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Pussies Fighting.gif VinceintheBay is in an internet sissy fight with You.
Please dig up lulz on them both.
Stop-snitching.jpg VinceintheBay is a known Fed enabler, avoid them at all costs.
Not even a mother could love this face.

VinceintheBayTwitter-favicon.png vinceinthebay (Powerword: Vincent Lewis Tocce) is an on-again, off-again BlogTalkRadio host and Twitter warrior who Sabu once called the "Howard Stern of the hackers/nerds." His other accomplishments include having periodic meltdowns on twitter, taking estrogen supplements instead of his meds, and having a schoolboy crush on asshurtmacfags that borders on being creepy.

Disorderly Conduct


Vince's primary gig is his BlogTalkRadio show, Disorderly Conduct. It's essentially a honeypot for various hackers, trolls, and the like to congregate around, so that Vince can collect phone numbers, IPs, and private messages. Vince's callers range from random hackers in various stages of being past their prime, troll groups like the Rustle League, and people who put the audience to sleep with political discussions.

During its early days, Vince's show catered to the newfag portion of Anonymous, who somehow thought they would change the world by wearing their masks, LOICing, and dumping databases until the corrupt governments decided to cave in. The first really big push Vince got was from #OpBART. After a while, Vince couldn't afford to pay for the $40 a month to BTR, and went idle for some time.

Up the meds.

In 2012, Vince decided to start his show up again, and a veritable Holocaust took place as the Rustle League swooped in and bullied all of the moralfags into not calling anymore. To no one's surprise, this chaos caused Vince's ratings to spike, as random people listened in just to hear how Vince would be trolled into muting everyone next.

Eventually, Vince got tired of having his show dominated by people who were more interesting than him, and got more aggressive with his selective enforcement of the rules. During all of this e-drama, his parent's dox and SSNs were posted, and his parents got swatted, which he blamed on Rustle League at first, and then f0rsaken (Screenshots related to his meltdown can be seen in one of the galleries below). This schism (Along with his general tendency to let boring people talk and to keep anyone interesting from talking for very long) lead to the creation of Rustle League Radio.

These days, Vince is pretending that his show is dead because he got tired of running a show full of trolls, but the truth is that he had to move back in with his parents after getting kicked out of his old place and can't afford to pay BlogTalkRadio, possibly due to the medications he has to take. Despite all this, he still does impromptu shows that only last 30 minutes and which only attract a half-dozen listeners.

Timeout Offenses

  1. Saying "literally" in any way which is remotely inconsistent with its dictionary-approved meaning (Unless he has a crush on you).
  2. Using "at the end of the day" for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Giving "Shout outs" (He prefers "Big ups," because he thinks it makes him look cool for the kids).
  4. Using Sue Basko's name for any reason. She must be referred to as "She who will not be named," because Vince once got suspended from Twitter for "anti-semitism" for mentioning her, and went on to devote the first 20 minutes of his next show to explaining how much he loves Jews.
  5. Spamming the chatroom (This earns a 2 minute time out from the chat).
  6. Talking over other people.
  7. Having a valid point (Only applies in the case of crushes).
  8. A bunch of other shit nobody cares about.
  9. Any reason he makes up on the spot.

All of the above will result in the offending party being muted for 2 minutes, being exiled to the green room (In the case of more than one person having a conversation that doesn't revolve around Vince), or being disconnected.

Criminal Conviction

In 2010, Vince had a freelance job with PETA. They decided that they didn't feel like paying him, and because of his ethnic roots, he decided that since he couldn't break an organizations legs, he would do the next thing: He then proceeded to FTP into the box he had been given access to and deleted fucking everything. PETA and the resident autists of U.S. government weren't too pleased, and so Vince pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year of probation, $1,400 in restitution (Which he claims he paid a few months after being sentenced, but there is currently no proof of this), and a $25.00 special assessment. Vince retells this story at least once a month on his show, and if you listen closely enough, you can hear him masturbating in the background.

Descent into mental illness

Vincent Lewis Tocce aka VinceintheBay asking Twitter if it wants a snitch.png

Around October 2013, Vince's already fragile mental state started to take a nosedive. Vince testified at Jeremy Hammond's sentencing and among many other things, he claimed that Sabu sent a woman to live with him, Anonymous posted him and his parents on Doxbin and swatted him, and that he's been rooted 3 times. He also claimed that he didn't have a cell phone anymore, only to slip up and say that he left it downstairs. He also claimed to suffer such garden variety ruin tactics as food bombing, SMS floods, and prank calls.

In December 2013, @BLKMSSH and @niggered trolled Vince about his threats of outing former listeners until his udders finally popped.

These days Vince spends a lot of his time remembering the good old days, and name dropping every moderately e-famous hacker who ever called into his show. Some argue that at his current trajectory of decline, Vince will be molding figurines with his own feces and playing with them within the next 6 months, if he hasn't accidentally committed suicide.

---------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------
Subject: Re: doxbin
From:    "Brogan, Ryan G." <[email protected]>
Date:    Sat, December 28, 2013 4:08 pm
To:      "'[email protected]'" <[email protected]>
I apologize for your previous bad experience with us.  It can be a
difficult job, I will be back the 6th of January.  Let's talk then if you
Ryan Brogan
        Newark Division
        P:  201.452.3146
        F:  973.792.7452
        [email protected]
----- Original Message -----
From: [email protected] <[email protected]>
To: Brogan, Ryan G.
Sent: Sat Dec 28 18:30:09 2013
Subject: doxbin
Hi Ryan,
I was told by Joseph Camp and Sue Basko to contact you to discuss
information on the Internet site "doxbin" and people who are affiliated
with it. I tried calling my local San Francisco FBI Cyber Crime tip line
and was pretty much brushed off by the gentleman I spoke with. In fact, he
hung up on me. I'm very weary of talking to the FBI because I've only had
bad experiences with the bureau. I am willing to give it one more shot
with you. I have your number and left you a voicemail message. Please feel
free to email me and let me know of a good time to call you back. Thank
you for your time.
Vincent Tocce


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IRC Logs

Vince vs nachash & Intangir 12/22/2013

11:12:43 <INFO> nachash [[email protected]] has joined #vitb
11:12:43 [Users #vitb]
11:12:43 [@nachash] 
11:12:43 <INFO> Irssi: #vitb: Total of 1 nicks [1 ops, 0 halfops, 0 voices, 0 normal]
11:12:44 <INFO> Channel #vitb created Sun Dec 22 11:15:47 2013
11:12:44 <INFO> Irssi: Join to #vitb was synced in 2 secs
11:13:08 <INFO> Intangir [[email protected]] has joined #vitb
11:53:54 <INFO> m0rtim3r [[email protected]] has joined #vitb
11:53:59 < m0rtim3r> morning
11:54:12 < m0rtim3r> i didn't know i could bring a friend
11:54:25 < m0rtim3r> thought it was justgoing to be meand nachacsh
11:54:29 < m0rtim3r> but the more the merrier
11:54:35 < m0rtim3r> how are you gents?
11:55:46 < m0rtim3r> hello?
11:55:56 <@nachash> Hey
11:56:22 < m0rtim3r> should we talk here?
11:56:26 <@nachash> Intangir is here because the shit talk you've been directing at me has landed at his doorstep
11:56:31 <@nachash> Yeah
11:56:34 < m0rtim3r> no problem
11:56:38 < m0rtim3r> glad tomeet him
11:56:49 <@nachash> Clearly, you thought I was bullshitting
11:56:52 <@nachash> about there being a new guy
11:57:09 < m0rtim3r> its the nature of this world to decieve
11:57:25 <@nachash> It is, but I've been prtty straight up with you
11:57:34 < m0rtim3r> i can fire up my othercomputerandpretend tobe someoneelsetoo
11:57:44 <@nachash> That's why I found your recent antics amusing
11:57:55 <@nachash> because it seems clear that you're still pissed about last march
11:58:03 < m0rtim3r> i am glad you recognise them as antics
11:58:17 <@nachash> So this is the part where you say it's all a big troll?
11:58:31 <@nachash> and you're just hamming it up for the new followers?
11:58:33 < m0rtim3r> I'm pissed abou t alot of things 
11:58:40 < m0rtim3r> no
11:58:44 < m0rtim3r> I really pissed
11:58:55 < m0rtim3r> i want my family's info off of doxbin
11:58:59 <@nachash> That was my initial guess
11:59:00 < m0rtim3r> this has always been theissue
11:59:04 < Intangir> Oh, ey
11:59:09 <@nachash> I know people who have been in radio
11:59:13 <@nachash> and it's a lot of misdirection
11:59:18 <@nachash> and showmanship
11:59:24 < m0rtim3r> i'm not here to talkabout radio
11:59:31 < m0rtim3r> I want my family removed from all your sites
11:59:40 <@nachash> Ok, first of all
11:59:42 < m0rtim3r> you give skids an advantage
11:59:46 <@nachash> doxbin isn't my site anymore
11:59:47 < Intangir> lol
11:59:54 < m0rtim3r> you make it easy for retards to fuck with people
11:59:55 <@nachash> That's Intangir's call
11:59:59 <@nachash> Second
12:00:17 < m0rtim3r> any dumbass can go to your site and the work is done for them
12:00:18 <@nachash> Intangir was talking about telling you to cut "DOXBIN" in your chest with a straight razor as a form of apology
12:00:34 < m0rtim3r> i will cut the cheese in his face
12:00:34 <@nachash> or he was going to make you wish for the simpler days when all that happened was that your parents got swatted
12:00:49 < m0rtim3r> like what?
12:00:51 < Intangir> I have an answer Vince, to your question
12:00:52 < m0rtim3r> be specific
12:00:58 <@nachash> Personally
12:01:04 < Intangir> funnily enough, it's straight from my site
12:01:06 <@nachash> I don't think you're worth much more than an ED page
12:01:09 < Intangir> We have a strict non-removal policy, so once the dox go up, they stay up
12:01:17 <@nachash> Which, btw
12:01:22 <@nachash> is actually up in my user space
12:01:29 <@nachash> I was going to ask for your input on some things
12:01:35 < m0rtim3r> i dont give a fuck about yoursilly policies
12:01:39 <@nachash> In fact, I was wanting to do one back before I retired
12:01:42 < m0rtim3r> you are computer nerds 
12:01:46 <@nachash> but was going to let you steer the narrative
12:01:48 <@nachash> out of respect
12:01:48 < m0rtim3r> this is all virtual
12:01:50 < Intangir> lol
12:01:55 < m0rtim3r> you dont know respect
12:01:58 <@nachash> but you want to conduct yourself like a bitch nigger
12:02:02 < m0rtim3r> you hide like a coward
12:02:08 < Intangir> lol
12:02:09 <@nachash> so I see no reason to treat you in any other manner
12:02:09 < m0rtim3r> you cant even talk to me on the phone
12:02:22 <@nachash> Why would I?
12:02:26 < Intangir> Here, Vicne
12:02:33 < Intangir> s/Vicne/Vince
12:02:35 < Intangir> You can call me
12:02:36 <@nachash> You're just going to give it to anyone with a badge who will pretend to listen
12:02:43 < Intangir> I can be reached at (414) 369-2464
12:03:19 <@nachash> I'll tell you what Vince
12:03:27 < m0rtim3r> you dont know me or what i plan to do with anything you assume that makes an ass out of you and me
12:03:27 <@nachash> I think I can make this deal, and have Intangir honor it
12:03:46 < m0rtim3r> honor right
12:03:55 <@nachash> You apologize to @OneTrueDoxbin for your shameful behavior
12:04:02 <@nachash> and take a break from twitter
12:04:06 <@nachash> and stfu
12:04:07 < m0rtim3r> you honor a stupid code you made up to make yourself feel like you have power
12:04:08 <@nachash> in my general direction
12:04:25 < m0rtim3r> i will not be taking a break until my folks are off doxbin
12:04:27 <@nachash> and I'll fix up what's in your ED page so far
12:04:30 <@nachash> and not expand it
12:04:31 <@nachash> and
12:04:35 <@nachash> your family's pictures
12:04:37 <@nachash> and dox
12:04:39 <@nachash> won't go up on ED
12:04:42 < m0rtim3r> i don't care abou t the ED page
12:04:48 < m0rtim3r> ED means nothing to me
12:04:53 < m0rtim3r> that's a paper tiger
12:04:58 <@nachash> ED is clearnet
12:05:05 < m0rtim3r> i don't care
12:05:07 <@nachash> and I'm pushing to make your page good enough to make the front pag
12:05:10 <@nachash> *page
12:05:15 < m0rtim3r> go for it
12:05:22 < m0rtim3r> like i said I dont care
12:05:23 <@nachash> In addition
12:05:29 <@nachash> Intangir
12:05:29 < m0rtim3r> i just want my family out of it
12:05:33 <@nachash> won't update your dox
12:05:37 <@nachash> to include more about your family
12:05:40 < m0rtim3r> you can put whatever you want up on me
12:05:45 < m0rtim3r> my family stays out
12:05:51 < m0rtim3r> or i'm a thorn in your side
12:05:52 <@nachash> All you're accomplishing
12:05:59 <@nachash> is ensuring that your family
12:06:03 <@nachash> gets expanded upon greatly
12:06:16 < m0rtim3r> they are already expanded upon
12:06:22 < m0rtim3r> anyone can find them now
12:06:29 < m0rtim3r> this is about respect to ME
12:06:39 < m0rtim3r> i like you nacash
12:06:41 < Intangir> License Number: 45381   Current Date: 12/21/2013 01:44 PM
12:06:41 < Intangir> Name:    TOCCE-CARLSON, KATHERINE ROSE
12:06:42 < Intangir> License Type:    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
12:06:43 < Intangir> License Status:  License Renewed & Current  
12:06:43 < Intangir> Expiration Date:         10/31/2015
12:06:43 < Intangir> Original Issuance Date:  02/08/2008
12:06:46 < Intangir> Addresses                 
12:06:46 < m0rtim3r> weve had great convos
12:06:48 < Intangir> Address of Record       Address
12:06:51 < Intangir> 605 Wing St
12:06:53 < Intangir> GLENDALE , CA
12:06:56 < Intangir> LOS ANGELES
12:06:58 <@nachash> So what was this shit about
12:06:58 < Intangir> 91205-1919
12:07:01 < Intangir> US
12:07:02 <@nachash> not minding the concept of doxbin
12:07:03 < Intangir> View on a map
12:07:06 < Intangir> Public Record Actions
12:07:08 <@nachash> but hating the concept of nachash?
12:07:08 < Intangir> Administrative Disciplinary Actions      None found
12:07:11 < Intangir> Court Order      None found
12:07:13 < Intangir> Misdemeanor Conviction   None found
12:07:16 < Intangir> Felony Conviction        None found
12:07:18 < Intangir> Malpractice Judgment     None found
12:07:19 < m0rtim3r> I had no problem with my info up I even gave you stuff to update it I want my page to be sexy
12:07:21 < Intangir> License Issued with Public Letter of Reprimand   None found
12:07:23 < Intangir> Administrative Citation Issued   None found
12:07:26 < Intangir> Administrative Action Taken by Other State or Federal Government         None found
12:07:29 < Intangir> Arbitration Award        None found
12:07:29 < m0rtim3r> you did it and it was fun
12:07:43 < m0rtim3r> i asked for my family to be taken down and you said no
12:07:47 < m0rtim3r> then shit happened
12:08:12 < m0rtim3r> the more shit that happens to my family the more bread crumbs we collect
12:08:16 < m0rtim3r> I do mean we
12:08:21 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:08:27 < m0rtim3r> trace it
12:08:30 < m0rtim3r> this is rel
12:08:33 < m0rtim3r> real
12:08:35 <@nachash> lol, I don't care vince
12:08:38 < m0rtim3r> send me my ip 
12:08:41 <@nachash> The only bread crumbs I left
12:08:47 < m0rtim3r> send me my ip 
12:08:50 <@nachash> are ones that will lead le researching scum in circles
12:08:56 < m0rtim3r> send me my ip
12:09:11 < m0rtim3r> I not playing
12:09:15 <@nachash> I don't have oper here, and respect jihad too much to try to ask for your IP
12:09:19 < Intangir> I'm awaitng your call, Vince
12:09:20 < m0rtim3r> I'm at work now
12:09:21 < m0rtim3r> this is work
12:09:32 < m0rtim3r> I'm not at the phone now
12:09:39 < m0rtim3r> i will call when we finish here
12:09:41 < Intangir> Hey
12:09:46 < m0rtim3r> are we done here?
12:09:46 < Intangir> I have a funny game idea
12:09:48 < Intangir> It's called
12:09:52 < Intangir> Family Roulette
12:09:59 < m0rtim3r> heres a game
12:10:01 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:10:02 < Intangir> I spin the wheel, and whoever it lands on gets harassed
12:10:06 < m0rtim3r> see if i'm bluffing
12:10:08 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:10:13 < m0rtim3r> i'm at work
12:10:19 < Intangir> Looks like it landed on Elizabeth
12:10:21 < m0rtim3r> in my office
12:10:25 < m0rtim3r> nope
12:10:35 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:10:51 < m0rtim3r> Elizabeth is with me
12:10:56 <@nachash> Vince, you're on your own with appeasing Intangir
12:11:02 < m0rtim3r> I can have you tell heryourself whatyou havetosay
12:11:07 < Intangir> Let her know that
12:11:12 < Intangir> anything that happens to her
12:11:15 < m0rtim3r> you can tell her yourself
12:11:18 < Intangir> is a direct result of you getting into a fight you can't win
12:11:18 < m0rtim3r> she is in town
12:11:25 < Intangir> you can't even gain a foothold
12:11:26 < m0rtim3r> this isn't a fight
12:11:31 < m0rtim3r> this is a request
12:11:36 <@nachash> more like a massacre, imo
12:11:49 < m0rtim3r> you gonna kill my family?
12:11:53 < Intangir> You're trying to climb up a wall of polished marble
12:11:54 < m0rtim3r> is that a threat?
12:11:58 < Intangir> lol
12:12:00 <@nachash> Figuratively speaking, vincenzo
12:12:00 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip son
12:12:05 <@nachash> Why do you keep trying
12:12:12 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:12:17 < m0rtim3r> trace it
12:12:21 <@nachash> to put words in my mouth about threats of physical violence?
12:12:22 < m0rtim3r> this is real
12:12:26 <@nachash> Smells like pro rat bullshit
12:12:36 < m0rtim3r> what you gonna do? wrecktheir credit?
12:12:40 < m0rtim3r> bespecific
12:12:41 < Intangir> The only person before you to link doxbin to murder == Sue Basko
12:12:54 < Intangir> and she also linked us to 3 Finnish teens
12:12:55 < m0rtim3r> well hurry up and off the bitch
12:13:05 < m0rtim3r> bread crumbs
12:13:06 <@nachash> Vince is clearly drinking the basko kool aid
12:13:09 < m0rtim3r> hence retirement
12:13:09 < Intangir> So I'm sure you can see the pattern here
12:13:10 <@nachash> lol vince
12:13:15 <@nachash> there are no breadcrumbs
12:13:21 <@nachash> What I told you in that PM you released
12:13:23 <@nachash> btw, thanks for that
12:13:25 < m0rtim3r> pick up my breadcrumbs pull my ip
12:13:26 <@nachash> all you accomplished
12:13:31 <@nachash> was showing people
12:13:32 < Intangir> when people have strange states of mind
12:13:36 <@nachash> that our last communication was civil
12:13:37 < m0rtim3r> you have 5 min to pull my ip
12:13:42 <@nachash> and then you flipped out
12:13:46 <@nachash> almost 2 months later
12:13:49 < m0rtim3r> then wait 15 min and I will call
12:13:54 <@nachash> Everything I told you
12:13:56 <@nachash> in that PM
12:13:57 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:13:59 <@nachash> was the truth
12:14:04 < m0rtim3r> this is over
12:14:10 < m0rtim3r> i will call in 15 min
12:14:13 <@nachash> lol
12:14:18 < m0rtim3r> what a waste of all our time
12:14:19 <@nachash> You aren't going to do shit
12:14:19 < Intangir> I'll brb in 5
12:14:22 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip 
12:14:27 <@nachash> except whine like a lolcow
12:14:28 < m0rtim3r> neither are you
12:14:34 <@nachash> whose udders are bursting from a lack of milking
12:14:40 < m0rtim3r> you show your true colors nacash
12:14:45 < m0rtim3r> youre just like the rest
12:14:49 < m0rtim3r> come at me
12:14:49 < Intangir> s/nacash/nachash
12:14:53 <@nachash> No, where you're wrong
12:14:58 <@nachash> is that I am worse than the rest
12:14:59 < Intangir> Atleast you got the capitals right
12:15:00 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:15:03 < m0rtim3r> you have it yet
12:15:11 < m0rtim3r> because i'm d0ne]
12:15:11 <@nachash> I don't care about your IP lol
12:15:17 < m0rtim3r> you should
12:15:23 < m0rtim3r> it's a breadcrumb
12:15:41 <@nachash> Why would I care about that when everything else is known?
12:15:46 <@nachash> I have
12:15:48 <@nachash> the loaf
12:15:51 <@nachash> what the fuck
12:15:53 < m0rtim3r> you dont kno w this]
12:15:57 < m0rtim3r> this is new info
12:15:58 <@nachash> does one crumb do?
12:16:13 < m0rtim3r> you are getting the scoop on what vince really is
12:16:28 < m0rtim3r> my court docs are sealed for a reason
12:16:39 <@nachash> Wait, what?
12:16:41 < m0rtim3r> jojo is an aspie but he gets stuff right
12:16:46 <@nachash> You mean the shit jojo dropped?
12:16:50 < m0rtim3r> yes
12:16:53 <@nachash> That's on ED
12:16:57 <@nachash> Just so you're aware
12:17:03 < m0rtim3r> perfect
12:17:10 <@nachash> Want a taste?
12:17:11 < m0rtim3r> add my office ip to it
12:17:14 < m0rtim3r> no
12:17:18 < m0rtim3r> i'll check it later
12:17:28 < m0rtim3r> post it and I will look at it
12:17:35 < m0rtim3r> can i add stuff>
12:17:41 <@nachash> In 2010, Vince had a freelance job with [[PETA]]. They decided that they didn't feel like paying him, and because of his [[Mafia|ethnic roots]], he decided that since he couldn't break an organizations legs, he would do the next thing: He then proceeded to FTP into the box he had been given access to and [[delete fucking everything|deleted fucking everything]]. PETA and the resident autists of [[United States of America|U.S.]] ...
12:17:41 <@nachash> ... government weren't too pleased, and so Vince pleaded guilty and was sentenced to a year of probation, $1,400 in restitution (Which he has yet to pay), and a $25.00 special assessment. Vince retells this story at least once a month on his show, and if you listen closely enough, you can hear him [[Fap|masturbating]] in the background.
12:17:42 < m0rtim3r> I want it to look sexy
12:18:00 < m0rtim3r> you are wasting my time
12:18:03 < m0rtim3r> pull my ip
12:18:07 < m0rtim3r> it's a clue
12:18:19 <@nachash> Are you trying to hint that you're not vince?
12:18:29 < m0rtim3r> this is vince
12:18:34 < m0rtim3r> i'm at work
12:18:40 < m0rtim3r> this is what i do
12:18:43 <@nachash> Twitter auth or gtfo
12:18:56 <@nachash> inb4 we got trolled rofl
12:19:04 < m0rtim3r> okay hang on
12:20:54 < m0rtim3r> look
12:21:00 < m0rtim3r> and keep looking
12:21:44 <@nachash> Hey, you finally spelled my name correctly
12:22:13 < Intangir> Yeah
12:22:23 <@nachash> I do have tyo ask one thing
12:22:23 < Intangir> We are still trying to find out who this mystery man "Nacash" is
12:22:24 <@nachash> *to
12:22:30 <@nachash> What made you decide to come at me now?
12:22:50 <@nachash> Why didn't you just continue wilding out back in march?
12:23:37 < m0rtim3r> I have held a lot inside for a long time. 
12:23:55 < m0rtim3r> Im also going thru personal issues
12:24:02 < m0rtim3r> obviously i'm manic
12:24:09 < m0rtim3r> i'm seeing a doctor about it
12:24:15 < Intangir> You've done a good job at making them worse
12:24:17 < Intangir> and not much else
12:24:31 < m0rtim3r> going to NYC and supporting jeremy changed something in me
12:24:49 < m0rtim3r> I suddenly had passion for a cause other than myself
12:24:59 < m0rtim3r> Jeremy got raeped by the gov
12:25:01 <@nachash> I prefer the old vince
12:25:04 < m0rtim3r> total injustice
12:25:16 < m0rtim3r> you aren't alone
12:25:21 < m0rtim3r> everyone says that
12:25:34 < m0rtim3r> I saw my doctor last week and he adjusted my meds
12:25:47 < m0rtim3r> in a month or two things should level oout
12:26:05 < m0rtim3r> I like you nacash
12:26:07 < m0rtim3r> i really do
12:26:09 <@nachash> Did the pharmacist accidentally give you estrogen supplements by mistake?
12:26:33 < m0rtim3r> other than posting my fams info i think you areagreat resource and a funny intelligent guy
12:26:38 < m0rtim3r> lol
12:26:41 < m0rtim3r> no
12:26:51 < m0rtim3r> asshurt says I'm on tostosterone
12:26:53 < m0rtim3r> lol
12:27:01 < m0rtim3r> I'm on welbutrin
12:27:04 < m0rtim3r> celexa
12:27:10 < m0rtim3r> and klonopin as needed
12:27:11 <@nachash> I rewatched the first ep of the big bang theory from this season
12:27:19 <@nachash> and it features an accidentally estrogen dosed Howard
12:27:32 <@nachash> acting very much how I imagine you acting irl
12:27:33 < m0rtim3r> what was that like?
12:27:38 < m0rtim3r> tbh
12:27:47 < m0rtim3r> i'm fairly calm irl
12:27:57 < m0rtim3r> it's the twitter tards that make me rage
12:28:05 < m0rtim3r> it's such a toxic environment
12:28:15 < m0rtim3r> people being mean to strangers for no reason
12:28:24 < m0rtim3r> it's stupid
12:28:33 < m0rtim3r> and i get wrapped up in it too]
12:28:58 < m0rtim3r> people like basko and jojo shouldnt beable to make waves likethey do
12:29:12 < m0rtim3r> they would be ignored easily in reality
12:29:17 < m0rtim3r> you guys know better
12:29:20 <@nachash> Have you seen the basko page yet?
12:29:33 <@nachash> I e-mailed it to her
12:29:36 < m0rtim3r> you act tough but I know you guys are smart underneith it
12:29:37 <@nachash> so she's probably seen it
12:29:47 < m0rtim3r> of course she's seen it
12:29:58 < m0rtim3r> she is obsessed with people being obsessed over her
12:30:21 < m0rtim3r> honestly i'd rather see a dox bin with all the wall street ciminals and congress critters onit
12:30:32 < m0rtim3r> why hit easy targets?
12:30:36 < m0rtim3r> what' s the challenge
12:30:42 <@nachash> those types are the easy targets
12:30:43 < m0rtim3r> low hanging fruit
12:30:43 <@nachash> celebs, etc
12:30:49 <@nachash> Where's the challenge in that
12:30:51 <@nachash> when you have
12:30:51 < m0rtim3r> not celebs\
12:30:54 <@nachash> random law breakers
12:30:58 <@nachash> trying to hide their identities?
12:31:00 < m0rtim3r> bad people
12:31:16 < m0rtim3r> i'm not a bad person neither are my parents
12:31:16 <@nachash> What I'm implying
12:31:23 <@nachash> is that those guys are just as easy meat
12:31:25 <@nachash> as the celebs
12:31:34 < m0rtim3r> then go for them
12:31:36 <@nachash> Also,
12:31:36 < m0rtim3r> why me?
12:31:44 <@nachash> I didn't go for you
12:31:51 <@nachash> You got posted and came at me
12:32:02 <@nachash> then got all mental and decided to re-open the wound
12:32:13 < m0rtim3r> i'm italian
12:32:19 < m0rtim3r> i have a hot temper]
12:32:27 <@nachash> and your head is so fucked up that you think basko got to me
12:32:36 <@nachash> Riddle me this, wee Vincenzo
12:32:40 <@nachash> if Basko got to me
12:32:42 <@nachash> then why
12:32:42 < m0rtim3r> how do you know I wasnt just bluffing
12:32:44 <@nachash> would I write
12:32:46 <@nachash> her ED page?
12:32:46 < m0rtim3r> deception
12:32:58 < m0rtim3r> you don't think i practice deception?
12:33:09 < m0rtim3r> you think I show my hand?
12:33:23 < m0rtim3r> you don't know me or how i think
12:33:28 < m0rtim3r> you have never met me
12:33:36 < m0rtim3r> ask shmoop how i am inreal life
12:33:49 < m0rtim3r> VITB is a character
12:33:54 < m0rtim3r> Twitter is my stage
12:33:57 <@nachash> I don't care to
12:34:01 < m0rtim3r> and BTR was too
12:34:03 <@nachash> Dealing with you via proxies got tiring
12:34:07 <@nachash> because you wouldn't come here
12:34:14 < m0rtim3r> i'm here now
12:34:25 < m0rtim3r> but you'll never get to know me in a chat
12:34:31 < m0rtim3r> you'll just read my words
12:34:39 < m0rtim3r> words can be misinterpreted
12:34:45 < m0rtim3r> inflection is important
12:34:50 < m0rtim3r> eye contact
12:34:55 < m0rtim3r> body language
12:35:09 < m0rtim3r> you just see my words
12:35:17 < m0rtim3r> how do you even know they are my words>
12:35:22 < m0rtim3r> you assume
12:35:35 <@nachash> lol
12:35:40 <@nachash> you already twitter authed
12:35:40 <@nachash> so
12:35:42 < m0rtim3r> you think becauese you've owned people and have their info thaty youknow them
12:35:42 <@nachash> too late for that
12:36:02 < m0rtim3r> other people have accessto myaccount
12:36:07 < m0rtim3r> i have socks i share
12:36:16 < m0rtim3r> i learned a lot in the past 4 years
12:36:21 <@nachash> It's obvious
12:36:21 < m0rtim3r> from Xavieer
12:36:24 < m0rtim3r> Neal
12:36:26 < m0rtim3r> Ron
12:36:28 < m0rtim3r> Chet
12:36:29 <@nachash> you've never gone hardcore
12:36:31 < m0rtim3r> Jen
12:36:34 <@nachash> in terms of IDing someone
12:36:34 < m0rtim3r> Bratty
12:36:40 < m0rtim3r> Mach
12:36:44 < m0rtim3r> Pilgrim
12:36:47 <@nachash> lol @ mach
12:36:48 <@nachash> aka
12:36:50 < m0rtim3r> WVUsoldier
12:36:55 <@nachash> jester's achilles tendon
12:36:58 < m0rtim3r> mach got owned 
12:36:58 <@nachash> that's all she will ever be to me
12:37:11 < m0rtim3r> jester even
12:37:21 < m0rtim3r> i have some insight into jester
12:37:29 < m0rtim3r> thats why he got mad at me the other night
12:37:35 < m0rtim3r> he's never come at me likethat
12:37:47 <@nachash> jester is a soft puppet
12:37:48 < m0rtim3r> he usually just blocks me
12:38:25 < m0rtim3r> did you hear me ask him a question about his 2600 chan with him pilgrim soldier and others in it?
12:38:44 <@nachash> lol, no
12:38:47 < m0rtim3r> Candy pretended that my audio was breakingup and hung up on me]
12:39:00 <@nachash> That's why I didn't hear it
12:39:05 <@nachash> I don't listen to candy's show
12:39:06 < m0rtim3r> he shielded jester
12:39:22 <@nachash> and haven't listened to your show regularly in a while
12:39:29 < m0rtim3r> jester wanted to show off not actually take hard questions
12:39:30 <@nachash> Speaking of which, I heard you were maybe-quitting BTR
12:39:36 <@nachash> That's jester
12:39:44 < m0rtim3r> My show has been done for 2 months]
12:39:45 <@nachash> I don't know why people even bother
12:39:58 < m0rtim3r> i refuse to do a trollcast anymore
12:40:04 < m0rtim3r> 4 years was plenty
12:40:10 <@nachash> lol
12:40:15 < m0rtim3r> i'm burnt out on this petty hacker troll scene
12:40:20 <@nachash> So you've substituted the show
12:40:25 < m0rtim3r> I'm tired of changing my phone number
12:40:33 <@nachash> for acting like a rampaging lolcow on twitter
12:40:45 < m0rtim3r> sure if that's how you want to put it
12:40:51 <@nachash> Let's look at
12:40:54 <@nachash> some quick, hard numbers
12:40:56 < m0rtim3r> it's entertaining no?
12:41:01 <@nachash> My collection of your tweets
12:41:03 <@nachash> is 5 MB
12:41:08 < m0rtim3r> okay
12:41:11 <@nachash> over 3MB is from October to present
12:41:18 < m0rtim3r> wow]
12:41:28 <@nachash> That goes back to
12:41:29 <@nachash> hold
12:41:39 < m0rtim3r> i know i never was put in twitmo until the past few months lol
12:41:45 <@nachash> May 6th
12:41:58 <@nachash> 331551719743975424 2013-05-06 19:31:04 EDT <VinceintheBay> Yes. And "rape culture" is the new black. RT @SalaciousSully: Is "bully" the new " racist"?
12:42:03 <@nachash> Oldest VITB tweet I have
12:42:10 < m0rtim3r> i see lots of hypocricy and im calling it out
12:42:26 < m0rtim3r> i can print out all of them if you like?
12:42:39 < m0rtim3r> i'd love to see what you dig up
12:42:55 < m0rtim3r> I don't have the patience or interest in old tweets
12:42:58 <@nachash> I just collect
12:43:04 < m0rtim3r> unless they are off the wall
12:43:09 <@nachash> and do basic analysis as kids pop in front of me
12:43:12 < m0rtim3r> or with someone significant
12:43:46 < m0rtim3r> I'm definitely impressed with how thorough you are
12:43:51 <@nachash> I crawled everyone that you, sabu, and jester mentioned
12:43:55 < m0rtim3r> you have talent no doubt
12:43:56 <@nachash> in the tweets I could grab
12:44:08 < m0rtim3r> why me and those two?
12:44:13 <@nachash> and that got most of the scene twitter accounts into the fold
12:44:18 < m0rtim3r> I'm not a hacker
12:44:19 <@nachash> all three of you are active
12:44:25 <@nachash> deal with lots of different scene people
12:44:29 < m0rtim3r> I'm a videographer with an opinion
12:44:42 <@nachash> But you chit chat with hacker/troll types
12:44:44 < m0rtim3r> i call people on bullshit
12:44:47 <@nachash> aka the demographic I was after
12:44:48 < m0rtim3r> I do
12:44:52 < m0rtim3r> true
12:45:02 <@nachash> If you remember
12:45:14 <@nachash> when I tweeted about breaking 10 mil saved tweets in a week
12:45:17 <@nachash> that was how
12:45:42 < m0rtim3r> you should do graphs like neal
12:46:02 < m0rtim3r> make them more graphicly pleasing tho
12:46:23 <@nachash> lol
12:46:58 < m0rtim3r> i used to love it when you;d feed me info or questions for people duringmy show
12:47:10 < m0rtim3r> you are a wealth of knowledge
12:47:30 < m0rtim3r> i think you could channel your talents into something good
12:47:51 < m0rtim3r> this doxing crap is childish
12:47:57 <@nachash> I'm not going to go
12:48:00 <@nachash> the route neal did
12:48:09 <@nachash> but I did make a script to do this primitive bullshit
12:48:09 <INFO> Irssi: Pasting 41 lines to #vitb. Press Ctrl-K if you wish to do this or Ctrl-C to cancel.
12:48:09 <@nachash> ###########################################################################
12:48:09 <@nachash> # Hours/tweets for vinceinthebay's last 200 tweets
12:48:09 <@nachash> ###########################################################################
12:48:09 <@nachash> 00 21
12:48:09 <@nachash> 01 75
12:48:09 <@nachash> 02 14
12:48:09 <@nachash> 03 7
12:48:09 <@nachash> 04 6
12:48:09 <@nachash> 05 17
12:48:09 <@nachash> 06 25
12:48:09 <@nachash> 07 10
12:48:09 <@nachash> 08 1
12:48:09 <@nachash> 17 17
12:48:09 <@nachash> 19 7
12:48:09 <@nachash> ###########################################################################
12:48:09 <@nachash> # Hours/tweets for all of vinceinthebay's stored tweets
12:48:09 <@nachash> ###########################################################################
12:48:09 <@nachash> 00 1824
12:48:09 <@nachash> 01 2015
12:48:09 <@nachash> 02 2097
12:48:09 <@nachash> 03 2180
12:48:09 <@nachash> 04 1723
12:48:09 <@nachash> 05 1739
12:48:09 <@nachash> 06 1873
12:48:09 <@nachash> 07 1574
12:48:09 <@nachash> 08 1295
12:48:09 <@nachash> 09 988
12:48:09 <@nachash> 10 800
12:48:09 <@nachash> 11 481
12:48:09 <@nachash> 12 506
12:48:09 <@nachash> 13 436
12:48:09 <@nachash> 14 581
12:48:09 <@nachash> 15 1047
12:48:09 <@nachash> 16 1365
12:48:09 <@nachash> 17 1799
12:48:09 <@nachash> 18 1858
12:48:09 <@nachash> 19 1985
12:48:09 <@nachash> 20 2130
12:48:09 <@nachash> 21 1811
12:48:09 <@nachash> 22 1657
12:48:09 <@nachash> 23 1946
12:48:11 < m0rtim3r> it just caters to xbox skids who are clueless
12:48:30 < m0rtim3r> WTF?
12:48:58 < m0rtim3r> i dont even know what that is
12:49:20 <@nachash> It's the number of tweets
12:49:24 <@nachash> you made during each hour of the day
12:49:39 < m0rtim3r> who is this idiot?
12:49:42 <@nachash> It's a way of sorting out timezones
12:49:53 <@nachash> (UTC, by the way)
12:50:21 < m0rtim3r> people seem to think you are their freedom fighter
12:50:22 <@nachash> as for your idiot, no clue
12:50:49 <@nachash> lol
12:50:53 <@nachash> I'd like to know who thinks that
12:50:55 < m0rtim3r> i get lots of mentions from trolls who pretend they can menace me with tweets because i'm coming at you
12:51:02 <@nachash> I have a bridge in brooklin to sell them
12:51:22 < m0rtim3r> like you're gonna murder me]
12:51:25 < m0rtim3r> lol
12:51:28 < m0rtim3r> so stupid
12:51:30 <@nachash> I do have to ask
12:51:43 <@nachash> What was up with the assassination tweets?
12:51:48 <@nachash> That shit was max retarded
12:52:10 <@nachash> It was classic jen emick "put words in his mouth" bullshit
12:52:26 <@nachash> Speaking of jen
12:52:29 <@nachash> Since you talk to her
12:52:36 < m0rtim3r> people were making veiled assertions like my life was in danger so I was just showing how absurd the suggestions were
12:52:46 <@nachash> you can paste the next few lines to that festering gash
12:52:48 < m0rtim3r> what about her
12:52:52 <@nachash> I'm the only reason
12:52:53 < m0rtim3r> okay
12:53:02 <@nachash> some random supporter didn't write "DOXBIN" in gasoline
12:53:03 < m0rtim3r> lo
12:53:06 <@nachash> in her front yard
12:53:12 <@nachash> so she needs
12:53:20 < m0rtim3r> I hadn't heard that story
12:53:21 <@nachash> to stfu
12:53:39 <@nachash> I voiced disapproval of the idea
12:53:55 < m0rtim3r> you can't control the idiots
12:54:00 <@nachash> on the grounds that jen had suffered enough
12:54:05 < m0rtim3r> but you do help them with your site
12:54:08 <@nachash> and had started bothering others
12:54:22 <@nachash> s/your/Intangir's
12:54:24 < m0rtim3r> it's just petty harassment
12:54:33 <@nachash> While it's true that I ran it up until recently
12:54:42 <@nachash> doxbin is what the posters make it out to be
12:54:52 <@nachash> You want politicians and dirty business types?
12:54:56 <@nachash> Post the shit yourself
12:55:05 <@nachash> There's a post about brazilian politicians
12:55:10 < m0rtim3r> i dont want their info
12:55:13 <@nachash> which, for a very long time, was a consistent top 10 post
12:55:18 <@nachash> in terms of daily views
12:55:32 < m0rtim3r> i don't go after people like that
12:55:34 <@nachash> That's still the case, for all I know
12:55:51 < m0rtim3r> but since that's your gig maybe you should try owning people in power
12:55:59 < m0rtim3r> make a difference in the world]
12:55:59 <@nachash> In the site's very early days
12:56:10 <@nachash> it was little more than a collection of dox of andom people on ED
12:56:12 <@nachash> *random
12:56:18 < m0rtim3r> taking out my family doesn't do the world any good
12:56:34 <@nachash> it warped and grew as more people found out about it
12:57:17 < m0rtim3r> okay i gotta go and call intangir
12:57:21 < Intangir> No, it doesn't
12:57:23 < Intangir> but it makes me laugh
12:57:32 <@nachash> lol
12:57:45 < m0rtim3r> Intanger I'm going to sign off and call you in like 15 min
12:58:00 < m0rtim3r> i have to get up early so i want to talk before i fade
12:58:17 < m0rtim3r> i can come back to IRC tomorrow or whenever
12:58:29 < m0rtim3r> i want to talk tho tonight
12:58:38 <@nachash> I don't think there will be a next time
12:58:45 < m0rtim3r> why?
12:58:48 <@nachash> You have your stance, I have mine
12:58:55 < m0rtim3r> so 
12:59:03 < m0rtim3r> we can set that aside and still chat
12:59:07 <@nachash> I'm not budging, and neither are you
12:59:12 < m0rtim3r> okay
12:59:16 <@nachash> So this thing will just play out like it's supposed to
12:59:21 < m0rtim3r> fine
12:59:26 < m0rtim3r> good talk
12:59:36 < m0rtim3r> i'm calling intangir in 15 min
13:04:35 <INFO> m0rtim3r [[email protected]] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
13:09:16 <@nachash> ddos complete
13:09:42 <@nachash> (Not really, for the autistic shitheads who are going to read this log)

VITB gets banned from #RustleLeague

#RustleLeague chat with Asshurt and Jihad results in ban.....

[12:03:15]hey, ask nachash if he pulled my ip the other night and where it resolved too?
* nc has joined the channel
* Allah has set mode: #RustleLeague +ao nc nc
* asshurtmacfags [12:03:20] bit the pillow?
[12:03:58]i left nachash a bread crumb
[12:03:59]Dr_Rosenpenis: ask him yrself
[12:04:03]he here?
[12:04:17]I asked him in my chat and he wouldn't answer
[12:04:42]he was being a little bitch
[12:04:52]wasn't interested in being serious with me
[12:05:05]his "replacement" was quiet
[12:05:23]IP didnt look very interesting to me Dr_Rosenpenis  
[12:05:32]Intangir: you were quiet!
[12:05:33]and nachash can't get IPs from this network
[12:05:41]they dropped all sorts of my families info and wouldn't even engage with me
* asshurtmacfags has set mode: #RustleLeague +b *!*[email protected]*
[12:05:53]did you find it jihad?
[12:06:06]so if you come lookin for labor to spoil
* Your participation in the channel #RustleLeague has been suspended by asshurtmacfags ( OK, IM GONNA PEE MY PANTS,)

Vince vs phobos 12/28/2013

<phobos> maybe you should go fuck yourself
<phobos> fucking come at me nigga
<lord_of_cats> we shall terminate the negro race
<p3ligr0> you speak loud, but carry a small penis
<lord_of_cats> yes
<phobos> well I dont have a penis 
<lord_of_cats> yes
<phobos> otherwise I would be using it to dickslap your cocksucking face
<p3ligr0> a clit is a miniature penis
<lord_of_cats> yes
<phobos> you hugbox fucking faggot
<lord_of_cats> ill fuck em
<p3ligr0> phobos sounds like one of those tolerant liberals I read about in the NYT
<phobos> wow such words
<phobos> maybe you can write them on the bathroom stall you lure small boys into 
<phobos> Im sure someone will care
<p3ligr0> you have wasted half a dozen lines of text on me, you must care too
<phobos> yes
<lord_of_cats> yes
<phobos> deeply
<phobos> I care so much that I think you should just slit your throat in order to seal the deal
<p3ligr0> I appreciate that
<p3ligr0> oh telling someone to "an hero" very original
<p3ligr0> where do you come up with this material?
<phobos> cool words
<p3ligr0> I heard this shit on /b/ in 2006
<phobos> you must enjoy being on imagechans all day and living in various basements
<phobos> next level shit 4sho
<phobos> you gonna hit me with some hard hitting images of you blowing yourself next?
<asshurtmacfags> s/basements/atticts
<p3ligr0> no my penis isn't large enough
<lord_of_cats> yes
<asshurtmacfags> im doxcat
<lord_of_cats> im asshurtmacfags
<asshurtmacfags> h
<lord_of_cats> h
<p3ligr0> inb4 asshurt rages and bans me
<phobos> heres an idea p3ligr0 how about you test your ability to guzzle the semen of an entire group of armenian farmers 
<asshurtmacfags> not even mad
<phobos> that way you can have something to show off about 
<phobos> better yet why dont you stay there
<p3ligr0> here's something to show off
<phobos> so you can never pollute the human race with as much complete steaming retard as you have shown today
<asshurtmacfags> i just find yr presence all around tepid
<phobos> here
<phobos> I find his presence filled with massive ass angst
<asshurtmacfags> meh
<phobos> p3ligr0 tell me about the time you managed to access CMD.exe I want to hear ur hacker stories
<p3ligr0> that's me
<p3ligr0> I hope you haven't done anything illegal phobos
<p3ligr0> I hope you haven't admitted it in this chan
<phobos> sure have
<phobos> I have bombed the president at least 1200 times
<p3ligr0> i appreciate your honesty
<phobos> sure thing cocksmoker
<p3ligr0> ad hominem attacks are the only thing you are guilty of
<p3ligr0> we know
<asshurtmacfags> we are actually known as "The Super Illegal Doers" to other Illegal Activities clans
<p3ligr0> I haven't heard that one
<asshurtmacfags> it's underground, you woulnd't
<p3ligr0> originality, never thought I'd find that here
<phobos> p3ligr0 have you ever heard of getting a job
<phobos> its a great album
<phobos> you might enjoy it 
<p3ligr0> ad hominem
<phobos> hear walmart might carry it 
<p3ligr0> you saw where I work
<phobos> dam nigga u a regular rhetoric professor
<lord_of_cats> we shall terminate the negro race
<p3ligr0> shall I post it again?
<phobos> you must be some sort of high quality person with all this knowledge of caring
<phobos> you must massage a lot of prostates 
<p3ligr0> I love my enemies
<phobos> cool you should definitely tweet about it Vince
<p3ligr0> keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer
<phobos> because you sucking dick as hard as possible
<phobos> is always the best way
<phobos> to present yourself
<p3ligr0> you are good at singing
<p3ligr0> can you dance?
<phobos> just wondering Vince do you ever feel the need to show your asshole on tinychat
<phobos> cause mang its gonna get u such high ratings
<phobos> ull be famous forsure
<phobos> at least 5 times as famous
<phobos> do it fgt
<p3ligr0> you want to see my butt?
<p3ligr0> interesting
<phobos> yeah just 
<p3ligr0> okay hang on
<phobos> post it publicly on ur twitter
<phobos> that way you can feel cool
<p3ligr0> sure thing
<p3ligr0> make sure to post it on my ED page
<phobos> so how bout those coat tails you keep riding 
<phobos> you must get so tired
<phobos> with all that injecting yourself into situations you have nothing to do with
<phobos> so exhausting
<p3ligr0> I get exhausted with people giving me so much attention, like you
<phobos> hey Vince just wondering do you consider being a massive attention whore at the age of 40 an achievement 
<phobos> or more of a testament to how irrelevant you are IRL
<phobos> I mean wow I have seen some people need to make up for the fact that they have achieved nothing of worth
<phobos> but you take the cake 
<p3ligr0> When I post this video with my butt in it, I expect you to RT it
<p3ligr0> and it better be on my ED page within the hour
<phobos> I dunno that would require me to care
<asshurtmacfags> histrionic as fuq^
<phobos> which is your department 
<phobos> you and the caring
<phobos> and the histrionics 
<phobos> and the fake meltdowns
<phobos> and the dick sucking of media outlets
<phobos> its all just adorable
<phobos> including you being here
<phobos> almost as adorable as you being a 40 year old who actively thinks twitter is a replacement for your family's acceptance of your continual lack of achievements 
<phobos> so kawaii
<phobos> just wondering Vince how many My Little Pony figurines do you lay next to your Chinese manufactured Guy Fawkes mask
<phobos> is it as much money as you sank into your irrelevant radio program
<phobos> or just as much as you wasted contacting the feds
<p3ligr0> enjoy
<BlueZek> Feds have jack on me
<phobos> Why would I ever click on that Vince
<phobos> Why would anyone 
<phobos> other than jojo
<p3ligr0> you want to see my butt?
<p3ligr0> look at my time line
<phobos> I want to see you cry to the feds some more
<p3ligr0> you asked for my butthole
<p3ligr0> i gave it to you
<phobos> how does it feel being an informant 
<phobos> will u talk about it on ur next radio program
<p3ligr0> I don't know.
<phobos> You sure do
<p3ligr0> how?
<phobos> Nice touch having your handlers fly you out to New York
<p3ligr0> lol
<phobos> absolute special snow flake
<p3ligr0> must be joe prich
<p3ligr0> get a life joe
<phobos> look at you being unable to explain your finances 
<BlueZek> i'll call your show vince
<BlueZek> i have many things to say
<p3ligr0> I have no finances
<phobos> how did you get to New York without any money Vince
<p3ligr0> I'm broke
<BlueZek> that are relevant
<phobos> how did you get to Austin
<phobos> where did the money come from
<p3ligr0> I spent my last dime on my trip to NYC
<phobos> well thats funny because you said you had no money before you went 
<p3ligr0> how do you know I was in Austin?
<phobos> so what is it 
<phobos> is it before
<p3ligr0> prove I was ever in Austin
<phobos> or after
<p3ligr0> lolol
<phobos> and then how did you get to Austin
<phobos> visiting Stratfor?
<p3ligr0> you need to lay off the
<phobos> must have rolled out the red snitch carpet
<phobos> maybe you should explain basic questions
<p3ligr0> Joe you need to sober up\
<phobos> instead of changing the subject
<phobos> like every 10 seconds
<p3ligr0> I didn't think you cared
<phobos> instead of answering said questions
<phobos> oh so you dont care that youre an informant
<p3ligr0> you've wasted how much time raging at me?
<phobos> good to know 
<p3ligr0> and I still don't give a fuck
<phobos> first of all my name is Zoey
<phobos> second of all im phobos
<phobos> so 0 time
<p3ligr0> I'm actually flattered by the attention and conspiracy theories
<phobos> you might remember me as DenverPostHatesWomen
<phobos> but im flattered you think I give a shit 
<phobos> just wondering where u got all the money vince
<phobos> seems a bit odd that you suddenly just start jet setting
<phobos> going to fancy hotels 
<phobos> not having any money
<p3ligr0> I do freelance videography
<phobos> all seems rather suspicious 
<phobos> oh really
<phobos> Id love to see some
<p3ligr0> let your mind run wild 
<phobos> please show me the videography that gave you thousands of dollars
<p3ligr0> it amuses me
<phobos> so that you could go to new york
<phobos> and stay in a hotel 
<phobos> in manhattan 
<p3ligr0> my ticket cost $300
<p3ligr0> bought it 2 weeks in advance
<p3ligr0> with my credit card 
<phobos> you stayed in new york for what at least 4 days
<phobos> 3 days
<p3ligr0> yep
<phobos> nice place u had there
<p3ligr0> why do you care?
<phobos> how much did it cost
<phobos> nice hotel
<phobos> Manhattan 
<phobos> 4 days
<p3ligr0> I didn't stay in a hotel
<p3ligr0> I spent the night with Ron 
<phobos> then why did you post pictures of it 
<phobos> and brag
<p3ligr0> but you seem to have it all figured out
<p3ligr0> why even ask me?
<phobos> I think I do
<phobos> and I think youre not doing a great job of refuting any of this
<p3ligr0> find the documents to prove your conspiracy theory
<phobos> you claim credit card
<p3ligr0> you got me
<phobos> you claim no i wasnt at a hotel i claimed I was at
<p3ligr0> I've been made
<p3ligr0> guess i should leave
<phobos> you claim that you never talked to the cops after getting out of jail
<phobos> following causing a corporation thousands in damages 
<p3ligr0> i was never in jail
<p3ligr0> lololol
<p3ligr0> this just gets more and more absurd
<phobos> oreally then why did you get charged and sentenced 
<p3ligr0> did you read my court documents
<p3ligr0> I got probation
<phobos> yeah I like the part where you were in holding 
<p3ligr0> and $1400 restitution
<phobos> and then just 
<phobos> magically let out 
<p3ligr0> I was never in holding
<phobos> like as if some higher power came down
<phobos> and mitigated your crime
<phobos> everyone else got charged
<phobos> but not you Vince!
<phobos> they must really favor 40 year olds who live with their parents 
<p3ligr0> because I took down PETA videos, of course I'd be a HUGE asset to the feds
<p3ligr0> lololol
<phobos> oh no wait I know what it is 
<phobos> you snitched 
<phobos> and have no evidence to refute it 
<phobos> so you just generate misinformation
<p3ligr0> you seem to have it figured out
<phobos> and cry alot 
<p3ligr0> nothing more to say
<p3ligr0> I've been made
<phobos> you seem to repeat yourself a lot 
<phobos> especially when you get cornered 
<p3ligr0> bye bye birdies
<phobos> with facts that make you uncomfortable
<phobos> why is that vince
<phobos> ok
<phobos> well
<phobos> im gonna post this
<phobos> to the entire internet
<phobos> so people can see you quitting
<phobos> after you got uncomfortable addressing your status as a snitch
<phobos> which p much just spells snitch
<phobos> so bye bye vince
* p3ligr0 has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)


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