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Behold the face of your beloved Fuhrer. No shoop, lol
Faggots on Wikipedia take Mangina's role as Suou Tamaki too seriously.

Vic Mignogna (aka Dick Mangina) is a whiny, pretentious little twat from Houston, Texas who somehow manages to make animu even gayer with his shit voice acting. While this alone is usually not enough to warrant an article, Mangina takes his faggotry to newfound levels. He's a hopeless Christian fucknut who shoves his religion down the throat of every one of his fans. Still, while this is annoying at best, what really makes the fag notable is his hopeless hypocrisy, disrespect for his own fucking fans, and the sheer idiocy of said fans as they continue to lick his balls even after PROOF that their "Fuhrer" is a complete ass. Oh, yeah, and it goes without saying that he's got an ego bigger than the state he lives in. He's been known to openly talk shit about anyone who doesn't treat him like God. Vic has also been known to hold Sunday church services at conventions for those sober enough to wake up that early, even though we know he's a selfish cunt that won't give money to the poor.

He also flirts with jailbait. Especially jailbait cosplaying characters he's voiced. Seriously.

Lol, hyprocrisy

So I herd u liek strawberry daiquiris?

One thorn in the side of his fandom is his hatred for yaoi and rampant homophobia. While he has stated his haet for the gay multiple times, he does yaoi fanservice for EdxRoy and makes up BS stories about meeting CLAMP to "disprove" yaoi.

Vic has also been known for rambling at his panels about how completely straight edge he is, but has been seen drinking at cons numerous times. He reportedly stole strawberry daiquiris at a con party and got shitfaced at the bar. He's also been known to send his retarded fans (pardon, Rangers) to get him booze. No shit.

His Work

With all that talent, Vic has done a lot of voice work, leading up to an expansive resume of gawky teenage boys and some other people.

Some argue that his most famous role lies in the incestuous faggot known as Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist. Many of his fangirls wish to be assfucked by this amputee freak of nature, and so this also gets Vic some action (despite the fact that the original Japanese voice actor has a vagina).

In an unsurprising feat of hypocrisy, he plays Fai, possibly the gayest character in the show Tsubasa Chronicles, which is about a retarded loli trying to find feathers. Fans of the series can easily see that he is getting screwed by an orphan ninja. It should be known that, despite blatant faggotry throughout the series, Vic fervently denies that he engages in taking it up the pooper. His reasons? A) The balls are not touching, B) He does the ANIME, u gaiz, not the MANGA (PS The gayness is being made into moving pictures, so that doesn't fly anymore.) C) I TOTALLY MET THE AZN CHICKS WHO MADE THE MANGA, MMK? THEY SAID NO HOMO. Ignoring the fact that CLAMP (the group of aforementioned azns) is well known for their gay animu.

Recently, Vic can be heard playing a third well-known animu faggot, Tamaki. Much like the other two, fangirls worship him like Raptor Jesus, and constantly have wet dreams about his flamboyant gestures of manliness. Also much like the other two, testosterone leaks out of his asshole. Despite his gay tendencies, Tamaki is not officially gay, seeing as he spends the majority of the series trying to get in the pants of a reverse trap. But, hell, he acts the part well enough to make you question whether or not Mr. Homophobe actually looks into the characters he plays.

Also, Vic Mangina is responsible for the whole GIRUGAMESH meme after he helped contribute in the production of the infamous shitty video for Suckura-Con.

The Ranger Raid of '08

lol, "chatroom issues"
"Love you :)"

One particularly retarded fangirl, "Brittany" (lol, someone write about her plz), challenged Anon after he posted epic Vic trolling in /cgl/. Long before /cgl/ got involved, there was an epic Cosfu thread that listed pages of first-hand accounts and PROOF that Mangina IS an asshole. Apparently the fact that Vic has been banned from conventions because of his attitude towards the staff doesn't register with the fantwats. He's known for being a complete, egotistical ass to convention staff, and repeatedly BAWWWS until they do his bidding just like his goddamn fanbase.

The Risembool Rangers are about the most fucked up group of fangirls on the internets who are taking this seriously. And you think that's an exaggeration. The sad thing is, there is nothing in the realm of animu fandom that can top these poor, pathetic fucks. Each and every one of the 16 year old girls is willing to suck Vic's cock on the spot. They spend countless amounts of money on his shitty Christian music whether they're religious or not, and if you DARE insult their "Fuhrer", they will attack you with horrible teenage logic and shitty grammar until you die of lulz. These are the same retarded fangirls who glomp Vic at every damn con and swarm him and worship the ground he walks on. That in itself isn't unsual of teenage animu fans. What's truly disgusting is that, even after seeing PROOF of what an ass he is (see Cosfu thread), they continue mindlessly liplocking themselves with his anal orifice.

Vic has been known to hide behind his jailbait minions instead of defend himself, much like Snapesnogger. The sad thing is, he actually sends them out whenever there's a chance of his true nature showing up on the internets. One Cosfu member recalled a truly frightening account of having Vic come after her on AIM and demand to see pictures of this pamphlet that other VAs had defiled. Seriously. The man went batshit insane over a fucking doodle of a penis on his face that someone did. And he says he has stalkers. Yet he gives his address out to fucking everyone, and anyone who can enter "Vic Mignogna, Houston, TX" into WhitePages can go find it. Srsly. Give it a try and send him something nice. Just lurk /y/ for a while. He loves that stuff!

After the minions invaded with their brilliant argument of "I'm right, you're wrong", on /cgl/ as well as cosfu, /cgl/ decided it was time to do something. And so the wheels of the internet hate machine began to turn, and the Ranger Forum was promptly invaded by the masses of cosfu as well as /cgl/, and other boards on 4chan.

Moar to come!


Heavens! Do I hear wedding bells?

Contrary to popular belief, Vic Manamana is NOT dating a woman, but a horsedick. The two lovebirds have been seen together numerous times. They are so nearly inseperable thay they have come to be known as "HorseVic". However, as of late, Horse has become upset with Vic's constant propositioning and fondling of underage girls. In a recent interview with Horse, we showed him THIS video, which he said "disgusted and appalled him."

More Truth

After much searching the web another interesting question has surfaced up bringing more confirmation about how much of a twat Vic is. One animu fan was curious about assholes who worked in anime, so he asked another animu asshole, here's what they said:

"I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of american voice actors at conventiosn during their panels and they have all been really nice to the fans, it is always nice to meet them. however i have a question. I wonder if that is just an image that they put out so the fans dont feel insulted. are american voice actors really nice like that when the fans are not around. do you know any voice actors personally and are they as nice as they are to the fans?"

"Well, you're trying to make a blanket statement about a group of people where blanket statements rarely apply. You can't say "Yeah, all VAs are as nice on a personal level as they are to the fans at public events". Some of them are, some of them, not so much.

I've met a lot of voice actors in my time as a writer in this industry - they are the most accessible guests you can snag for an interview. Generally they are also very friendly to the press. In my time I've had the pleasure of meeting some intelligent, unique, funny and genuinely solid folks, like Taliesin Jaffe, Greg Ayres, and Michael Sinterniklaas, among many others. In situations where they don't have to be "on" (meaning being entertaining for their fans), they're decent, normal human beings just like anyone else, just as friendly and easygoing as they are on panel discussions. The question itself is a little strange - frankly, nobody in a public speaking situation is going to be exactly themselves. What you get in a panel discussion is their public image regardless of who they are when they're among friends.

That said, no, not all voice actors are charming wonderful people. Like in any line of work, there's a majority of nice normal folks and then there a handful of people who are basically tremendous douchebags. Some of the stories I could tell would curdle your blood, which is a tease, so I'll just give you some quick anonymous anecdotes of some of the things that have happened at cons. No, I will never reveal the people responsible for these anecdotes. Don't email me about it. No, the variable letters used are not "clues" and many details have been left out, but here's a brief taste of some of the unfortunate things that have happened at the hands of some of the few less agreeable VAs out there:

* [X] agreed to attend the birthday party of a down-and-out fan at the request of said fan's concerned father, only after demanding that they serve a certain kind of cake. When the time came, [X] blew off the party for a chance to perform on stage. * [Y] interrupted another voice actor's focus panel, announcing to the room that [Y] was signing autographs at a table outside. The room cleared in the middle of the other VA's panel.

* [B], [A], and [S] among others, are known for attempting to sleep with their fans at conventions. This is a common practice at most cons, anime or not, to be sure, but the aggressiveness of some of these people is legendary (and particularly embarassing). One was even known for specifically sleeping with a fan cosplaying as a character they played. Think about the psychological implications of that. This isn't an attempt to out anyone or spill dirt, but it's just an illustration that no, not all of them are super nice folks, but they are in the minority. The majority that I've met have been aces, and I think American voice actors are some of the friendliest people you'll meet in any industry where the creative talent interacts with the fans."

It seems as if that all of these people are actually one person, much to the upset of animu male virgins said person is not a skinny slut voice actress. I'm sure Vic will cosplay as one if you give him the money. Here's the proof to see for yourself, mind the pointless animu crap.

Vic secretly loves the attention he gets from the internet hate machine and doesn't like it when people laugh while he is talking about those "encouraging" people on 4chan. One boisterous chuckle, and he will hunt you down.

Vic's faggotry has spread across the Pacific Ocean from Dumbfuckistan to Straya cunt, most recently at Supanova Brisbane 2012. With over 9000 subpoenas from courts around the Jewnited States for child sex charges he thought he could escape to Straya so he could get his fangirls to receive him 'Down Under'. Yes, his panel was one hour many Australian cosplayers and otaku will never get back. His fangirls were out in full force, with one of the little cunts chucking a bag of Milky Way bars at his crotch as a sign that she wanted him and was cumming in her pants at the same time. Of course Vic being the devoted fundie Christian he is thought with all the jailbait and loli around he should share his bag of pedophile confectionery goodness and threw a Milky Way bar at one loli after another. He then lured them to the front of the auditorium after the panel was over and nearly everyone had left for some kinky McLovin'.

Vic's "Parody Film"

Dick Mignogna has a 15 minute long fail of a parody called "Fullmetal Fantasy". The video depicts Vic slowly transforming into the retarded child that he is and gets raped in a dark alleyway. It was made through the help of other english-speaking Animu voice actors and the jews had their hand in making it. It's his proud contribution to the faggotry of Fullmetal fandom, despite how badly it sucked. It was made 6 years ago and Vic still screens it at his conventions instead of doing the right thing and posting it on the internet.[1]

The reason why it's no where to be seen on the internet: is because he, like the MPAA and RIAA, is a faggot who only wants more jewgold and loli. Vic commands his obsessive fanbase to do not record the video and post it on the internet. The best way to troll Vic is to do just that. He usually screens this load of faggotry before he signs his photos, his Gospel Albums, and literally on jail bait at his signing table.

Cons he and his little minions are known to infest

  • A-Kon
  • Kawaii-Kon (lol, Hawaiians)
  • Anime Expo
  • Supanova (Even Australian fangirls want Mangina's circumsised choad)
  • Anime North
  • MTAC
  • Ohayocon
  • Katsucon
  • Sakura-con (GIRUGAMESH!! was his fault too...)
  • Oni-con
  • Mechacon
  • Otakon
  • Youmacon

The Many Faces of Mangina

HI HO MANGINA About missing Pics
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Anon: I had a friend who's mother had passed away in the hospital a few weeks before a big convention we had planned to attend. It was going to be our first con we stayed in with our own room the whole weekend and we'd be waiting for a whole year. My friend was really heartbroken because she hadn't had a chance to have a few moments alone with her mother to really say goodbye and tell her how much she loved her. She wound up staying home and insisted I go to the convention to take lots of pictures and have a great time to tell her all about it. I ran into Mr. Mignogna out of chance in an elevator and he asked me why I looked so sad. I explained the whole situation and he asked me if I had a picture of my friend's mom. I looked through my phone and sure enough I had one we had taken before the homecoming dance. Mr. Mignogna tells me to come with him and we go to his hotel room. He tells me to enjoy some pay per view movies while he takes my phone into the bedroom of his suite. I'm not sure what he did but he stayed in that room and presumably studied that picture for at least three hours. He comes out with rather misty eyes and asks me to call my friend and tell her someone special wants to talk to her. I quickly oblige imagining him speaking to her in one of his famous voices thinking she'll be thrilled but my heart nearly fell out of my chest when I heard him answer the phone in a perfect imitation of my friend's mother's voice. She had been in bed crying all day and from what I could hear she was telling Mr. Mignogna all the things she wanted to tell her mom. He finished by reciting Goodnight Moon to her until she fell asleep and then handed me the phone. I gave him a big hug and told him how much it all meant to me and sure enough my friend was up at the convention the next day with a big smile on her face. Vic Mignogna has an amazing heart.

Your mom sounds like Ed? nice try.

Anon: I remember at an Akon several years ago I was really tired but we didn't have a room so I crawled under this table to go to sleep. From what I heard later Vic came out of this room with a gaggle of fangirls and sits at the very same table to start signing autographs and schmoozing. When he stuck his feet under the table he kicked me hard in the side and woke me up. I guess he realized someone was under there but when I tried to crawl out he casually stuck his hand under the table and in motions that to this day confound me at their clarity in sign he told me to lay back down and continue my nap. Something in my mind told me I should listen to this friendly stranger and to my surprise he removed his boots and began to give me a back massage to rival all back massages with his very skilled feet. I slept for god knows how long and I woke up feeling more rested and alive than ever before. When it was all over I dropped a fiver in his boot and he disappeared into the crowd. I'll never forget his kindness.


Mangina (49) wooing helpless 16-year-old animu girl.


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