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Ooops! Tehehe!
Trap etiquette.
When you see it...

So, you're fapping to some totally hot chick. She takes off her shirt. Hell yeah, tits! Down come the pants. Nice ass! And when the panties come off—there's a cock! It's a trap! DICKWOMAN!

A trap is that which looks like it shouldn't have a cock but actually does. Many people enjoy traps of all varieties because they are bisexual, gay, or just really like chicks with dicks. The majority of traps will tell you they are traps as it is actually considered a "selling point" to some people. Even if feared in some circles, traps are gaining popularity and banging one is considered a status symbol.

However, some will not tell because they get off on the power trip of "trapping" someone. These occur mostly in bondage settings and pornos for closet case submissives that are too chickenshit to find a real dominant. Correction: these only exist in homoerotic fantasies made by sick fucks.

The other reason a trap may not tell is because it felt you were smart enough to have already known. Seriously: you found a "hot chick" that was interested in men in a gay bar. What the fuck were you expecting? These sad losers deserve to be taking it from a man as only fags would get so high/drunk they don't notice the boner under the skirt.


Traps come in three fruity flavors: Transexuals, homosexual men, and extreme metrosexuals.


This is what happens when severely asspained heterosexual men find out they've been trapped


Regardless of what Konami might try to convince you using Yugi Moto, this card will do no good when a trap gets played IRL

The Transexual flavor won't tell you they have a cock. Not all transexuals are like this as any self-respecting transexual women will tell you upfront if they feel a connection could be gained. In fact, they could shout "I'm a TRAP!" and get laid faster than by pretending to be a woman, which serves as more incentive to tell.

However, the ones that don't tell you there's no vagoo either usually hope you won't notice because they are strictly bottoms. After all, it doesn't matter if the plumbing doesn't match if she's otherwise all woman, right?

While we're at it, don't forget the "late transitioners" who are so obviously men or former men that anyone not blindingly drunk can spot them. Those typically don't really care if you know and/or think you already know they have a cock. Most of them still tell as common courtesy, but if you didn't gather they have a cock before they told you, we need to talk.

The Australian handshake, the only way to be sure.



The Homosexual version is a dude who is a crossdresser. Normally the fags take the role of the woman when in private, acting as a bottom and willingly giving head without reciprocation. They are so used to being the "woman" that they think you already know they're really a fag and are cool with things. You get what you want, they get what they want. No harm, no foul, right?

Sadly, many heterosexuals don't know about the no homo rule and think that any sort of gay act makes you gay, even if the fag actually has titties and is just giving head. PROTIP: It's only gay if balls are touching! Free blowjobs are awesome, but skip the buttsex unless you fancy catching GRIDS.

Extreme Metrosexuals

These guys dress like women, befriend the ladies, then pull out the "I have penis!" statement as soon as he thinks the girl likes him in hopes that he will get laid. This tends to backfire most of the time with the dykes running away from penis that isn't made of rubber and is not attached via straps, while the normal girls are usually too freaked out to bone him at all.

Some of these traps actually come out as traps from the start in the hopes that dykes will adore them or that kinky domme females will want to jump his bones. Believe it or not, it always works as women will come out in swarms, happy to have their own personal trap to share lingerie with.

What to do if You Find Yourself in a Situation With a Trap

Trap reactio .jpg

Trolling Traps

  • Traps are sex-hungry virgins, therefore they are easy to manipulate. Make them believe you are a good looking guy (post some pictures for realism) and tell them to share their powerword, and finally, post it all over the internet.
  • Tell them that the reason why they became transgender was because they where too fucking ugly before therefore wanted to look better for the sole purpose of getting sex with anything they could.
  • Point out their physical defects like fatness, face shape, hair, etc.
  • Tell them that they dress like prostitutes and don't know how to use makeup properly.

Trap origin theory



Heterosexual attraction to traps and homosexual attraction to manginas.jpg
It's a heterosexual male fetish, according to this expert


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How to confront your parents and defend your right to traps.
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