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"Transgender woman who 'suffered a broken penis when her lover had a fatal heart attack during sex' sues the man's wife for damages" - you know you're gonna read this story

A transgender "person" or tranny is a man who believes he has the right to be a woman, or less commonly, a woman who believes she has the right to be a man. Degenerates have also encouraged that insanity among children by letting them play dress up. They are a type of otherkin who, rather than believing themselves to be dragons or some other beastly organism, believe themselves to have been born with a brain whose gender differs from that the gender clearly defined by the chromosomes, hormones and genitals they possess. What this all boils down to when you subtract the complicated science is that transexuality is caused when a regular homosexual has such severe homophobia that they literally aren't man enough to admit they're craving a deep dicking without making up an excuse, like being "sort of" a woman.

Some transgendered persons are also transsexuals. These individuals may mutilate the shit out of their genitals in order to loosely approximate those of the opposite sex. Others just take hormones and either remove or cripple their nads, since you need to retain your penis to make it in today's competitive shemale porn industry.

Lately the population of so called transgenders has increased dramatically, largely as a result of "transtrenders" jumping on the pity party bandwagon, looking to obtain a coveted "victim card" to get them on into the Oppression Olympics. As well as from the vast population of cross-dressers who enjoy jacking their jollies off in women's underwear; who have found the movement as a convenient way of hiding their sick fuck fetish right in plain sight and trying to couch it in the guise of something more perceptively acceptable in society. Both of these types tend to put in the least amount of effort into trying to "pass" as the opposite gender, often looking like drag queen characters from the show "In Living Color"... only less funny and a lot more horrifying. This process can happen in the space of two weeks, from going from some seemingly normal guy to a knock-off Caitlyn Jenner.

Recent evidence suggests that 4chan users make up roughly 90% of all those who decide to take the plunge. The other 9.9% are borderline individuals with profound identity disturbance; the final 0.1% are made up of those who actually feel a deep-seated need to be a different gender. Tumblr is also home to a vast number of 16 year old trannies who are building up a social justice army based around the slogan "die cis scum".

Ingenious disguise. They will suspect nothing!
Have fun reassigning this.


The leading cause of trannydom is videogames where a player can play as an opposite sex character. This explains the rapid rise of trannydom after the release of Ms. Pac-Man in 1981, and videogame faggotry only gets worse every year. Other major contributors to trannydom include Metroid, Super Mario Bros. 2, Street Fighter 2 and other fighting games, the Mario Kart franchise, the Tomb Raider franchise, World of Warcraft, and Skyrim mods. There is an at least 100% chance that all trannies have played a videogame where they played as a character with another gender than how they were born, and this escapist roleplaying enables trannies and feeds their mental delusions, much like videogames have deluded many pathetic virgins into self-identifying as "professional athletes."

In addition, psychologists have fanned the flames, especially when Gender Identity Disorder was renamed to "Gender Dysphoria" and rewritten to appear less harmful. They also go on to state that the disproportionately large amounts of anxiety, eating disorders, depression, and especially An Hero are caused by a lack of "acceptance", "equality", or other psychobabble thrown about by the Kikes that want to sterilize Generation Z via conversion surgeries. In addition, all of those listed mental illnesses which are correlated with being a tranny are often caused by chemical imbalances, which considering that the transgender brain is structured differently from birth, means that the claim that tranny depression is societal is false. With this in mind, one can say that trannies are like cheap phones: They're only focused on aesthetics, have a meltdown when you try to do something other than Tumblr, and are built to kill themselves well before they reach old age.

The imitation game

Trannies think imitating a woman makes you a woman and imitating a man makes you a man.

Just like:

James Charles: Troon Edition.
  • imitating a doctor makes you a doctor
  • imitating a professor makes you a professor
  • imitating a cop makes you a cop
  • imitating a kid makes you a kid
  • imitating a masseuse makes you a masseuse
  • imitating a scientist makes you a scientist
  • imitating a health inspector makes you a health inspector
  • imitating a pony makes you a pony
  • imitating a Jew makes you an accountant.
  • imitating a dog makes you a dog
  • imitating a baby makes you a baby
  • imitating a dinosaur makes you a dinosaur
  • imitating a black person makes you a black person
  • imitating an Australian makes you an Australian
  • imitating a whore turns a girl into her mother.
  • imitating a professional athlete makes you a professional athlete
  • imitating Superman makes you bulletproof. Quick! Go try it out.
  • imitating a vampire makes you a vampire
  • imitating a virgin makes you a virgin
  • imitating a dragon makes you a dragon
  • a fat person imitating a healthy person makes you a healthy person
  • imitating a person who is 25 years younger makes you 25 years younger Oh, wait
  • imitating a Japanese makes you a Japanese
  • imitating a plastic surgeon makes you a plastic surgeon
  • imitating a CEO makes you a CEO
  • imitating a senator makes you a senator
  • imitating a Prime Minister makes you a Prime Minister
  • imitating a President makes you a President
  • imitating a king makes you a king
  • imitating a Pope makes you a Pope
  • imitating the LHC makes you the LHC

Just fake it til you make it. Nobody will evar be able to tell. A successful con is called "passing" according to trannies, and they get a rush of sick thrills the longer they can get away with their con, like shoplifters, who imitate paying customers as they walk out the fucking door.

Some argue this amounts to sockpuppetry or fraud like a con-man, but not to trannies. I mean, women wear makeup so isn't trannydom the exact same thing? Trannydom is not fake, mimicry, camouflage, copy, hoax, counterfeit, impersonation, or impression. It's the genuine article. The real deal. Doesn't get any more real than that. No sir. No artificial colors or flavorings. All natural.

Myths busted by trannies

Women love not being you

Trannydom is a destructive mental illness which ironically destroys several myths laid out by the rest of the LGBT community in a lulzy fashion.

The LGB portion of the "community" argue that sex and gender are two different things, but trannies contend that females can be born with male brains and males can be born with female brains (implying there is such a thing as female brains and male brains and that gender within our species is an objective biological fact). LGBs say sexuality is not a choice, but trannies know better. Trannies say that not all transgendered people want to transition to the other sex through hormones or surgery, but that it's a choice to change your sexuality that every transperson makes themself. LGBs also dispute that a gender binary exists, but trannies know better. Post-op transsexuals are either MTF or FTM.

Trannies also believe that the sex hormones testosterone makes someone a man and estrogen makes someone a woman, and that both can be supplemented in order to become fully man or woman. LGBs contend there is no "right way" to "act like a woman" nor "act like a man", but trannies know better. Trannies strongly believe in traditional gender roles where wearing dresses and makeup and having long hair makes someone a woman and wearing pants and not wearing makeup and having short hair makes someone a man. LGBs say conversion therapy and medical castration is a barbaric and ineffective practice that should be banned, but trannies know better. Trannies are confident that with castration and the proper hormones they can happily complete their conversion to another sexuality. LGBs say society should accept them for who they are and how they were born, but trannies know better. Trannies say society should accept them for who they want to be and who they change into after conversion.

Look, no trannies undergo surgery to "feel" more like a man or woman (or to be made "whole" or "complete"), because they were already born a man or a woman. They were just reincarnated and trapped in the wrong body with the wrong genitals, like all those episodes of Quantum Leap where Sam Beckett leaped into a woman's body. And like Sam Beckett, trannies spend their life heroically trying to "put right what once went wrong" (aka LGB myths and their own genitals).

Like all delusional people, trannies reject your reality and substitute their own. After mutilating their bodies to finally become what they've always claimed to be, post-op trannies have a suicide rate 20 times higher than the general population. This is, of course, due to bullying, not because of a pre-existing body dysmorphic disorder, or inability to accept reality, or a plastic surgery nightmare that has no true rewind button.

What do trannies want?

Trannydom is a convoluted scheme for a man or woman (but mostly men, who are we kidding) to sneak into the opposite sex's restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, showers, bars, brothels, and beauty pageants (or grope boobs all day), which would normally get them branded a pervert. This explains the predominance of MTF trannies over FTM trannies, because females are deeply enraged by rows of urinals. When told an area is "for women only", a determined tranny adamantly declares "but I am a woman." This intransigence is one of the defining features of trannies. Although genderbenders' unbending stubbornness is often mistaken for bravery by those who have never risked their own life to save others. Another reason MTFs outnumber FTMs is because becoming a woman is easy, you just have to cut off your dick and balls so you start bleeding between your legs, be histrionic, put on lipstick at least once, and take away reason and accountability. But becoming a man involves learning what logic is, not an easy task for a woman, as difficult as climbing a 25-foot rope with a backpack full of gear.

Inspired by the degenerate 80s show Bosom Buddies where two men dress in drag to live in a female-only apartment because it has low rent, trannydom takes it to the next level by fully committing to the lie. On Bosom Buddies eventually all the women realize it was a ruse, but trannies hold fast to their pearl necklaces and boldly continue to deny everything like Woody Allen. Just remember, it's not a lie if you believe it. In any situation where the opposite sex appears to have a social advantage, a tranny can simply claim to be the opposite sex in order to obtain that advantage. And since a tranny's denial concerns a "personal identity", nobody can question their motives since they're the only one in the world who supposedly knows what's true on the subject. This is an extension of the "you don't know me!" posturing used on Jerry Springer by niggers, sluts, and landwhales (and trannies come to think of it), and the booing audience of society has become the bad guy (unless the person on stage is religious, now the booing audience is seen as the "tolerant" good guy). Each tranny becomes the sole authority on the truth of the matter, like every cult leader. They can then psychopathically bend others to their point of view with this reality distortion field. Trannies are cunning experts in reversal, like a tenth degree black belt judo master.

Trannydom is also useful for avoiding male prisons, becoming your estranged children's nanny, attention whoring, regaining your rollback privileges, as the crown jewel sob story in your victim complex tiara, silencing criticism, and picking up males in bars to take home and eat later.

Types of trannies

A blonde tranny.
Obvious tranny.jpg
Transgender Clown.jpg

God seriously fucked up

Otherwise known as "mommy didn't have a happy pregnancy" or DSD, these types are genetic abominations, which ordinarily would have been rightly flushed out of the body by nature but thanks to the modern miracles of medical science we now have fantastic new ways to create "living abortions." Most of these types are born with incomplete sex organs or have genetic disorders that result in screwed up sexual development later in life.

Doctor seriously fucked up

See: Circumcision

Your government/media/education system seriously fucked up

Your government is trying to indoctrinate your children about how transsexuals are super speshul god children of liberal prophecy, how they are persecuted, how they need our help, how we should help them accept their identity and how he/she wants to be of the reverse gender. They are doing this all over public schools and in media and anyone who does not accept this will be given some taste of Liberal SJW "tolerance", which includes your children being expelled from school, ostracized, ridiculed and/or beaten by other classmates. Instead of spending money to fix the rotting infrastructure they pour all taxpayer dollars into this type of degenerate reeducation with the intention of turning your children into the next generation of developmentally delayed, dysfunctional, trained tranny clowns that can be controlled and manipulated like children well on into their adulthood. This type of brainless butt-puppet is largely comprised of "transtrenders", who have little to no actual dysphoria and are simply "along for the ride" to the cultists Kool Aid factory.

Your brain seriously fucked up

Despite being born with complete, natural sex organs your brain wound up wired wrong resulting in feelings of being a woman trapped in a mans body or vice versa. This is the result of mental psychosis rather than a true genetic or physiological problem. Like all forms of mental psychosis there is no "cure" there is only "treatment" which usually involves placating the nutball to a certain extent in order to try and keep them from sailing completely over the deep end and killing themselves while keeping them marginally productive as a human being.

You were seriously fucked up... literally

A common slogan amongst trannies is to claim that they were raped. Now, you're probably thinking, "LOL WUT?!" and you're right, as a whole the transsexual population is largely unfuckable unless you're into boning the gender equivalent of abstract art or your standards are lower than a crack whore suckin dick for dime bags. No, what they really mean when they say they were raped is that they were sexually molested as a child and it was horribly traumatic.

Similar to TITS basically any blunt force mental trauma, whether it's trolling or getting porked in the pooper as a kid can cause a significant level of psychosis which in turn will manifest in the form of body dysmorphic disorder. In a sense they basically learn to hate their bodies as a result of feeling shame and indignity which in turn leads them to a wanton desire to try and escape from that old/abused identity.

This differs from the before mentioned psychosis in that this form is unnatural and inflicted via environmental factors as opposed to genetic/biological failings.

Psychologists seriously fucked up

This type is the bastard child of psychologists fucking up the previous types and, rather than attempt to treat the psychosis, they simply gave in completely to it. This eventually resulted in the inmates running the asylum, a literal parade of crazy clowns claiming everything under the sun as a "gender" while babbling and screeching incoherently, injecting their personal brand of crazy into everything from feminism to furries. They are usually best recognized by their use of certain psycho/social babble buzz words like "social justice" and "social construct" as well as their inability to dress like normal people they are often seen wearing clown clothes, poorly applied makeup and brightly colored hair.

You seriously fucked yourself up

This last type is the result of continually soaking your head in lead acetate, a common ingredient in the hair dyes that liberal loonies enjoy molesting their melons with. In theory the dye is safe... so long as you don't have any cuts, abrasions, pimples or pretty much any amount of broken skin. If you do, well you're basically bleaching your brain in lead, which will lead to what's known as "Mad Hatter Syndrome". These types are usually the deranged looking lunatic variety of tranny with extremely horrible hygiene habits.

Fuckable trannies

You know you'd hit that. If you truly believe that you wouldn't, contact any ED user in your area; they will gladly pump you full of drugs, alcohol and steroids until you're willing to fuck anything that moves (or doesn't).

Botched trannies


It is said that after these trannies have their sexual reassignment surgery, they feel hole inside.

Wannabe trannies

Drag queens are sometimes considered transgendered. However, expressing this viewpoint is only acceptable (i.e. not retarded) if it is used in the context of trolling.

It has been argued that these individuals are simply 4channers that didn't get enough attention from the opposite sex and figured that they would try to get some as the other gender. Only someone who spends most of their life OTI would actually think this is a good idea.

Infamous trannies

This guy

Trannydom Is Scientology For Fags Not Named John Travolta

Transgenderism is the Scientology of the BLTG "community", and both are super scientific because they are victims of a haunting. Replace "body thetans" with "gender identity" and you have transgenderism. These dumbasses think they are possessed, and flags are involved for some fucking reason. A body thetan is supposedly the ghost of an alien, whereas a gender identity is supposedly the ghost of someone with different genitals. A tranny is a haunted fag, and faghauntings are only increasing because fads. Except trannies, also known as pretenders, don't want to rid their body of thetans, they want to use artificial means like plastic surgery and hormones to alter their appearance to match their inner thetan. Scientologists pay money to exorcism the demons inside them, whereas trannies pay money to resemble the demons inside them. Imagine if Scientologists spent all their money on plastic surgery to look like the thetans occupying their body. If you said "but then they would look like John Travolta," you'd be correct.

Much like the Scientology cult, trannydom cultists can advance higher and higher up the Batshit Insane Scale by paying more and more money to unlock stupid shit. Scientologists pay for more expensive ramblings of a bad scifi author sold by amoral scammers, whereas trannies pay for more expensive plastic surgeries sold by amoral scammers. If you refuse to use a tranny's snowflake pronouns or don't call a tranny by their thetan name, this is apparently a "hate crime" known as "misgendering", even though Mother Nature would have been the one who "misgendered" these idiotic sexual deviants. Instead of suing Mother Nature for perpetuating the original hate crime, trannies in Amerifat like Gavin Grimm sue school districts because their parents wouldn't stop feeding their fatass. Can you imagine what it would be like to never be allowed to use a school restroom your entire life? Neither can Gavin Grimm.

For a tranny to use the same restroom they used for the first half of their life is discrimination. In fact, it's exactly like blacks having to use separate water fountains which you would think would make for shorter lines but shut the fuck up. When trannies were in elementary school and told that boys use the boys' room and girls use the girls' room, this was obviously brainwashing, just like saying boys have a penis and girls have a vagina, and the reason trannies didn't raise their hand and correct their teacher is because they didn't know any better. Now they do. The people who put signs on multiple occupancy bathrooms are obviously hatemongers. This is related to feminists objecting to signs with pictograms of women wearing dresses, although a MTF tranny is much more happy wearing a dress than a feminist ever would be. Basically, where a human pisses depends on their willingness to wear a dress. So we can blame the Scottish for starting this tranny bullshit.

How to tell if a tranny is lying

Mrs Garrison, a perfect example of a "lesbian tranny"

Are they speaking? Suppose there is one man who claims to be a woman and really believes it because he is delusional, and another man who claims to be a woman and is consciously lying. How can you tell the difference? You can't. That's the point. A tranny's claims or motives can never be questioned, which is a huge advantage. This situation where truth and falsity are indistinguishable is extremely advantageous for anyone seeking any sort of credibility or respect. Simply claim to be the other sex, play the distraught victim, and label skeptics as hatemongers. Trannies believe nobody would ever lie about being transgender, because they view being transgender as a terrible affliction. And trannies who transition to transsexuals might claim nobody would ever undergo radical plastic surgery to present a false image to the world, but that's the whole point of plastic surgery.

Trannies are naturally truthful people, that's how they can lie to everyone around them for so long. So when a tranny speaks, you can know they are telling the truth. To display any skepticism towards trannies is to be labeled a transphobic intolerant monster who deserves to have their entire livelihood destroyed. Even suggesting they take a lie detector test (or get a second opinion) will get you labeled a bigot. Skeptics are labeled bigots and doubt is labeled hatred. Often, these truthful MTF trannies will claim to be female and a lesbian. To question their motives and imply that they are doing it to get laid by hot hot feminists is to speak with the tongue of the troll.

Each tranny speaks for all trannies. If you doubt one tranny's claims, then you must universally hate all trannies. And the proof of your hatred (not skepticism or doubt) is that you use the word "tranny."

What do trannies prefer to be called?

It doesn't matter. Any new politically correct term will eventually be stigmatized anyway. It's a lose-lose situation. But suppose you start calling each tranny by their preferred first name, and preferred personal pronouns, and preferred group identity. Their righteous indignation is always waiting to strike. Without becoming transgender yourself, you are always at the mercy of being labeled a hatemonger. If you are not one of them, they will say you cannot say anything about the subject. So trannies can only be destroyed from the inside, usually by hormone supplements or a plastic surgeon, or by new converts. To safely criticize trannies, you must become one (which is as easy as saying you are one). This is a major way trannies recruit normals. Being "transgender" is entirely based on the honor system (aka "trust system" for Britbongs). However, trannies can always disown any tranny critic and claim any critic is not a true tranny. So trannydom remains impregnable (except for that pregnant woman with a mustache). Post-op trannies feel tranny-superior and like to set themselves up as tranny gurus, then the real freaks can keep out the fake freaks and false flag trannies. Disbelieving any tranny's claims is a hate crime against all trannies.


Proud cisphobe.png

Although regular trannies are generally tolerated, fat trannies for some reason have endured huge amounts of government sponsored, public supported discrimination on a level not seen since segregation. In multiple countries and local municipalities trannies are well regulated. In New York City for instance, fat trannies are not allowed in nearly all restaurants. Perhaps this is an attempt to make them skinnier. Nevertheless, the silence that has greeted this mass destruction of human rights has been greatly concerning- to them. Nobody else really gives a damn.

Standard bleeder organizations like the UN and the World Health Organization have not yet spoken out against this grievous understandable persecution.

More recently, much drama and lulz were created by Trump publicly telling trannies to GTFO the military, thus leaving him to sit back and laugh as he controls the news cycle for another week, the media scrambling to pick up the pieces before it's too late and he's at it again.


Trannydom is self-destructive, that's why trannydom and suicide go hand in hand. Trannies not only destroy LGB myths, but also their own genitals, and often their own lives. Trannydom will eventually destroy itself. Some argue that's the entire goal of trannydom: to destroy your old self and transform into a new self. But trannies lack patience and jump the gun on the whole reincarnation thing. And altering outward appearances can't change who you are inside.

"Transgender acceptance" is an oxymoron. Trannydom is a rejection of one's body. So in order to accept trannies, one must also reject their bodies. It is those who hate and despise pre-op trannies who are truly on the tranny's side. "Your body disgusts me too." From a pre-op tranny's point of view, there is nothing worse than someone who loves them how they are without any artificial accoutrement. Since pre-op trannies hate their bodies, they need other people to hate their bodies too. After surgery, a tranny can gather more people who hate their bodies just as much as they once did. If there is no one left to loathe their body, a tranny dies. This explains the prevalence of post-op tranny suicide: once they stop hating their body, they had no more reason to live. If surgery fails to destroy their old self, suicide is always another option to finish the job the surgeon started.

Things Tranny's listen to


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Is transgenderism a meme?
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Some trannies have a head start in life

Types of trannies

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