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Sometimes the best trolls are also the best lolcows.


—True dat.

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Trolls Trolling Trolls occurs when trolling either becomes semi-acceptable (thanks to those moralfags) or when targets become so used to trolling they can recognise one a mile away and try their best to avoid it. Like rabid cannibals, the trolls, usually newfags, lose sight of what they're doing and eventually turn on each other.

Doing it Wrong

Can you spot what's gone wrong?

As there are so many, many complete and utter fucking morons swimming around this series of tubes we call the Internet, there are plenty of people to choose from. One method of doing this is to act contrary to everyone else. If you are on an atheist website, flood it with fundamentalist propaganda. If you are on a website for animal rights, show them zippocat.

However taking the persona of an extremist freak often has its downside: some people think you are for real. These people think it would be great to troll you. These people, of course, are doing it wrong. This not only wastes both users' time, it also means the genuine cockbites and pseudo-celebs who think they run the net are being left unmolested. Clearly these trolls are not fulfilling their duty.


Self-trolling often occurs after playing forumwarz too much. This is when a troll makes too much effort to be noticed and all the other users simply ignore him. After making a complete tit of himself the troll will declare himself successful while everyone else facepalms.


Lulz-Blindness occurs when a veteran troll has been spending his time on the internet for so long that he can no longer tell the difference between genuine acts of epic trolling and the regular unfunny bullshit that occurs every five minutes on the intarwebs. Lulz-Blindness is one of the first signs of Chronic Troll Syndrome.

Once a veteran troll succumbs to lulz-blindess he quickly becomes a target for newer wannabe trolls, thus destroying his well-earned e-reputation in one fell swoop. The only solution is to try some IRL Trolling. Although this may lead to the final stages of CTS it reminds people how drama can be created very quickly.

Can You Troll a Troll?

A perfect example of self-trolling.

Contrary to popular belief - yes, you can troll a troll. When all other groups (faggots, furries, otherkin, niggers, epileptics etc.) have become sick of being targeted, the only groups left might be anonymous and other troll groups themselves.

This is rather difficult to do as anons tend not to practice on each other. Indeed the excuse "HA! I tutally trolled u guise yur all n00bs!" tend to be written by faggots who haven't got a fucking clue on how to troll successfully. There are however different methods:

How to Troll a Troll

  1. The original troll will target a certain person or group with the intention of leading them to epic butthurt
  2. In the course of doing this, the original troll may accidently make a stupid mistake.
  3. A second troll (who may or may not have been a victim) exploits this mistake
  4. The original troll is too humilated to carry on, thus flees from the website he was targeting

Trolls Trolling Trolls

  1. One troll deliberatly acts like a fucktard in order to gain attention
  2. A second troll, believing the first troll is being serious, attacks them using another extreme form of fucktardedness.
  3. The two will banter back and forth, one thinking that he is totally pwning the other.
  4. The end result it either:
  1. One gives up and leaves. The other (wrongly) thinks he has won.
  2. Both realise they have made a stupid mistake and claim it was all a joke. Honest.

Trolls Trolling Trolls Trolling Trolls

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Troll Shielding.

Trolls as a means of "protection"? Now we've seen everything!
These events can be confusing.

You may need to read the title twice. Slowly.

One must remember that not all trolls are in it for the lulz, or even because they genuinely enjoy trolling. Some people become trolls to avoid being targeted themselves, hoping that by spouting forced memes and pissing in oceans of piss (Trolling targets such as Chris-Chan and Spax3, where their contributions will go unnoticed or have no impact) that legitimate trolls will leave them alone.

It's usually quite easy to tell a true troll apart from a scared kid pretending to be a troll. Most fake trolls will still openly advertise their being a furry, weeaboo, TARTlet or retro kid on their YouTube channels and Myspace accounts (If they've truly converted to trolling, chances are, they would delete any incriminating evidence of their shameful pasts).

It is in cases like these that trolling "trolls" is warranted. Fake trolls do a grave disservice to the fine men and women who dedicate their lives to ruining the lives of others. After all; if they weren't busy pretending to be trolls, they would be just the same as any other potential target a troll might pick. Fake trolls will usually drop the act after being called out on their bullshit by whoever it was who drove them to faking in the first place. However, if a fake troll claims to be committed to the cause, it may take dropping their dox or reminding them in public that there is no difference between them and the people they now claim to hate.

Occasions such as these are rare. One example comes from SpleeNfat and his AntiED wiki. SpleeNfag tried to stop trolls trolling by trolling them, which did not last long. While pretending to be a l33t troll trying to milk the lulz out of ED, another user (pretending to be a member of his AntiED wiki) both trolled and Rickroll'd him. It should be noted however that SpleeNfat was never a true troll or member of anon, just a bucket full of failure.

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Trolls trolling trolls doesn't always happen by accident. Here is a simple tutorial on how to troll /b/:

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What's basically going on.

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