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Uncle Dolan will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
Uncle Dolan

Dolan (originally ankka) is the son of Satan and Lucifer's unknown twin brother, and originates from a Finnish imageboard, written by an aspie. Somehow, these hilarious comics made it to /b/ and soon became a hit due to their passing resemblance to the (frankly superior) meme Nod Flenders.

The original shitty comics were rip-offs of 4chan memes, poorly translated. One day a summerfag got high on crystal-meth and decided to submit his own interpretation in an attempt to become an oldfag. He failed miserably, thus Uncle Dolan was born and spawned a long series of multiple toned down comics created by newfags. Newfags are well known for their attempt to mainstream the comics with the line "X, pls".

Uncle Dolan comics involve a hideously mutilated Donald Duck drawn in MS Paint. Also spelled Dolane, Doland or Uncle Dolan, the meme usually involves Dolan wielding an axe, talking to that fucking retard Goofy, (who would later become a sub-meme called Gooby pls), screwing over Scrooge, raping his nephews, or jerking off into beverages, which he lovingly supplies to his family. As everyone knows, this is genuine care and love as everybody loves Dolan's juice. Never piss off Uncle Dolan. All in all, everything went better than exception.


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