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This page is about an attempted an hero.
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"I look so bad, I had to use a filter to make myself look reasonable"
It's beyond comprehension as to why this retard has this many watchers.

DeviantArt is known to be a landfill of shit. Ranging from art theft, recoloring, and tracing to furry cow mutant porn and megatit explosion, dA really has a reputation for being the Internet's cancer machine (besides tumblr). However, amongst the turds, there are some people who manage to get popular in one way or another, to a point where their Internet e-gos get so strong, they end up being self-entitled assholes. They frolic in the happy fields of dA with impunity and are loved by, or piss off, hundreds of others.

TooDamnFilthy or simply known as Garfield is a 14 year old boy (he lied about his age and confessed recently along with his new galpal), who is a prime example of this, as he steals material from people like Filthy Frank or I Hate Everything to use in his so called "rants" on deviantSHART. His ego is bad to a point where he uses the "I'M DEPRESSED" card the second his shit is called out on, and he retreats into his shell, awaiting asspats from his autistic fanbase. After the asspats have been delivered, Filthy will then start doing the same shit again, repeating the never-ending cycle. He also has this awful obsession with a dA user named Rae-Bae, and this might have been the reason why the shitty article R4EDICAL was made.

Judging from that journal screenshot, Renee sounds more mature than Filthy.

How to rant: According to TooDamnFilthy

This is how you rant folks. WE'VE BEEN DOING IT WRONG ALL ALONG!!!

Ranting is a normal thing to do on dA nowdays, as while the admins sit back on their lazy asses and relish in the money they're making from everyone buying CORE memberships, users take matters into their own hands, and use dA's lovely journal feature to type up a rant to alert others of the shit they witnessed. Of course, TooDamnFilthy clearly knows how to rant so well, he does a better job then anyone else. Follow the steps below, and, you too can be just like Garfield!

1. Find something minimal to bitch about - Clearly, to attract such a large cult following, you must first find something/someone that grinds your gears like a tumblr SJW. The best way to gain everyone's approval is by bitching about Rule 34 of a shipping you hate.

2. Use nothing but pictures - No explanation, just jump right in with pictures! Because everyone wants to start their day by looking at Sans x Frisk Undertale porn.


With those three steps, Filthy has somehow managed to rank in over two-fucking-thousand watchers, who actually think this shit is truth and funny. It's not.

More Ranting BS About missing Pics
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Obsession with ReneeIsDetermined Goes a Bit too Far

There is no doubt that Garfield has an absolute obsession with Renee. Back on his old TooDamnFilthy account, he had at least a hundred different deviations dedicated to her that were mostly screenshots, which turned out to be some fabricated bullshit. Recently, it has been revealed that Garfield had actually MADE a fan account attempting to troll Renee, but it crashed and burned, since she and her fans knew better lol.

A former TDF fan comes forward and tells Majora about how Garfield wanted to make an account to troll Renee, and how he planned the whole thing.

Four journals on himself as UnderNegaTale.

And even Skype conversations he had with the same user about trolling Renee:

Planning out his next attention grabber.

This just proves Garfield is willing to do anything for attention. Srsly.

That one time when Filthy asked 4chan to be his army

/b/ promptly told Filthy to GTFO. Also, even 4chan doesn't want your disgusting fapping material, Garfield.

The Mario-Wolfie Journal drama

One day, after Garfield was done receiving his daily blowjob from his fans, he decided to make a hate journal on dA user Mario-Wolfie. What did she do? Steal art? Make death threats? Be a trigger to all the SJWs on dA?

No. She just called someone an "Undertalefag", which wasn't even supposed to be insulting at all, it was really more of a joke. As usual, however, Garfield has his fanbase blatantly attack the poor girl.

The whole journal can be viewed here, as it's quite big, full of bullshit, and it includes the lovely little (non-edited) journal that Filthy posted later on. Not to mention, he only took it down quickly because a user confronted his ass about it:

Notice how at the end, he tries to make Majora pity him.

It wouldn't be too long before he posted another journal though, bringing it all up. When confronted again, he completely denied it:


Being a dick indirectly to Mario-Wolfie isn't helping your case, Filthy.

He comes clean? The reaction to this article

Hours after this article was published, TooDamnStupid finally posted a deviation, admitting how massive a cunt boy he is. Surely enough, a lot of his fans are not happy, as TDF admitted to faking screenshots and everything. Of course, some fans are still patting his ass while others tell him to GTFO, so it's really unknown if he's actually going to stop doing this or not.

Admits he's a dumbfuck. Lulz was had.

Makes you see how much of a hypocrite he is in this old entry.

...As of his new account's creation, he has gone back to bitching about shit nobody cares about:

Stay classy, Garfield.

Filthy Attacks his Ex Galpal

Last Thursday, Garfield found out about his ex girlfriend's (Deviantart-favicon.png TooDamnSweet) new (ex) boyfriend, Deviantart-favicon.png DAvD0s. He got asshurt and sent his army of whiteknights to harass TDS. After all this, Garfield decided to 'confess' to his autistic fanbase that he was not twenty-three years old, but that he was actually a 14 year-old boy, and to add fuel to the TDS fire, he revealed her age as well, resulting in a lulzy shitstorm that lead to the deactivation of TooDamnSweet's account and her announcing that she was going to off herself. Unsurprisingly, Garfield being Garfield, gave no fucks about this, as him being a gullible dumb-ass was all her fault according to him. Garfield also decided to announce his new dicksucker of a galpal, and nobody really gave a fuck except his fanbase.

Garfield being a total hypocrite when he calls out TDS, and a few comments on this journal called him out for it already.

Now that's what I call fucking edgy. RIP.

His gallery

There's nothing special to say. The only thing you'll find here is crappy jokes, shit drawings with shit anatomy, and screenshots. That's it.

White knights

The asshurt is real.

It's not even surprising that TDF has white knights, with his growing popularity and all. This has gotten so massive that a group named TooDamnARMY was created so all the fanboys could worship their retarded idol, and they literally made their own "TooDamn_____" accounts. It's awful, and the following are some white knights who'll come suck his dick right away:

  • Deviantart-favicon.png pupqa - TDF's new ex girlfriend, she sucks his dick daily and spams his page with "I love you <333" and seems to love rape and incest.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png KittenArtsxX - Attack on Titan fag. Will take anything you say wrong and claim you treated them like shit, when you did no such thing at all.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png PanPeinappel - After the "war," this fag didn't stop defending him.

There's a lot more, but nobody honestly wants a fucking long list of airheads.

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Actually lied about the admins banning him. He merely moved accounts to avoid backlash.
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