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The Unrapeables

Unrapeable (sometimes misspelled as "Unrapable") is the state of being so repugnant that not even the most desperate and tasteless rapist would ever dare to lay a hand on you, much less rape you. The worst cases of unrapeability have been known to cause even the almighty Rapeman to decline a high-paying job offer.

Despite being a legitimate state of being, many unrapeable feminazis believe that unrapeability does not exist and are easily triggered by the use of the word "unrapeable" and all of its variants – So you should make sure to use the word as often as you fucking can, you unrapeable piece of shit!

The more attractive end of unrapeable people are often referred to as almost rapeable and the polar-opposite of unrapeable is irrapesistible.

Scientific Proof of Unrapeability

Studies have shown that 1 in 4 women will be raped. Other studies have proven that all men are pre-programmed rapebots and will commit rape whenever they get the chance.

These statistics prove that, despite the fact that all men are rapists, 75% of women will not get raped – Logic dictates that this must be because they're fat, ugly, rainbow-haired feminist scum who suffer from various STDs and are literally equipped with a self-defense mechanism that allows them to repel rapists with a corrosive and pungent miasma that is produced in their huge, gaping vaginas.

It is believed that production of this skunk-like substance is triggered by excess fat-reserves and is a remnant left over from when our ancient ancestors committed bestiality with walruses in the mid 1980s.

A History of Unrape

Damon "M'lady" Wayans

In the days of old (i.e. before GamerGate), the hashtag #Unrapeable was occasionally used on Twitter and no drama ever resulted. Only after GamerGate began and the internet was filled to the brim with unrapeable SJW harpies such as Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe "Good Review = No Condom" Quinn did the term begin to become a drama-inducing trigger. However, it wasn't until Damon Wayans used the term IRL to describe Bill Cosby's hideously ugly rape accusers that the word and hashtag really took off.

Damon Wayans uses the term

Damon Wayans' own brothers are best known for being unrapeable Iggy Azalea cosplayers.
Even asking for it won't solve your unrapeability.

On September 4th, 2015, Damon Wayans was interviewed on The Breakfast Club radio show. During the interview the topic of Bill Cosby came up and Damon, being the sensitive gentleman that he is, made numerous controversial statements regarding the rape accusations against Bill Cosby.

And some of them, really, is un-rape-able. When you look, I look at them and go, "No, he don’t want that. Get outta here!"


—Damon Wayans

Oh, really? Rape. Forty years — listen, how big is his penis that it gives you amnesia for 40 years?


—Damon Wayans, on Bill Cosby's huge penis

What’s the joy of banging someone that’s asleep?


—Damon Wayans

But if you listen to them talk, they go, "Well the first time." The first time?! Bitch, how many times did it happen?


—Damon Wayans

As you'd expect, this led to numerous rape victims on Twitter getting severely butthurt and posting pictures of themselves holding signs in protest.



Dear Damon Wayans, Stop trying to make "Unrapeable" happen. It isn't going to happen. Sincerely, Morgan


—Morgan Smith, in unrapeable denial

Rape is not about what a woman or a child looks like


—Gloria "Unrapeable" Allred

What's going to change, Mindy, is my anus going to grow teeth? So when I say to you, I will make myself unrapeable, I will be UNRAPEABLE.


—Rob Schneider, failing to realize that he's already unrapeable and unemployable

Finally, I learned that I am un-rape-able. And that’s why I titled this blog as such. A man broke into my home, stole my belts with the intent to tie me up, hid in my closet and waited for me to come home, and then jumped me in my own bedroom and attempted to force me to submit to him. But he couldn’t rape me because I refused to allow it. I chose to put the fear on hold and go right for the rage, which in the past has gotten me into trouble. But there are times when rage can save your life, and I am grateful for my past trama, which cultivated my rage, so when I needed it most, it was there. I am un-rape-able because I was totally unwilling to allow my body to be violated.


—The Unrapeable Hulk

Known Causes

All "white bitches" are unrapeable according to supporters of Black Lives Matter.

Unrapeability has multiple causes, scientists have confirmed that the following can cause unrapeability.

List of Unrapeable People

White bitchez.

Special Cases of Unrapeability

List of Rapeable People


Unrapeable: The Motion Picture

unRAPEable: The Short Film

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