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LOLCow.jpg This luser is an unmilked lolcow, and should have been trolled a long time ago.

You can help by starting a Flame War at their own expense.

When fat girl angle shots and maxing out the contrast can't even save you, you might as well not even bother to upload the pic.

Twizidwickedlette, otherwise known as Wickedjugalette, otherwise known as Moonlightstar, and more fondly referred to by her admirers as Juggalolcow (powerword: Amanda Botts) is your standard example of the fat, idiotic, batshit fucking insane variety of the subspecies of human that results from inbred rednecks being combined with daddy issues called the juggalo. Hailing from Texas and claiming origins of California to sound like less of the conservative white trash she is, Twizid (as she shall henceforth be known for the sake of this article), among other things, best enjoys spending her days on the internets passionately expressing her emotions through pretentious TL;DW Youtube videos that few other than trolls bother contributing to the viewcount of and to her JUGGALO FAM 4LYFE MCL Facebook pages and groups that are relevant to her interests as she awaits the day her true luv is released from special prison.

Surely it would only take someone who's already downs with the clowns to want to hit that.

Of course, one would only assume that he committed a crime intentionally because typical juggalo logic prevents him from coming up with a more legal way to escape from the juggalolcow's clutches, and is most likely actually enjoying all the quality time he gets with his newfound friends. Despite this observation, and the fact that ANDREW<333 has been put in the pokey (pun slightly intended) for quite some time, Twizid enjoys inserting "I LOVE ANDREW" and cheesy logorrhea about luvvvvv randomly in the midst of her online rambles about her clown fetish and bipolar crutch. We honestly can't await the day he returns and crushes all her hopes and dreams by telling her that the evidence of her obsession and effects of all the self-pity eating has made even him not desire to harpoon the whale any longer.

Typical video of her on a rambling tangent to an empty audience and ILYANDREWWWW.
This is one of the ones in which she was feeling lonely enough to want to assign multiple roles to her speech.
Note the video ends with her crying and laughing interchangeably.

The Juggalolcow Milking Begins

One may ask, "Isn't this enough? Just learning of another waste of life pointlessly taking up space both virtually and physically who likely isn't too far from a long term commitment to a psych ward and/or an heroing, never to be thought of again?" Not so, as was discovered by a group of lulz-loving individuals who happened to be looking for something potentially trollable. It was quickly discovered that due to her obviously low IQ, gullibility, and inability to control her emotions, really getting to this individual would be quite easy.

Only a casual typical juggalo insulting remark (fat/ugly/druggie/etc) later, she is inspired to
make a 10 minute long video about how such "haters" aren't getting under her skin.

Not too long after, she made a couple more videos in response to troll comments. One such video response was due to a comment accusing her of possibly being hooked on meth, which she incorrectly interpreted as an insult to her mathematical abilities since it was quickly discovered that she doesn't comprehend nor utilize her native fucking language all too well, resulting in a ramble about high school or some other shit nobody cares about. Another response involved her silently and creepily staring into the camera while wearing too much makeup and flipping her head around like the clown she is in hopes that this would somehow convey the idea that she is not ugly, despite the obvious.

Yet another response to various troll comments after she has begun to attract more attention, this time at least clarified on the meth
part and attempting to change her response tactic only to make herself seem even more insane and lulzy than she already is.

Infiltrating THA FAM

Next, her trolls decided to start covering greater territory in order to see what they could do to her very own decently populated juggalo groups on Facebook, using the links which were so carefully and conveniently posted directly onto her FUCKING YOUTUBE CHANNEL. By tricking one of the hundreds of admins on a given group, the trolls would proceed to de-admin everyone and then harass them relentlessly. At the time of this writing, they have taken three of her groups, that altogether had over 1500 members.

The prince of all Juggalos himself.

During the crusade against Twizid, a fake profile was created using her pictures and her information. Because she uses so much god damn meth though, she mistaken the fake profile for her actual profile and thought she had been hacked. After her third and newest group, FBI MEETS CLOWN LOVE JUGGALO FAM ALL CAN JOIN was taken over by trolls and renamed to VIOLENT J PLZ CUM IN MY ASS I AM A GAY JUGGALO (but then deleted by Facebook faggots lol), Chuck Testa (the de-facto spokesman of the trolls) himself contacted Amanda and asked her why she was so upset. Pastebinfavicon.png kxF0SSwM Chuck, being the darling man he is, tried to solve the situation by telling her that her hackers would stop once she stopped smoking so much meth and stopped being a juggalo. She loudly rejected this proposal (then covered it up by saying that she doesn't do meth). Shortly after Chuck and Twizid talk, she makes the following video.

After her groups got h4xx0r3d by a group of internet terrorists, Twizid did the first thing
that comes to any lolcow's mind... attempt to elicit sympathy by crying in front of a camera.

In between blaming her reaction on bipolar disorder Clown's Syndrome, the juggalolcow bawwwed about how this wasn't her first major experience with hackers, and the last one was so horrifically traumatizing that she doesn't want to say anything about it, though of course decided to give in and ramble on about it anyway. What follows is a technologically retarded tale of once having been raped over the internet by a hacker that blew up her computer. Of course, this is probably all just a bunch of bullshit she came up with on the spot in attempts to make the trolls feel bad (possibly while excusing any existing rumors of her having once been a camwhore), but it's still fucking hilarious. When a large enough shitstorm brewed on the toobz, likely as a decent result of this little response gaining attention as a VOTN, she disabled the comments and set the video to unlisted. Naturally, it's still viewable via the link in the above embed, and if that goes away backups still exist, but we wouldn't expect someone with the internet knowledge of a rock to even have considered that.

Twizid luvs Chuck Testa <333

After a bad weekend of tons and tons of meth, Twizid decides to log onto her Facebook profile that she thought was hacked. Being sober (and not stoned off meth), she typed in her password and correctly and logged into her account. She makes a awesome video tribute to her best friend and all around good Marine, Chuck Testa, in which she thanks him for his service in the military (PROTIP: Nothing suggests that Chuck Testa was in the military ever.)

Her video of wicked love for Chuck Testa.

During the next week or two, Twizid messages Chuck night after night asking for permission to install updates to her IMVU and talk to her friends on Facebook. Every fucking time, almost on cue, an hour or so after she asked for permission to do whatever stupid shit she wanted to do online, Chuck would receive a message that said "thanx."

Fam Tribute

[1] [2]

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