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ValisHD mugging for the Party Van, circa Last year.
Company for music. Company for muuuuusic!


—ValisHD, Attempting to swoon his fans with his delicate vocal chords

Thumb ltd a189.gif
This faggot waits for the child to make the first move in a sexual situation.
You can help by contacting Federal Authorities and alerting Chris Hansen.


Around blacks, never relax!


Real name Promise Delon Redmond
Nationality Basketball American  MiniflagUSA.png
Born November 11, 1977
Current residence Kansas

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Joss Whedon ValisHD

Valis77 (AKA ValisHD, IRL name Promise Delon Redmond) is known to terrify children across the state of Kansas due to being a registered sex offender. He is but one soldier among the legion of sexual deviants clogging the Tubes. He once moderated known SJW toilet Anita Sarkeesian's Twitch channel. Fancying himself an e-celebrity, Valis delights his thousands of subscribers with his poorly-made Let's Play videos.

Being of simple Midwestern stock, Valis is easily amused, therefore rather than being satisfied with quality content leading to a modest upload count, he sees the upload count as an end unto itself. With that in mind, our hero gleefully inflates his own upload count with horrendous side productions, thinly veiled as contextually relevant by the appending "Let's" to the beginning of the title, seemingly almost as an afterthought. Some examples include:

ValisHD, regaling his audience during the recording of one of his Let's Eat videos.

The exception to this rule seems to be a sub-series he's created entitled "The Gaming Experience," which seems to basically consist of "Let's Play" videos packaged under a different name. The theory is that in games Valis knows he'll likely suck at, he refers to the playing as "The Gaming Experience" so as to subtly warn the viewer beforehand that he doesn't consider himself an expert at them, therefore maintaining his sterling reputation.

Bringing an obviously frail ego to the table, Valis is always quick to respond to negative comments on his videos by angrily flaming the poster, even when he makes himself look even dumber in the process by missing the fucking point of the original comment. In his fear of being spurned by the YouTube community-at-large, he will even go so far as to attack comments he simply perceives as negative, even when the poster is asking an innocent question. Unable to reconcile this fear with his pathological need for fawning sycophants to post inane bullshit to his every video, he has yet to disable comments, though he has disabled embedding for some of his more embarrassing and revealing videos. It would be an interesting sociological experiment to observe how he transitions from his online fame to his job at Burger King.

Rather than admit he doesn't know something, Valis would rather tell a rushed, half-hearted lie in a futile attempt to cover for lacking the advanced knowledge (How to read, write or speak English much less Japanese; how to operate a computer; how to fuck little children; how to tie his own fucking shoes; etc.) that he seems to like to feign so often.

The bottom line is that Promise's LPs alone are worth it just to see how badly he embarrasses himself while stumbling over words, making up lyrics to game music, dying repeatedly, obsessing over female video game characters and dropping awkward romantic hints to WandererFromYs.

Party Van

Veteran internet detectives have discovered that the 33 year old furfag has a bit of a rap sheet, including solicitation of a minor. Fortunately the man has been gracious enough to bypass any of the Powerword: IRL conventions by dropping all the dox for us. Remember folks, when you're convicted and forced to register as a sex offender, your dox become public record for all the world (and the internet) to see and you forsake what little protection Anon has afforded you.

In AD 2009, War Was Beginning!!

Valis77's reaction towards Evil

No YouTube drama is complete without a little back-and-forth bitchfighting, right? Well, watch as ValisHD is taken to task by a series of YouTube trolls.

Promise gets called the fuck out. Remember, Chris Hansen is watching. Chris Hansen is listening. Chris Hansen knows all.

The Smoking Gun: Valis Admits he Likes Little Children


How stupid can Promise be? In one of his many videos, Promise mumbles under his breath that he likes little children, thinking no one would hear it. Oh Valis, how wrong you were.


You know what? Just out of randomness, I know this is probably not... has nothing to do with the video, but, uh, what's his name? Megumi? Megami, uh whatever, 33? His account is terminated.

Oh my goodness man!

People are having fun with these stu-, flagging other videos. WHY? [Fake laugh]

Hmm. Oh well. Nothing we can do about it.

Except hopefully we don't get targeted.

And if we do we end up fighting back and we win eventually so... it's not a big loss for us.


Cause I got all my files backed up HAHA! Either way I win!

So I mean what's the point of trying?

'''I like little children.'''

Now. No one didn't hear that so... I'm good.

I always get away with stuff, that, you know, by mumbling.

I would never say it to peoples' faces but you know. [Fake laugh]

Yup hit and run, that's how we do it. Or that's how I do it anyways. [Fake laugh]

And I always win! [Crazy laugh]

But uh... no seriously though.

Yeah Youtube needs to fix, you know, their little flagging system and you'll be fine!

See For Yourself

One of many video ads i missed. The music is kinda eerie but it works. This sexy little girl is Steffani Brass. Now she's 19 years old and looking more sexy.


—Valis77 using the phrase "sexy little girl" in a sentence.

It goes to show how sad woman are when they don't realize what a great catch i am. Makes me wonder if im human or not.


—Valis77 on Twitter

The number 255 is a basic...basic...basis...basic in video games.


—Valis77, exhibiting his extensive knowledge of what a "byte" is



—Valis77 after finding provisions in Super Castlevania IV... I wish I were kidding

Man I suck!


—Valis77 after dying in Dracula X: Rondo of Blood

I am successful of this game. This game is so cool. Konami is a good company for music. Company for muuuuusic.


—Valis77, singing along to stage music while LPing Super Castlevania IV

Dude, it's like watching a mental patient in the day room at an asylum running into the window repeatedly.


—Anonymous, watching Valis77 spam die while LPing Super Castlevania IV

Yeah, it's in Japanese text... there's no point in readin' all this.


—Valis77, subtly trying to convince the viewer that, while there's no point in reading the Japanese text in Phantasy Star Generation 2, he could if he wanted to.

Suspension and name change

In February 15, 2010, ValisHD's old channel YouTube Favicon.png Valis77 was DMCA'd and suspended, ensuing outcries from the LP community and some Limey Brit named Redzool. The furfag returned with YouTube Favicon.png a new account, crying in front of the camera about teh trollz failing to take him down. Ironic, considering his nasty habit of false flagging any parodies containing his persona, all of them much more entertaining than any of his videos.

Unfortunately, the suspension was temporary, and to the 15 year olds delight, they shat brix in joy as the channel came back up along with all 5326 videos containing a disgusting combination of furfaggotry and misogyny towards every single fucking female character of whatever game he played. The lulz didn't return until Valis was suspended yet again for the second time in a row, this time in January 2011.

An era dies

It's over, Johnny. Promise Redmond has finally closed his original main account. The reason being that he is scared of getting his Valis77 account DMCA'd over and over again, he just can't handle the stress of losing text on a computer screen. Valis can't handle the thought of his account being compromised to so many flaggings, so he closed it so nothing could happen.

Someone, get the hugboxes PL0X!!!!

And nothing of value was lost...

O Rly? Moar years to come?

Recently The Man has increased Valis's probation years from 10 to fucking 25 File:KS Third Judicial District Court Public Access.pdf, due to the sole fact that our pedonigger didn't show up to his court cases on three separate occasions . One strange mention is that his YouTube Favicon.png old channel is back but who gives a shit? Seems that Valis prefers to entertain his flock of brainwashed middle school fanbois rather than make sure he isn't marked as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Due to Promise's obvious laziness, it seems that the Sheriff of Shawnee county needs to read this in order to get this nigger straight.

A proud supporter of feminist frequency, too!

Donate to femfreq to support child predators and feminists!
At least he isn't into raping mature women

Whilst popular victim Anita Sarkeesian was streaming the "newest" installment of Assassin's Creed: Unity, a stream by Milo Yiannopoulos was occurring at exactly the same time. A few individuals decided to hop on board and spam "#BIGMILO". The messages were quickly deleted by none other than our child soliciting friend.

Valis77 Jacks it to Peach.png
Yes, nigger loves his damsels in distress, probably why he loves Anita

How to Troll ValisHD

Now YOU can rob cars, rape and kill people by dressing as a convicted furfag Pedo-Nigger. It's the perfect disguise for a jaunt past a Topeka middle school
  1. Say anything which he could possibly interpret as critical of anything he has ever done.
  2. Casually mention his arrest record and/or his fast track career at Burger King.(Note: When doing so, refer to him as "Promise Felon Redmond".
  3. IRL Trolling: Dress as the picture at the right of this section, and rob any Burger King. While at it, molest any 16-year-old girl and say "This is Valis77 BRB".
  4. HIS FUCKING ADDRESS IS PUBLIC! Send him a Fleshlight. Or a Pedobear plush.
  5. ????
  6. PROFIT!!!

LEOpirate: To Catch A Predator 3

Tumblricon.png LEOpirate who had previously helped expose srhbutts publicly as a pedophile by repeating everything on ED, became aware that Valis, being a convicted pedophile; was a FemFreq twitch mod. Leo also found this info from ED. The video also includes a clip of Valis namedropping ED, so obviously he is aware. The video goes on to show how Redmond rides his bike near elementary schools even though legally he isn't allowed near school grounds. Seriously. It also has a short snippet from his court case.

"Encyclopedia Dramatica are inaccurate with everything they say"


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His DeviantArt

The internet will never forget, you pedo fuck

Editor's Note
Some of the following images have been blurred, as they contain young children. We here at ED are not as fucking sick as Desmond. Even with this proceed with caution, as you will probably throw up, because this nigger needs fucking therapy a good ol' fashion lynching.

The number of images per row is his preferred age of his victims About missing Pics
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Evidence of him being a pedo

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