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Vigouroux BALEETED, aka "Isabelle Vigouroux", is a child prodigy centrally based on DevianTART. Originally coming to deviantart to display a menagerie of sonic fanarts, green bears, and other furrific masterpieces, she turned to the complaints forum and hardly ever looked back. It has become clear that she has a talent for attracting attention; she has amassed nearly all of her pageviews purely from the bullshit drama she has created. From homeschooling and troll comments, to attacking ED and having sex at Jesus Camp and calling it rape, Vigouroux seems to have covered every retarded topic imaginable.

Vigouroux's apparent retardation stems partly from her early years of homeschooling, and her indoctrination into the Christian faith. She is incredibly sensitive. Nearly any comment towards her presents one with instant results; she will respond to almost everything with intense hostility. To anyone acting remotely nice to her, she will be uncomfortably open. These roller-coaster like mood swings are only topped by her routine ideology shifts.

Jesus Camp



I will get an abortion if I can. I have no problems with it.


I was raped.



At this point, nobody believes me, not my family.. not even the internet.


I was alone with ... a guy. And we started doing some stuff that I kind of regret now. I thought it would be okay but we were caught doing it.


After telling her mother that she was having trouble believing in a God, she was sent to a local Jesus camp. She felt it necessary to alert her friends in the complaints forum before departing, even though they couldn’t be happier she was leaving. This was just the beginning of a story about to unfold before the eyes of deviantart complaints forum.

Just a few days later, Vigouroux appears again with a posting proclaiming “lol I had secks with a boy at camp!!1 its fun to be a slut” along a few other miscellaneous complaints. The trolls on the complaints forum immediately smelled drama and flocked to the thread to tell her what a bitch she was. Realizing that not all attention was good attention she tried handling it in the best way she could think of- screaming raep.

Obviously, changing the story from “yay I’m not a virgin anymore” to “the camp councilor got me drunk and raeped me!!1” is not exactly believable. Despite seeing that nobody bought her story, she kept peddling it, bawwwing in a journal detailing the fictional rape and acting “depressed”. It wasn’t long before she dropped the act like a mangy cat with rabies, and pretended it never happened. She deleted her journal and hasn’t mentioned it since.


Unfortunately, Vigouroux didn't die IRL. But she sure seems to have left the internet completely. Sometime in between January 3rd and 4th of 2011, Vigouroux has deactivated her account from deviantART, deactivated her LiveJournal and deleted her Mysppce account, due to a troll on deviantART. To this date, nobody knows where she is or where else she will hang out. If you are able to phish any emails or websites she is still active on, please place it here, for the lulz.

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