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Don't be that guy.

A typo is an abreviatoin for "tipograpical eror." This is acomlished wehn the word you intendrd to speel was... Aw, fcuk it: yuo are a fucktard. Thas't right: yuo. You fcuked it up. You fale it. A "Winnar" is NOT yuo. You fcukin' acn't spell. Do you got that? You fucked it up royaley and need to return to the sevnth grad were basiv human comunication is refind. You do not ned to be out her on the intrenet. You nneed to go back to reeding Dcik and Jan boks, okya?

Not to be confused with Tyco

Just a Typo

The phrase "it's just a typo" (or more commonly without the apostrophe) is a feeble excuse used by retards who cannot admit their infinite retardation and inability to possess basic knowledge of the written English language. Its use is widespread in the YouTube comment system.

List of words noone mispeels unles their stupdi

A greet number of words are mispeeld on the intronet, but a prechus few are defante proof of ignorinse in all cases. The spelling and corect useage of these words is so ovious that even typing them blindfoled with a keyboarde held in your teet and 5000ms lag could nver caus yuo to get them wrong unles your a complet fuktard.

  • its and it's
  • to and too(two)
  • 1one!
  • since, sense, scents, seance, sincerely, cents, sent, and the phrase; "I am a retarded fagtard", all of which are universally misspelled as "sence"
  • There, Their, and They're
  • than and then
  • your and you're
  • lose and loose
  • breath and breathe
  • waist and waste
  • hole and whole
  • definitely and definately (WTF?)
  • desperately
  • separately
  • misspell
  • i before e words
  • exceptions to the i before e rule (like with that fucking c)
  • exceptions to the exception above
  • homophones, which includes pretty much this whole goddamn list.
  • serie (as in "series",used frequently by non british eurofags)
  • weather and whether

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