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Here we Grow Again!

Verizon is a telecommunications company that is an offshoot of AT&T formed in 1983 as Bell Atlantic. In 1984, the U.S. Justice Department vanned AT&T for violating anti-trust laws and AT&T broke into several Baby Bells. However, as the chart above show, the 1984 Divestiture of AT&T, the breakup was only an inconvenience for the folks at Blue Death Star. Not shown in the chart, Verizon's acquisition of most of Alltel. (Although 79 out of 105 markets were given away to AT&T.)

However something happen. Rather than being reabsorbed into the tentacle folds of AT&T again, Bell Atlantic merged with several of AT&Ts competitors including GTE and MCI.

Verizon's Faggotry

Ever been to a Verizon store??? Here's what you'll expect to see!

The shit that goes on in a Verizon store on a daily basis.

Want to work at Verizon and become a repairmen?? Here's what you get to do everyday!

Some Verizon costumers sick of Verizon's faggotry.

Verizon lets their employees drink on the job.

Verizon Wireless vs. Network Neutrality

Cellco Partnership (d/b/a Verizon Wireless) partnered up with Google to Jew the Internet out of equal access to websites.

On February 4, 2010, Verizon Wireless customers reported that they couldn't access 4chan. 4chan adminstrators found out that only traffic on port 80 to was affected, leading them to believe that the block was intentional. On February 7, 2010, Verizon Wireless confirmed that was "explicitly blocked".[1]

In August 2010, Google joined with Verizon on issuing a policy proposal that was critized by ten bloggers and journalists as damaging to net neutrality. [2] Of course Google and Verizon swear that they are doing this for the greater good.[3]

We'll see how that turns out if ED is still accessible after they fuck with the Internet.

Verizon and Apple

Since at least 100 years ago, Verizon has been trying to get Apple to let them sell the iPhone, but due to Verizons Jew no deal was ever made. Verizon users are raging about not being about to have a iPhone on their wireless phone service.

The typical Verizon fanboy.

The average Apple costumer raging.

Verizon Passed on the iPhone

In 2007, Apple was hoping that the Verizon Jew would suck Steve Jobs's dick and introduce the iPhone. However, the Verizon Jew found out about Steve Jobs's lineage to Adolf Hitler and refused to collaborate with Der Apfelführer. However, AT&T was eager to support Steve Jobs's quest to exterminate the Jews. Since then, the iPhone has taken over the world.

The following year in 2008, T-Mobile introduced the G1, which did not make Der Apfelführer happy.

In 2009, two years after Apple conquired the world, Verizon signed on with Google and Motorola and HTC to introduce their Droid phones which ran the Android operating system. Der Apfelführer was furious! Since noone bests Der Apfelführer, Apple begain to file all sorts of frivious patents so that Google, Motorola, HTC, Verizon, and you can't make an Android app that does something that you can't do with an iPhone because Der Apfelführer has created a Master Race of phones and demands that you only use iPhone.

FINALLY in October of 2010, After years of Verizon bitching and begging Apple to let them sell the iPhone, Apple rejected Verizon time after time again due to Verizon being a Jew and not paying up. The Aids giver himself talked to Verizon and agreed to let them sell the iPad starting in 2011. Though it's super fucking expensive, the only faggots dumb enough to waste $700 on a FUCKING HUGE iPod Touch are hipsters, macfags, and You.

Still gay.

But still, the people at Verizon bitched and moaned even moar and so, now the iPhone has happened. Verizon and all those macfags won and now they will move to Verizon. Whoopee..

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