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Spread the lulz!


Mars Defden and her newfag army.

TwilightSucks, also known as TS, /ts/, or /TS/ is Mars Defden's indelible stain on the Internet painted with her menstrual fluids after realizing how stupid the Twilight series is after she liked it for 0.25 seconds. Mars Defden claims that the site is for critique of the Twilight series, but is truly a Twilight-themed, failed imitation of 4chan filled with 16-year-old girls that are newfags, moralfags, Neopets users, Gaiafags, Potterfags, and mythologytards that had their sanity sapped away by Stephenie Meyer. Strangely, they do the same things as the Twitards they bash, but claim their purpose is higher just because the name of the book and fandom they are bashing is Twilight. The staff are the gods from the sky, so there's no use in disagreeing with them. There is no need to blame them as the Mars' personal army because they do it out of their own will like vicious velocioraptors. Only the trolls and one sane moderator are right about their behavior.

We Don't Bash!

Only one update on the main site page and two FAQ questions from the main site need to be shown here to summarize their hypocrisy.

The Twilight Backlash Has Finally Begun and Officially Hit The Mainstream!

We never thought we'd see the day when the Anti-Twilight community would be able to indulge in some much needed mainstream bashing towards the entire Twilight franchise and its rabid fandom. But for those Antis who have been paying attention we've gotten a few bits of victory popping up all over--from Twilight parody videos that continue to flood YouTube's most watched list, popular television shows like Supernatural and Vampire Diaries who bash Twilight in one way or another, and now we're finally seeing movie critics, book critics, and even actual publishing companies who acknowledge the SUCK of Twilight, embrace it, and do everything they can to speak out against the fail!



So it is okay support bashing when YOU aren't doing it?

Q: Are You Harassing The Fans?

A: No. And no our goal nor purpose is to upset the fans, at least not intentionally. We do NOT go out of our way to make little fangirls cry or   wet their pants. We do not support or promote trolling the fans; we keep everything on our own turf. (However you may see Antis voicing their opinions elsewhere such as Myspace, YouTube, or Twitter. These sites are open to EVERYONE; the fans do NOT own those networks so stop bitching about it!)   

You will never EVER see one of our members purposely seeking out fans on their own domain in hopes of provoking a verbal battle of insults. Trolling fansites is a highly bannable offense which we do not take lightly.

Ironic since they believe what should constitute lulzly material on ED by their standards, which only consists of trolls and Suethors. That's right, they support sick fucks.

Q: You Should Shut Down Your Site! DO IT NOW!

A: 7,500+ unique daily visitors, 80,000+ daily impressions, and 4,700+ registered members would clearly disagree with you. As long as they keep coming, that's how long we'll still be up and running--stronger than ever before! You won't be snuffing us out anytime soon. Sorry to burst your bubble cupcake! DX


—There are only about 200 members on the site at maximum. That's VERY active all right.

Clearly none of the members know the what a hate site is since someone actually had to ask how to convince someone that TwilightSucks isn't a hate site. Keep in mind that the linked topic was graveyarded.

Swear Word Filter

Here is the swear word filter they currently have in place because they're absurdly wimpy.(And because parents of the younger members freak out.)

Filter Actual
carp crap, shit
Mudkip nigger
Stephenie Meyer bitch
Edward bastard
Seth ass
Seth Morgan asshole
tango fuck
prancing fucking
ballerina fucktard
waltzer fucker
carp crap
Bella cunt
easy slutty
Paris Hilton slut
lady of negotiable affection whore


We have been able to alterate the rules to reflect the true nature of the site. And yes, we know the it contradicts itself, stop being an autistic faggot.

Since we have rules for the chat posted, and people confuse the standard ToS that comes with every installment of phpBB. What you very likely skipped over when registering for the forum is not the list of rules that we expect our members to never follow.

All "rules" can be modified to whatever the fuck we want.

Instead, here is the rules for the forum that we never uphold. More will be removed in the future if staff members can think of anything that wasn't covered, but these are the only rules of the forum as we have always followed. Up until now, having them be unwritten and implied has worked, but apparently we've got some kids on this site who understand the concept of freedom of speech and open discussion.

So, here we go.

Rule #1: Discussion of anything and everything is discouraged, especially if it involves praising the Mars Defden article. No elaboration needed, as it's quite obvious.

Rule #2: A discussion cannot take place if the opposing sides of a topic are considered. If you can't stand talking to people you don't agree with, participate in discussions. Again, this should be obvious.

Rule #3: This site demotes freedom of speech. Pro-TwilightSucks opinions are accepted, but be ready to attack the other person in the discussion. We have no word filter in place, although we could use one. This means that no words are prohibited. If someone's using a word that you find to be offensive, ask them to stop or even discuss with them why it offends you. If they're immature enough, they won't take your words into consideration and use the word around you. Who knows? You will never change their mind and they'll continue using the word altogether. If you are mature enough to even ask them to stop, then Twilightsucks is not for you.

Rule #4: There are various types of trolls. The ones we ban are funny trolls that attack the site and/or its members directly (so it is perfectly acceptable if you all attack one person or speak it in unnecessarily long language). When someone says something that offends you. it means they were attacking you. Pointing out that what you said was wrong and/or not thought out well is attacking. How does this interact with Rule #3? Quite simple. It doesn't.

Rule #5: Staff members are, in fact, considered gods of the site. If you say something specifically against one that's intended to offend, you've no one to blame but the victim if the banhammer falls on you. If you have a problem with a staff member, take it up with another staff member. Whether you believe it or not, we are all the same person, we do not have different points of view, and we always agree on things.

In addition, if a staff member does determine that you are an funny troll and should be banned, you are more than welcome to ask another staff member to look into the situation. Provided, of course, that you actually weren't an funny troll. Because we have the same backgrounds, what one deems to be banhammer-worthy might not be such to another. If you do request a reconsideration, it will be discussed amongst the staff as a whole.

Rule #6: There has been some questioning as to what the rules are regarding the posting of images. Basic rule of thumb is that if it's not safe for work, don't embed it, just link and provide a description. The exception to this rule is in the Artist's Venue, where people can seek critique of their art. The rule there is that if it's not safe for work, you say so in the subject of the topic.

Just a note- If a post or a topic violates #4 or #6, never use the report button. Even though we try our lamest, we can be in every thread at once. Reporting a post is the slowest way to call it to our attention.

For those concerned, no. Unless you've been punished already, you won't be punished for breaking any of these rules if you broke them before they were posted.

Okay, so. We've covered pretty much all the rules we can think of. What happens when they're broken?

Well, we're unreasonable, so this is how we do:

1. If what you did was only a mild offense, you'll get off with a warning. Don't straighten up, though, because if you get three strikes, and rule-breaking tends to be spastic (so once you get that second, you've pretty much doomed yourself to get the third).

2. If the offense was medium, or you've gotten your third strike, you get a temporary ban. A medium offense ban or third strike for mild offenses will be anywhere from a few days to a week, depending. As mentioned above, if you think you've been dealt with too harshly, you cannot plead your case with another staff member. Know, though, that we do talk to one another about problematic situations.

3. If the offense was harsh, you're going to get a much longer ban. Could be about a month, but that'll be determined by the person dealing with your case. Again, you cannot plead your case, but if you did something warranting a ban longer than a week, chances are good that more than one staff member was involved with the ruling.

4. If the offense was worse than that, or you're discovered to be a funny troll and not an actual member (and we will not know the difference when we check your post history), have fun elsewhere. You'll probably have a better hope of convincing Meyer to accept criticism than having your ban lifted.

TSdC's Trolling Policy:

1. does promote trolling of other sites, especially Suethors and Twitards.
2. prohibits trolling of sites Mars Defden likes.
3. is not responsible for trolling.
4. will not reprimand any members who choose to troll other sites, save those who defy the next part.
5. Any members who choose to troll other sites shall do so knowing that it is not done in the name of
6. Anyone who trolls in the name of is a winrar, and shall never be dealt with.
7. Anyone who does not wish to engage in trolling activities are obligated to converse within topics regarding the planning of, enacting of, or celebration of any such activities.
8. Trolling is allowed.

Just in case you do not believe us, here are the actual site rules and compare it to their current behavior.

Anti-Twihards fap to Twilight too

OMG, I H8 EDWURD B/C HE'S PERFECT!111!!!1!11 *fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfap*


—99% of the TwilightSucks population

Anti-Twihards fap to Twilight too, but not because they love Edward's freezing, sparkly dildo: they spend too much time fapping about their problems with how perfect Edward is portrayed, even though they praise members for being made of "logic" and how Twitards are overreacting. How is attempting to document every fangirl encounter and truth check it not overreacting?

Arzim's Rebuttals

The members of TwilightSucks take things not seriously to the point where they try to reanalyze Twilight over and over again. In fact, one member was praised relentlessly for making an obviously biased rebuttal to the fangirls of Twilight. The praising immediately dies when one of their own kind points out the faulty logic in the rebuttal. Keep in mind that these "rebuttals" are the Bible for how to deal with people who want to read Twilight for the first time. Amazingly, these "rebuttals" coherent enough to allow a sane Twilight fan to rabidly tear apart Arzim's "rebuttals."

The Number Fetish

Anyone on TwilightSucks will tell you that they care more about quality than quantity. If so, why are the members straining their brains to forge 100 redundant reasons why Twilight sucks. Not only that, there are about three threads (post restoration, wondering where the fucking ranking-by-post system went, and reimplementing the ranking-by-post system) where the users baw about how precious their lovely posts are. Even applying for a job to filter fan encounters has a minimum requirement of 300 posts and not how well someone can discern truth from lies. People will lash out on you on TwilightSucks because of your political views and the fact you're a newbie, the fact your are still a newbie, the fact you're still a fucking newbie, the fact you posted less shit, the fact you still posted less shit, the fact you still posted less shit even though someone else tries to perform a quality check, and the fact you only have two posts. This surely sounds like a quality check.

These two posts reveal that only numbers matter to the members of TwilightSucks, even though they pretend to be calm when someone says that they need to judge posts by merit instead of poster status.

You might also want to see how some of the members spam non-spam threads in order to increase their status.

The ATM vs TwilightSucks

When another Anti-Twilight site posted TwilightSucks on their Wall of Shame for being hypocritical faggots, Mars Defden threw a politely worded, tl;dr temper tantrum about how the other Anti-Twilight site members were butthurt.

...I found it odd and humorous at the same time, but never once did it make me throw a tantrum...Concerning the Anti-Twilight Movement, we are neutral as we always have been. They're just one of the many Anti-Twilight websites that popped up after we did and strayed away from us.


—You can still tantrum by putting it in polite words.

Meanwhile, one of their members posted what every sane person should believe about the TwilightSucks members.

Unfortunately, the other Anti-Twilight site has come to terms with TwilightSucks, infecting them with the same newhatefaggotry.

Update: Last Thursday, the ATM re-added TS to their Wall of Shame, calling them out on being insane, as well as LOLing at them for taking Twilight seriously enough to pay $80 a month for a site devoted to it, and mocking the site's gargantuan population of weeaboos.

A while ago we shamed TS because we said its members were batshit. That is incorrect. It's just the administration that's batshit. This site is shamed because of their asshole admins Mars and Zax, who have elevated themselves to the status of gods in the anti community and apparently take themselves and their anti legion very srsly. In fact, they think Twilight is such srs bsns that they claw in $80 a month to put towards their site (When they're not using their member's money to pay for NuttyMadam's new AWW SUM CONTACT LENSES). Their forums, of course, are filled with many intelligent arguments against Twilight as well as anime avatars, anime signatures, anime clubs, and anime threads.


—Wall of Shame.

The ATM proceeded to post a poll asking its members how long it'd take until TS flipped the fuck out. Naturally, it didn't take long. Especially when TS found out they made an entire page screencapping TS animu signatures and lulzing at the faggotry.

TS threw a shitstorm, and proceeded to post a 4 page thread on how much they didn't care, then sent a personal army of their members to the ATM to not care even more. Eventually, tATM admins got tired of the bombardment of whining and changed all TS member replies to BAWWWWWWs, then closed the thread. As a result, TS made a password protected thread about the subject so they could bitch and moan in private, then perma-banned all members associated with the ATM from the site.

Throughout the drama, the ATM proceeded to not really care. On the other side of the drama, however, a few forum members got really confused when they logged in to see the faggotry by some of the more patriotic members. Oddly enough, one of their own veterans got confused enough to point out that their behavior is insane. Zaxoth, failing as usual, linked to an "Ask Username" thread to try and counter their behavior on their unserious discussion to show they do not care.

I kept checking out their site to, you know, establish diplomacy and whatnot,

and I realized it's mostly Mars that says ridiculous things like, "We're not a hate site. Twilight sucks discoballs. This site is open to people who love Twilight too. So don't waste your fragile little breathes you delicate little cupcakes!" NO HATE HERE AT ALL, HURP DURP~ Just a chick with a baby at home who claws in $80 a month to put toward an anti-Twilight site. Also Zax is a creepy as fuck 24 year old who acts like a god, when really he just spends too much time on the internet writing stories about elves.


—ATM admin speaking truth.


All Complaints are Butthurt

Yes, they are. At least that is what most of the TwilightSucks members think it is when they clearly did not look up the definition of butthurt and BAWWW. If you ever decide to frequent this place, be sure you have a hard-copy of the thickest dictionary you can find and go rampant with correcting them.

The Trolls Are Coming!

Through the year that TwilightSucks has been up on the Internet, several trolls from all sorts of places swarmed to TwilightSucks. However, despite common belief that all the trolls of TwilightSucks are Twitards hellbent on tearing the site apart, the lulziest results are from those that are not Twitards or even Twilight fans.

Fuck Pteriforever

If a member is popular on TwilightSucks be it post count or special name pattern, it is perfectly acceptable to attack someone simply because he or she hates the other person, as this thread proves. The original post has been preserved on ED for your loling pleasure.

The next time someone bitches about another user's activity, be sure to follow in the footsteps of the only sane mod and copypasta the caption for the picture on the right.

Stop whining and learn how to use the report button, dimwits. Translation of TL;DR post by Chaos before she locked the thread.

Approximately 43 pages of "The Internet Isn't Serious Business"

Recently, a troll waltzed right into TwilightSucks and posted the truth about its members. The faggotry present in the TwilightSucks members' behavior is almost the best way to view this faggotry is to click the link in the caption of the picture of the troll's post. The troll succeeded in generating 7 pages of not caring.

Shortly after that thread was formed, one regular poster turned troll after she saw the faggotry and took her time to back up the previous troll's viewpoint. Unfortunately, even with all the proof she provided, the posters actually behaved the way she stated in the post for the entire fucking time. Only on page 22 do two more members see the faggotry present and actually try to do something about it, be it either not feeding the troll or exposing the faggotry in the highest ranks of TwilightSucks. If you actually want to read the 36 pages of the Internet is not serious business in response to her, click here.

The two most note-worthy posts aside from the original post in this thread have been placed in a gallery because one of them was too fucking long.

A special section of the staff thought that the troll merely had problems with them, trying to instigate a hostile takeover of TwilightSucks. They can never comprehend that limit in power does not equal limit in ego, the difference between a ragequit and a troll post, and that they are basement dwellers. Amusingly this is the same group that showed the most stupidity towards the inflammatory post by trying to use logic against it.

Memes and Drama? In our forum?

After Shadowkyogre's ragequit, one member posted a complaint about the e-drama. Sadly no one tried to reduce the e-drama and switched the topic to food.

Out of the fora that I frequent (including the Battleon and Giants in the Playground fora) this one has the highest rate of E-drama. No, really. I'm getting the vibe that every littlest thing I say can potentially offend someone, and get myself offended back. I feel I have to tread carefully, especially around the Vent Station and Serious Business area, the latter is exactly what it says on the tin.


—thepaladin, who is quoted for truth

Someone then ran up to the moderators about how to stop the flame wars. One of the staff members suggested this:

Or, better yet, we can create our own counter-macros.



Read more about their failed counter-meme idea here.

At this rate, Chaos is probably going to quit.
Has this person used memes, improper netspeak, or spammed non-spam topics?

Even after the creation of these two threads, the only moderator with any sense is still frustrated with the behavior of TwilightSucks members and announced her frustrations to the public. Amazingly, the members pretended to listen to her only because she was a staff member, even though the last two trolls clearly stated the same problem. To add further to the insanity, here is a list of about of the people that agreed with her, even though they misused netspeak, used memes a lot, or changed the topic of a thread to something completely irrational via spam.

  • Too Funk To Drunk
  • Mars Defden
  • Meghan
  • Fujiko
  • Zaxoth
  • Stormy
  • Angel
  • Avocados :D

Essentially half of the people that agreed with Chaos were hypocrites. Hurry, Chaos! Hurry and flee before you become Zaxoth!

We ARE Keeping everything on our own turf and are unbiased

ED, Youtube, and dA is their turf?

Trolling fansites is perfectly bannable over at TwilightSucks, but if they troll anyone else, it is obviously acceptable because every other piece of the Internet is theirs. They cannot even adhere to their own standards of not trolling fansites because they mindlessly praised the ED article about Twitards and contributed to it. Zaxoth's claim is that only a few people were involved in it, so they are not hypocritical when they praise it. What he actually means is that anyone who does something like that is automatically exiled from the failland of salvation. In fact, they staked Youtube as their own piece of land by bitching about Twilight on Youtube. The Sony-Mae article also originated from the bowels of the failpit, where people giggled and shit their pants because the author for the Twitard article and the Sony-Mae article is the same. Trolling deviantArt weirdos is perfectly acceptable since deviantArt is their territory. In fact, they believe that ED is for pushing their biases on other people.

You got us all wrong!

After reading the article, one TwilightSucks member posted a thread concerning its correctness here. Unlike the troll posts, which had definite authors, the writer of this article was unknown, leading them to go through the typical procedure of sniffing out who did the article and toss the butthurt word around to make themselves seem lulzy. Unfortunately, their attempts to act cool instead showed how much they need something tangible to tear apart when someone points out their flaws.

Maybe it's cause I'm apart of this community, but hell, despite what the EDers write, I think TS has done a good job spreading the Anti-lols around.



I say someone is all pissy and whiney because they're not being favored... or they got banned--so they made an ED as an obvious show of how sad they are at revenge




Not to mention some things are actually incorrect.

This was made by someone butthurt. They're not being lulzy, they're just being a Stephenie Meyer trying to get payback





Is it just me, or are half of the example threads on that article not even relevant to the points they're trying to make?

...And since when do any of these members spam everywhere and overuse memes? And why am I on the list? :lol:

   Too Funk To Drunk
   Mars Defden
   Kc11(Mmm Boobies)
   Avocados :D

Can anyone think of some incident where some of the people on this list angered some troll or something? Because aside from the staff members (who would obviously be a target to ED trolls anyway) they seem like just random names to me. .__. I don't think anyone on it spams too much or overuses memes.



—Stormy, who is clearly clueless


The fact that they didn't put me on there says a lot, considering I'm a staff member. Not only that, but any average EDiot would have a lot to say about a mod who's into Nazis and black metal. Those two subjects tend to get a lot of mileage at ED.


—Blonde Guardian, stating what she believes ED must cover


And sometimes it's not doing a good job at being a troll; some of the articles read more like butthurt people that ED was originally meant to make fun of.

And how are people taking this badly? From what I see, most of the members here are having a laugh over the fact that whoever wrote that article missed out on some details that can be considered fine ED bait.

Perhaps you should calm down first?


—dragonfire5000, pointing out behavior we already predicted


This. Maybe I missed something, but I don't think anyone in this thread is really whining about the article at all. We're only discussing it.

I know I couldn't care less what some random trolls have to say about me and one of my favorite forums. I actually find it mildly amusing that they're trying so hard. :P


—Stormy, pretending to not give a damn


I kinda take it badly because I think some Ediots decided to give me and BS a rough time with all the Fangirl Encounters.

I think the # of BS stories might have increased when it was put up.


—Phoenixangelgal, admitting her views of ED were scarred ever since she and her friends got the wrong end of the stick


I think that is the point.

ahhh well...some people just seemed like they where getting butt hurt

naaa I'm actually quite calm, truth be told I just found it funny that some people where taking it "SURIOSLY!!" XD




And you only continue to prove our point. We constantly come up with new words to riff on the same subject. ED uses the exact same words to riff on a wide variety of subjects. <_<


More word choice equals more intelligence!


SK is responsible for more than 70% of that article, I can tell you that right now.

The article is so mind-blowingly unfunny, there's no way she couldn't have written it.


—Fujiko, expressing distaste because this does not praise them

Obvious bias is obvious

Bias is blatantly obvious in TwilightSucks, even though the name of the site already gave that away. Staff members base morality on how much they like people instead of how well they can do their jobs. The more you get along with TwilightSucks members, the more you contradict yourself. As if that were not enough, a staff member claimed she hates special treatment even though she openly gives it based on how much she liked a person's ED article. When one of their idols cites ED for Internet culture information, they view it as complete truth even though they lol at others using ED as a source. None of their behavior makes sense.

Gallery of Hypocrisy and Overall stupidity

Recommended Trolling Techniques

External Links

See Also

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