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The people have spoken!

Imagine if Buzzfeed and Salon had a baby, which involves taking Buzzfeed's infamous and abused clickbait articles on stupid pop culture references and middle school level science that are always shared by your stupid liberal atheist friends with bad grades on Facebook, and the race baiting, gender baiting, overly-sensationalized "news" and stories that Salon pumps out on a daily basis and the creation comes out as the abomination known as Upworthy, a website which founded by Eli Pariser, which is full of dickhead liberal hipster faggots from the east coast who, being the highly intelligent beings they are, know everything, can answer vast, complicated political questions in a single video, and are certainly better than you, you sack of shit straight white man. They are endorsed by George Takei, so of course they are massive fucking faggots and will also likely, as soon as they discover this page, try to not only have this page removed, but have the entire Encyclopedia Dramatica banned for the crime of disagreeing with them. Their motto is "stuff that matters". Originally it was "we like to take massive cocks in our mouths," but it was feared that this would offend the feminists and faggots and thus incur the wrath of Hillary Clinton, so they went with the shittier one instead. Their pass-times involve getting fucked in the ass by black cock, but never white cock.

It is populated by butthurt lulz killers who like to bitch about Shit no one cares about like rape, sexism and other forms of discrimination. It is the combined anus of the internet, being the combined pooper of OhInternet, Uncyclopedia, Wikipedia and Know Your Meme. Just for good measure it is mixed with a healthy dose of Drug-resistant AIDS, Ebola virus, Original-type G.R.I.D.S., 2girls1cup and Fail.

Ovenworthy, the parody website that understands the world better than the real deal

Around Summer 2015, a stormfag website known as therightstuff.biz created a parody of Upworthy called Ovenworthy. The website retains a lot of aesthetic similarities to Upworthy, but instead of stupid clickbait bullshit that is meant to be shared on Facebook, instead it's accurate parodies of the shit and propaganda upworthy spews out on a daily basis, albeit in a very politically incorrect and lulzworthy way. Even Upworthy's motto is parodied by Ovenworthy, which is "Stuff that doesn't matter, pop em in." Even though it's a parody website, it already does a better job at understanding how things really are and how the world functions, such as calling out the website it parodies for it's Social Justice Warrior and Feminist pandering, along with just how it's clickbaiting proves the people who run the site are dishonest faggots that just want shekels and views, much like Buzzfeed and Salon.

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