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Use this t-shirt to troll IRL.

Trolling IRL is exactly the same as trolling OTI, except with the consequences. It is harder than OTI trolling because you might actually get your ass kicked, get raped or otherwise be violently assaulted. But if pulled off correctly, has potential for massive lulz. Think of it like this, Trolling IRL is the equivalent to getting pussy and Trolling OTI is equivalent to fapping.

In most cases, IRL trolling is caused by Chronic Troll Syndrome.

Viddy This

Perhaps the greatest artistic representation of IRL Trolls.

Epic IRL Faggot

Lemon Party is great for trolling OL and IRL

Despite what emo kids would have you believe, he is not an epic troll. He is still in fact a faggot.

Astronomically Epic IRL Troll

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Stephen Colbert.

How it's done. Note his ability to stay in character
Trolling the US Congress

Notable Examples of Trolling IRL

Kim Jong Il doesn't just troll... he does it for the lulz.
Dongs = tools of the trade.
Beware, IRL trolling may result in being tazed...Bro.
Protest Trolling
in-school trolling


Ideas That You Can Use to Troll IRL

How to troll irl.PNG
Warning: May cause the nigger to smoke your ass
A lesson from The Master.
  • Ask your cash- strapped IT department why the computers don't have Windows 7 yet.
  • Kirk or Picard?
  • Fuck with the thermostat.
  • Wear a New York Yankees hat in Boston or Kansas City.
  • Start a meth lab by your local day care center or elementary school.
  • Take a shit in the top tank (Upperdecker).
  • Defend the actions of, or claim to attend, Westboro Baptist Church
  • Ask someone for help when using the urinal.
  • Tell a Jew about your massive collection of Nazi memorabilia.
  • Take a shit in a public restroom. Don't flush.
  • Shit in the urinal.
  • Find a South Korean Baptist Church. Take the North Korea Is Best Korea image, place it on a sign, and put it by the church.
  • Find a road sign indicating you have entered a county. Correct the spelling.
  • Call a sexual abuse support line. Tell them that the woman who called in before you is a tramp and that no one believes her.
  • Post a sign outside the local fundamentalist church about the gay singles' night and pride parade they will be having that Friday.
  • Ask an atheist what's so logical about everything coming from nothing.
  • When an atheist points out how religion kills, talk about Mao, Stalin, and every other communist dictator who was both an atheist and managed to wipe out a few million.
  • Go to the local college. Take a shit somewhere. Anywhere. Post a sign about how the shit was generously donated by John Rubenstein, Class of 1948.
  • Go to some place with public computers (library, school, etc.) and set the homepage for all of them to last measure.
  • Wear iPod headphones attached to a shitty MP3 player and walk into the ghetto.
  • Find any street sign named CANAL STREET, and correct its spelling with green spray paint
  • Give AIDS to your lover.
  • Join an anarchist black bloc
  • Join a sex cult and give them AIDS
  • Rearrange grocery items on the shelves
  • Wear Klan Kloths
  • Glue coins to the top of busy stairs ie a train station and watch/film people falling over
  • Happy slapping
  • Get a tattoo like this and never wear a shirt again. (Archived: ArchiveToday-favicon.png1 Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 2)
  • Paste rape support group fliers on the doors of Catholic churches.
  • Invoke Satan in discussions with street preachers.
  • Urinate into a lemonade bottle and leave it in somebody's fridge. For extra fun, change the nutrition-box information.
  • Take a shit on a paper towel and then put it in a soap dispenser.
  • Follow old people around with a boom box playing Vengaboys' "We Like to Party" ERASED (Archived: Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg 1)
  • Listen and sing along to anything by GG Allin, GWAR, or the Mentors in public.
  • When in a men's bathroom, crumple up paper towels and toss them into the urinals to practice your basketball skills.
  • Do small random things to annoy people, like following too closely or keeping pace with them on sidewalks.
  • Make your privates public.
  • Indiscriminantly label everything as a Zionist conspiracy to create economic prisoners for 1%.
  • Shit in someone’s cat box.
  • When panhandling, don't write your pleas on cardboard. Type them out on your tablet instead and hold it up for passerby to see.
  • When in a foreign country, either speak their language in your normal accent, or speak English in their accent.
  • Piss in someone's gas tank.
  • Go out on the streets with a sign proclaiming that the end times are near, and ask random women to have sex with you.
  • Glue a quarter to the ground. Watch as fucktards try desperately to get it (bonus points if you do it near landscapers).
  • Sharking.
  • Move a bookstore's entire stock of bibles into the fiction section.
  • The Christfag version of the above: Move the bookstore's stock of Richard Dawkins books to the beginning readers' section.
  • Leave the copy machine set to reduce 200%, extra dark, 17 inch paper, 99 copies.
  • In the memo field of all your checks, write "for sexual favors."
  • Specify that your drive-through order is "TO-GO."
  • Have buttsecks with a girl and halfway trough, pull back her head by her hair and whisper into her ear, "I Have AIDS."
  • Make beeping noises when a fat person backs up.
  • Ask faggots if buttsecks hurts.
  • Use words such as "abortion" and "Holocaust" in casual conversation
  • Go to Planned Parenthood and ask if they sell coat hangers.
  • Wake Jehovah's Witnesses or Mormons up at 5 AM on Sunday to ask if they've considered atheism.
  • Dance to music in your iPod at deaf support groups.
  • Sell nickel bags of oregano to fat emo kids.
  • Steal a large quantity of orange traffic cones and reroute whole streets.
  • Ask people what gender they are.
  • Go to a poetry recital and ask why each poem doesn't rhyme.
  • Print out shock images and place them in places people can't reach.
  • Go to a feminazi rally and hold up a sign that says, "Make me a sandwich."
  • Don't flush.
  • Successfully use the word virgin as an insult against a 16 year old girl (bonus points if you deflorate her).
  • Draw a huge penis on a football field using weed killer a day before the game.
  • Bring sex toys for show and tell...or if old enough, bring as your project. Always old enough.
  • Go to the opening of the New Star Trek movie dressed as a stormtrooper, with a lightsaber, blasting the theme to Star Wars on a nigger.
  • Hack a programmable road sign to say "Jews did WTC"
  • Go to a gamestop on the midnight release of Battletoads.
  • Ask anyone in a candy store if they sell edible condoms.
  • Ask a typical fat person if he has more than one pair of underwear.
  • Go to a kindergarden classroom, and when nobody's there, tape a image of Goatse to the blackboard.
  • Throw batteries at people.
  • Draw a cock on the male bathroom door.
  • Go to a playground wearing a trenchcoat, and hold one of those shake-to-charge flashlights under the coat at about waist height. Stare at the children and charge vigorously. If called out on it, produce the flashlight, and remark that even had you been jacking off, it would present no danger to the children.
  • Call a taxi or pizza delivery guy to your neighbor's house. Bonus points if they answer the door.
  • Liquid Ass a store making it stink really bad.
  • Shine a laser pointer at a plane or helicopter.
  • Write JEWS DID WTC on a piece of paper, laminate it, and tape it onto the door of a synagogue.
  • Get a realistic looking squirt gun. Spraypaint it black. Go to a bad part of town at night and wait for a nigger to try to mug you. Pull it on him.
  • Sing loudly in public, especially if your voice sucks.
  • Crank up your IPod music in the middle of a quiet, crowded library.
  • Purchase a customized T-Shirt with a swastika printed on it and walk casually around large public places and gatherings.
  • Put up posters IRL informing people of a free pizza with an online order at Bonus points if it is posted in your college and reads "student discount."
  • Speak loudly in movie theaters.
  • Put Staedtler stickers on EVERYONE.
  • Take a raunchy, watery shit all over a toilet seat in a public restroom without cleaning up.
  • Take part in a skeet shooting competition, but instead of using clay pigeons, use recently-baptized babies and kittens.
  • For sports fans: go up to a fan of a major-league team whose fans are known for fapping to them and being butthurt whenever someone calls them out on what a shitty team theirs is. (I.E. Talk about how the Yankees are a bunch of greedy juiced-up pricks, or how the Cowboys haven't won a Super Bowl in almost 15 years. This works very well OTI too.)
  • Find a girl on the strictly platonic page of Craigslist, realize that she is just looking for sex without feeling like a whore, be a total asshole to her until shes writhing in your palm, then give her a fake phone number at 2AM. Lulz Ensue when you later have her show up at your Brother's house midnight a week later.
  • Push someone in a wheelchair down 3 flights of stairs.
  • Walk around town playing YouTube Favicon.png this on a boombox. Wayback Machine Favicon.jpg Waybacked
  • Pull up next to a guy driving a Honda S2000 and say: "Hey, nice Miata"
  • Tell those weaboos that their beloved motherland is dead.
  • Trolling IRL: Racism

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