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The Underscore (also known as Understrike, Low Dash, or Line) is a "special" character only used by fags who rebel against using the SPACE key to separate words from each other. It is represented as a horizontal line the size of the average Asian man's erect penis [ _ ], and typically shares the "Dash" character [ - ] on the same key.


On your Number Key Row, the Underscore key sits between the "0" and "+/=" keys.

Uses for underscores

Underscores have countless uses on the internets. Some of these uses are listed below:

  • Loves to hold signatures.
  • Forcing yourself to the first position on everyone's friends list.
  • ASCII art.
  • IRC
  • URLs
  • Italicizing text on Skype (Surround the text with underscores, like this: _Niggers_ makes Niggers).
  • Also has a shit-ton of uses in programming languages.

Learn To Type

If you want to be a 1337 hax0r, you can also type Underscores using:

Alternatively, just press Shift+-, you lazy bastard.

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