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The picture that started it all
Believed to be responsible for the death of Trap-kun's parents
Proving the Asians' small penis stereotype once and for all. That's big?
Suddenly, AIDs.
A different species of trap

Trap-kun is the title given to a manorexic Azn camwhore, Jrocker wannabe, and attention whore who has slutted his face across 4chan, 7chan, and Stickam. Upon his arrival a number of /b/tards, many of whom had never seen a real live Asian before, perceived Trap-kun's gender to be ambiguous. It was not until after pictures of cock were posted that the question was finally put to rest; hence the reference in this chan's name.


Trap-kun, also known as Peter-Leon Ho Nguyen, lives in Sydney, Australia, where he can frequently be seen performing fellatio on older men. He claims to be bisexual and like all bisexuals cultivates a healthy interest in child porn, sadism, transvestism, and shota. He is also obsessed with the thought of fucking nerds and therefore preys upon /b/tards. You have been warned.

Like Harry Potter, Peter's carefree and happy childhood came to an untimely end when his parents were irl pwnt by dark wizards automobile accident (living proof that Asians cannot drive, evar). Experts from Chansluts speculate that Trap and his three other siblings inherited a considerable amount of money which was then promptly spent on drugs and women's clothing.

Young and naive, little Peter released all of his angst by listening to Dir en grey, sniffing crack out of his Lolita sister's ass, and whoring himself on message boards across the internets, much to the delight of pedophiles everywhere. Eventually he discovered /b/, where he found a legion of weeaboo and faggot fanboys all hungry for pictures of his petite oriental asshole.

After realizing he had no dignity left, Trap-kun disappeared for a time and would later be seen seducing little boys on MySpace. He was later banned by Tom and his army of 16-year-old girls for phishing and distributing a large list of stolen usernames and passwords to the internet hate machine. After barely passing high school and finding himself without drugs and cash, Peter did what any metrosexual man with no real talent would do: he started working as a hairdresser (aka blowjob machine). Later a friend of the family would secure employment for our pathetic camwhore with Peter Morrissey. He now works at Ksubi for money to support his growing drug problem.

Son of Trap

Actual photo of Pearson the drug-child.

Like any flaming homosexual, Trap-kun is ready and willing to screw anything that moves so long as it has drugs, money, or preferably both. Being the exhibitionist that he is, Petie often cheats on his lovers and takes pix of himself and his drugged up partners in various states of undress for the entire internets to see.

That said, Trappy tells that he failed to wrap up his pencil-dick up one night while high and sticking his member into a cunt that didn't happen to belong to his girlfriend at the time. This resulted in the birth of a mistake named Pearson. The crack-child's mother supposedly took him away from his whore-father to live with her in Amerikkka. Pearson is believed to be about 4 years of age by now. If located, please refer him to this article so that he can learn moar about his origins.

After losing Pearson, excessive cocaine use left Trap-kun with a manic drug addiction. Having failed as a parent, watched his naked pictures spread all over the internet, and possibly contracted any number of STDs, Trap-kun is well on his way to becoming a potential an hero. If you should encounter this chan, please encourage him to DO IT FAGGOT - and make sure you get the pics for ED!

Faked Death?

In 2007, rumors surfaced across the chans that Trap-kun's cocaine addiction got the better of him and he died shortly after an overdose. However, /b/tards in Sydney have since proved this rumor false. In fact, it is now believed that the rumors in fact originated from Trap-kun himself, who wants all of his embarrassing photos to stop circulating on the interbutts and Wapanese to stop stalking him.

Silly trap; you can't escape from us - we know where you live!


ED's own Mixedbaglollies took it upon himself to personally fuck the living daylights out of Trap-kun. The following is his own incomplete account of the stalking and rape of one slutty Asian meme. (WARNING: TL;DR)

I've been talking to Trap-kun for some time now, i even sent him some fake pictures of myself (which really belong to a young and cute looking 18 year old boy/Which is probably the only reason why he still talked to me at that point) and finally i decided to move onto the second phase of my plan. I asked him if he wanted to meet up with me and go clubbing in the city, and he readily agreed. We agreed on a time and date, Saturday the 24th of November 2007 at 10 pm on the corner of Taylor Square Oxford St. Days had passed and since then we had traded cell phone numbers and then the 24th came. All day during that day i thought about finally meeting the legendary Trap-Kun, even though i had no intentions of meeting him face to face on the corner of Taylor Square. It was 8pm, time was nearing and i just got out of the shower, i shaved and put on some nicely aromatic aftershave, picked out some nice clothes and i was set. By now it was around 8:50pm, i decided to leave early and find a spot where i can watch everything that happens on Taylor Square without being noticed much. I left and was well on my way to the third phase on my plan. I waited cautiously and patiently for him to arrive, not surprisingly he arrived late, but he made it, walking up towards the square he was wearing dark grey skin tight jeans, boots, and a slightly lose fitting white t-shirt with a large grey circle in the middle, (much like the flag of japan but grey circle instead of red), he walked back and forward around Taylor square looking for me, he thought he was meeting an 18 year old university student who’s fun loving and likes to party. Little does he know, that I’m really a 30 year old electronic goods store clerk who’s idea of fun, is nothing like he would expect. A good ten minutes had passed and then i text messaged him making up some bullshit excuse for not meeting him ["im so sorry babe,something came up with my family and i wont be able to make it tonight! :( "]. I watch him take out his cell phone and read the text i had just sent, i could tell he was furious, he took out a cigarette and light it up, i knew this was the last time he will ever talk to me, but that’s ok, my plan was slowly unfolding and was still seemingly swaying towards my way. I watched him call someone from his cell, it looked like he got over it already, i was disappointed , i was hoping it would ruin his night and he would go straight home leading me to his nest, but no, this was just the beginning of my night. Soon after, a female friend arrived to greet Trap-kun, they hugged and kissed each others cheeks. They seemed closer than just normal friends, but maybe its just because I’m an obsessive compulsive loner who wouldn’t know shit about greetings between metrosexuals. They walked back down towards the gay clubs on the street, i arose from my post and proceeded to follow, i had learnt alot from movies that should keep a distance from the target and such. As i followed and watched them from afar, i felt a deep desire to feel his hair, it was longer than i had expected, it looked longer than what it was in his photos, his hair actually flutters so carelessly in the wind, it looked healthy and silky, i wondered to myself what it would feel like to have a piece of his hair wrapped around my penis. They then headed into a video bar called " Midnight Shift " which had no entry fee, they bought drinks and took a seat along the wall facing the bar, the music was loud, and very gay. I got myself a glass of orange juice, i could not be under any influence of alcohol if i was to carry out my plans for Trap-kun. I sat on the same side as him about 5 seats down, but facing towards his left side, i see alot of lone men doing this, so im not out of place in any way. I wait for the moment he is seperated from his female companion, i didn’t expect to go on a wild goose chase tonight, but its foolish to think things will always go your way, I’m not out of the game yet ! About half an hour and a few drinks later he finally stood alone and started to head towards the bathroom, this was my chance to get closer, i was feeling the rush in my blood. I followed him into the toilets, he stood in front of the urinals and unzipped, i did the same, watching him from the corner of my eye, he slowly tilted his head backwards and let off a sigh of relief, i could not believe i have come this close to him, he didn’t so much as look at me, i just wanted to touch him, but it wasn’t the right time. After another half hour or so and more drinks, they left the Midnight Shift and started their journey to somewhere else. I followed them through crowds of people, it was busy that night, it was like Britney spears was in town. They got to a club called “ Arq “ I know this club very well, it was a hot spot for young drugged up teens and the people who fancied them, this was your stereotypical gay club, with pulsating house music, a dark seedy atmosphere, with a dance floor full of half naked 17 to 40 year olds. By the time we got there it was packed full of people, this is a perfect setting for someone in my situation. I followed Trap-kun into the bathroom, he went into a cubical with his lady friend, I walked into the one right next to theirs and just listened to what they were doing, I heard him say something along the lines of “ is this gear any good “ in which she replied “ top notch, trust me “ , at first I didn’t realize what they were talking about, but then I heard a sort of sniffing sound, and knew that they must have been snorting cocaine, Trap-kuns reputation lives up, he was about to be high on cocaine, and I could not be any happier, this is just one step closer. They stayed in their cubicle for a good 15 minutes or so, they must have been going hard on the powder. I heard rustling and commotion in their cubicle and I left mine just before they exited theirs, I washed my hands with my eyes on them through the mirror, Trap-kun was truly high by now, and as he left the bathroom, some people he knew walked in, and trap-kun let out a loud and obnoxious “ KONICHIWA BITCHES ! “ I was shocked, but his friends replied in the same fashion, and I thought it probably was an inside joke among them. I was surprised at how oblivious he was to the fact that I was following his every move, he seemed so care free and unaltered by everything that goes on around him, my urges to touch him grow, I yearn to feel his soft skin, to caress his hair and indulge in a kiss with him. Maybe my time to act was coming soon, I felt like that was the case. As usual I followed him out of the bathroom keeping my distance, his lady friend left his side, and my blood rushes, he’s on the packed dance floor and just begins to bob up and down, I thought someone like him would be dancing like a crazy man in this situation, but then the song changed, and then the trap threw his hands in the air and just screamed “ FUCK! “ I realized the song playing must’ve been a favorite , his female friend returned with drinks and then they just danced like no one on the floor existed, from then I could tell that trap only danced to songs he liked, and when a song he didn’t fancy was on, he would be scouting for potential victims, but tonight, he was the victim, and didn’t even know it. Many times during the night he would separate himself from the lady friend, maybe that’s just the way they are, they always meet up later anyway. I finally took the initiative of approaching him, to see if he would accept me, he was leaning up against the stage, with eyes half rolled back into his skull and bobbing to the music. “ Hi “ , he looked at me and smiled, and said “ How’s it going ? “ at that point I was relieved he didn’t tell me to fuck off or anything like that, I mean, I wasn’t a model, but I wasn’t ugly either. And so I continued on to say “ I love your hair “ , he giggled and thanked me for the compliment, I knew I was on my way to something here, he asked “ I don’t mean to be rude but do I know you ?” in which I replied “ oh no, I just thought you looked pretty and wanted to say hi” , he looked away and returned his eyes to me, and said “ oh , well, I’m Peter Leon, “ and put forth his hand to shake, I returned the shake and told him my name was “ Tony “ , his hands felt so soft like I had imagined, I couldn’t believe it, I held onto the shake for too long and then he disconnected it from me, smirked and said “ what the fuck is wrong with you ? “ He was as open as he was on the internet, he didn’t give a damn if he offended anyone. I went into a little panic and said “ oh sorry, I’m just a bit high ” , his face lit up and said “me too, what did you take tonight ?” I was kind of surprised at his strong Australian accent, I had imagined him to be like a Japanese tourist type of speaker, but then I remember that he was born here in Australia. I told him I had took a few pills, and as he was asking what type, his lady friend returned, I was annoyed, I just wanted her to leave us alone, I cant do what I was set out to do with the bitch around, so I took out my cell phone and pretended someone was calling me and left signaling that ill talk to him later. I watched them walk towards the other side of the dance floor, this side had a higher concentration of Asians, I was worried that I would lose sight of trap, but he stood out among the rest, with his extra long hair and style, not that everyone else in the room was ugly, but trap stood out. I then watched them snort more cocaine from a tube of some sort in plain sight of everyone, I guess no one cared, trap then got up on stage with the rest his friends and danced, guys and girls alike approached him all the time, I don’t blame them, he smelt heavenly that night. Then I saw some of the guys making passes at him, my blood boiled, they were contaminating him with their AIDS, though brushing most of them off him, he let this one young looking Caucasian boy suck onto his neck, on stage in plain view of everyone on the dance floor, and the balcony floor on top , some people who witnessed the event would jeer and howl, i was disgusted with these faggots, I had to do something to speed up things, by now, too much time had passed, I had to carry out the plans I had gone over in my head for months. I started to ask around for drug dealers, gay people can be so friendly when there something to do with drugs, I was finally introduced to a character named “ Steen “ I assumed that it was his dealer name, and not his real one. He said “ what do ya need, honey? “ and proceeded to tell him that I needed something that would “ nearly knock me out, but not really “ He then told me he knew someone who has such a drug and told me to wait right here and he will get him, a few minutes passed and he returned with an even gayer looking character and led me to the corner of the stairs going up, then said “these pills I have are new, and people have been telling me they really smack you out” I asked for two, and gave him the money, to be honest I thought he ripped me off, but there’s no price on the love you have for someone you’re stalking. He handed me these brownish redish coloured pills with little white and black dots all over them, I knew that there was a chance I could kill Trap-kun giving him these with all the coke he’s been taking tonight. But I was on a mission. I went in search of Trap-kun, and there he was, on another part of the stage dancing shirtless and looking around at everyone below him, scouting it seemed. His lady friend was no where I could immediately spot, so I made my way over to him. When I got there, he didn’t see me, nor did I imagined he cared if I returned or not, I stood there on the floor and watched him dance for a while, bobbing to the music a little myself to blend in, I could tell that the current song playing Trap-kun loved, he was wearing a small smirk, eyes half closed, body moving fluidly, his dancing style was a cross between a man and woman’s, much like his appearance, occasionally raising his fist, palm faced forward into the air and danced, like he was in control of the whole room, his body looked more beautiful in real life, he was slim, and sort of built, though sofly built, he didn’t have abdominals but he had pecs, and his pelvis bones were showing, and flat stomach. I tapped his leg and he looked down, and signaled me to get up on stage, I shook my head in embarrassment so I returned the signal for him to come down to where I was, he rolled his eyes and jumped down, I knew I had better make it worth his while, I reached into my pockets and showed him the pills I had just bought for him, and he asked “ why don’t you take them ? “ I told him I had taken a couple tonight already and that these were for him, and he loudly and abruptly said “I’m not sucking your fucking cock for these pills if that’s what you’re trying to play, mate ! “ I was taken aback and replied “ no no free of charge, no catches “ , He gave me a cross between a death stare and a look of uncertainty and asked “ are they any good, mate ?” I said “ Very.” He took out his wallet and handed me 60 dollars, I was surprised he knew exactly how much they had cost me, I said “ no no they’re on me “ and smiled, to then he replied “ I don’t think so mate, drugs are never for free between strangers” I knew I wouldn’t be able to argue with him and just took the cash. He looked at me and took a small bottle of water he had in his back pocket hidden behind his shirt hanging from his ass, threw the pills down his throat and took a gulp of water. I knew it would take some time for them to kick in, so we danced, and I got closer to him by the minute. As time and songs went by, Trap-kun was more and more closer to the edge, I could tell that the pills I had given him on top of the cocaine he had been snorting through the night we’re getting to him, he was more careless in his step and was more erratic, it was time I took him home. Joy. He was too out of it to realize the events around him, a fight broke out between two fags, and a girl had to be carried out because she passed out, I said to him “ you are too fucked up, you need to go home, do you live around this area? “ I knew he did, I knew he lived somewhere in the city which isn’t far from here. “ he nodded while tripping on his own foot and stumbled, but didn’t fall over, I’m guessing he was probably used to it. I helped him out of the club, with his arm around my shoulder we walked along, bumping into some of his friends they would ask “ Shit, is Peter alright ?” I would reply, “yes don’t worry about him, I’m just helping him home. “ We continued to walk down the street, when we came across his lady friend, I was angry but I didn’t show it, she asked “ Did he take anything else ? “ with a worried look and then Trap-kun groggily answered “ yessssssssahhhhhhh “ she then grabbed his arm and swapped him onto her shoulder, signaled for a Taxi, I had no say whatsoever. I asked if she was taking him home, and nodded and said “don’t worry about it, he’ll be fine with me,” , there was nothing I could about that at that moment, so I agreed and walked further up the street, when the taxi arrived, so did mine luckily. I told my cabbie to follow their taxi, the ride wasn’t all that long before we arrived at what must’ve been a 40 story apartment block, and I knew he lived at the very top in the penthouse. But I had finished the third phase of my plan, I knew where he lived, and he wont remember my face in the state he’s in. So I will continue to chat to him, under a new name and under a new guise, until I get to carry out the last part of my plan, in the comfort of his penthouse.

Current Whereabouts

Trap is believed to still work for the Ksubi fashion label; rumors indicate that he may be opening an import clothing store in Hong Kong some time in the near future. Peter can still be found prowling at his usual nightclub hangouts, "Club 77 Kingscross Sydney," where he has been sighted "doped up on coke and hunting for young boy ass" according to a witness. Poor and defenseless Peter has given up camwhoring (or so he would lead us to believe) and would prefer if he was forgotten on /b/ all together, but little does he know that this page will be here forever.

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