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Trolling Induced Transsexuality Syndrome (also known as TITS) is an increasingly common condition that occurs when someone is trolled so hard online that they become tranny.

The theory of TITS is based on the high correlation between high-profile lolcows and sex changes occurring after they had been massively trolled. The hypothesis states that, after being trolled into severe levels of butthurt (manifesting themselves in ways such as sperging out, death threats, quitting the internet, calling the police and cutting off all hair in a Britney Spears freak-out), and often after failed attempts to an hero, the lolcow realizes they can not escape the trolls even in death and decides that the only solution is to become another person altogether. An alternative theory posits that lolcows become so psychologically addicted to the attention they receive as troll victims that they feel as though they must continue to provoke the internet or be faced with a reality in which they aren't even wanted as targets.

A further correlation that is to be noted is that between trannies and being crazy in general. However, although people like JDR and Brianna Wu further cement the idea that trannies are batshit crazy, the TITS theory refutes the SJW claims that trannies are only crazy because the cis-patriarchy is mean to them, and instead flips the cause and effect, proving once and for all that being a tranny doesn't make you crazy, but rather, only crazy people become trannies in the first place. In essences, the general tendency for mental illness that is often misdiagnosed as transgenderism is a catalyst for becoming a lolcow, which in-turn causes the sort of mental pressure brought on by trolling that further exacerbates the condition in an already weak mind, finally manifesting as PTSD induced depersonalization that the lolcow misinterprets as a desire to change its sex.

In most cases, the act of changing one's appearance to that of the opposite sex can make it difficult for him to be recognized by others. Normally, this could then be used as an opportunity to disguise oneself and start a clean slate. However, TITS differs because the lolcow will make absolutely no meaningful effort to take advantage of the anonymity afforded by his new appearance to change his own behavior that attracts unwanted attention to begin with. Instead, TITS is merely an attempt to shield the lolcow's ego from further attack by taking advantage of the persecution complex that is prevalent in the transgender community.

Much like how niggers join gangs so someone will have their back (since their father left), lolcows turn tranny and join the LGBTQIA Rainbow Gang so everyone will stop making fun of them. Then they can continue to be completely worthless retards and make death threats against anyone who so much as looks at them wrong. This is similar to the previous phenomenon prevalent in the late 90's and early 00's of people on DeviantArt self-diagnosing themselves with autism to discourage criticism.

TITS is a natural product of liberalism. Much like kikes have taken any criticism of anything any Jew does and can cry "anti-Semitism", trannies can take any criticism or disagreement with them and cry "transphobia". Furthermore, it is this selfsame liberalism that aids the lolcow in receiving medical treatment from doctors who choose to avoid being labeled a bigot rather than offering the lolcow undergo therapy first suggesting an alternative diagnosis to trannism.

Notorious Trannies on the Internets

  • Chris Chan: Biggest lolcow in history. After years and years of trolling from literally everyone online, Chris decided he is now female. This is particularly remarkable because trolls have been able to transform Chris into a dick-girl from a formerly raging homophobe.
  • Sceptre: One of ED's favorite lolcows for many years. After dropping off our radar for a few years, reemerged wearing a dress and claiming to be a woman.

  • Chris Crocker: Originally just a faggot, but after getting worldwide attention, went tranny all the way. After people forgot about him he calmed down, did some lame ass porn, quit SJW shit and realized he's just a basic fag after all.
  • Jesse Slaughter: After pretty much trolling her to the point of sending her dad to join the internet lumberjack in heaven, Jessie realized that she done goofed and became a man. This shows that the TITS phenomenon is not limited only to MtF trannies.
  • The Eclectic Espeon: Better known now as itssimplyharuka, a brony who got attention for his god-awful Journey of the Spark movie. As a result of his movie getting C&D'ed, subsequently being canceled and having his interests became common knowledge, he became a self-diagnosed weeaboo tranny.
  • Claire Kittrell: aka CopperCab or "The Angry Ginger", a hillbilly from deep in the inbred fleshpots of Georgia who was temporarily e-famous by being a spaz on cam over an episode of South Park. About five years later, Claire tasted a measure of IRL fame due to somehow landing a television show on a network nobody gets. Missing the asspats of IRL "fame" and the gloryholes of Hollywood, Claire came out as a proud member of the deluge of Internet addicted trannies.
  • Zoe Quinn: Yes, Zoe Quinn, I shit you not! Faux game developer and turbowhore extraordinaire announced that she is "not cis" and that she was actually a man inside her female body all along. The fact that she only became vocal about it after Gamergate exploded several times around her much like the infamous five guys exploded in her, may be a good indicator that this could've been the result of being under the GG-related trolling spotlight. Not as lolcow-worthy as an MTF trannysition, but still an indication of lolcow mental instability.

Conclusion: Only the whitest, most famous and thoroughly trolled individuals online become trannies.

Trauma and Misdiagnosed Trannydom

Further verification of TITS theories comes from the many cases of misdiagnosed, regretful transgenders. The most notable of which is Walt Heyer.

Heyer was a successful businessman who underwent unnecessary gender reassignment surgery after the trauma of his divorce and career failings unearthed a hidden dissociative disorder that he mistook as a desire to change his sex, which was then approved by hack psychologists. Several years later he reversed the surgery (what he could at least) and was properly treated for the illness he has. Today he is an advocate against excessive sex change operations and believes many are in his shoes, like Bruce Jenner who had a sex change after getting divorced while losing his TV show and killing an old lady with his car.

What does this have to do with TITS? Well, this clearly shows that trauma can trigger latent mental disorders, which can then be miscategorized as gender dysphoria. Furthermore, since the kind of person who is likely to be massively trolled is already a thin-skinned lunatic, making the leap from that to them suffering traumatic distress from something as meaningless as being made fun of online is very plausible.

Autism and Misdiagnosed Trannydom

The darkest moment was when I realised I had actually looked normal for a girl, that I had been slim and pretty. Now, as a result of having transitioned, I will always have a female body that is freakish.


—Lou, Autistic woman was enabled by doctors into having a regrettable sex change operation

Another possible cause for misplaced feelings of dysphoria is autism.

One expert believes that many trans people are in-fact autistic and overly focused on their gender, in typical autistic obsession. This idea is corroborated by a study that found that trans people are eight times more likely to be autistic than their normal counterparts in the general populaces. This ties into TITS theory due to the known facts that autistic people are both more likely to suffer from mental illnesses (such as the dissociative disorder that caused Walt Heyer to change his sex, or the fact this is made self evident when you consider transsexuality is in and of itself a mental disorder) and more likely to be trolled online.

The takeaway from this is that an autistic individual, under the unwatchful eye of a neglectful caretaker, may develop a metal disorder (with or without the help of trolls) and then, while drawing fire to himself from trolls by acting autistic online, end up having said disorder manifest itself in the form of TITS, egged on by the stress of being trolled.

Latent Trannyhood

However, the above does not readily explain the cases where it's hard to determine just how much said lolcows are into it. Take Chris Chan, for example: those who have been following his antics from a certain distance were caught completely unprepared when he came out as a "lesbian-identified man" and then into a full-blown tranny; the general consensus of this is that Chris has finally reached his trolling endgame and blew the remaining gasket that was keeping whatever little mental stability he had left. However, Chris was already such a monumental social retard in the first place, so people wonder if this is just another ploy to get a woman; this time elusive lesbians, continuing his unsuccessful "love quest". However, renouncing your gender and accepting trannyhood as an adult (one can argue that this doesn't count because Chris is still a manchild) is, by all intents and purposes, a very difficult decision. Would Chris have gone that far as to transition for China? Was it a deep desire all along? Or is it a result of his well-known hatred of men, having gone as far as saying that he'd go under sex surgery before becoming homosexual? This only tells us that the most lulzy cases of TITS should be examined in a case by case basis.

It can't be determined for sure that cases such as Chris' are a direct result of TITS, an indirect conclusion, or perhaps even the natural progression of a lolcow at one point in their lives. But don't worry, our best scientists and experts are working on the case.

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