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Troy Riser, the Chris Hansen of YouTube
Panic in Pedo-ville.
A tanker full of Ben-Gay couldn't soothe this much butthurt

Troy Riser is an internets war hero on YouTube. He started out as just an average vlogger, uploading home movies, and talking about whatever he felt like. After being on YT for about a year, he couldn't help but notice the inordinate amount of kid-fiddlers there. Irish282, UpDownMostly, DynaCatlovesme, it just went on and on.


So now his specialty is pedophiles, and he pisses them off like noone else can. Whenever he makes a video, the pedos come out of the woodwork, generating massive amounts of butthurt, and lulzy comments on tap. Here's a small list of just some of the tubers that hate Troy Riser's guts:

Interesting people

Other YouTubers

Troy's brilliant work against YouTube pedophiles sparks online news coverage.

Troy initiates the conversation

the Disney Channel attracts pedophiles. Whats your point? I dont evne knwo what to say. Kids cant just hide in a closet because the possibility of pedos being "attracted".


Logan Sperman, asking for it

You're his mouthpiece, his thrall, his eager-to-please flunkie. That tinpot cult leader-wannabe dictates your every move. For once in your life, young as you are, make an adult decision and get out of this mess, now and forever.


—Troy Riser, on Logan's man-friend Irish282

I find it odd, that you do not realise, that the work I am doing is towards the very fact of reducing suffering, as much as is possible, for minors and adults. Please, ad hominem will only work for so long, then I will get bored.


—Nigel Oldfield, convicted pedo discussing his "important work"

I just got over 1,000 pornographic spam messages from the hacked account of iamachef, asking me to watch a video of a dog having sex with a woman, and to join a group called 'Fuck Irish282'. This clearly shows the level of abuse people are dealing with on YouTube. This should stop, or else YT will be taken to court.


—richiepiep threatens with a lolsuit

A guaranteed shitstorm on every video

Troy's uncanny ability to piss people off comes through in every video he makes. In this new submission, he tears Young Tubers United a new asshole, and exposes them as a front for pedophiles. The pedos, of course, are furious. lol.

Troy, a "pedophile" and "child rapist" are not the same thng..One has a sexual deviance, a sickness, to whatever degree caused by whatever reasons. They are attracted to children like a a guy might be attracted to a girl..You are attracted to women, but do you rape them? I mean its like night and day..Its no more accurate to call pedophiles child rapists, than it is for me to call you a woman rapist.. thats absurd.


Logan Sperman, sticking up for downtrodden pedophiles everywhere

DynaCatlovesme rethinks his position.
lolsuit page 1
lolsuit page 2


In an effort to silence Troy, the pedos have sent in their point man, DynaCatlovesme. Dyna's attorney sent Troy this lulzy "cease and desist" letter. Although DynaCat's attorney was more than willing to accept his money, he didn't have the heart to tell him that there's not a court in the land that would be willing to take on the case of "YouTube User: DynaCatlovesme VS Troy Riser".

zomg... moar butthurt

Teh haters

You know you're doing something right when a "hater" channel springs up in your honor. The TruthAboutTroyRiser channel is the pedo's answer to Troy's own channel. Made of fail and AIDS, it flounders on the outskirts of YouTube failing to get anywhere near the subscriber base needed to get its message out. A knock-off channel has also been started by the Legion of Noway, called truthriser(closed). With a dismal 2 subscribers, it follows in the same footsteps as its predecessor.

Disaster movie

This video was uploaded by CobaltDiselenide on Mar 8, 2008:

Claims Troy was a member of Yahweh and asked a minor for nude photos.

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