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Troll science, Trollodynamics, or Trolology is a comic based form of trolling that was born in the boring crapfest board on 4chan that is known as /sci/. It began with the /sci/entists discovering new and interesting ways to troll the general populace, creating mind numbing logical fallacies within science and presenting them before your bloodshot eyes as you scroll teh internets at 4am. Observance of these comics, if done accurately, can cause instant and irreversible mindfuck. The first example of which was the terrific trollerific tricky troll car, conveniently placed above.

However the reality of troll science is that nearly all of these badly drawn cockfarts present no real mindbending paradoxes, instead the occasional bout of "wait, could you... could you really do that?" before and immediate response from yourself or anyone near you "no that's retarded".

Some would say that troll science has also been infected by various other unfunny sources, such as reddit, Tumblr and /b/. Therefore many carelessly shit versions have been spewed out, often relying on LolSoRandumness to drag their way through their ms paint abortion, and raping poor ol' trollface with the cunt and paste tools.


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