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Homophobia/Transphobia are words out of the Devil's dictionary. They are words used by the dead to denigrate those who oppose them. They that use them are under a strong delusion to believe the lie. If they persecute you, rejoice and be exceedingly glad for great is your reward in heaven-


Matthew 5:10-12

Its a trap!

Transphobia is a bullshit term to describe every person who isn't transgendered. Because the only way to not be transphobic is to be transgendered, and even then, if you disagree that every non-tranny is transphobic, you are perpetuating the transphobia you have for yourself. Transphobia refers to the reasonable fear of the abominations that are trannies in any shape or form. People who suffer from this are scared of hate gender-confused mental cases, and would kill them if they could, like any good american.

Trannies are known hypocrites for wanting to be considered, by straights, as whatever gender they feel like being at that specific point in their life, yet will not have relationships with other trannies originally of the opposite gender. In the end they're just confused gheys.




Causes of Transphobia

Like with homophobia, people can become transphobic when they see others violating a fundamental element of the human reproduction system, gender, which is required for our evolution as a species.

The operation trannies often undergo to solidify their delusion is another cause of transphobia, many Otherkin believe they're werewolves, however at least they don't go under the knife to show everyone they meet that they're a wackjob.

Even with the THE BEST SEX CHANGE EVAR trannies will still get dumped and likely puked on by any straight person who might fall for their ruse, unless they're as desperate as you.

Solution to Transphobia

Quit gender-segregating the lockers and bathrooms, draft women and men, and have only unisex sports teams, you silly!

Famous Trannies

Chris Crocker

We are not sure whether Chris is male or female, it could be a Trap. If it really turned out to have a pussy, then of course it wouldn't be gay.

Thomas Beatie

A particularly confusing case. Some argue because it still has a pussy, it's basically just a particularly hairy lesbo.

Famous 'Phobes

Jakkee Bryson

Jakkee Bryson, noble troll to the cause.

Fulfilling her duty to lulz, Epic Troll Jakkee Bryson is fighting the good troll fight in an attempt to get a ghey/tranny bar called the Hole in the Wall shut down in San Fransisco. She lost the appeal to repeal the Hole in the Wall's construction permits, but moar lulz expected to ensue if she does indeed take the matter to a higher court.

Record of her lulzy trollings.

Epic/Lulzy Cases of Transphobic Crime

Brandon Teena


Brandon Teena, born Teena Renae Brandon in Lincoln, Nebraska, and known simply as Brandon, FTM who was asking for it and was thus accordingly raped and murdered in one of the most epic American hate crimes of the 1990s.

Brandon is the subject of the 1999 film Boys Don't Cry. Brandon Teena was born a female in Lincoln, Nebraska. Brandon's family described Brandon as a "tomboy". While Brandon was still living as a girl, Brandon was sexually assaulted by a male relative- only to be raped, harassed by the cops for being a trannie while filing his rape report, and then murdered by the same men who raped him- later on in life.

Transphobia OL

Even traps hate traps

In the red corner are a group of OL traps (one can never assume it's not a dude typing with one hand until pics are obtained) who claim they are not traps. They believe they were born with "Harry Benjamin Syndrome," Harry Benjamin being the first person to study trannies, and call themselves HBSers or women born transsexuals. Because of this they are OMG NOT TRANSSEXUELLS, but merely ppl born with deformed cunts that just happen to look like fully functional cocks and balls. They spend their time OTI circlejerking fingerbanging each other about how they are OMG TTLY REAL WIMMINS AM I RITE and how anyone not like them (i.e. anyone who doesn't want to cut off their cock, put on a dress and pretend to be a stepford wife) is a mentally ill self-hating fgt. They also don't believe in FTMs. Popular blogs by HBSers include Just Jennifer and Sophia of the Scythes.

In the blue corner are the "transgendered" ppl who will make literally no effort towards passing, content to simply call themselves trannies and watch the sympathy roll in. Take for example Jasper, who calls himself "just your average straight white guy with a cunt" and claims that, even though he has a fucking beard, by putting on earrings and the occasional dress, he is a REAL WOMAN and everyone must treat him as such, or they are being right-wing gender fascists. Retard or best trap troll evar? You decide.

Lately, there have been border skirmishes between the two camps, neither realizing that they are both just faggots who took the Chris-chan way out, and if one can stomach self-loathing emo traps enough to follow along, lulz will surely be the end result.


Is Transgendered Surgery Amoral?

I have been considering TG cosmetic surgery to help me become the woman I've always wanted to be. However, there are several issues I am grappling with, and I was hoping you could help sort these out.

1. The surgery will only simulate the appearance of femininity, to a limited extent. I will always have an X and a Y chromosome, no matter how much of my savings I spend on these procedures. Additionally, I will always have been born male, and I feel I would be deceiving others by merely altering my appearance.

2. I fear this surgery may be vain and petty. Is my personality so frail that my true identity cannot shine through a healthy body free of deformities or physical injuries?

3. Would I be stating "one sex is better than the other" by doing this?

4. Would the money be used better if I donated it to charity, and the medical resources not be wasted on a "vanity procedure" (someone else's words, but really got me thinking)?

5. What separates my desire to be a woman from other peoples' desire to be children or even animals? Is transsexualism just another fetish, a purely psychological condition?

6. I understand I would be happier as a woman, but I would also be even happier as a druggie. Both procedures would negatively affect my physical and social well-being, so how am I not as much a druggie in a sober body as a man in a woman's body?

7. Even if I am a beautiful woman in a man's body, do only my financial resources give me the privilege of surgery? If so, is it evil for me not to use the money to finance the recovery of burn victims, whom also require cosmetic procedures? Surely they too have bodies which do not reflect their true nature - in fact, even more so than I!

I really, really want to see a woman in the mirror, but I like to think of myself as a moral, enlightened person. I simply cannot go through with the procedures with these moral queries unresolved.

Do Modeling Firms Have A Right To Know?

I know three MtF friends, all of whom have gone into modeling. None of them have told their employers about their sexual reassignment surgery.

Is this a violation of the viewers' autonomy? Do the consumers have the right to know that the people they are looking at were not physically born women?

I understand that they may look like they were born female, but a lot of food may taste vegan as well - that does not mean I as a vegan shouldn't know what's in it.

Do Significant Others Have A Right To Know?

I have a friend who has been dating her boyfriend for three months now, and he still does not know about her sexual reassignment surgery. Is he entitled to know - is she deceiving him?

What Place Does Deception Have In The Transsexual Community?

I understand that many transsexuals who have had cosmetic surgery have gone on to live fairly normal lives as women. However, many do not tell their significant others, employers, etc. about their procedures.

Is this a noble lie - giving people a shot at a normal life they would not have after their surgery - or is it violating the right of others to spot a potentially inflammatory situation when they see one?


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