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Andrew Dobson, professional art murderer - The ultimate lolcow of Encyclopedia Dramatica.


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I am a professional comic artist. I have a BFA in Animation and Comic Art. I draw cartoons, fan art, play nothing but Nintendo, and watch ALOT of movies.


—His introduction on SheezyArt.

Andrew Dobson, better known by his pen names Tom Preston and CattyN/Catty Nebulart, is a starving illustrator, comic creator, animator, and wigger known for ranting about his convention failures, elitism, and his life as a victim. His most notable work is his webcomic So... You’re a Cartoonist, which generally depicts his life story growing up as a super-talented artist only to beg for money at conventions. Like how Fred Gallagher attempted to erase his poorly drawn lolicon, Tom Preston tried to hide his shameful past as a typical paraphile. In fact, he even posed as an innocent young girl who just so happened to love drawing anime girls being pumped with air. Unfortunately for Tom, he forgot that denying the existence of his actions only results in the Streisand effect. Similarly to JonTron, Preston draws himself as slim with a full head of hair when in reality he is a repugnant, obese cueball.

Because of this, Tom Preston tries to put the blame on something else rather than taking responsibility and admitting his wrongs because, God knows, Preston is just an innocent fatty! As a matter of fact, Tom Preston has blamed anime, critics, and digital tools for his poor art skills, when in reality he has just gotten lazier. But don’t go giving tips on how to improve, his comics are perfect the way they are!


Welcome to Dobson's paradise!
Hi, I'm Catty Nebulart and I LOVE inflation art!


—CattyN/Tom Preston/Andrew Dobson, his first introduction.


One day, our dear Andrew thought it would be a good idea to pose as a girl named Catty Nebulart (CattyN) to escape his reality as a fat, socially-maladjusted man and post inflation drawings. He had this whole idea of a girl liking inflation is nowhere near perverted compared to a man liking it. During his days as the typical inflation fetishist, Tom Preston was another Azumanga Daioh fanboy and depicted girls he disliked being inflated. He had this stance where a few characters were sacred and do not deserve to be involved with such perversion.

Classical Preston About missing Pics
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More women bursting with air here!

However, as time passed by, Andrew got paranoid and believed that this shit would cost him his job, despite the fact that Western liberal laws prevent discrimination against perverts unless he also happens to be a negroid. He then contacted Mistystuffer, a pedophile who owns an inflation site full of shit drawings of loli characters as blobs, to remove his artwork as an attempt to make his artwork impossible to find. What he didn’t count on was that Mistystuffer is a lazy coder and left the html up as though he thinks CattyN will return.


What hose around, comes around.
Admittance journal, part one.
Part two.

One day, a concerned fan figured that Catty should return to the inflation art community; fetishes are a "lifestyle" and not utter perversion. What the fan didn’t know was that CattyN was ashamed of his past and avoided the "community" like a plague.

bad for how i'm treating a devious little sneak like him?? How would you feel if you were trying to stay away from DA and some asshole brings you back against your will because they want you to make more work FOR FREE for them because they're bored and don't give a shit about your personal life of what kind of damage it does to you? Frankly i think i'm being FAR too LENIENT with this jerkoff.

and yes. I have a temper problem. Which is not helped by having jerkoffs ruining my life. Maybe if people were nicer to me i wouldn't be such a prick, but you get what you give and i've certainly taken a fair amount of shit in the past 4 years.


—CattyN/Tom Preston, flipping the fuck out.

When Catty found out, he decided it was time to stop dicking around, accept full-life consequences, and finally leave the Internet forever, but unfortunately he decided it would be a good idea to make sure he had the chance to tell the fucktard off before signing off for good, which resulted in massive lulz as CattyN was reduced to a screeching wreck and ended up saying exactly what he thinks of the "community".

because to do that would require letting someone that i would meet with in PERSON in on my fetish and thus be a further danger to me in the future. Believe me, it's not as simple as you might think it is and honestly i DON'T want my art up anymore. I'm sick of the popularity, the leeches, and the anguish that I go through. IT's just easier if i leave altogether and take EVERYTHING down and this jerkoff who stole my work to lure me back has made me realize how much i need to leave this community. If people like him get away with it and do whatever they want to make me dance to their tunes, something is wrong. So i just want to go away forever and never be part of this warped and twisted community.



As of now, his legions of fans are mourning the loss, despite their hero telling them that they're a bunch of sick fucks and then making sure everyone knows that the fucktard who ruined their faptime was him. This inevitably came back to haunt him as his popularity grew. As he drew more comics, which were just rants, he gained a number of haters who decided to dig up info on him. When they stumbled upon his old artwork, they began posting it everywhere on deviantART and 4chan. On June 20, 2011, Tom Preston decided to admit everything to his fan base. Moreover, he decided to depict himself as a victim of internet trolling to get his fan base to pity him and fight against his evil haters.

I tried to keep my accounts separate, but as it’s become clear with the internet that just wasn’t gonna happen. People started to find out and I was embarrassed (rightly so) thinking that I had kept it secret. While under the other account I pissed off a number of people who I shouldn’t have, and for the past 5 years now I’ve been trolled pretty much day and night from people who fed off my fear of being “found out.” I kept it secret for as long as possible, but recently I just gave up and decided to come clean and admit it.


—Tom Preston, 30 June 2010 journal

His comeback.
Hate to be that guy right now.

On September 26th, 2011, Tom Preston finally came out of the closet and make a comeback to the inflation community as CattyNReturns. Happy as a school girl, prancing and screaming "I'm back! It feels great! No more hiding from the truth!". It could be the fake Tom Preston but whatever. Everybody knows he pretends to be a girl name Catty Nebulart that "LOVES INFLATION!". On the bottom line I give it a day or two for Tom Preston to be butthurt and send his brainwashed fans to delete the account and gallery.

Three days later (September 29th, 2011) Tom Preston is butthurt to the next level after seeing the return of CattyN so he and his stupid young "fans" reported CattyNReturns and is now banned. However, some of his new sketches are saved for Encyclopedia Dramatica for great lulz and to show solid proof that Tom Preson is a butthurt inflation artist in denial. Interestingly enough, an old post of his as CattyN implies that he still does inflation art, but secretly... Preston you're a such sneaky bastard aren't you.

His Comics

Lord Prestone, our father, our saviour!
Don't copy anime, kids! Be original like Tom!
Tom meeting his mentor Scott McCloud a.k.a God of Shitty Webcomics

Preston’s rise to fame was his comic So… You’re A Cartoonist? a comic centered on Tom Preston’s life growing up as a potential artist to a starving beggar. Of course, that being said, the comic isn’t really about being a cartoonist; it’s just about how Tom Preston deals with being poor as he was stupid enough to believe that drawing alone could get him a good future. Being in a comic all about himself, Tom depicts himself as a lovable young man who is constantly being played as the victim that just can’t get things his way. Beyond that, Tom’s caricature is often pissed at how nobody approaches him or buys his books.

To put it sweet and short: it’s just one big rant. In fact, a few of his comics have nothing to do with being a cartoonist; they’re flashbacks on Tom’s life. In other cases, it’s his controversial opinions on what art is. He tells people to avoid drawing anime-style so that they would “avoid” his mistakes in the past as he has been noted to blame his inflation art for making his art worse. At the same time, he also expresses his difficulties with digital art claiming that artists are better off doing things traditionally. What does this all mean? “Avoid art styles, don’t cope with new tools” is his general message.

With his comic being completely based on his life, he personifies his problems as caricatures. Persistent Pam, for example, is someone who points out his flaws. She essentially serves to symbolize people who point out his inconsistencies. What most of his fans do not realize is that Curmudgeonly Carl, his latest character, is a caricature of his critics. Unsurprisingly, Tom Preston depicted Carl as an elitist angry old man that thinks everyone around him is talentless just like his critics. This changed when Carl gained a fanbase and Tom decided to completely rewrite his character and label it as character development.

His animations

Andrew Dobson - Professional artist with a Bachelor of Arts in animation

Criticism and Response

Tom's secret to success revealed.
Then again, Dobson seems like the sort of grouch who’s only happy when he’s mad. Pretty much most of this comic is him complaining about people approaching him at conventions, people not buying his book, robble robble robble.


The Webcomic Overlook, gave him a one out of five rating

Fortunately, outside of his fan base, people have noticed that his comics are nothing special; they see through his bullshit. Because they don’t find his jokes to be funny they can see the following in his comics:

  • Poor inking
  • Lazy coloring
  • Bland style
  • Recycled formula
  • Ego, elitism, controversial opinions

As a result, people began critiquing his comics. Surprisingly, Tom Preston is like every other tartlet; he can’t stand critique. Anybody who gives him general tips on how to fix certain errors will get a response from him saying that it’s “his” style or that he draws traditionally. Translation: I can’t improve! However, if a person was to talk about his opinion he would simply give them a smug reply or block them.

Dobbys story in a nutshell.

Ultimately, due to Tom’s response to his critics, trolls from /co/ and /a/ decided to troll him and his fans by creating multiple sock puppets that contains edits of Tom’s comics. It is of no surprise that these edits end up with Tom’s infamous Azumanga Daioh inflation art. Tom responds to this with even more smugness thus continuing this cycle. Occasionally, he will portray his critics’ opinions through his comics and, yet again, portray himself as the innocent victim.

Tom’s reaction towards criticism, itself, is oddly perplexing. He has made it clear that he has graduated from an art college; drawings from when he was a student actually show effort almost as if he pushed himself to his limits in order to graduate. That being stated, art students should generally expect critiques from anybody and would know that they ultimately serve for their improvement. Tom doesn’t hold that stance at all. In fact, he has commented on a certain drawing that concerns critique. The philosophy of this drawing is “only accept critique from people better than you at art”. To no surprise, Tom agreed with its message thus admitting that he thinks of himself above his critics.

However, he only held this opinion since 2008. Tom has been an avid blogger on SheezyArt and has cataloged IRL tantrums and bitchings. Since this was at a time when Preston was another nobody, he has made no effort to hide his true asshole tendencies.

To me (and this is my OPINION) the 'art' is nothing more than a still image of a famous actor smooshed around in "Kai's Power Goo" and then heavily photoshop'd on top of it. Every single piece looks EXACTLY the same, and despite the guy's claim to be old and famous, he certainly doesn't act like it. Yeah dude, I DO have the balls to call your art unoriginal, and until you can prove me otherwise by showing me your step by step procedure or showing it hanging in a gallery, I'm not gonna budge.


—Tom Preston, SheezyArt Journal

Despite Tom claiming he was merely doing it to critique artwork, the quote above is actually more relevant to him just being an asshole. This is proven in a journal he posted a month later in which he states his hatred towards criticism.

But the problem I've so-often come across is that people tend to critique because they CAN, not because they SHOULD.


—Tom Preston, SheezyArt Journal

An Average Dobson Reaction to Critique

Here is the reply Dobson gave to users who gave him a well thought-out critique of his art methods and destructive attitude. Oh wait...

Luckily, screenshots of these critiques were made before deletion. Notice the way he immediately discards advice simply because of the DeviantArt page of the person giving it, before the commenter reveals that he's actually a more successful webcomic creator who is smart enough to see that DeviantArt is in fact complete shit.

Dobbie at the London MCM (AKA "The water incident")


In May of 2012, Tommy boy joined the rest of the faggots of Fresh Epics, and went off to the comic convention in London. Little did he know that someone had a surprise for him. On the twenty sixth, as he was sitting around drawing horrible requests so he can afford to buy himself a hamburger later. Some faggot named "hanksbeaniehat" walked up to him wearing a mask and doused him with water no... threw a water balloon at him no... water bottle? nope, not that either. He did a dance, squirted water in his face like a little pussy while wearing a mask, left him a note and ran away. Still, the event was rather lulzy and was caught on tape.

But "Hank" did not know that he would have to face Full life consequences and he was soon being called a faggot by people who were unimpressed by his antics. Causing him to leave his final post on tumblr (including his letter to TP) and shut down his blog.

THIS IS ONLY BEING KEPT UP NOW BECAUSE OF ITS ORIGINAL POINT. I can see the original point of what I was trying to do has gone out the window.

No regrets.

None at all.

But this is getting silly. I shall not be responding to any more comments. I’m drawing the line, for real. I’m turning Tumblr off and walking away. It was fun at first, then hilarious, but now, I need to stop, let this die and move on. For real.

But, for any haters who still think it is still a good idea to mock me, go ahead, I won’t be responding, only liking/reblogging.

This has clearly elevated out of control and I have had enough.

26th May 2012. The day I pissed off Preston.

“The second instant was a hit and run. I was minding my own business doing sketch cards for fans when someone pushed through the crowd, sprayed me with what I hope was water from a water bottle, and took off running after throwing down some manifesto of some sort (which I didn’t even bother to read so nice wasted effort there man).”

How rude! I was only trying to stop him doing a godawful Spongebob impression! Wheres my purple heart!?

Because he didn’t read my little note, here is what it said;

“Hello TomPreston. (To be honest, I prefer to call you TommyPickles, much more amusing)

You are possibly wondering what the hell just happened. Suffice to say, it was odd, maybe completely OTT random in a sense in which was attempted to be funny but ended up being stupid, a poorly thought out idea and made no sense at all.

That is what reading your comics is like.

I must admit, it is a shame. The path you have gone down, you showed real promise in your early years. (But I don’t mean THAT early. Then again, Tell people to ignore it and move on all you want, you yourself can’t run from your past)

Of course, this will do nothing to change your simple mind; I just wanted to be that one guy.

Love – A side of DeviantART who, you may see as haters or “trolls” but once again, your ignorant self lets you down. We prefer the term “the ones with common sense”.

P.S welcome to the UK. I suggest trying the Ice-cream.”


—Hank, His tumblr

I wanna make some things very clear.

Come at me, haters.

It was WATER. Pure, clean, water. NOT SPIT. I am not that disgusting, nor harsh, so that theory can go to hell.

I do not see myself higher, nor better then Preston. At all. I myself have a fuck load to learn about drawing and if someone were to spray water in my face, I wouldn’t react as harsh.

I did it (as the internet would say) mainly for the lulz. But of course, that term is biased, isn’t it, tumblr?

Those claiming it was assault, grow the fuck up. I could have done much, much worse, but again, I ain’t a violent man.

I didn’t even know he was gonna be there until a few weeks beforehand, you really think I would pay £16 to annoy one guy? Maybe I would, yes, but him being htere was just luck.


The "Final" RageQuit (Nevar fogret 10/24/12)


Finally, after a week of having insane meltdowns on his tumblr and simply responding to people with "fuck you", Dobson admitted that his is not a professional, told people to stop having expectations of him and announced that he is quitting webcomics forever. Some of his fans tried to white knight him, but most people just lol'd at the 30+ year old man who let's himself be run off the internet and quit his chosen profession due to people calling him a faggot.


Selling Copyrighted Material & Fan Art


Dobby crossed the line with this one
Huge picture ahead! - Click here

Tom preston copyright infringement response.jpg

After the RageQuit


The stain of a horrible artist will not wash off, ever.

Eventhough Dobbo said himself he would stop making SYAC, not even shortly after his "final" ragequit, he rebooted the comic series again. First he drew himself much younger, more like a animu figure, with a LOT more hair. Noticed yet, that whenever Dobson draws himself with more hair, he is in a borderline breakdown state?

Aside from this, his contract with BrentalFloss ended shortly after, making him completely unemployed. Rumors have it, that BrentalFloss had enough of Dobson's whining and kicked him off, but tried to do it professionally.

FUN FACT: The one time that Dobbo's lard ass wasn't available, Brent actually drew his first own comic and it was 5 times more entertaining (that doesn't mean it's good) than anything Lord Prestone ever shat out.

The Adventures of Dobbo the Bear



Dobson wouldn't be Dobson if he just resurrected his egoistical POV comic series. He actually transformed himself into a furry! Dobbo now appears as a blue gummy bear ripoff.

On top of that he now takes a defensive stance for FEMINISM. Yes, you read that right. This fat fuck, that was probably mocked a million times by girls in school and used to draw giant amounts of inflation porn, is now a defender of tyrannical women rights extremists. He's so fucking beyond BETA, he's most probably trying to get laid by something that's not a walrus for once.

He really doesn't know when to stop, does he?

Dobson's terrible bear comics also spawned a hilarious amount of shooped parodies.

The Bear Chronicles About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The Giraffe Incident and the Great Doodle Wars



At the end of November 2013, a lonely artistic soul on Encyclopedia Dramatica discovered a Java tool called Goggles, which allowed you to scribble on all non-SSL secured websites. The drawings and notes could only be seen when one activates the tool itself, so it was actually invisible to non-users.

For the first few days, ED users doodled on Dobson's DeviantArt page, creating hate speech, cool drawings, commentaries and one-sided lulz. This all changed though, when Lord Prestone looked beyond his valley into the mighty EDF forums and saw those drawings in the Tom Preston thread. Immediately he grabbed himself a copy of the program and started BALEETING everything systematically. Yes, he went through all his comics, ALL his comics and subpages and erased every single drawing. During this art lolocaust, he killed a giraffe drawing that everyone at EDF cherished for some odd reason; this caused the beginning of one of the greatest shitstorms Dobson has ever started.

EDF reacted with an abrupt counter-offensive and drew much more hateful stuff, calling Dobson a "Giraffe murderer" and "Art killer". It must be noted that every single drawing on his pages looked more inspiring than anything Dobson ever made in Photoshop. This went on and on until Dobbles actually went on the front page and wrote in autistic looking letters: "LEAVE ME ALONE!". He actually spent the entire night (over 10 hours) erasing invisible drawings on his page. Soon his first white knights came in and started erasing mercilessly; most of them were Bronies. It was at this point that nobody could guess anymore if Dobson was actively partaking in this genocide, but that didn't matter later on. Why not? Because Dobson actually told his white knights on DA to destroy the drawings every week, completely contradicting his previous statement that he "doesn't care".

The continued destruction of art made EDiots rage so hard that they actually called in the horde for reinforcements. People from 4chan /co/ didn't seem to be interested at first, but as soon as increasinly more giraffes and drawings were killed, they started to grow a heart and actively intervened. 4chan also seemed to have adopted the Giraffe for a very short amount of time, but then forgot about it again. It was the first ever joint-strike force of ED users and 4channers in a long time; unfortunately nobody on /co/ ever knew who actually alerted them. The users of /co/ also hailed Goggles as the greatest webpage drawing tool ever invented. From that point on Dobson's DeviantArt page was a constant warzone between drawfags and white knights for about a year, before the program was made basically unuseable thanks to the retarded & greedy developers.

The braindead devs deactivated shared drawing around 2014 / 2015 on websites by default, locked features behind a paywall and renamed it, confusing not only Ediots, but also new customers. Today it is pretty much impossible to use the tool, now called "", as it is not only being not updated, but also buggy, broken and can't be used on SSL-secured websites.

Besides the Giraffes, an ongoing theme was the fact that instead of drawing commissions, which were months overdue, Dobson drew godawful renditions of "The Hobbit" and "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim". He kept on playing Skyrim and drawing repulsive shit about it, which was so bad that even his 2011 stuff looked better. He was constantly called out about it on Goggles and unless he ever finishes the commissions that those beta-faggots paid 30 bucks for, he would never find peace. Well actually it doesn't matter, just look at this article. Dobson is one of the greatest lolcows that ED has ever had and he will always deserve to suffer.

(Even more fucked-up bizarre: right around this time, the Great Quitter managed to talk himself into becoming a moderator on DeviantArt. And it was done very quietly.)

Goggles art masterpieces About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

We at ED will always be there for you, promised!

The Commission Affair

The source he traced from
On the left: What he can draw. On the right: What he bothers to draw when people pay him.

One of the main complaints about Preston is that if he spent a quarter of the time he spends writing journals, arguing with people in the comment section of said journals and playing MineCraft and Skyrim as he does drawing, he might have actually gotten good at it, or at least had time to finish his multiple commissions. When confronted with there allegations Preston responded with the predictably dignified "You're not the boss of me" because his critics don't pay him money.

To remedy this, a number of people on EDF2's Preston thread pooled their money together (no one was willing to spend more money on Preston than the equivalent of a happy meal) and anonymously order a commission from him to review his work ethic.

The test followed very strict and fair rules. They would pay him, not set a deadline (because he refuses to work with one) and see how long it take him to complete the work, how well he communicates with his clients and how he responds to requests to fix mistakes. After which they would post their correspondence with him online.


That is how long it takes a "professional artist" like Dobson to produce a single drawing. Not only did it take him that long but he also didn't actually draw what he was asked for (the request was "Samus V Ridley", but they aren't fighting, they're posing), forgot to contact the customer for weeks (or months) at a time, ignored requests to revise by pretending he didn't notice them and created half of the picture by tracing something he had found online. The worst part of this was that not only was he capable of finishing the commission in a week (having previously worked on a weekly webcomic), but that he once drew a better version of the same thing when he wasn't being paid for it. Meaning that he can't be asked to put in even a modicum of effort into satisfying people who pay him money. Talk about a lousy whore.

After finding out what had occurred, Preston posted a journal about how he had been "Duped". Because, apparently, paying him money to do his job is a scam. In the journal he points out that he only does the revisions that he think fit his "style", even though people are paying him to draw what they want him to draw. He also said that had he known it was all "a set up" he would have put in more effort, meaning he doesn't give a fuck about his regular customers.

In the end, the evil cabal of EDF users proved what they sat out to prove and chose not to demand a refund since they all knew they were paying for shit from the start so they can't complain. Either way, this will probably reduce the amount of commissions Tom gets orders for so maybe next time he will be able to finish them in only three months and eight days.


ArchiveToday-favicon.pngDobson's present from ED

GamerGate Bipolarism

Back in August when Zoe Quinn went to order some burgers and fries at Kotaku, Dobson being the fat lovable ultra hyper feminist he is, immediately transformed into White Knight mode to try to get some of that pussy as well. Since his Get Laid plan failed, he shifted the blame on the GamerGaters, claiming that they're just all sexist man children. To commemorate the movement of GamerGate, he drew a lovely edition of SYAC with a parody of Vivian James.


The comic caused a lot of butthurt and shortly after Tom had to make a few revisions to the final product. After posting it on Twitter, somehow people were able to convince him that he was wrong for once, and he shortly joined the GamerGate movement. 3 days later, he threw everyone under the bus just like he did back when he was CattyN and changed his mind yet again. After stabbing everyone from GamerGate in the back like the fat untalented traitor he is, he went for round 2 by drawing TWO MORE SHITTY COMIC of Vivian James involving Luigi and Superman(????). In response, everyone in gamergate drew parodies of his parody and got him proper mad.


6/30/2015 - Dobson himself didn't learn his lesson from his last punishment. He once again continues to talk shit about Vivian James along with the GamerGate community to cash in more jew gold.

Gallery of GamerGate Fanart About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Goodbye Forever Comment Section!

After years of abuse, he finally had enough. GamerGate pushed him over the edge and he announced that the comment section is closed FOREVAAAR!!!11!1!!1. Which is an odd choice, considering one of the main topics of GG was censorship. This only goes to show that Dobby is in lockstep with the rest of the SJW faggots. But fear not, you can still make fun of him on twitter.

Dobby gets trolled by Brianna Wu sock

To capitalize on Dobby's recent involvement in GamerGate, some EDiot decided to have a bit of fun.
He created a sock-puppet on twitter, posing as GamerGate hater and psycho tranny Brianna Wu by changing "spacekatgal" to "spacekatguy", and started tweeting at Dobson for , switching between super friendly and deeply offended to watch him intermittently suck-up and grovel to him for forgiveness. It was a truly pathetic display that lasted for days until Preston finally realized it wasn't really Wu himself.

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

The End of TomPreston? - The second (semi-)Ragequit (Neva fahget 06/17/15)

Preston only you.png

Tommyboy created a Patreon account, and considering how lazy he is, it didn't take long for him to get called out on it. After exactly that happened, Dobbo went into full defense mode. It only needed one call-out and Tom decided to leave deviantArt for good. (Remember, he was a sysop on DA. For the first time in his life, he had the power to ban artists who mocked him. And he tossed it away. Ask Curt Sibling.) Andy destroyed his only fanbase and his only potential market he actually had left. He also destroyed any future chances (if he ever had any at this point) by destroying his last bit of professionalism with a ragequit blog rant.

But that's not all. No ... no no no, this wouldn't be Andrew Dobson if he just left the scenery. He actually revealed that he has "PTSD" from the London watergun incident back on the comic convention. BUT THAT'S NOT ALL. In just one post he also told everyone that his own sweat smells like piss and that his own sweat stinks to him. This happened when the water from the pistol came in contact with his face and mixed with the sweat, which unleashed the godawful stench that Dobbles body oozes from all its pores.


Some DA people see the true Andy! (By Curt Sibling)

On a different note, a few days later Dobson whined so much on his Twitter that everyone assumed he had a mental breakdown. He then made it look like as if he was about to kill himself. This made a bunch of moralfag trolls actually dig up his dox so they could actually call the cops to investigate for a potential suicide. About a day later he came back and reported that everything was "k" and he just needed some time off Twitter and the internets. You can guess how long that lasted. A lot of his viewers were extremely pissed that he played with their feelings like that and called his actions irredeemable.

Dobson's Shitty Propaganda

Not violent at all.

Dobon, after months of crying on twitter, finally lost it. Not long after Kathy Griffin made an ISIS-style beheading video, he felt the need to white-knight her. What did he decide to do in his grand show of solidarity? He drew a picture of the god-emperor getting beheaded by the ginger cunt.

TOTALLY not violent

The funny thing is, this shit could probably get Dobson fired from any job other than working for libtard lunatics or McDonald's.

But just so you know for a fact that Dobson can't get his rage boner up enough to be an actual artist, the image has been overlayed to both the original painting he copied and easy-to-find google image searches for both "Kathy Griffin" and "Donald Trump", instead resembling anything original.

Andrew Dobson, professional artist

The End of Tom Preston (For realizes this time)

And DA smells 20% better without his blue anus.
Another meltdown on Facebook after his Twitter account got suspended. And plays the blame game.

After fourteen years of crying like a little bitch, putting up with EDF's shit, and just being a plain old faggot, Andrew Dobson decided he had enough, and on September 11th, 2017, Andrew Dobson deactivated the Tom Preston Deviantart account. An account he didn't even bother posting in anymore ever since Gamergate happened, an account that despite disabling comments, did not stop the hilarious hijinks from happening.

Farewell Tom Preston! We'll never forget you! (Not as long as Wayback Machine & exist.)

His Twitter account got suspended for going on another feminist rage, which culminated in tweeting to our Mighty and Fearless Leader/God Emperor to Kill Himself. Rumor has it that the suspension is permanent. If it is permanent, then we wish Tom Preston a bon voyage! Nothing valuable to remember him has been lost. Except for being a lolcow.

Twitter Ban Evasion and More Shitty Propaganda

File:How has he not been reported yet.png
Andrew Dobson's latest twitter profile.

In March of 2018, Preston thought it would be a great idea to blatantly bypass Twitter's banning of his previous account and start pushing out more of his profound and thought provoking comics detailing our lord and savior Donald Trump's heartless actions towards immigrants as well as some hot takes on the current political climate of the United States.

Andrew Dobson's shitty comic about ICE agents.

As of late, he's gotten into another bit of trouble concerning a young faggot by the name of "The Specksnyder". After posting some bullshit comic about political discussion with some hamfisted platitudes about Nazi's and tolerance, Speck responded by suggesting he not automatically demonize anybody with an opposing viewpoint as that leaves zero chance for actual discussion or actually getting said Nazis to maybe change their mind. Fat chance of that, but it was an earnest response that nobody with skin thicker than plastic wrap would take offense at.

Andrew Dobson's comic about tolerance and political discussion

Our hero, Tom Preston, decided the most rational response to such criticism was to call this guy a Nazi right off the bat. This backfired almost immediately as our friend Specksnyder turned out to be a young, female, tranny. Can't really claim to be defending this group of oppressed peoples if you're gonna call 'em Nazis, now can ya?

A detailing of Andrew Dobson calling somebody a Nazi for disagreeing with him.

He's still pumping out those political comics over a real tear-jerker involving some beaners and pigs got him a good amount of internet points. They're pretty much all traces, but Preston thinks flipping the original image before tracing over it makes it his for some reason.

And example of Dobson tracing, yet again.

Update: 08/16/2018 - Suspended from Twitter again for ban evasion!

He could've avoided all this if he wasn’t such a hateful little bear cuck.


Oh so quirky!

Below is just a small sample of Tom's infinite wisdom!

There's a volley ball on the soccer field because soccer balls are hard to draw.


—Tom in his Patty comic

Well, all you'd need to do is get fat and make unfunny stuff (don't worry about making the crap art, you're pretty good at that already) and then you'll be just as popular as me!


—Tom Preston, webcomic 101

I copied anime and manga when I was young and it hurt my ability to draw better and I don't want others to suffer what I went through. Unless you're an artist yourself, you have no idea how hard it is to alter your "style" after you've already developed one. It was meant to educate, not antagonize.


—Pinning the blame on something else. Again.

Yes it's true that when I wasn't "popular" or had deadlines to worry about, I spent much more time on my artwork. That being said, I still have improved as an artist overall, especially when compared to what I was producing in college. SYAC is an every-other-day comic, and before that it was an EVERY DAY comic. That's a lot of work and I was struggling to just keep ahead of the deadlines at the time. Quality had to take a backseat to consistency. My other works, for Brentalfloss, Formera, and Alex Ze Pirate I spend WAY more time and attention to because I have the freedom to do so.


—This shit's more important?

Doesn't matter to me. I made money off the initial sale, so I don't care what you do with it now. You could burn it in a fire and post it on youtube and it wouldn't phase me one bit. So once again, thanks for the business!


—Showing his gratitude to a person who was unsatisfied with buying his comic

There's a fine line between giving insightful criticism, and being a dick.


—He would know, he does it everytime.

Already grumpy and frustrated that everything seemed to just be going completely wrong, I went to service the damn lav. When we pulled the truck up to the plane there were about 4-5 other ramp agents standing around and they started to mockingly clap and applaud our "stupidity" for not doing the lavs and giving them a delay. Furious beyond control I flicked them off with my middle finger, uttered "fuck you" under my breath, and then proceeded under protest to servicing the lavs again. As I had already told them, and as I already knew, the laves HAD been serviced and nothing but clean water came out of them this time. But I was determined to do it “right” this time and screw the inevitable delay.


—Dobson, on workplace ethics. August 10th, 2007 journal entry

It's like... what is WRONG with everyone? Why can't I just SAY my say, without getting flamed or cursed out? If you didn't want the comments, maybe you shouldn't have posted in the first place.


Irony.January 25th, 2008 journal

Critiques are suppose to help you get better and make you a better person. But the problem I've so-often come across is that people tend to critique because they CAN, not because they SHOULD. What I mean is that often people find negative things JUST so they can critique, and they'll make up some bullshit reason to justify it. That's not an honest critique, that's just negativity and makes me not want to continue with whatever it was I was doing. A GOOD critique should point out mistakes and point out good things too. I always try to find something good in everything I look at, no matter how much I may hate the subject or how awful the drawing is. I don;t take much stock in advice from people about my work because the only person who truly understands what I'm doing is myself.


February 2nd, 2008 journal where he fucking contradicts himself

I admit it. I love McDonald's food. I know it's bad for me, but I love it anyway. Here's to Microwave'd burgers and cow-fat fries!


—Same journal entry. Tom admits that he is fat.

Now he's trying to get hired by Disney. I saw his demo reel and it's fucking amazing. I don't know how he does it, but talent just oozes fourth from him. He's married his girlfriend, they're living out in California, and they're working on comics and animation on the side. Everything I would love to be doing...

It's really depressing to see someone who's just SO talented getting everything you ever wanted, and far worse then they are your friend cuz you can't say anything bad about them.


—Dobson, totally not jelly of his superior Azn roommateMay 5th, 2008 journal

I don't know who CattyN is nor why they insist on linking me up with them (it's sadly not the first time) except that it's fetishy art and thus might be offensive since my work is understandably G rated for all ages.

I really wish they'd leave me alone. It just comes across as them being butthurt because I'm "popular" on DA.


—Tom denies he's CattyN and thinks people hate him because he's popular



—Andrew Dobson. He's a fucking retard.

Important Shit - Worth watching

Second part of the video

His first ever theme song. Unfortunately it's not longer.

Another SYAC review.

It's him. Oh, the horror.

An example of Dobson's awkward voice.

Fill bucket 101

His super professional demo reel

An even more pro reel made with Animoto

Animooted pirates

Patty, now even more boring and unprofessional

Funny Shit

Also known as anti-videos.

Pretty much explains everything about his video game web comics.
Part 2 of his video game web comics.
Title says it all.
How unfunny is Danny and Spot? Watch and find out.

Unfunny Patreon Videos

Posted here, not so much because it's actually entertaining, but because these are the video he "rewards" his "loyal" Patreons with. "Rewards"? More like "tortures". Anyways, by posting these videos here, we're saving you $1/month for the "privilege" of seeing them.

Literally "Exposition, the Animated Movie". And, EYEBROWS!


Evidence of his ego About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Fun Facts


  • He has a phobia for Carnevale (italian carnival) masks. For years it's been a tradition on 4chan's /co/ to spam any and all Tom Preston threads with pictures of Carnevale masks. Since he is a shameless narcissist, he would frequently lurk 4chan's /co/, hoping people would stroke his ego, only to be greeted by hordes of Carnevale masks, mocking him in deafening silence.

Preston sets records.png



  • Dobbo is a man of legends. His thread, filled with countless information, is the holy grail of ED. Literally over 2,500 pages.
  • In a rare act of growing a pair, Dobson went on a suicidal mission to receive advice from 4chan's art board and surprisingly did not get completely butt ravaged. Unfortunately, he learned nothing from the experience and reverted back to his old self.

See Also

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