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To catch a Predator

To Catch A Predator was one of several reality TV shows produced by Chris Hansen and his staff at NBC, which ran from 2004 to 2007. In TCAP, Chris, the team at Perverted-Justice, and local cops bait pedophiles into visiting one of the operation's homes, where a decoy agent (posing as a loli/shota) tricks the pedophile into zerging the home, only for Chris Hansen to appear and troll them. When the pedo tries to escape, he's greeted by a swarm of pigs who fire their lazers and ensure consequences won't ever be the same, before getting v& off to Prison. It came to an end after Chris and the show became extremely popular memes, which alerted pedophiles everywhere. Notably, almost every Catholic priest around the earth has been advised and warned about the show. Plus, it doesn't help that they ArchiveToday-favicon.pngdrove one of the pedophiles to suicide and got sued for at least 100 million dollars. Regardless, the show has gone down as one of the few good Reality Television shows to be produced, growing a massive cult following that never slowed down. After nearly a decade, Chris Hansen crowd-funded a sequel to the show, Hansen VS Predator, which started releasing episodes in 2016.

Notable Busts

Wigger pedo tries to conceal identity
  • bayj0nes, (Powerword: Brian Gosselin)- a creepy looking son of a bitch, notable for having the bizarre haircut and speaking that creepy "Yeeaah~" to a decoy.
  • freebird_72000, (Powerword: David Schumacher)- Epic lulz, as this wigger went on national TV and made a fool of himself, even trying to use his shirt and hat to conceal his identity in his own makeshift shir-tent.

Lulzy Pedos



Thinking with the wrong head

Funniest Pedos



South Park

An October 2007 episode of South Park, Le Petit Tourette, features Eric Cartman faking Tourette's syndrome. Being able to say whatever the fuck he wants eventually leads to him being unable to filter his thoughts, leading to much embarrassment. Eventually he gets contacted by Chris Hansen and scheduled to be interviewed on his show. He tries to cancel the interview, but Hansen uses the famous "Take a seat, right over there" line on him. Chris tells Eric about the real-life suicide victim who Chris and his team cornered and made "Shoot himself", implying that they will murder Cartman and make it look like an accident unless he goes along with the show. Eventually a bunch of pedophiles zerg rush the show, resulting in dozens of an heroes when they realize who they've just encountered, systematically committing suicide en masse. The swarm was conducted by none other than the filthy kike Kyle, in order to get revenge on Cartman.

The Boondocks

The ninth episode of the third season of the infamous nigger version of South Park, A Date with the Booty Warrior, features a parody of The Booty Warrior, in which he brutally sodomizes Chris Hansen. The rest of the episode focuses on Tom and the kids being trapped in a Prison during a riot, where the booty warrior comes close to raping Tom, before succumbing to death.


To Catch A Predator was one of the most controversial shows on television. Much criticism was made about the predatory entrapment techniques (sting operations) perpetrated upon the suspects. Many Pedophile Apologists pointed out that the show often made you feel sympathy and pity for some the paedos, (such as the 19 year old kid) which is a prime example of DOING IT WRONG. Butthurt Soccer moms got triggered over the fact that the show reads the chatlogs out loud in bizzare and awkward voices. Imagine you were scrolling through TV channels, land on NBC and are subjected to hearing "do you have a rape fetish, and were you ever raped? i like rape! maybe we should hook up and i could fuck you in the ass".

Suicide of Louis Conradt

Louis Conradt was an attorney from Texass, a state notable for consisting entirely of middle aged fat white dudes stuck far in the closet about their pedophillic homosexuality. He was a District Attorney for over 20 years, and was well respected in his community. Perverted-Justice believes that he posed as a 19 year old who sexted with a "13 year old boy" (Decoy) named Luke. They started to call each other, but Louis saw through the rouse and stopped conversing. He had a MySpace, where he started to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING shortly after realizing he was talking to a FBI agent or whatever. Eventually, somebody set Louis up the bomb and moved the party-van Zigs to his house. The Cops, dateline, and perverted justice were on the scene, preparing an ambush. SWAT was called in, busted the door in, and found Louis in a hallway. He pulled out his gay little browning .380 and systematically became An hero, saying "Don't worry.. I'm not going to hurt anyone.."

Aftermath / Backlash

This sting operation was the most controversial aspect to TCAP ever seen. The suspect took his life live on camera, the pigs and cockblockers visited the pedophiles house (instead of baiting them to the decoy home) and it proved to be the biggest log for the fireplace of controversy, regarding the show. This segment was used to support that $100,000,000.00 LOLsuit against NBC. ABC did an investigation on this incident for their own show, 20/20. The cops found a bunch of electronics that possessed Child Porn. The LOLsuit was eventually resolved out of court, in 2008.

Hansen Vs Predator

The show was cancelled in 2008, mainly because Chris became a mainstream meme and pedophiles were on high alert, making potential investigations much more difficult. Oh and that LOLsuit. Although the show was canned, the ball kept rolling and TCAP kept getting even more popular as time went on. Even into 2015, there was enough interest left in Hansen's career that he gave in to popular demand and announced intentions to kick-start a TCAP reboot. This revival attempt was called Hansen VS Predator, and after Over $90,000 was pledged by 1,200+ people, the show was financed enough to begin development.

After a long tedious year of waiting, Chris started rolling out episodes in late 2016, on the youtube channel Watch Daily. Sadly, Perverted Justice was no longer collaborating with the effort; instead, a different anti-pedo troll group, Tetrad Core, provided the assistance. The investigations required the team to take into account the characteristics of Generation Z, the generation born in a post 9-11 world. These youth no longer used MySpace, MSN and IRC to communicate. They are smartphone zombies, glued to their screens, using shit apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Failbook. Despite being a godlike celebrity and living meme, Chris was still able to lure several pedophiles in a relatively short time of beginning to conduct the sting operations.

You've seen my shows before. Well guess what? We're starting up again, and you are among our first guests.


—Chris Hansen, HVP Episode 1

Hansen VS Predator Episodes

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6


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