scripture, not opinions, as they hold little sway for me and will not be effective. I thank you for your time and for accepting me so readily as you have, but really must stop posting my erotic art. I'm sorry.


A perfect example of "vore" cleverly disguised as a biology lesson. Note the lack of anything most people would find arousing, aside from the naked woman in page 2, yet you're fapping to it anyway.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]


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Vore vids

Pokemon vore.
Who wouldn't want to ride the insides of dragon?
No need to fuck a horse! Just let it vore you!
Dragons are popular
Orcas are popular too!'
Fuck that!
Most vore videos here on YouTube are just shitty slideshows of stolen comic from some furry site.

See Also

External Links

  • [3] This here is the creation of a certain French guy, featuring many topless giantesses. I'd hit that if it weren't life-threatening.
  • [4] Vegas Off-Road Experience, anyone?
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