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One of the hairjob fantasies the 5000 tested people have.
This exists, apparently.

Hair fetishism is a condition where people see locks of hair as worthy candidates to stick their peen in.

It's when your dick gets risen to life when you touch of even see all kinds, colors, lengths and styles of hair, even your own, so you got your own Viagra on your head unless you're bald. Even a sick fuck version, pubic hair fetishism, also counts.

Haircut fetishism is a related issue in which a person is aroused by having their head hair cut or shaved, by cutting the hair of another, by watching someone get a haircut, by seeing someone with a shaved head or very short hair, or imagining all that hair turned into your disposable onahole to please your cock.

Even artificial hair counts, like on dolls, something one of our local b& pedos knows a lot about.


Technically, hair fetishism is called trichophilia, which comes from "trica-", which means hair, and the suffix "-philia", which means love.

For the people that actually speak a lick of English, it means you love hair, plain and simple.


Men tend to have hair in more places than women. Hair does not in itself have any intrinsic sexual value other than the attributes given to it by individuals in a cultural context, so why people are turned on about it is a mystery. Many cultures regard a woman's hair to be erotic. For example, many Islamic women cover their hair in public, cause it's either dirty or it's been shaved. Similarly, many Jewish wimmins and Middle Aged wimmins cover their hair after marriage.

Even in cultures where women do not cover their filthy hair, the erotic significance of hair is recognized by these sick fucks. They say that the hair on your head, is regarded as a person's secondary sexual characteristic, which is why Homer never gets any anymore. In the case of women especially, head hair has been presented in art and literature as a feature of beauty, vanity and eroticism, and based on these facts, can also cure AIDS and un-abort your baby. In those cultures, considerable time and expense is put into the actual presentation of hair, and in some cases to the removal of culturally unwanted hair after realizing that women have tits and they figured to actually fucking use them for something.

Hair fetishism manifests itself in a variety of sick behaviors. They may enjoy seeing or touching hair like your creepy uncle and pulling on or cutting the hair of another person during raep. Besides enjoyment they may become sexually aroused from such activities, again during said raeping. It may also be described as an obsession, as in the case of Robert Casio and his collection of doll porn. Arousal by head hair may arise from pretty much doing anything related to it. Others may find the attraction of literally "having sex with somebody's hair" as a fantasy or fetish. The fetish affects both men and women, but mostly men cause many wimmins don't have a penis to put in said hair.

Some people feel pleasure when their hair is being cut or groomed. This is because they also get off on making themselves bald, giving them a feeling which is similar to that of a head massage, laughter, or caress, and the look of a generic rapist or pedo if you're already balding. However, some random hair enthusiast named Sigmund Freud stated that cutting woman's long hair by men may represent a concept of castration(You thought we were kidding?), meaning that whoever thought this concept up first honestly needs that to be done to him to really see what it's like.

Trichophilia is mostly associated with human head hair, cause most trichophiliacs don't want to be bestial as well(Keyword being most). Trichophilia may also involve facial, chest, pubic, armpit, and ass hair, and animal fur. The excitation can arise from everything about it. The most common are from long hair and short hair, plus blonde hair, ginger hair and the different textures of hair. Trichophilia can relate to the excitement that is caused by plucking or pulling hair or body hair. Need we say more?


5000 individuals worldwide were chosen and had been tested positive for having sexual fantasies of fucking Rapunzel's golden, long locks from 381 Internet discussion groups. Of the sampled population, 7 percent were turned on by hair (as opposed to 12 for wimmins panties, but only 4 for actual fucking genitals, 3 for tits, 2 for ass, and less than one for body hair in general. Meaning more people are turned on by someone's pubes than a real life pussy or cock or breasts. These people will be labeled as hair-loving permavirgins and will most likely carry that title until death, where they will be embalmed in their own cut locks.)

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