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This page is about an attempted an hero.
Timur Bekmansurov
Born March 8th, 2003
Nationality Russian  MiniflagRussia.png
High Score 6 killed, 47 injured
Top 50? Nah
Style FPS, Single player
An Hero? No

Timur Bekmansurov is the latest faggot to go for the High Score. ANOTHER mass shooting for Russia, stealing Western culture and values. Timmy used the same loadout and style as his heroes, Ilnaz Galyaviev and Vladislav Roslyakov. Lacking originality, he managed to kill only 6 people with a shitty hunting shotgun. He was shot by a cop, fallout style crippled, arrested, and now faces extreme bumsecks in Russian prison.


Looking like Lord Farquaad under all of that cosplay getup.

18-year-old Timur Bekmansurov, the suspect detained, is being treated for his injuries before he gets interrogated by police. His parents are divorced, his father works for the military in the Samara region of Russia, and his mother is an accountant.

After the shooting, his father spoke to the KGB, claiming that his son was obsessed with the internet, spending every waking moment on his computer, even after his father told him to go get some fresh air (who knows, he might have even visited this very website).

His manifesto

Just before the shooting, Timur shitposted his manifesto on VK. In it, he goes into the usual misanthropic ramblings, with a side of giving a nod to previous mass shooters (he mentioned the Kazan shooting by name in the manifesto). Notably, he used the manifesto to say that he wasn't politically, religiously, or racially motivated.

In English!!1!

The Shooting

On September 20th, 2021, Timur finally decided that he had enough of society's shit. After posting his manifesto online (roughly an hour before the shooting, according to authorities), Timur started shooting at students congregating outside, then moved towards the interior of the school. Unlike Ilnaz Galyaviev's High Score attempt, Timur managed to successfully kill the security guard this time, which resulted in no panic button being pressed for the school.

However, unlike the Kazan shooting, Timur was stopped by a cop. This particular cop wasn't assigned to the school; he was a traffic cop who was investigating an unrelated accident nearby. Hearing the gunshots, the cop ran in alone and engaged Timur. And unlike Americunt piggies, who would've just straight up magdumped the guy, this cop decided to shoot Timur straight in the leg, with pinpoint accuracy that would've made Mother Russia herself proud. Timur was hit several more times in his ass, dick and chest and collapsed to the ground moaning in pain. This promptly ended Timur's High Score attempt, not like there was much of an attempt in the first place.

Gameplay Footage


Photo 2021-10-10 14-31-57.jpg

Due to the wounds that Timur received at the end of his rampage, he ended up having one of his legs amputated. Despite the severe wounds Timur received in the shooting, he managed to survive both the amputation and kidney failure that soon followed. He is still in the hospital as of October 2021, but it is looking like he'll ultimately survive his injuries (that is, if he doesn't an hero the very first chance he gets).

This is what a loser looks like.


Item Description
  • Huglu Artox Tactical Pump Shotgun
Timur Shotgun.jpg
Timur Helmet.jpeg
  • Bekmansurov, of superior Aryan stock, makes Hitler proud.

Graded Score

Graded Score
Kill count: 6/20 6 dead, 28 injured
Accuracy: 5/20 Shitty accuracy, and no explosives to fall back on this time!
Style: 4/20 Another unoriginal shooting, just a mere 4 months removed from the previous copycat.
Butthurt: 10/20 Less coverage than Kazan, presumably because of the lower kill count.
Bonus: 25/20 Putin might actually ban guns this time!!
Total Score: 50/100 (F)
Cyka Blyat
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Wanted Level:

Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png Wantedstar.png





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