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What Shawn does with his father
Where all teh emulated and cheated video games are played for his channel...this sucker has a neighborhood that's fucking long to navigate because he loves wasting time...

VideoGamePhenom (Shawn Douglas Fenn; b. February 23, 1991) is a sexually active Trump-supporting drug-addicted sicko, autistic dumb brain, and YouTube "celebrity" who also believes in money scams and is associated with ISIS. He is an unmarried single known to talk about cocks 24/7 and send death threats that can easily be traced down as his possessed Satanic brain is too stupid to realize after his (so far) 31 years on earth. He also has incest with his father named John Douglas Fenn, who's between the ages of 66 and 67 as of 2018, over the dead body of his mother Anna. His videos utilize emulators, which according to Nintendo, is against their policy against piracy, and therefore people should stop doing it. The emulators he uses assists him in his cheating because he simply makes a savestate, then loads it when he can't accept how much dick he sucks at games and whines like a baby then starts over the level. This is to keep his score in Mario games which only faggots like him care about, without taking damage or losing a life then bans people who spread this so-called "rumour" because he simply has no life.

As of May 2018, Shawn appears to have a mentally sick computer fetish as all the Wikia wikis he's been going to and all unrelated wikis have been spammed and vandalized by his sick, lazily written computer articles. He also loves to stick his dick inside his computer. He is the only person other than Mark Christopher Sevier who wants to marry their laptop.

In July 2018, his computer fetish evolved to a fetish of pedophilic Catholic priests and altar boys which resulted in him uploading Super Catholic Bros., an SMB ROM hack with the castle levels full of CP depictions! With the priests' cock inside underage unconsenting boys' anuses!!! Featuring pedobears!! What a fucking sicko this clown is!!!!!!!!!!111!!! We can all guess that if it was an official Nintendo game, the ESRB would probably rate it fucking M or AO, holy fucking sheesh.


Shawn is an American gamer and illegal immigrant who, despite his username, is a suckish video gamer who isn't even close to anywhere near deserving his "phenom" status. He grew up in the United States in Lodi, Garfield, Haledon, and Elmwood Park and started his first gaming cancer, VideoGamePhenomHD on Jewtube 100 years ago back when he was in Garfield, New Jersey. He owns two relatives named Matthew and Russell. His endless trail of JewTube poison started with his first game, Animal Abuse Red, and on later channels, Pooper Mario Bros., which he obviously plays on VisualBoyAdvance and FCEUX respectively while using the AVI record feature, because Nintendo can't put a tighter leash on video game piracy. One advantage of abusing drugs is getting to upload 10-30 videos per day on average. It is unknown why he would only show boss battles and not the full thing of that one violent, offensive TV-Y7/FV excuse for a children's game series, though he does it anyway, probably because he finds the butt-fucking of his rival whose middle name is Motherfucking, Gym Leaders, elite fourzzz, and the "Champion", to be much more lullzzz-y and important. He also hates showing his play times in videos for no logical reason whatsoever.

He also used the English releases of Porkyman Black and White and their sequels to milk more views and cash in months following their release.

VideoGamePhenom, from late 2013-early 2016, has also proven that he does not understand the meaning of "retirement" as he claimed to "retire from Jewtube" and that he would close his channel down on December 24, 2013 at 8 PM EST on his own Facebook. Unbelievably, on the same day in November, he also claimed that he got hacked on the same fucking day and expects us to believe it. He also retreated in 2018 to claim that the real reason for his closure and the boot-up of VideoGamePhenomLED and VideoGamePhenomEX (both of which are VGP sock puppets) was because he's a fucking bastard who doesn't even know how to produce his shit.

Last Thursday, VideoGame"Phenom", lying about his supposed "retirement" and expecting us to believe he got hacked (which he later deleted in an aggressive attempt to hide himself), is back the very next day with a new channel named ModernGamingEra. He continues to use emulators and savestates in his Mario and Donkey Kong (and maybe) Pokemon videos to this very day. Luckily, he shitted himself by closing ModernGamingEra in April 2015 while playing Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 illegally.

During the life of ModernGamingEra, he has also harassed Wikian users by threatening a hardcore Kirby fan who wouldn't let him upload his emulator-done shitty videos onto the site.

After the piece of faggotry that was ModernGamingEra, Shawn, in April 2015, came back with yet another account he also pretends isn't his. It closed in March 2016 when he finally admitted he should stop using accounts with sketchy names when he still gives out his identity in the Pokémon videos by naming his player "Shawn" because he thinks he's slick and above the law. He also did New Super Mario Bros. on that account...somehow, even though he appeared to procrastinate about it on his next channel mentioned below. Once again, he does thousands of videos and then deletes his channel in March 2016, thus wasting months and yes, even years of his pointless, abominable life.

One tragic evening upon the closure of his shitty "union" channel, the loser has came back with yet another "retirement" violating channel known as VideoGamePhenom, and to this very day, still plays games illegally and uses savestates with his emulators. He continues to create impersonation and phishing arguments in which he clearly has the smaller dick. His current channel has signed an MCN agreement with Curse, so he now gets payed to play games and violate copyright. But, as of March 19, 2017 UST, he has declared himself officially fucked over after cycling through multiple accounts with the voice of a drama queen, though he still might be out there lurking and uploading tons of videos daily thanks to his drug addiction and ass burgers...

His channel links always contain spammy links to "gift card sites" and this loser still hasn't learned his lesson.

He also sounds like a lawyer if you harass him on Facebook, make a sockpuppet account, and then continue to harass him in private messages. He also shouts you out on his page despite ignoring his users and being a faggot who doesn't respond to his users despite reading their comments. He now lives with his father in Newton, New Jersey (because he's gay and prefers incest over anything).

UPDATE: Shawn Fenn has dropped the docs about his email and private location out to the public by revealing it through YouTube, as follows. HORY "FAKKU"ING SHIT!!!
[email protected]
33 Mill Street 6G Newton, NJ 07860 US

The counter notification also came with a fucking phone number from this twat.

UPDATE #2: IP IS NOW OUT!!! HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! (took literally 20 seconds to type out in regular font, YOU SHOULD APPRECIATE IT!!!)

No phishing: Before Shit Dick Fuck (or Shawn Douglas Fenn) starts another bastard phishing argument, it's already once again public information. Go walk to his door with 10 firearms or so and assume he's a Jew. You own the second amendment, weeb.

As of March 31, 2017, Shawn has dropped his dox by linking his profile as it is shown on public records, revealing his criminal and traffic history.[1][2] And another dead relative of his, Lori A. Schochet, who's 63 years old and lived in Clifton, NJ 07012 and formerly in Belleville, NJ 07109. HOLY SHIT!!!

On December 14, 2018, this complete nigger was given a one-week global block and went down to his knees for fucking with top-class VIP on an article on his own wiki that got deleted for "inappropriate content". Unfortunately, it only lasted a week, resulting in the faggot being back on his feet.

On January 27, 2019, this retard got terminated from a wave load of completely FALSE copyright claims after fucking with the channel of this article's creator by shutting down his channel the same way. Soon he'll have to suck up his own medicine, and maybe his own dick, as he's too dumb to understand that he'll be shut down again by more false copyright claims and that his channel will essentially be dunked underwater to death.

On February 21, 2019, the faggot proceeded to get exponentially butthurt and deleted his old channel to start a new one on a different email, doing games the smart false claimant hasn't done yet. He also threatened legal action, though the intelligent Fucking Bitch Idolaters rightfully refused to believe him.

Butt buddy

Between 2017 and 2018, Shawn has closed his Facebook account because he couldn't stand da lullzzz apparently. He has decided to arrange sexual meetups with his new butt buddy and boyfriend from Lodi High School, Matthew Vitale, and Shawn has sodomized Matt outdoors ever since. Matthew Vitale is another homosexual dweeb who doesn't know how to use a condom and him and Shawn shall soon be condemned to AIDS and hell. He continues to do so even after exposure for his massive sex scandal massacre and continues to hide the truth from other users as part of a huge fucking conspiracy.

One year later

File:YouTube's intimidating massive lie that you'll get terminated for making false copyright claims trololololololololloolololooollol.png
YouTube's intimidating threat to your account which is potentially ineffective because the only people who get punished are the victims of false copyright claims...

In May 2018, one year after VGP's 2016-2017 channel's closure, the chronicle illness that is "VideoGamePhenom" proceeds to spread after one year of being seemingly cured as Shawn has come back with yet another channel that shows he still doesn't know what the hell the word "retirement" even means. Furthermore, he's forgotten how to widescreen. He still continues to make bastardized phishing arguments over calling him "Shawn" even though he uses it in his Pokémon videos and he created it one year before starting assuming he'll never be found even though someone is always watching. He continues to use the "VideoGamePhenom" trademark as if that will help hide his identity.

Fortunately, a day or two later, some openly gay saint under the YouTube pseudonym "VideoGameCollectionHD" decided to file a sandstorm of erroneous copyright claims that resulted in the termination of this shit worm's "career" and the chronic disease that is "VideoGamePhenom" has been cured off YouTube and YouTube still has a shorter life expectancy thanks to this asshole, which shows how you can take down shit you don't own and get away with it, notwithstanding YouTube's lie that you'll get if that's gonna happen.


As of May 17, 2018, the VGP disease has relapsed as the owner is now committing to blatant violation of the YouTube Terms of Use by making another comeback cumback account.[sauce plz!?!1!][3] Apparently, he's too much of a nincompoop to notice that he will just get reported again when he makes his shitty vidz public and this will all blow up in his face.

Wikipedia sockpuppets

Shawn Fenn is a closeted troll who is known to make sockpuppets as if no one is watching to make violence threats and insults yet acts innocent on YouTube and blames others for breaking the law. Here is a complete list of his humiliation as it is currently known by witnesses and other users:

He genuinely thinks he'll convince the US government to plow a hole somewhere and recognize a youth union to substitute our important, yet painfully boring day-to-day shit with indoctrinating youth into loving vidya games as much as cock.

Shawn Discovers ED

On September 18, 2016, Shawn created a sock puppet to blank this article. As with most petty vandals who register for ED, Shawn doesn't seem to know how a wiki works. Of course, it didn't take long for his blanking to be spotted, and him to be banned. Later on in an email message, he bitched about being banned from ED and claimed that he was "indefinitely blocked for no reason" because he's too stupid to understand that blanking a page is blatant vandalism, and especially on wikis, vandalism is completely pointless.

And about the Encyclopedia Dramatica, I made an account and attempted to take down your post about my channel and the photo you stole from Facebook. But then I immediately got blocked indefinitely on the site for no reason, and the edit was reverted. I just wanted to delete the post to quell your rage and make you understand. Truth to be told, no one is going to email me or come visit my address. When I first joined the site, I was planning to start a petition about Hillary Clinton being locked up for her email scandal and a late release of her medical records. That would have brought Donald Trump straight to victory to becoming president.


—VideoGamePhenom, September 18, 2016

Shawn even offered some reasons for blanking the page:

This article has been deleted for the following reasons:

  • Spamming
  • Phishing
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Defamatory
  • Tampering
  • Conspiracy
  • Usage of copyrighted material, including another person's personal photos without permission
  • This article clearly does not meet the quality standards to be posted

No joke. He actually wrote this.

Update: As of November 19, 2016 UTC, the crybaby has made a new sockpuppet named "VGPHD" to blank this article. However, he appears to still be quite confused about why he is blocked. Shawn has even added more reasons to proclaim that the article has been ceased, even though is clearly only vandalizing it for his humiliation. He has even added bold font to some of the sentences to further his humiliation, and claims that this article is doxing, even though once again, he always publicly reveals his information and blames others for re-posting it.

Important notice

As per order of the real person himself, this article has been seized and deleted for the following reason(s):

  • Long-term abuse
  • Pirating and tampering with someone else's personal information
  • Posting most events that are NOT true in the real life
  • Trying to unconvincingly dupe others into thinking the person who owns VGP is insane, although the events linked are untrue
  • Doxing and DDoS'ing
  • This article clearly does NOT meet the quality standards to be posted on this site

Please DO NOT re-create this article as per order of the person posting this notice. If this article still stands, the FBI will be notified, and this page will remain ceased. Courtesy goes to User:DramaNerd153 for creating this misleading article, which was once an article, but is now shut down. Again, DO NOT re-create this article, or else the FBI will be notified if violated.

EDF Saga

On March 9, 2021; Shawn Forumlambda.png joined EDF6, unsurprisingly just to send legal threats and to demand that his article be taken down (to the point of being fagtagged). A full list of butthurt-ridden threads created by him is available below:

He is currently targeted by Forumlambda.png ThePokemonGamer (Powerword: Alexander R. Rodriguez, also known as NintendoGamingHD). If VGP is Chris-Chan, then TPG is his own version of A-Log; as he never shuts the fuck up about him.

On May 10, 2022, the mods righteously vandalized his user profile for the lulz.

The Game

  1. Download an emulator and a game ROM illegally while sucking Bulbasaur's dick.
  2. Use savestates and whine like a baby whenever you suck at a ridiculously "hard" level.
  3. Edit it with an illegal version of Sony Vegas and upload to Jewtube on drugs.
  4. ????
  5. PROFIT!!!!

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