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Less friendly than twit, more friendly than cunt, vapid twat is used with great enthusiasm in OL conversation to denote a particularly brainless vagina-bearer.

  • Scientific inquiry - Poloemily to Smileyme: "Why is that vapid little twat still allowed to breathe my air?"
  • In memoirs - "When I asked her if she was a vapid twat in college, she answered that she had been too drunk to be vapid."
  • Comparing celebrities - "I have zero doubt that Charlize Theron blows farts with more acting talent than Paris Hilton. She could eat a bowl of suaerkraut, chase it with a six-pack of warm beer, ride a wonky rollercoaster and STILL maintain a higher level of grace and dignity than that vapid twat."
  • Sharing TV favorites - "We will not discuss the time I suffered through Tommy Lee Goes to College, except to say that compared to Hogan Knows Best, it is marginally less likely to drive me to suicide. Tommy Lee, for all his haggard pierced-and-tattooed vileness, has a certain charm, and he does not have a vapid twat of a hyperbreasted daughter a la Hogan."
  • Giving lifestyle advice - "It was there all along, you vapid twat. Trade in that Cellatron 8201, put down the diet Sprite and go out and get a job."
  • Expressing musical opinion - "You can't spell. You use AOL. Avril's songs connect to you because you're a vapid twat, age 12. She hangs out with Kelly Osbourne (yuck). Her snatch reeks like a beach full of dead fish. The labia flap in the wind. I guess her body is alright, I'd lay atop her and slip one into the ol' grease purse if I were drunk."
  • When addressing royalty - "Princess, I know your hectic schedule of photo shoots and bikini waxes keeps you from doing such things as reading, but no-one - barring a few new age nuts and hippies - wants to be poor. Poverty's not a lifestyle choice, you vapid twat."

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