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Vermin Supreme is without a doubt, hands down the best candidate to run for president in all history of America. His policies rival that of the ever revered George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The boot atop his head is said to grant him knowledge beyond the comprehension of any mortal human. According to polls, Vermin Supreme has at least over 9000% chance of winning this election. Anyone who votes otherwise is a fucking Jew who can't handle the fact that their so-called all-powerful "God" has finally met his match.

The presidential campaign

Trolling since 1988

Vermin Supreme is extremely cunning and calculated in his race for the White House. His tactics against the opposition usually consist of damning their genes to the eternal gayness and spraying them with pixie dust.

Just like the one before him, the failure Baroque Obama, Vermin Supreme tries to appeal to all voting groups by claiming to be a friendly fascist and a tyrant one could trust. Of course we all know that being a failure is not one of Supreme's qualities as future's absolute ruler. In fact it was Baroque that actually mimicked Supreme, like every other religion before Pastafaria mimicked the said religion. The dude did it, duh! Neanderthal W. "Missing Link" Bush, both of them and Dickie "Chucky" Cheney are said to have helped.

His presidential promises, the promises that he himself promised not to fulfill (at least he's being honest, folks) are a competent bunch of the following. Health: an excellent and forced dental plan. Energetics: converting to a green zombie power. Everything else: a pony based currency and identification systems for... everything else.

Not that any of that matters, however, since everybody knows that his victory is assured, remaining his and only his for the taking. Being an immortal, an omnipotent, an omniscient and all that deity among men surely helps. Vote for him or die!

Birth Name/Drama

Vermin Supreme had his name legally changed to Vermin Love Supreme many moons ago. Obviously he wasn't born with that name, but he doesn't want anyone to know what his birth name was. Why, you ask?

Hello , my name is Vermin Supreme.

In regards to alleged 'birth name.' The harm that will result from the continued inclusion of this alleged 'birth name' is considerable, and will not happen on the internet.

You may find this hard to believe but there are members of my immediate family who do not appreciate my work. ' Bringing shame to the family name,' is something that does indeed mean something to some. The inclusion of this alleged 'birth name' is creating a headache for me and mine.

Vermin Supreme may be well known , but this other entity is obviously ' a little known person.'


Vermin Supreme on TOW.

Unfortunately for Vermin Supreme, people who went to high school with him didn't get that memo, and disclosed that he was born as (Norman) Scott Taylor.

A troll has gained e-fame for repeatedly threatening Vermin Supreme with publishing his personal information if he didn't disclose it himself, which caused Vermin Supreme to openly rage and threaten to kill him on his official Facebook page.

To The Sock That is Threatening to doxx Me by Vermin Supreme..

Dear "Ilsa Stilt" from IP Address: ,

"Ilsa" wrote: >"I am set to publish all of your personal information, and then some. However, if you publish your real information on your websites and FB page then I have no need to do so.Free speech is a great thing. But when said "free speech" is put forth and you hide behind a phony name then the value of the speech is quite diminished. "<

1.) Lol. Seems like you don't know jackshit about free speech, or the law.

2.) You are engaged in blackmail. You are attempting to coerce me into doing something against my will under the threat of doxxing me. That makes me sad, and mad.

3.) My legal name has been Vermin Love Supreme for over 30 years. My address and phone number are on my filing papers, a public record.

I am not hiding. I am real. You, "Ilsa", are the weasel hiding behind a phony name. "Ilsa" wrote: >"I plan to publish your birth name (yes, was not hard to figure out) and the names and addresses of your relatives.And some additional "information"."<

1.) DERP The reason my birth name is easy to find, but not widely available is that nobody cares. My legal name has been Vermin Love Supreme for over 30 years. .

It is on my driver's license and US Passport .  My address and phone number are on my filing papers, on the public record for all to see.
If you want to mail my mother a post card, just use my address, I will happily bring it to her.          

2.) You, "Ilsa," are gonna doxx my elderly parents? My brother and sister? My dead grandparents? My little nieces?

To what end Skippy Lou? That is a little upsetting to me. Sounds like the plan of a scumbag.

3.) >"additional information"<? I believe you are involved in a would be smear campaign. Defamation of character is a crime. I feel threatened, and even a little angry.

4.) "Ilsa", If you release illegally obtained 'information' you will be held accountable. If you release libelous or defamatory information you will be sued in civil court. "Ilsa" wrote: >"I think what you do is interesting. However, hiding behind an assumed name allows one to act in ways where they are not held accountable. This is not cool."<

1.) Damn straight it's not cool. Asshole. In summation: Wether you are some dipshit kid; some loser, crybaby, political operative; or some sock puppet spook, piss off. You are already causing my family members some emotional distress. My mother is not well. I do not need your crap. You have already broken the law. I have notified my State Attorney General. The FBI may have jurisdiction over such interstate shakedowns.

You have successfully trolled me.

My friends and supporters are in fact, legion. They do not forgive. They do not forget. If you have never been screwed with in the fashion you are attempting, you may wish to drop this matter.Thank you. My name is Vermin Supreme and I approve this message.

ps. I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my pony go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you.



Free ponies for all Americans.


Spreading the word.
Winning hearts and minds
Killing infants, FTW
What's not to love?

Dare to believe!

Leadership for a nation in crisis. About missing Pics
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