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Police.gif Tom Green is not DEAD yet, help us revive him!

We don't break network rules, unless rule 1 is 'Don't be awesome.' We break the shit out of that
Lyndz camwhoring at her finest.

#tomgreen is an IRC raiding channel responsible for a great many number of lulz at Tom Green's one-nutted expense. Some argue that the channel has existed for roughly four years. As a channel completely dedicated to outwitting Tom Green at every turn and dogging his every move like the faggot furry he is, #tomgreen has raiding Tom Green's House Tonight down to a science. Always waiting and always lurking, #tomgreen is like some kind of lulzy lion prowling in the shadows, ready to pounce at the first sign of fear.

Channel History

In The Beginning

The channel #tomgreen was originally found at Rizon, the same IRC server used by mootle to host the faggotry that is #4chan. Originally founded by a great apostle of the lulz by the name of gb, the channel enjoyed great success on Rizon until the summer of 2008. At this point great faggotry began, as Rizon IRCops would often join the channel to harass the founder and his ops, only to be trolled and harassed in return. These events escalated quickly, with many valuable #tomgreen users being k-lined by the relentless butthurt IRCops. Unfortunately for Rizon #tomgreen, internet was indeed SERIOUS FUCKING BUSINESS and one fateful night gb pushed the IRCops too far. They invaded the channel, locked it down, and gb was exiled from Rizon for at least 100 years.


With the founder and many valuable members k-lined, the raiders had no choice but to abandon the AIDS-ridden ship that is Rizon indefinitely. They roamed the vastness of IRC like jews in the desert, searching for a new home. Temporarily settling on a small IRC server hosted by a 13 year old boy living in his parents' basement, the raiders extracted a fair amount of lulz from the server's admins. It was at this point that the founder gb had had enough. Following proper ragequit protocol, he BANNED FUCKING EVERYONE before quitting IRC in favor of IRL. Foresaken by their master and full of contempt for their keepers, the raiders trolled the server admins into submission and were subsequently z-lined from the server.

Disoriented, disorganized, and with nowhere to go due to a channel takeover, the raiders were indeed in dark times. Yet a single beacon of light shone through the darkness. Word spread quickly of a new home, free of oppression and the faggotry of serious business. A network by Anonymous, for Anonymous.

A New Era of Lulz

And so the raiders set up shop at the partyvan network, and quickly made themselves at home by turning #tomgreen into a hugbox with a bot that dispenses free hugs. Just in time for Tom Green getting home from vacation, the raids began again with all the fury of a fat nigger denied service at Roscoe's.

Move to Gayfa.gs

The IRC channel has been moved to a different server. It is currently on irc.gayfa.gs[1] on channel #tomgreen.

After the community decided to troll the furry IRC opers on Rizon and later became banned, the Tom Green channel was moved to the irc.gayfa.gs network.

TL;DR Fag decided not to pay for server, back on rize-on with nothing but idle-ness. Pretty much dead now ;_;

This user was akilled for no proper reason, to appeal his ban he visited the Rizon forums, but annie decided to follow the proper Rizon scum protocol and closed his thread and edited out the original post.

It doesn't take much effort to troll any Rizon operator.

(01:50:21)  —› join: (mannie70) ([email protected])
(01:50:26) (mannie70) http://imgur.com/TudSo.jpg
(01:50:26) (mannie70) http://imgur.com/TudSo.jpg
(01:50:26) (mannie70) http://imgur.com/TudSo.jpg
(01:50:26) (mannie70) http://imgur.com/TudSo.jpg
(01:50:26) (mannie70) http://imgur.com/TudSo.jpg
(01:50:26) (mannie70) http://imgur.com/TudSo.jpg
(01:50:27)  —› quit: (mannie70) ([email protected]) (Connection closed)
(01:50:39)  —› quit: (damasta) ([email protected])
(01:50:46) (Remilia-Scarlet) good, I wanted to click that 6 more times
(01:50:50) (%annie) wow someone's butthurt about previous akills
(01:50:56)  —› join: (mannie57) ([email protected])
(01:50:59)  —› quit: (mannie57) ([email protected]) (Connection closed)
(01:51:12) (Radzinsky) who is that
(01:51:18) (%annie) Some tomgreen fag
(01:51:24) (Radzinsky) the pix
(01:51:29) (%annie) It's
(01:51:35) (%annie) The most terrible picture of me ever :(
(01:51:39) (%annie) I swear I look better now!
(01:51:41) (%annie) :/

No we both know I have a reason. Stop being a jerk about it and learn your lesson.



Notable Members

The following are regular users that you may or may not expect to see fagging up the channel at any given time.

  • anonicole (moar liek Anna Nicole, amirite): Notable for being one of the only females in history to moderate an IRC channel from the kitchen. She can usually be found getting drunk on IRC, PRESSIN CHARGES, and wandering off in the middle of conversation to suck her boyfriend's tiny penis. She is the creator of Fat Nigger Day and an avid supporter of Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles. Cash rules everything around me, C.R.E.A.M. get da money, dolla dolla bill y'all
  • bats: Pretty much hates everyone, even you. Bats is always planning new ways to bring about Tom Green's downfall, despite never actually having a notable call on the show. Bats loves milkbags and will never ban anyone for more than 5 minutes, unless of course they are a moralfag, in which case they are doomed to be b& forever. He wants Tom Green to die due to being endlessly trolled by Leonard Mills. It is rumored that Tom Green sees bats in his nightmares.
  • bobthejanitor: Owner of #billnye. bobthejanitor's hobbies include getting drunk, talking about himself a lot, copypasting tl;dr serious heartfelt song lyrics into IRC, and falling asleep on skype. He was also raped by a fat chick. He is a skype prank caller extraordinaire, shooping god, the owner of a beautiful cock, and has a youtube channel full of clips. He is usually simply referred to as "bab" by other #tomgreen regulars. He bawwws constantly about losing his op and about how none of the other regulars make win calls. bab is no longer with us; tired of putting up with bob's raging faggotry and failtrolling, everyone but Ogre told him to gtfo and bob was trolled to death by bats in #mexico. Bob now spends his days hanging with his bff Mason, where failure is not only welcome but openly embraced (if Mason's "social experiment" is any indication). He is also GAY
  • Britfag|: Britfag| can always be spotted raeping someone furiously, professing his internet love, or evading bans with over 9000 vhosts. He also loves tea. Srsly. He also goes by the alias "peniskey".
  • CtrlV: Paste is always getting way too fucking high. While high, he usually will say dumb shit, make creepy prank calls sounding like a pedophile serial murderer, or sit and giggle at a stupid picture for 2 fucking hours.
  • DawnOfAshes: Some guy that has lurked #tomgreen for a really long time. Noone really knows who he is or much about him, besides the fact that he loves Lil Jon and homosexual rape.
  • Fiskers: A Canadian pothead who owns an Xbox and tries hard to get nudes of Lyndz. He has not visited the channel for about a year now. Part of the old Tom Green raiding group.
  • gb: The original owner of the #tomgreen channel on Rizon for years, after Rizon raped him he finally realized Rizon sucks and left to harbor in other great networks. A great harbinger of lulz and trolling, gb led the fight against Tom Green for over 9000 years. Sadly, he is no longer with us (an hero). Typical gb behavior included but was not limited to: ordering pizza every fucking night, running pointless polls in the channel, harassing IRCops, banning camwhores and demanding tits, and succumbing to rage and clearing the channel of users.
  • HaYDeN: Most times helpful and always lulzy, HaYDeN is a trusty #tomgreen member indeed. He also likes to meow, and penetrate people's anuses without their permission. Due to being from New Zealand, HaYDeN is a MASTER TROLL. His trolling is so advanced that you are trolled before even saying anything.
  • lenny__: Some Guido fuck; Tom Green's #1 fan and white knight. Can often be found cheerleading and babbling shit nobody cares about. Also note that he has a massive Italian cock.
  • Lyndz: Lyndz is an underageb& female camwhore who does not want to admit it. She is also a pothead who lives in South Carolina and her father hates her. She has recently joined the Air Force and left IRC forever. Part of the old Tom Green raiding group.
  • Maje: If you plan on entering #tomgreen, it is important to remember that Maje will inevitably mock you, harass you, abuse you with his Ops, and call you a faggot. Maje also has the most rockin' titties in all of #tomgreen, despite actually being a man. His name is pronounced Mah-hey, due to him being mexican.
  • mole2: mole is 19 and lives with his parents. All he ever really does is get fucked up by huffing acne medication and talk about crazy shit that nobody understands. He believes everyone in the world is after him and tells people to watch his back. People that he isn't tight with are called "ontos".
  • Ogre: Ogre is a fat neeger from Brazil. Ogre is str8 pimpin and does not fuck around with the likes of you. Ogre's claims to fame include talking kinda funny, having phone sex with 12 year old girls, and LOLing at inappropriate times during prank calls.
  • Sabrejack: Sabrejack was on IRC for about two years when it was actually something cool. He is the most srs and respected user of all. He is the father of everyone, and you can ask him advice about anything and he'll tell you answers. Part of the old Tom Green raiding group.
  • Trashy/Hateserv/Whatever other bullshit name bats assigns to it next week: Hateserv is the resident shitty bot of the channel. Hateserv will hate you to def. Some of Hateserv's uses include keeping a dictionary of any terms you add to it, sticking a timebomb in your pants that will kick you from the room if you don't defuse it properly, and other great games.
  • Xpander: Although Xpander is new to the channel, he's known to rage at the mibbit users(IE TomGreen###) because he thinks that they are a bunch of /b/tards that are more retarded than him, He's a self proclaim "Attention Wanting Retarded Troll", He was given admin for in return to abuse all the /b/tards. Also see Mr-Cheater in ZDaemon.
  • Zintos: Zintos is your garden variety idlefag and epic troll. When he does actually decide to say anything it's usually the best the best the best the best.
  • zbc: zbc is a loli camwhore who is now permab& due to being a Juggalo whore and incessantly spamming and crapflooding both IRC and skype with ICP. Likes to get high by smoking dandelions mixed with oregano she stole from her mom's kitchen cabinet. Also enjoys copulating with hairbrushes.


#tomgreen and associated channels have spawned many of their own memes.

  • Fat Nigger: What started as a simple phrase spammed at Tom Green has since become a mark of honor amongst the o.g. members of #tomgreen. As such, they can often be found dining in or placing orders over the phone to Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles. Fat Niggers also have a penchant for watermelon, purple drank, 40s of malt liquor, menthol cigarettes, and stealing bikes. At the stroke of midnight they can be seen jubilantly wishing everyone a Happy Fat Nigger Day as they take time to remember and celebrate their fat nigger heritage.
  • Party Hat: lucid and CtrlV were stoned out of their minds while Skyping (what's fucking new?). They stumbled upon an H.R. Giger painting and saw dude creeping in the corner. He was wearing what looked like a party hat. Two hours later, they were still talking about it. This fail turned into a win when #tomgreen users began spamming PARTYHAT during raids.
  • High Levels of Authority: See Axila.
  • Makar's Bandwidth: When #tomgreen moved to some fail ass server, an IRCop named Makar would go bat shit crazy over users who spammed. In retaliation, a meme was born. Users began flooding Makar and random channels on the server with MAKAR'S BANDWIDTH, since he paid for the monthly bandwidth fees for the server.
  • Rainbow Cocks:

Rainbow cocks can come with or without warning at any time in #tomgreen. Maje and anonicole are usually to blame for this fuckery, although anyone and everyone is welcome to contribute. Having said that, rainbow cocks are something to be enjoyed and cherished, and if you don't like them you should probably GTFO.

  • PHONES ARE BULLSHIT: On Friday, August 22, 2008, the denizens of #tomgreen showed no mercy in their assault, with countless prank calls in to his show. From the very first call, a barrel roll executed by anonicole, to the closing "Happy Fat Nigger Day!" by bobthejanitor, and various and innumerable calls inbetween, all lead to Tom getting extremely butthurt, and he eventually RAAAAAGED and ripped the cord out of his phone, followed by him angrily telling everyone that "Phones are bullshit!" and kindly letting everyone know that they could fuck off.

By the end of the night, Tom's server crashed due not only to the sheer number of people watching, but to the inevitable DDoS'ing as a finishing move. Epic lulz were had, and a flawless victory was declared.

Thus, the "PHONES ARE BULLSHIT" meme was born.

Wait, wat
  • CLOSED: While still on Rizon, IRCop Kate came into #tomgreen to notify everyone that if didn't stop harassing her, the channel would be CLOSED. Bobthejanitor responded by sending her a picture of his cock with a note that said, "Kate + BTJ," inside of a heart.
  • Tront Roznor: Spawned from anonicole's passionate love for all things Tront Roznor. Abuses of this meme include, but are not limited to, spamming, prank calling faggots named Trent Reznor (to inform them that Ghosts and The Slip sucked ass), and anonicole posting tits to anyone who pretends to be Tront.
  • Are You Aware...: This meme came when the always win HaYDeN asked Axila, via Skype, "Are you aware," --PAUSE (this is vital)--"that you are a faggot?"
  • ^TROLLED: Another meme spawned from the lolcow Axila. Axila would get all butthurt from the constant abuse. Days later he would claim that his bawwwing was him trolling everyone.
  • S My D B: Form, an old raider that is no longer with us, started this when he would randomly spout out, "I need to get my d wet," and, "s my d." The 'b' was later added by bobthejanitor and is now accepted by almost everyone.

Notable Wins

  • Operation Y SO SRS
Advice Dog tells it like it is.

Born of #tomgreen's innate hatred for all things serious business, Operation Y SO SRS was launched in August of 2008. This attack included several calls to Tom inquiring "Y SO SRS?" as well as other Joker quotes. His email page was also flooded with mail filled with lulzy shoops of Tom in Joker makeup, accompanied by modified Joker quotes to make Tom truly shit brix. The operation reached its climax with several of Tom's fans becoming Internet Lawyers and telling Tom to file a lolsuit against the raiders. The escapades at last came to a close when Advice Dog dispensed some helpful advice to Tom's loyal viewers.

  • Over 4000

August 22nd, 2008. Tom Green goes live. He challenges his viewers to play The Game. The rules of the game were as follows: As long as Tom's viewer count never dropped, Tom would have to stay on the air and take calls. Immediately the word was sent to /b/ about this opportunity for epic lulz. In a matter of minutes Tom's viewer count had tripled and never stopped rising. Prank callers lined up for their shot at the big time. Word was sent to Anonymous in every corner of the internets, from 4chan to 7chan to 420chan, to come to arms. Botnets were deployed to falsely increase Tom's viewer count. Cries of "NIGGER" flooded in through the phone lines. After two years of prank calls, Tom was fed up. He said "Fuck you, man" to the last anon on the line, and unplugged the phone, proclaiming "PHONES ARE BULLSHIT". He had had enough of the angry voices of the world, and told us "See ya, pricks!" before going back to whatever boring shit he was doing at the time.

But of course, Anon had other things in store for Mr. Green. And so a DDoS of the server began, and continued until Tom's server basically shat itself and froze completely, with the stream being only remotely accessible. Tom threw it all up to a technical difficulty, and like the lying Jew faggot he is, broke his own rule and left the show while his viewer count was still rising.

Betrayed, Anonymous sat and fapped in angry silence, raeping Tom Green's bandwidth into the wee hours of the night.

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