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violentacrez in charge of PR

Although it was once rumored that violentacrez (real name Michael Brutsch) has a life outside of Reddit, official reports from authoritative sources have confirmed that this is simply not the case and that anyone who insists otherwise is lying. (Proof: he is described as a 'cat-lover' and 'military father'.) violentacrez is currently was the moderator of 99% of all subreddits and is often applauded by the Reddit admins for contributing so much to the community. And to top it all off, violentacrez is known to be a conspiracy theorist who hates Jews. The fact that the Reddit admins openly support such an antisemitic person shouldn't come as a surprise as Reddit is a propaganda website for Hamas.

Hey, Jew, what's up? Stolen anyone's home lately?



—violentacrez undoubtedly assumed he wouldn't be held accountable

Dox shitstorm

After it was discovered that Adrian Chen from Gawker was working on an article about his real-world identity, the Reddit mods banned all links to Gawker, Brutsch deleted his violentacrez account (while silently keeping his clean account) and SRS proceeded to invade Reddit-favicon.gif his subreddit (See removed posts: 1, 2). Also still around is waifu's account and offspring's account.

Honestly the biggest thrill I got was those meaningless internet points.



Notable quotes

That'd be a tough call, perhaps oral sex with my 19-year-old stepdaughter



—violentacrez on the creepiest thing he's ever done.

Jailbait defenders would often argue that if 14-year-olds didn't want their bikini pictures to be posted to Reddit, they should not have taken them and uploaded them to their Facebook accounts in the first place. If Brutsch did not want his employers to know that he had become a minor internet celebrity through spending hours every day posting photos of 14-year-olds in bikinis to thousands of people on the internet, he should have stuck to posting cat videos.



—Adrian Chen on Michael/Acrez

Subbredits created




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