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So, the few people who even remember me at all will remember me as "Claudia Thorn", which isn't my real name, and for whatever reason people seem to think I care that my porn pics still circulate online. Look, here's proof, I don't care:

My tits, for your enjoyment!

Probably the only claim to fame I might have is that is was me, my ex, and my current boyfriend who trolled Dorian Thorn out of his penis, as a thank you for fucking me over (long story). We discovered his kinky meatpuppet slave blog, then we all became regular followers under fake names and got him to keep pushing his limits. Thanks to us he lost his job, spent the better part of a year impotent, and finally got his dick entirely removed. We left him his balls so he could still get horny, he just can't do anything about it now:

...and after. I LOVE this pic!

But since no one cares about any of this anymore, and you probably only got here searching "Claudia Thorn Porn" or something, here:

Pics of Me you can Fap Vomit To

My Brief Porn Career About missing Pics
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I think there's a few more pictures of me floating around this site but at this point I really can't be bothered. I may check on this from time to time so if you have any questions or whatever use my talk page.
Or, since I'm almost never on here, you can always just email me at [email protected]

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