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Undertale is the 2015 GOTY for autistic furfags and dumblr users, replacing 2014's winner Five Nights at Freddy's. After it was funded by e-begging on Kickstarter, this mediocre indie role-playing game is well-loved for its gripping plot, amazing gameplay and the exceptional soundtrack that was composed in only the best software possible. The game doesn't offer a whole lot of selling points, other than the fact that you can date a skeleton and is also a ripe source for delicious furry Rule 34.

The Undertale Fandom in a Nutshell

The creator of the game, known as Toby Fox, first became famous for creating some Halloween EarthBound hack and making soundtracks for Homestuck. He actually cameos into the game in the form of an annoying dog that constantly appears in the game as a form of comedic relief. Fortunately, you get to kill him in the game with mods installed.

The game is now on the Nintendo Switch (as if Toby [like FNaF, Scott] couldn't let this shit die), with just a few things added as if anyone other then the fucked up fanbase would notice, much less care.


Undertale gameplay.

There's a rumor about whoever climbs said mountain will never come back. You're a human child that despite knowing this, decided to climb it without any reason in doing so. Now you're stuck within the Underground, and you have to face many monsters on your search for a way out. Also, something to do with the choices you make having consequences, but either way, regardless of the choices you make, the game will try to make you feel bad about it anyway.

It also turns out that the monsters cannot leave the Underground and go to the surface because there's some magical barrier in Mt. Ebott. The game tells you that human souls are powerful because of their determination and turns out that monsters can carry the soul of humans. If they get a good couple of those, they can become fucking God.


Due to the fact that the game was crowdfunded, it means that one of the rewards for backing the game was to let you design your own monsters for the game, so you can expect to run into a lot of unique monster designs that were designed by random losers. Whenever said encounters happen, depending on how you play, the game either will play either like a dating sim in which you get into friendly rational situations to make friends, or you can kill everything you meet, which equals to making the game into having the easiest RPG battles ever and having no friends.

Either way, when it's not your turn, you'll have to dodge their attacks like you're playing a bullet hell game. Given the fact that it's not always hard to dodge what's coming at you, it doesn't really outweigh how easy the battles tend to be, so you might as well be playing the game in case you're bored off your ass. Another perfectly reasonable choice to do is to just look up someone else's playthrough, because I can assure you that the experience will be about the same.

Y'know what? Fuck it - even reading this article alone will save you time. You can assure yourself that you're not missing anything.


Average fanart.
"Good" fanart.
File:Scary Undertale Art.png
Nasty Fetish "Fanart."

Main Characters

  • Flowey: Some creepy pedophile sunflower that follows you through the game. At the beginning he tries to fool you into touching his cock to give you herpes, but he fails since Toriel v&s him. Later he slurps the cum of six human shotas and becomes god, but you manage to wreck him anyway because of friendship, or something as equally shitty.
  • sans: this skeleton troll is your best friend in the game and papyrus' much more successful brother. he can control the space-time continuum, but he won't use these abilities to help you in any way since he's lazy, though if you decide to kill everyone on the genocide path he'll be the final boss of the game to rape you up the ass with giant bones and LAZOR blasting skulls unless you're half decent at touhou.
  • Asgore: Big fat bara furry. He's the king of the Underground. One day, he killed some people for the lulz for their souls and his wife Toriel cucked him because she got butthurt. He'll fight you automatically when he brings you to the final area that is the human world.

Other Characters

  • Burgerpants: Wageslave that works at McDonalds. He has no talent and no direction in life, which makes him a perfect analogy for you.
  • The Amalgamates: So the theme of determination plays a big role in this game, right? Okay, so the idea is that monster physiology is different from that of human's, and apparently "determination" is a tangible substance that humans possess in large quantities, while monsters can only handle very small amounts. So basically Alphys was playing God and experimenting on comatose monsters by injecting them with "determination", which caused all their bodies to fuse together into hideous monstrosities (monsters... monstrosities... get it?) who you encounter in the Pacifist route. Everyone claimed to have gotten nightmares from these characters.
  • W. D. Gaster: Alphys’ predecessor who talks in wingdings. He accidentally fell into the core and was shattered across spacetime. He now hides in the game's files in the form of a grey cult built by Toby to lead the fandom in circles.
  • Mad Mew Mew: Added as a secret miniboss in the Switch version of Undertale. Its just Mad Dummy in a new weeb cat girl body. So in other word, just a reskin of Mad Dummy.

Instances of re-used soundtracks.

  • Mettaton NEO's theme and Undyne the Undying's theme are the same with the pitch changed.
  • Megalovania has been used almost note for note by Toby before in his EarthBound hacks and in Homestuck.
  • The somber music that plays in the Genocide Run when you've killed all the mobs in an area is an incredibly slowed down loop of the first portion of Flowey's theme.
  • The Pathetic House is actually part of the song Spider Dance slowed down.
  • Undertale is The Choice sped up by 666%.
  • Snowy, Snowdin Town, Shop, Dating Start!, Dating Fight!, So Cold and Bring It In, Guys! all share the same melody/motif.
  • Tem Shop and Dogsong both use the same melody.
  • Anticipation shares the same bassline with Enemy Approaching.
  • The rhythm for the melody in Enemy Approaching is actually the rhythm in Dogsong.
  • Megalo Strike back is just the Earthbound's 2012's I miss you.
  • *Chaos King is Card Castle sped up by 50% and adds additional instruments.

So Sorry

Remember what I've said about backers being able to design their own monsters to put them into the game? Well, turns out one of the backers was the fat fucking furry known as Samael, who just had too much money to spend. Given that Undertale caught his attention while it was still on the Kickstarter phase, he spent 500 dollars just to get his fat fursona as a boss in the game under the name of a shitty dad joke known as "So Sorry". This caused tremendous rage across a rather huge part of the fanbase, given that his fat fetish faggotry just does not fits the game.

Whenever he's brought up as fetish material, furries who actually defend this piece of shit try to counter-argue by saying that Toriel also gets a lot of fetish art. What the furfags fail to understand is that Toriel was made as a simple design without fetishes in mind, while Samael's furry avatar was made for nothing but parading fetish purposes, and works as nothing more than a shameless self insert into the game. Furries also try to argue that since the character is named "So Sorry" instead of "Samael" or any of his aliases is a way to avoid getting his fetish art when doing Google searches. What they've said is bullshit, because you'll still find Samael's disgusting fetish art right in the first page, when googling for "Undertale So Sorry."

The boss battle itself gives off a vibe of annoying. It might be either because of his fedora or the dialogue he gives, but regardless if you're trying to spare him or trying to murder him, he'll still tell you dumb shit like how sorry he is, and cry in self pity. Sparing him does not gets you a lot of gold, and killing him gets only 1 EXP, so congratulations! Your only reward is meeting the frustration of his special fursona, and probably the satisfaction of killing him (some people gave up on doing a pacifist run just to kill him off).

Despite the fact that Samael self inserted himself into the game for narcissistic purposes and for the fact that the design sucks more ass than every other monster in the game (even the NPCs), Toby Fox, being the troll he is, took this cringey design and shoved it in the most obscure corner of the game, hidden by a secret invisible path, and you can only encounter him at a specific day and time of the year, making it even less likely that you'll encounter this abomination. Most of the other designs made by backers are a main part of the game, and one of them even is a main boss, but not even Toby could think of doing the same for So Sorry. Some people who actually defend this abomination think that killing him is taking things personally because you're indirectly killing Samael. Should've thought about it before self inserting into a game you're given the option to kill things.

There was also a rumor going around that killing So Sorry will not ruin your pacifist run, including that Sans would call you to tell you that you didn't kill anyone important, and that pissed off many people bragging about how this game is supposed to be about love and making friends. Turns out that the rumor was false, and killing So Sorry does ruin a pacifist run. Said furries were just too stupid to look up for a legit source.

Samael recently made a butthurt blog post on his Tumblr, whining about how even Toby Fox thought he was fucking pathetic. He also complains about how Toby Fox had tried to warn him that there would probably be a backlash to putting his shitty fursona in the game, as well as defending him by telling other people not to harass him, but apparently that wasn't good enough for Samael; he really felt that he deserved to be central character and that Toby Fox should defend him better. Maybe next time don't try to shoehorn an embarrassing fetish character into someone else's videogame if you want people to respect you.

GameFAQs poll drama.

Over the course of November and December 2015, Gamefags held a series of polls in an attempt to determine the "Best. Game. Ever."

Naturally, since only the severely autistic give a shit about GameFAQs polls, Undertale ended up beating a bunch of Nintendo games and taking the coveted title of "Best. Game. Ever." After Blunderfail managed to beat Super Mario World, the Gamefags forums exploded into a torrent of extreme butthurt, which led to a bunch of trolls voting for the game just to piss the other asspies off (which is what happens in pretty much every big GameFAQs poll anyway) and with the combined power of the trolls and the fantards the game eventually secured supreme victory. Ironically, this whole series of drama managed to be more entertaining and funnier than the actual game.


Undertale has different routes that can lead to multiple endings. Whenever you're near the end of the game, Sans will show up and he'll judge you depending of your amount of kills.

Pacifist Route

Souls, it gives you wiiiiiings.

Were you a good child? Congratulations! Sans will tell you that you're a good kid who did the right thing. When you meet the king, the fight is stopped by all of your wonderful friends, and then everyone is cool each other. That is, until Flowey shows up and steals everyone's souls. He reveals that he's Asriel, the dead son of the king, and then proceeds to take form of a godly goat, because that is necessary to reset the world. He gets beaten because his feelings get touched and he cries like a baby, only for everything to go back to normal. Turns out he broke the barrier and nobody remembers his existence, so every monster goes into the human world to have a good time. Note that everyone supports this route, it is because it has a cute ending where Frisk and Asriel hug each other, and thus create shitstorms of shipping art where fans tend to appreciate and ruin the fandom.

Neutral Route

Accidentally killed someone? You're now bound to get a neutral ending! Sans will either not give a shit or tell you to go eat shit for killing his brother (assuming you do so), and then you can proceed onto fighting the King. After succeeding in doing so, you can choose if you want to kill or spare him, which doesn't matter because Flowey then kills him and steals all the souls. After that, he becomes Cyriak right after and possesses the entire game to then erase your save file before you get to fight him. You'll shit your pants once you realize Flowey can also cheat by loading savestates.

Fun fact: If you lose to Flowey 3 times (which you will, because you suck), it becomes impossible to lose the fight. Because why bother designing a good boss fight when you can just fill a screen with garbage that only a pro Gradius player could do first go, and then just give the win to any faggot who fails a couple of times?

You can still beat him, either way. Things just go full rainbow and he explodes back into a miserable little flower. You then somehow leave the Underground and then you get a call from Sans telling you how fucked things are in there (and before you ask, yes, most of the time it's your fault).

Genocide Route

You're fucked now.

In case you got the highest score, Sans will give you a bad time. This is and Undyne going Super Saiyan are the only difficult things you'll face in the Genocide route, as everything else will be fucking easy. Still, Sans is pretty much the hardest boss you'll face in the game, given that he fires fucking huge lasers everywhere and makes you get dunked on, so you'll most likely fail. If you don't fail, you get to kill Sans, and then you murder the king, then you brutally kill Flowey who begs for mercy. After having nothing else to kill, the first child (whatever you probably named it) reincarnates and uses the souls to erase the world, whether you like it or not. Doing so kills the whole game and you'll just face a black screen the next time you open the game with nothing but the sound of the wind.

But hey, it's not so bad! If you wait long enough on the blank screen, you can bring the world back by selling your soul. The only downside is that this will permanently fuck your save file, and you'll always remain soulless. If by any chance you complete the True Pacifist route after you beaten a Genocide route, Chara will appear on THE END screen; implying that Chara will destroy you, the real world, and the Underground.

  • Fans hate when people play this route as for some reason, think you're a heartless ass or you're a murderer IRL for killing a bunch(or one if you don't know the game at first) of pixel fictional characters. Seriously, they cry at fictional pixelated characters dying more than watching their grandparents' corpses.

Deltarune (aka. Undertale 2: Electric Boogaloo)

Seeing how Undertale became so popular with various tards, it would be surprising if 'ol Toby Cox didn't have something in store and lo and behold he surely did. On 30th October 2018, a mysterious tweet on Undertale's official twitter appeared, and the day after, the first chapter of the new game was released, right in time for Halloween. Predictably enough, the fanbase and roughly 1/4 of the internet collectively orgasmed and brought the site the first chapter was on down for hours.

The new game revolves around a troubled youth named Kris and his dominatrix scalie mistress Susie who one day, after being sent by their inept teacher Alyphis to fetch some chalk because she's to busy watching anime on her phone, fall down a deep hole in the school closet and proceed to have an epic adventure which YOU will get to experience in full measure in about ~7 years since that's how long Toby will take to make a more complex game (in his own words no less), here's to 2025 folks.


Average UT fan in their natural habitat

Of course, how could you POSSIBLY FORGET ABOUT THE FANDOM? The nicest word for its fanbase is absolute shit.

  • Your average little shit: Only knows a side of this game and plays it for entertainment, otherwise they will record it and upload it to YouTube because they're gamers. By far the best side of the fanbase.
  • Shipping fangirls: YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THESE. They will make a creative and TOTALLY ORIGINAL continuous story to the game about their favorite pair of fictional characters and gains audience and the money. Be careful, if you say you do not like this pair, then prepare to get attacked by the fangirls you fuck.
  • Sans fangirls: You will commonly see these in cringe complications. They are very original, such as having Sans as their boyfriend. How to spot one? Well, they all have bicycle wheel shaped eyes, have a poorly drawn gaster blaster as their weapon, and their words are usually 'Sans is mine, if you touch him you will die'. They also wants a skeleton penis up their ass what the fuck.
  • The Theorists: Makes no purpose and their theories are funnier than Sans' puns.
  • Comic Dubbers: SO ORIGINAL AND SO CREATIVE!!!!1! Nah jk it's cringey as fuck. They totally did not STEAL THESE SHIT from the original creators and make money out of it. You just hope one day, these people gets sued up their ass because their shit is beyond cancer.
  • Cosplayers: Absolute cancer at this point, you will see more of these cancer from Tumblr. The closest character they can ever resemble is Undyne or Mettaton, but every time you see any character else being cosplayed, your genitals tells you that they will never enlarge EVER AGAIN.
  • The hatebase: The haters tried to rant on Undertale but in the meantime also giving the audience a shitload of cringe. They appear often in the comment section of every single cringey YouTube video (not just about Undertale) and offers bleach to sell. The thing is, nobody will ever give a shit about you, because what you are about say is taken.
  • Alternate Universes: Only Undertale has this pile of shit, where a basement dweller gets SO BORED they started to improve the idea and concept of Undertale and turn it into their dreamland.
  • Sans for Smash: Yeah, that's a thing. From the rabid fans that wants Waluigi for Smash, the rabid Undertale fans wants Sans to be a playable character in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, even if he is a Ness clone we already got a Ness clone and his name is Lucas.

Trolling Undertale fans

Sans' reaction to the Undertale fanbase.
  • Refer to the player character as a he.
  • Refer to the player character as a she.
  • Mention Five Nights at Freddy's. They'll explode with fury.
  • Tell them that the game is just a sub par rip off of Earthbound/ Touhou.
  • Also tell them that Planescape: Torment is what Undertale will never be.
  • Simply post spoilers, especially on /r/Undertale... The mods go into a berserk rage whenever someone posts spoilers without using the proper tags.
  • Tell one more time about how Undertale is a rip off of Earthbound and point to all the obvious plagiarisms.
  • Say that Toriel was a cunt and you're glad you killed her.
  • Say Asriel is a faggot who doesn't deserve redemption.
  • Say you laughed your ass off at Papyrus' death scene.
  • Call them a furfag.
  • Call Toby Fox a furfag.
  • Ask them why a game released in 2015 that was in development for over two years looks like it belongs on the Commodore 64.
  • State that the game was made in RPG Maker. Continue arguing this even after people correct you.
  • Tell them the game isn't funny.
  • Say that the game is just a bad shmup mixed with a bad RPG.
  • Tell them Papyrus was asking for it.
  • Say that Alphys is Toby Fox's way of making fun of autistic weeaboos. Will cause butthurt due to most of the fans being autistic weeaboos themselves.
  • Tell them that you found some secret in the game that no one else has found yet that requires some really obscure sequence of actions (get creative) to find. Add a couple of photoshopped screenshots for good measure. If done right, the fantards will waste hours of their lives looking for something that isn't there. For bonus lulz, when they come back after looking for the secret, and start accusing you of being a liar, tell them you made a mistake in your first post and make a small edit to the sequence of events, and watch them do it all over again.
  • Claim that by having a Kickstarter for a free game making program and contacting Fangamer for merchandise deals, Toby Fox has become a corporate shill.
  • Mention any games that won awards in categories that Undertale was nominated in. Most fans will deem the winner as "inferior" and bitch about it.
  • Tell them you pirated the game.
  • Tell them that the hidden boss So Sorry ruins the game because it's a faggy self-insert for a furry's perverted, awful "butterdragon" fetish (as detailed above). Also say that the connection to a sexualized, morbidly obese fursona is inappropriate for younger players.
  • Say that Undertale isn't a RPG.
  • Tell them that Sans is a cocksucker.
  • Compare Sans to Bill Cipher.
  • Say that the Genocide route is the true ending in Undertale.
  • Give an honest review of this game. The creator of this video was banned from the Reddit-favicon.gif Undertale subreddit (See removed posts: 1, 2) for this post.
  • Tell them that everyone you killed in the Genocide route deserved to die. Bonus points if you can get them to BAWWWWWWWWWWWW about it.
  • Tell about how this game is ridiculous and how it has a poor storyline.
  • Tell them it's a rip off of Shin Megami Tensei
  • Draw fanart of Sans either crying or with a flaming blue magic eye.
  • Say the Alphys x Undyne lesbian relationship is morally wrong and claim the game is a tool of Satan designed to turn children into queers and/or furfags.
  • Say that Steven Universe's "Stronger than You" was the original and NOT their shitty parody.
  • Write or draw a fanfic in which Undyne is hetero.
  • Say that the Amalgamates are abominations and that Alphys is a cunt who is responsible for their suffering.
  • Post links to Undertale rule34. Watch as the fans pretend to be disgusted by it, although in reality they're probably fapping to it.
  • Say Sans is really Ness.
  • Tell them "Ink Sans" is not a "real" Sans and just a parody of how everyone uses Alternate Universes to make Sans a fucking god.
  • Say that Chara did nothing wrong.

Of course, most Undertale fans are retarded enough on their own that they will make fools of themselves without outside intervention. They are also so caught up in their own bullshit that they won't be able to muster anything above calling someone "salty" or spam their $5 emoticons to make their purchases of them worth it.

Alternate Universes

Tumblr fanbases and Media Characters who use they/them pronouns. BAD MIX!!!
Holy shit you can clearly see how CREATIVE the people of this shitty community are.

Fan-made alternate universes seem to be this fandom's specialty, because none of the fans are original enough to create their own characters. You'll notice that most of them are based around Sans, as the fandom has a somewhat unhealthy obsession with him.

Just to clearify, the word 'Alternate Universe' or 'AU' is abused by the Undertale fandom, to the fact that, if you make the slightest difference to the actual game, it's SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT, AND IT'S ANOTHER AU!!!1! This is because Undertale has one of the most retarded fanbases known to mankind that actually makes FNAF's fanbase to be looked back as a positive.

Underfell: Flowey is nice and everyone else cuts themselves lengthways on all their edge. ([http:/r.com/a/z23CW This comic] pretty much sums it up. Note the shitty Homestuck-esque designs). Also, this Alternate Universe is made by a bunch of edgy emo 13 yro boys who haven't went through puberty.

Outertale: Undertale...in SPACE!!! Yes. Everything else is the fucking same shit.

Diancietale: Everyone as Diancie.

Disbelief: Sans is killed by the player instead of Papyrus, so Papyrus turns into an edgy emo who gets enraged and tries to kill you, only to BAWWWWW and get his shit trashed.

Underpants: Undertale was BAD TOM!!!! WARNING!!!!: EARRAPE!!!!!!!

Underswap: Sans is now a hyperactive faggot while Papyrus smokes weed. All the other characters are swapped in incredibly lazy ways, as well. Made by PopcornPr1nce because he is unsatisfied with the current character roles.

Storyshift: A even more confusing version of Underswap. Chara is Sans and Asriel is Papyrus. They switch the character roles pretty confusingly. No one has heard about this AU other than your mom.

Overtale: All the humans are monsters and vice versa. See how original you are.

ERRORtale: Sans is super-Hitler. He traps your soul and can capture it in blue ropes, and is really into BDSM. His most popular victim is Underswap Sans, who he soul raped in front of his pothead brother. Also, his design is eye-bleedingly awful. But hey, have you seen the rest of the characters?!

Inktale: Sans is fucking Jesus Christ and I hope I was making that up. Made by a super CREATIVE person on Tumblr, no joking. Sans in the alternate universe apparently 'creates' alternate universes and his enemy is Error!Sans because Error!Sans basically rapes his creations and other versions of himself. Ink!Sans' design is very eye-bleeding because he is literally having more than 2 million colors for his palette, and he is totally NOT an overly perfect character for any type of story.

UnderFresh/FreshTale: Made by the same fagit that made ERRORtale. Everyone is Dippy Fresh. And they all act like the 2012 version of Justin Bieber (which is also commonly known as the faggot, swaggy version of Justin Bieber). Using too much 'cool' words can tell the world that you're just an attention whore.

Core Frisk: Frisk is God. Well done. So original that you just turn all the colors into the early 1920's.

The Thought: Sans is God. His design is eye-bleedingly awful and is that special version of a gary stu. Has a very interesting and original story that has a comic dub lasting an hour long. Oh wait, it can really make your time well spent watching it.

Sans' design in The Thought 'AU'. Can you imagine making rainbows for this shit FOR OVER 20 PAGES OF NOTHING HAPPENING?!

Reapertale: Sans is death. What a ripoff of the Grim Reaper. They only change the designs of Sans and Toriel to show the world how much they ship these two little shits.

Horrortale: A desperate attempt to be spooky. Basically Underfell, but with more blood and fewer whiny edgelords.

UnderWorld: Something of what Horrortale should actually look like. Sans is the least fucked up character and the rest of them looked like they had too much meth.

Swapfell: Made in a lot of variations. But most of them are kinky as fuck. Some of them are made usually just for the usage of BDSM rather than anything else.

Glitchtale: Created last Wednesday, everything is the same except Chara comes back for a day or two, Frisk breaks the reset button, and the creator, Camila Cuevas, attempted to make it interesting by pulling a self-insert mary sue OC out of her ass. Made every fan cry by killing off Sans.

Drunk Chara AU: Made for those 16 year old lifeless, sick ass pedophiles by another lifeless young adult who is obsessed with 10 yros making love, ew. Everything is the same with Chara brought back alive to drink alchohol, as well as turning Asriel into a gamer. The bitch is Chara and their lover is Frisk. They make Sans and Toriel to get married, then tells Asgore to go eat shit because Toriel has some necrophillia fetishes for Sans. The colors are so bright to the fact that some columns becomes downright eyesoring; as well the designs are very lazy and uncreative, and the creator doesn't give a shit about this. The story is based of anonymous asks from Tumblr so it's bounded to be unoriginal. And other than Underfell and Underswap, this is one of those the most successful pieces of shit in the fandom.

Any AU that has a different story in it: SO CREATIVE!!!1! The characters will usually remain the same designs, except the story as it has something to do with the timelines or the shipping pair that nobody gives a shit about, and they are usually wrote by young adults with an IQ lower than 15 or vain ass 12 year olds. These are NOT AUs. Glitchtale and Drunk Chara AUs are NOT AUs either, they're just shitty stories pulled outta their assholes. And that is the truth, but the fandom is so stupid that they get confused over the wordS 'alternate universe' and 'story' ALL THE TIME. They get their children's attention because it's a buttfucking trend which will hopefully die in 2020.

Undertail: The hell that ruins your knowledge for biology. This is where you get to see the shittier version of furries, as you scroll through this Undertail, you will see glowing skeleton cocks, pedophillia mixed with necrophillia, skeleton pornographic incest BECAUSE THAT MAKES SANS ammirite? Anyways its audience are children with their dad's stolen credit cards, so as long as you're a porno artist, you just need to have these little assholes or you will not gain any of your shit, you sick fuck.

Underlust: Everyone is a classic slutty faggot for you. And your goal in this alternate universe is to get the fuck out of this stripclub before they unleash their glowing skeleton cocks outta their pants to rape you up your ass. This is one of the biggest mistake known to humanity. Even the creator gave up this AU because of how much of a mistake they had made.

Then there is some more AUs but who the fuck gives a shit? Not to mention that there are AU crossover porn (featuring your Sans being the bitch and Papyrus being the pimp) made by adults because of their 'anxiety' and 'depression' (you know, one of the most mundane and pointless excuses you've heard). AUs are created mainly is because people want to rip Toby Fox off or they are just simply uncreative themselves.


Random Encounters mixes Undertale with bad acting.
Undertale Rap music by JT Music.
Okay this is pretty lulzy.
A more gayer version from the same animators.
Dammit Russia!
It's DeviantART. What did you expect?
Finally someone with a rational sensibility.
You're fapping to this aren't you?]]

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