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Uber, meaning "over" in German, is a widely used netspeak term popularized by Nazis in their freaky game rooms. It is used in every Rammstein song. For example:

Ich wünsche zu rüber Ihnen mag ein Tier.
Ich wünsche zu über Ihnen vom Innere.
Ich über Ihre Mannbohrung.
Ich über Ihre Testikel.

(Rammstein - Uber Ihre Testikel)

Syphilitic German philosopher Friedrich Nietszche invented the concept of the Übermensch, or Superman, to describe the ideal leader of human society, a man who has achieved enlightenment and freed himself from unnecessary and outdated restrictions. The Nazis promptly applied this term to the robotically obedient followers of a failed artist with a shit fetish .

Über vs. Ueber vs. Uber

According to German Grammar Nazis, über is the preferred form. The usage of ueber is acceptable. Please note, however, usage of uber makes you look like an illiterate fucktard that is worthy of the final solution.

Buffy Fans

Joss Whedon popularized the prefix amongst Buffy fans by using it to describe the villains in the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since Buffy had already killed normal vampires, a goddess, and several boyfriends, he needed something nastier for the grand finale. In season seven, nearly-unslayable übervamps were the big bad and since then, Buffy fans add über to a wide variety of words and phrases. For example:

  • My boss is an überjerk!
  • I had to hose some überchristians off my porch today...
  • They canceled Firefly and I am überpissed!!1

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