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Don't be a bigot, kid. Let the poor guy in!
An owl displaying tolerance.
The proper response to someone asking you to be more tolerant.

Tolerance is a meme used by liberals to get you to stop hating them or to soften your argument (doesn't usually work), no matter how true, while they hate you and throw ludicrous arguments back at you, which are even dumber arguments if the liberals in question are niggers. The term and subsequent infection comes from Hollywood, which in turns feels it needs to be even moar tolerant.

In terms of race, it denotes cultural relativism and accepting a native's beliefs while he is eating you alive with his fellow cannibalistic buddies. The four main subjects of tolerance by liberals include black persons, kikes, homos, and Polacks. To some extent, tolerance may also be cited in defense of red-headed stepchildren.


Niggas, also known as "darkies", were a race of ape-men purchased from other ape-men in Africa and transformed into half-human/half-ape hybrids after fucking white wimminz because they were good at basketball and had larger cock sizes, traits their descendants think they have inherited today; they are also known for their rubber-like lips and love of watermelon. Popular topics among liberals in regard to niggas includes slave reparations, to bring them back into their natural habitat of serving good Christian white folk.


Noone is allowed to laugh at Kikes because they have big noses. Everyone is also obliged to look away when they bulldoze Palestinians. Intolerance regarding Jews is termed "hysterical raving anti-Semitism" and is indicative of disagreement with any damn thing a Jew might happen to say. If this disagreement is voiced by another Jew, they are a "self-loathing Jew" and therefore just as disgustingly insane as the gentile anti-Semite.


Even though queers enjoy immoral anal sex and carry AIDS, liberals want to tell straights and their children that these homos are just people and deserve the same treatment and rights. According to them, peeing on the graves of gays, opposing same-sex marriage, getting weirded out by gay porn and not wanting to kiss a member of the same gender is homophobic and bad or whatever.


Americans are a herd of mindless cows ruled by ruthless warlords. We are obligated to ignore their ignorance of the outside world and Nazi tendencies to oppress teh groups above and bomb non-Aryans to smithereens. Democrats tell us that not all Americans are stupid, simply the ones who re-elected W. This is bullshit. Anyone with half a brain can see that all politicians of both parties are merely puppets for the Zionist-controlled New World Order. America is not the Land of the Free; it's the land of the obnoxious rednecks who think they're free.

ED Users

The word has no meaning to you. Why are you reading this?

Political correctness

Political correctness is what happens when liberals want tolerance. Politically correct language is language that has been changed because the old term was offensive to some people.

Nearly everybody wants to be thought of as "politically incorrect" to some degree, because that means you're cool and edgy and not afraid to tell the truth. Even liberals think they want to be politically incorrect, but this is bullshit because all liberals are overemotional pussies who are too open-minded to even think about offending any minority. Try proving this to them by breaking any of the following examples in a liberal-oriented community.


  • Incorrect: "I got rear-ended by a(n) nigger/ruskie/wetback/chink last week."
  • Incorrect: "This homework assignment is so gay!"
  • Correct: "This homework assignment is so lame/boring/Homosexual-American/etc.!"

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