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Hide yo kids

Vegan Gains, also known by his pseudonym Richard Burgess, is an oreo, halfrican, psychopath YouTuber, who thinks that just because he "lifts" means he can get away with whatever endeavor he plans, from making actual death threats, to the everyday, incomprehensible, bullshit.

A vegan at heart, yet, continually slamming down ironically synthetic, soy, rice, and gluten-free "Protein" shakes, he is a man of few faces, no emotion, and all of them point to weak, little, douchebag. Many other vegans and gymfags have condemned him and spoke their minds about this young fellow for claiming to speak the truth, but when everything is said and done, he's just, at heart, another Internet Tough Guy with a whimperingly annoying voice who uses satire as an excuse to vent about stomping on and killing children, specifically small children, and post even more videos that have him essentially just shouting HYPOCRITE if anyone decided to translate them.

He is a rare species known as the Fail Troll, who gains subscribers by purely, obviously, and intentionally mocking his betters over the interwebs. His controversial videos are in the form of a troll, however, he fails immensely because of the genuine support he has for the topics he discusses, therefore, discrediting any attempting of actually doing it for the luls and making him one of the top annoying little cunts on YouTube.

He exploits controversial topics on his channel for views and the greater majority of his videos just simply consist of including himself in YouTuber fag drama that has nothing to do with anything he talks about, in order to ramp up traffic, increase subscribers, and in the end make him even more money from garbage, vapid, contentless videos, now done in under 5 hours courtesy of Camtasia.

If you even so much as mention him in a video or comment, expect a very miscalculated, rambling, egotistical response within 24-48 hours of your initial remark. This is in hope of jumping on every single instance he can possibly find to make a video to increase his Google Adsense revenue just a bit more from last month so he can save up enough e-cash to move out his parents house finally and enjoy a life of self-righteous, fart sniffing, isolation until he commits suicide 3 1/2 years from now.

How he even became a Vegan-Bro is unclear, one video has him say "it's healthier", another is cause some cunt named Freelee the Banana Girl told him to, and he is her desperate white knight through and through. Anyone who has criticized his new lifestyle, young and old, kid or adult, twink or roid-rager, had been laid to waste with his biting and cynical sarcasm, and then go on a tirade of accusing them of taking said "steroids". Oh, no!

RIP Granddad

Not too long ago, he had shown just how much of a subhuman he was by taking his grandfather out to a ravine to show a new drone he bought with his Jewtube Golds, away from any curious officers that may happen to take it because why not. While his 80 year old grandaddy fell and laid dying for not getting up a hill, Vegan's douche powers activated and then he berated and criticized him just like he would a roid rager that wronged him in a Youtube comment. One half assed CPR/make out session later, the grandpa crossed to where Vegan would never be able to set foot in, and that was it, right?

Hell no, this is VEGAN GAINS here, we can't have it not be Vegan Gains if he didn't take a video of his dying granddad and upload it to all kinds of social media, then DEFEND said video when people called him evil and horrible because of it. Vegan even said he deserved it, so it was clearly a revenge plan he had thought up since his first ass-reaming by the clearly evil and diabolical 80-something. Mission accomplished!

You're Next!

He enjoys beating and raping women, don't you know? I wouldn't blame him, it's what every man enjoys on a daily basis

Not content with offing his grandaddy and getting away with murder, his sights soon set on MrRepzion, threatening to slit his throat for speaking the truth on how big of a sick fuck vegan is. Don't think this is GamerGate-grade bullshit either, his video has him emotionless, dark, even showing off the knife to kill him with. Sweeney Todd would be so proud.

If I had the opportunity, I'd kill MrRepzion... slit his fucking throat with this knife! (shows knife) Really like to use this knife on him... Like, he really does deserve to die, like he calls me a sociopath, I mean... he's a piece of shit, I don't know if he's a sociopath or not, but... he's just a turd who should just be killed... Like, he's such a smug little bitch, like, I'd love to just slide a knife right across his throat and just watch him, like, just look all scared... when... you know, he's just dying...


Satirical Gains. He said he was just kidding so that makes it okay.

Vasectomy Gains

Vegan Gains gets a vasectomy

Good news! Vegan Gains is getting a vasectomy! While Virgin Gains had no chance of reproducing anyway, it's nice to think that now he won't ever get the chance to try. He mentioned in the video that he looks forward to fucking whenever he want, completely unaware that finding a woman who would fuck him is less likely than pigs sprouting wings and flying to the sun. Maybe you'd get some if you stopped insulting women on the internet all the time! It's unlikely, but stranger things have- oh wait, that'd be the weirdest thing that could possibly happen involving our dear, psychotic halfrican.

This video also offers more insight into just how fucked up Gains is. He clearly hates all humans (excluding him as the perfect godbeast that he is), which could be explained by VIRGIN RAGE, and also hates babies so much they make him sick. He also desires to stomp on any infant he comes across until it is "nothing but blood on the pavement", obviously inspired by the works of Wang Jue. Line up now, ladies!


Death threats over Call of Duty? Typical.

Liar Gains

Our resident britfag also hates his salad filled guts

More lies

Hippies come in all kinds

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