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"Remorse" redirects here. For the Advice Dog variant, see Remorse Dog
"Is it can be hugs tiem now plees?"
This image is known to cause troll's remorse when spamming Steve Irwin images.
An angel feeling sad because you are not remorseful. But not that sad — she's not crying blood.

You know that sinking feeling in your stomach when you made someone cry on the Internet for the first time? Do you experience guilt and other emo fgt emotions after an epic troll?

This is the medical condition known as Troll's Remorse.

You may also experience Troll's Remorse when you are caught by LJ Abuse and lose your paid account. Other cases, though not frequent, occur when something epic happens to someone who doesn't deserve it. As stated, this rarely happens because everyone fucking deserves it.

Common Mistakes

  • If you are feeling Troll's Remorse, do not, under any circumstances, apologize.
  • If you begin to feel Troll's Remorse set in, do not tell anyone, or else you will instantly be branded a pussy and lose your hard-earned internet cred.
  • Make sure you close yourself off from the outside world and pretend you're a villain and not just some fat pussy.



Some common TR triggers include:


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