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Pasting the head of a Disney character onto an mspaint body is a longstanding furry tradition.

Two-Ton-Neko, or "Chubeko Koneko", is one of the most popular fat furry "artists" on deviantART. Claiming to be an 18 year old girl, TTN takes advantage of the furry fandom's ability to tug one off to even the most amateurish MS Paint scribbles of cartoon animals. Her legion of fans line up by the dozen to roleplay out disgusting fantasies involving her fursona, and have even donated enough money to buy her a tablet.

Considering the staggering number of furfags on disability for depression, sociopathy, and obesity, it's safe to assume that most if not all of this was paid for with your tax dollars.

TTN is known for long periods of absence when she owes people for the commissions they paid for. Conveniently, she's always back in time to beg for her latest desire or simply to refill the coffers, what with furries being an inexhaustible source of income.


Like all furries, TTN has a complicated love life. She had a "mate" so strung out on drugs and alcohol that when he realized two months into the courtship what he was doing, he ran for the hills- that's his story and he's keeping to it.

Another beau is Mick the Kitsune, a whiny fusspot she cheated with while dating other furries. It's hard to understand how one can cheat over the internet through roleplay with other people while using pretend characters, but remember, this is the furry fandom we're talking about; the internet is all they have.

Two-ton-neko also has a number of fat admirer fantards, each one more stupid than the last.


Two-Ton-Neko's gallery consists mainly of flat shaded fatties, but the wtf factor comes not with the art itself, but how readily furfags throw away their money for such bland, uninspired tripe. This is common in the furry art world, where fetish artists make a killing just by disregarding anything resembling decency and signing up for a FurAffinity account.

Aside from cookie cutter generic OCs, TTN also makes fan art of Krystal after enjoying too many sandwiches, Carmelita from Sly Cooper, and various stale memes. The curious may browse her gallery and find it downright tame compared to other furry art, but that's part of the reason it's such a dull venture. It's the same boring, two-dimensional crap.

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TTN's e-mail address is [email protected], which is presumably her MSN Messenger address as well.

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