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Penis Angelic Subscriber fraud
15 years old. SEEMS LEGIT.

Venus Angelic (also known as PenisAngelic; real name: Venus Isabelle Palermo; b. February 8, 1997: Age 25) is a "Nihonjin gaijin" YouTube dancer, Japanese style icon, helium inhaling addict and all round pedo magnet. Recently she has become better known for her negative attitude towards both fans and other Youtubers, which is surprisingly encouraged by her mother Margaret Palermo, born in 1976, infamous for dancing in a bikini to the theme song for the Japanese commercial LOTTE Fits, but not actually doing the proper dance - just wagging her ancient ass at the camera.

An Introduction to VenusAngelic

Such a beautiful, delicate dolly!

PenisAngelic (aka Venus Palermo) is an 18 year old home schooled YouTube dancer/ ex pageant kid that was dragged from one airbnb/hostel to another throughout Switzerland, Hungary and Spain before finally settling in the UK by her mother (who's currently hiding out in Korea, trying to move back to Japan for more kawaii nonsense and to stalk her daughter). VenusAngelic catapulted to Internet mediocrity for her hair and makeup tutorials, but has since been given media attention for being such a unique individual. Recently, she has achieved a certain level of notoriety for her negative attitude towards both her fans and other `*~kawaii~* ` Youtubers. Like any self-loathing, dried-up nobody living vicariously through their child, PenisAngelic’s mother Margaret Palmero facilitates and encourages this behavior. Not surprisingly, she was also responsible for a large portion of it.

Venus and all her friends on her birthday
The Venus Angelic Diet

Despite the fact that years of heavy pageant makeup has prematurely aged the ever-loving fuck out of her skin, the vast majority of her fanbase consists of 40-year-old Japanese pedophiles. Naturally, VenusAngelic caters to their refined tastes by releasing a music video that features her wearing a short skirt while repeating the words "penis desu” to demonstrate how much she wants pedophile dick. Although some would argue that filming what appears to be a manic episode in an Ikea does not constitute as a “music video”, the audio track that accompanied this bizarre, unsettling performance was briefly available to download as an mp3 for those who were interested in investigating the claim that an aural assault can make someone shit their pants.

This brings us to what is ostensibly the most irritating facet of the swollen-cheeked, derp-eyed moeblob that is Venus: her voice. Listening to this young lady speak is best described as a “sonic horror”; her voice is an unrefined atrocity. As displayed in her earlier videos, VenusAngelic has the unfortunate habit of speaking only in a nasal squeaking screech, reminiscent of a retard’s attempt to replicate Japanese voice acting. PenisAngelic also appears to speak in what some might argue as a fake Japanese accent. This is likely an attempt to seem more “kawaii” in order to satisfy the rabid pedophiles she calls her fans. Diehards have insisted that Venus’ voice and accent are the direct result of being fluent in over 9000 languages, but her most recent video shows that she is capable of behaving like a normal human being. One can only hope that this voice is fake, for it would be terrible indeed if anyone was ever naturally cursed with that tone. Naturally this has left her with no friends apart from her pageant mom, which led to her sending out an application for her pedo fans to become her friends. As one might logically suspect, Margaret was the adult that called the shots behind the scenes, making Venus as much of a victim of her own illusion as anyone else.


Venus is known infamously for the over exaggerated editing done to her, and her mother's, photos and videos. In recent times, both Venus and Margaret have both been sporting "alien heads", invisible jaw lines, and Auschwitz-thin features leading people to believe they have serious health concerns. Of course, Venus denies all accusations and continues to claim she is "the most perfect living doll because she is all natural", despite posting multiple videos of her trying extreme diets (i.e: Japanese Jelly Diet). It is also suspected that Marge was controlling her daughter's diet, resulting in her sickly appearance and thinning hair.

Supposed Marriage

PenisAngelic supposedly broke up with her pedophile of a boyfriend known as Manaki (age 27) after being together for roughly 2 weeks [even though they claimed it to be two months]. Just recently a few days ago from September 5, 2015 "Penis" announced that she got married to the pedo and changed ALL and EVERY title of videos she took with him prior to this horrifying notification to example: My EX Boyfriend Does My Makeup ("because husband now"). Aside from the thing looking dodgy as fuck, it is clear she is doing this so she can live in Japan without having to renew her gaijin visa.

However, shortly after her "marriage", Venus announced on several social media sites that she realized she was not ready to marry so young, shortly after high-tailing it to South Korea (current residence), though she also stated that the marriage couldn't be legalized, being she lived in Japan for less than a year. Her current status is rather ambiguous, though there are suspicions as to her and Manaki (recently dubbed "Pluto") still being in a relationship. Chances are that Venus married Manaki as a way to escape her mother's psychotic clutches and not only was he made to look like a creepy stalker by Marge, she also tried to control their relationship. Sometimes you just have to marry someone prematurely to get away from your mum.

Venus Knows How to Please Her Fans About missing Pics
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Margaret Palermo

Guess where these just were.
Ever the gorgon, even in illustration.
VenusAngelic sleeping.png
A healthy mother-daughter relationship?
Margaret threat.png
Margaret is not at all a stage mom, except when she puts Venus in pageants.

Margaret Palermo, the mother of VenusAngelic, 40+ years of age, is the puppet master behind her daughter's infamy. Even more fake than Venus, she has no choice but to try to live out her dreams of fame through her daughter and force her all of her beliefs and nonsense upon Venus. Many people believe if Venus wasn't homeschooled, she would be far more level headed and realistic about life not being a fantasy land. Still, she frequently tries to demand the spotlight despite the fact that no one gives a ropey shit about her so called "fame", nor finds her entertaining or attractive (such as her Fits dance video in a bikini being a desperate cry for attention). Her most desperate attempts at attention usually include her taking pictures and videos of herself in underwear and swimsuits, which fail miserably. The only attention she gains is constructive criticism which she brutally turns down in the form of cyberbullying. She ignores all forms of external negativity (both actual hate and useful critique) and deletes it all because she believes that through hate comes fame.

When she isn't being an attention seeker, she's leeching off her daughter in a very toxic, controlling manner. It has been confirmed that Venus gives her mother joint-control over her channel (as well the rest of Venus's life, despite her being an adult).

In addition to blocking any potential online friends, Margaret also homeschooled Venus, thus depriving her of any meaningful socialization whatsoever without her being a micromanaging cunt. Even any online friends Venus has ever been close to connecting with, Margaret has gone as far as convincing Venus that the only reason people want to be her friend is to try and become famous themselves, and the last thing Margaret ever wants is to see any potential "competition" for Venus's attention. As a result of Margaret's foolish, irrational fears, she will do whatever it takes to convince Venus the human race is toxic other than pure, pure Venus. The pair also admitted to sleeping in the same bed, a great parenting technique often used by mothers who are afraid of their children growing up and leaving them sad, lonely husks of embittered fail. Margaret has also publicly admitted to banning the word 'father' from ever leaving Venus's mouth. Although Venus's father is unidentified, Margaret had admitted to their divorce after a 10 year marriage, and claimed he resembled Robin Williams (pbuh). Venus is forbidden to have any and all contact with him, as well as the rest of the Palermo family who has supposedly "banished" Margaret from their household simply because she is the way she is: histrionically deranged and controlling. The only thing Margaret has ever seemed to have taught Venus was to hate other people and to strive for perfection, fame, and glory, despite each of these things being completely unattainable.

Margaret was kicked to the curb by Venus when she fled Korea to be with her husband. Peg, however, continues to run the official email, and files multiple DMCA takedown notices for Venus' videos that were obviously starring Mama Marge. The bitch is now stranded in South Korea living off of a hostel's common room scraps and stuck posting throwbacks on Instagram to pass the time.

Is Margaret Palermo living vicariously through her daughter? Discuss. About missing Pics
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KimonoTime Saga

Palermo reasons to block.jpg

Kelsey, also known as KimonoTime on YouTube, is an ultra talented, super kawaii 19 year old YouTube dancer from the UK. When she launched her YouTube channel, she came across Venus Angelic and posted some comments on her videos. One of these comments asked if Venus Angelic could check out her dancing skills, as she had asked of a few other youtubers she had befriended. Later, she found out she had been blocked from VenusAngelic’s channel when attempting to compliment Venus Angelic on her latest vid. KimonoTime states that she was a little bewildered, but continued with life as normal. She posted a civil singular sentence on Tumblr regarding this.

The girls met at Hyper Japan where KimonoTime sensed that Venus Angelic was uncomfortable in her company. This was made clear when KimonoTime asked if she could take her photo with Venus Angelic. KimonoTime claims that Venus Angelic then looked at her with “a glare of disgust”. This was followed by a similar look from Margaret Palermo while hissing her forked tongue before she physically pulled her daughter away from her while speaking in another language; whatever language other reptiles speak.

Later that day, a photographer asked if he could get a photo of Venus Angelic and KimonoTime together. This time, Margaret Palermo violently dragged her daughter away, angrily muttering to herself in a foreign language before letting out a howl of rage, she then lifted her daughter onto her back and ran away on all fours. KimonoTime of course took offense to this, thinking that the pair had been “extremely rude”.

After Hyper Japan, Kimonotime made a post about the experience, keeping Venus Angelic anonymous. Kimonotime started to receive hate mail regarding this post as she wouldn’t say who the post was about.

She cracked and said who it was while making a personal apology to Venus Angelic and Margaret Palermo via FB. Margret Palermo then manipulated the message omitting certain parts and placed it on her personal blog, attempting to make herself look like the victim.

Kimonotime tried to smooth out the situation however Margret Palermo was more interested in insulting her, examples of these include making fun out her Kimonotime’s glass eye & accusing her of essentially being lazy dole scum. Margaret Palermo became nastier with each message and basically cyber bullied a 19 year old.

Venus Angelic then joined in by publicly accusing Kimonotime on facebook, of copying her because she used a blonde wig in a Lady Gaga video. This was of course encouraged by her mother. Kimonotime tried to prove that she wasn’t copying Venus Angelic by messaging a video to Margaret Palermo that she did when she was 15. Margaret Palermo reacted by making angry posts about the 19 year old on her blog, essentially calling her a liar, leech, stalker, and stating that everybody thinks she is leeching off Beckii Cruel.

After bullying the 19 year old and feeling quite pleased with herself and the valuable lesson she had taught her daughter, Margaret began to stalk her next prey; a YouTuber called XiaoRishu, which ensued in more internet drama that would have never occurred if she hadn't attempted to defend Venus Angelic.

Kelsey's take:

Deleted entries

Deleted entries from Margret Palermo's blog

XiaoRishu meets the Palermos

VenusAngelic thank you.png
Palermo crazy.png

Xiao came to the attention of VenusAngelic and Margaret Palermo after Xiao made a video response sticking up for Venus Angelic because people were bullying her for being a weeboo. At first VenusAngelic sent a message of thanks for her support. Only a few weeks later, Xiao found out that VenusAngelic had reported the video to YouTube and had it removed. Xiao explained that while she was confused by this, she let it go because she figured the video may have made Venus uncomfortable. They later exchanged messages and arranged to meet up, however Venus pulled out last minute. She then tried to compliment one of Venus's videos to find out that she had been blocked.

A few months later, Xiao discovered some of her friends had now been blocked from Venus's channel after they left nice comments. She then discovered Kimonotime’s Tumblr posts about her experiences with Margaret Palermo and reposted them. Immediately, XiaoRishu began to receive a storm of angry tweets from VenusAngelic fans, accusing her of copying VA. These accounts all went online at the same time and also show remarkable similarities in speech. It is suspected that Margaret Palermo created all of these accounts, because whoever operated these Twitter accounts was also able to unblock Xiao’s friends on VenusAngelic’s channel.

Next, Xiao made a post calling Margaret and Venus out on this harassment. The tweets promptly stopped. Someone on Xiao's Facebook offered to track the IP address of the accounts. Venus posted a screencap of the comment claiming Xiao is trying to hack her Twitter. Team Xiao, officially known as Team Spring Roll, immediately lept to Xiao's defense. Margaret responded by threatening to sue Xiao for slander, despite the growing evidence in Xiao's favour. Margaret continued to play the victim card as VenusAngelic accused Xiao of spamming her and using her photos.

Margaret continued making accusations, claiming Xiao was harassing them to get more subscribers and earn money. Margaret claimed to have never heard of her, despite Venus thanking her for defending her. Margaret made several racist comments about Xiao as well. Both parties continued to make statuses, tweets, and blogs until a mysterious Twitter account posted Xiao's personal details on the web. The 'mysterious' Twitter account had one tweet and was strangely enough, following Margaret.

The post was quickly removed by Team Spring Roll. Margaret next posted a picture on Facebook holding a victim's care card and claimed that the police will take down the "hate group and its leader." Yet again she played the victim card while bullying a girl 15 years younger than herself.

In a last ditch attempt, Margaret posed as the manager of the modeling agency involved with Venus. She sent a badly written email to Xiao trying to convince her to join Venus and her Mother in a bid to end cyber bullying. Xiao smelled bullshit and people called Margaret out on her hypocrisy. She continued to stalk Xiao's every move on Facebook and posted status accordingly. These involve criticizing Xiao's parents and accusing Xiao of everything imaginable including: saying Margaret's Swimwear dance is porn, photoshopping evidence, demanding Margaret pays for her friend to go to a Christmas event in Hyde Park and posting her own details in order to frame Margaret.

Currently, Margaret still plays the victim card but has decided to unblock everyone on Venus Angelic's channel.

Meanwhile, Xiao told of her sob-story to some e-media hack.

Harassment and Offensive Behavior)

Other than the over editing of photos and videos, the Palermo duo is most known for their abysmal treatment of others. An estimated number of 1/3 of Venus's youtube viewers have found several of her videos racially offensive (i.e: "How to look Half Japanese"; "How to look like an Arabic Doll"; "Korean Girl Makeup Tutorial"), and have asked Venus countless times to remove them from her sites, only for her to harshly refuse. Despite their constant traveling around the eastern part of the globe, the Palermos- quintessentially entitled white women- refuse to properly respect foreign cultures, thus sparking 99% of the own drama and negativity from their viewers. In addition to the racial videos, even Venus's own voice has been seen as offensive, as she intentionally (and poorly) mocks Japanese accents in an attempt to make herself appear Asian, and "kawaii".

Margaret herself has made it clear on several occasions that she strongly dislikes American and United Kingdom girls, suggesting that they are trashy compared to her own daughter. Then again, every girl on the planet who isn't Margaret's daughter is said to be "impure" compared to sweet, sweet Venus.

Despite being instigators of their own shit, Venus and Margaret both continue to refer to anyone offended by their work as "haters" and jealous bullies. It's this type of behavior that has gotten Venus her "fame" in the first place, and is the only thing keeping her "famous."

Tweets and Social Media About missing Pics
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Margaret's playing of the victim card has sprouted several "an heroes" including one fat fuck called Jordan who was quick to delete his comments after team springroll came to the rescue.

The drama, at the time of the above screenshots, died down until Mamma Venus (Margaret) decided to publicly post messages on various girls facebook profiles demanding apologies, otherwise something would happen in 5 days time. Most suspect that she will continue to threaten these girls with lolsuits again *yawn*.

Modeling for Bodyline

Romantic rape dungeon.

In October 2011, Venus entered a modeling contest for the lolita brand Bodyline. She had been previously turned down for the position by its charming and enigmatic owner Mr. Yan for being too fat, but once he took a liking to the idea of fucking an underage white girl he proceeded to stalk her, get her number, and fly her to Japan on an economy class flight. At Bodyline she worked 11 hour days in a warehouse while fending off the advances and marriage proposals of Mr. Yan. He took her to his birthday party, a maid cafe, Disney Land, and various restaurants in an attempt to woo his young bride, but nothing worked. Venus left Japan and later made a video titled "Venus Fall in Dream" (Engrish provided by Mr. Yan himself) about her time in Japan with Mr. Yan and his fellow Bodyline cohorts. Mr. Yan was not pleased with the results.

In December 2013, Bodyline [1] ArchiveToday-favicon.pngissued a statement to counter Venus's video. It contained such valid counterpoints as "After the photoshoot was over we went to put the dresses back in the bags, but we found that they all had the distinct smell of body odor. We tried to air them out for a week, but the smell didn't go away." and "As for the marriage...because Venus is under 18, her mother could marry a Japanese man and bring Venus to Japan. However if Venus were to marry then she could not bring her mother, because her mother is an adult.", which is a substantially less creepy thing to say about a 15 year old girl.

We all hope Venus has learned a lesson from her experience with Bodyline. Like how pandering your freaky child image to adult men might get you fucked by an old Chinese man, or that a mother who sends you off alone to get fucked by an old Chinese man does not have your best interests in mind.


Venus pledge.png

Many attention whores are using Kickstarter to get both money and attention from their fans these days, so it was only a matter of time before Margret goated Venus out for stretch donations rather than getting jobs of their own. In the Venus Palermo: FULL ALBUM, MUSIC VIDEO and ART BOOK Kickstarter, Margret begs for donations to "save [Venus] from the Slavery of the Entertainment Industry". Venus reiterates this need to be "saved" on her youtube channel but let's face the facts: neither of them want to ever get a job beyond full time attentionwhoring. To reach this goal, Margret is working Venus to produce various albums, music videos, a potential pinup album, and (rumored) a live concert. In exchange for pledges fans would receive digital downloads for these things, but for £2,500 one fan can be the proud owner of a used dress worn by Venus herself! For £5,000 a fan can get "{THE GIVING EXPERIENCE | NOTHING BUT THE <3 } Thanks for your support!" if they aren't the first person to pledge £5,000 for the "{THE RED SHOES}" package. That's right, for a mere £5,000 ($8293 USD) one fan will recieve a pair of old, worn out red shoes worn by Venus for the past three years. It's only a matter of time before Official Venus Palermo Used Panties will be sold on her website.

This kickstarter had a minimum goal of £65,000 but was cancelled 19 days after its opening with only 18 backers and £308 in donations. Surely it was destined for failure and the Palermos just gave up before things got too embarrassing.

TLC's My Strange Addiction

Watching Venus on My Strange Addiction will make any rational human being rage uncontrollably. Even Gandhi himself would want to punch Venus repeatedly in the eyes to turn them in to kawaii pretty animu eyes. On the show they show Venus her mom pimping her daughter out to anybody who is willing to listen. Then they talk retarded weeaboo shit and then eventually go to some shitty back alley photoshoot in which she can win a trip to Japan. Whether this competition was a scam by field agents to finally be rid of Venus and send her to Jakarta in a box is unknown, but seeing the mother repeat to the photographer continuously "how much her darling looks like a doll" does nothing more but fuel the rage. Count with that the pathetic animu voice attempt of Venus herself and well.... Let me put it this way: When out of 3 people (Strange Addiction usually only has 1 or 2 people, I guess they wanted to spare the viewer), 2 girls and 1 guy, an aspergers suffering demented faggot who wants to become a "living Ken doll" is the most likable, you know you are in trouble. How this fuck child has any fans, well I guess in the land of the blind the one eyed guy is king.

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