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Timmygal = infected with GOTIS
You can help by not giving her any attention.

Dee being Dee
In its natural environment.
Delusional Timmygal's dream man

Timmygal (aka Dee Dee Rivera, Timmyfan) is an INXSary extraordinnairess lady from the South as shown by her incredibly slow drawl. Her royal fatness loves INXS so much, it was the guitarist of the band, Tim Farriss, that inspired her to start calling herself "Timmyfan" for the sake of her videos. She has been a fan of this loser rock band since 1990, and foolishly dreamed of marrying Michael Hutchence some day. If word of this had ever reached his ears, Hutchence would have killed himself back then.

The baleen whale on the left is Timmygal.

Like any typical conservative, it is her sworn duty to share with the world her personal opinions on every subject so that everyone may learn from her mock wisdom. What makes her distinct from the everyday Youtube gotis is the fact that she is over 35 years old, and suffers from a similar affliction known as Hambeastis Syndrome. Symptoms include excessive weight, being "UN"available, the urge to fill the void in her heart with small animals and Jesus. Clearly having no form of active employment, Timmygal is capable of cranking out videos faster than an illegal alien waiting for her welfare check. A definite freedom fighter at heart, Timmygal believes in free speech, which is why she withholds comments for uploader approval. Don't disagree with her, or she'll use idiotic comebacks against you like: Stupid, Ignorant, and Shitheads. By the way, she has no personal vendetta against Atheists, but does hate panthers with a passion!

Persecuting Panthers

They are misunderstood.
Panther Left.jpg


Panther Right.jpg

Despite being a lover of most animals, Timmygal has a sensible reason for her deep seated hatred towards the panthers. According to her warped and simplistic opinion of panthers, ALL species of "big 'cats'" are "panthers". No exceptions. As far as what can be gathered from her response videos, lovers of felines were commenting on how much better it was to keep a panther as a pet than her yappin' toy dogs (though there is no basis proof that such a conversation ever existed). Massive butthurt ensued by the panther fanatics, and in response she created a very nice video showing great justice done to the evil... well, pretty much every species of large feline. It can be found here. No matter how accurately the video showed how sinister panthers were with very key points and commentary, the butthurt panther fanatics flagged the documentary for removal without hesitation. Feeling the cold sting of censorship, she made a response video as seen below.

Apart from making shock videos of panthers, Timmygal's hobby is to think up the future evolution of mammals that may, or may not exist in the future to demonstrate how much she resents modern predators. Notice the total absurdity of how she thinks evolution works as speculative evolution drones can only imagine.

If apes evolved into lion-like predators
If said Cat Ape traveled back in time to exact revenge for Timmygal.


In 2010 Timmygal got her first attack from nazi-style vegans and was hummeled with the probability of speciesism. It was these attacks that led to the creation of a video about speciesism, which can be viewed on her YouTube channel. Timmygal mentioned in her blog that she very firmly does not believe in speciesism because it borderlines on beastiality. Timmygal states she never has any intention of going vegan or "bending to their beliefs", which means she is going to remain a fat ass for her entire life and probably die of a heart attack before the age of 50. Though she claims she does not care.

Atheists Assault

Being a Holy Cow, Timmygal has been harassed on occasion by pushy, nagging atheists due to her use of freedom of speech. She does everything she can to avoid them, and does not "push her beliefs on them", but they enjoy victimizing the poor woman all the same. Now truth be told, Timmygal might have walked into the Joker's den a few times and was not wearing the armor of GOD. They then proceeded to tear into her exposed rolls of righteousness, gnashing their teeth as atheists always want to do, and soon died of heart disease. Having survived one horrid event after another, she once again shares her experiences and infallible logic on the Jewtubes.

Timmygal: Model Christian
A most disgusting image to Timmygal: Atheist Panther. Note the distinctive markings.

The Amazing Atheist & Fwends

Reading the above, you might think that these confrontations were happening while she was spending her foodstamps at the local Walmart. Nope! All of her encounters started on Atheism-based channels like TheAmazingAtheist. Of course, who would of thought that doing so would have stirred up a minor shitstorm. Here is the conversation that Timmy totally didn't walk into, keep in mind this whole time she wasn't trying to push her beliefs or anything.

                   As Seen On Video "Phrases I Hate" By TheAmazingAtheist
Timmy and the Atheists1.jpg

As you can see, she is totally not fighting it, especially when returning several times over the course of a few days to make her peace. After rape was assured, she proceeded to explain the nature of these aggressive atheists.

No butthurt here, nope.

It is safe to say that she will continue to ask for more until her feelings are hurt enough to make another video about how wrong all these shitheads are for forcing their atheism at her. That, and after reading this article and not giving a fuck what the author of this article thinks. Even though all atheists are immoral douchebags, we all can agree that using our token atheist, Thomas Kirk, is not a very choice baseline. We at ED advise her to try voicing her opinion on TheAtheistExperience and call in to talk to Matt Dillahunty.

Timmygal's Fantasy
Timmygal's favorite animal

Being a self-proclaimed amateur zoologist, Timmygal has "studied all genera and species names of mammals", so she knows a great deal. She is able to reveal much extensive knowledge of animals without the benefit of a biological degree, which has nothing to do with her dislike against certain animals, making her less equivocal to an accredited zoologist. All of her knowledge comes from first hand experiences with animals from working in 2 different zoos through her life, and Walker's Mammals of the World. Dogs, snakes and fish are her favorite pets because she loves to bring the zoo home with her.

Backyard Breeding

Backyard breeding has been practiced by desperate white trash around the nation for generations, and is a profitable recreation, like meth and NASCAR. Timmygal has successfully bred dogs like her Chihuahuas, But then stopped breeding them in 2006, after the mysterious death of her favorite breeding bitch, Groucho. She never got back into breeding chihuahuas due to her being a weak-ass motherfucker and some alleged bad experiences with dog show breeders. Here is what Dee stands for...

  1. Don't take Bob Barker's advice.

Here is what she stands against...

  1. Place two dogs of the opposite sex together.
  2. Post against overpriced ads of mutts with fake/made up breed names and no shots on craigslist.
  3. ???
  4. Profit

If you want to piss Timmygal off, it's best to keep your dogs in cramped/limited living conditions for easy access. Make sure you breed your prize bitches every heat cycle for maximum profit. When a bitch becomes barren save a female pup and you'll be on your way to becoming a successful backyard breeder. Then go to her video discussing breeding dogs and rub it in her face that this is how you do it.

Her Loving Pets & Care Advice

Willing to share her experiences, Timmygal lays down the facts just like ExpertVillage. Having owned snakes since 1993, Timmy will tell you important facts such as not to feed them live food cause they'll "like get hurt and stuff" as well as being cruel. In her recent video discussing "Feeding for snakes", she covers the entire length of video ranting on about dangers of live feeding. What about proper caging, humidity, heating, lighting and substrate (which has nothing to do with what that video was supposed to be about)? You should know that already. She's kept lots of colubrid snakes: Kingsnakes, Milksnakes, Cornsnakes, Ratsnakes. Unfortunately, on her recent exodus from Washington to Montana, she was forced to have all her snakes stay with a friend due to leasing restrictions. But in her blog, she says she still has communication with the friend who is watching her snakes.

Timmygal also had a large collection of tropical fish, mostly small, exotic tropical fish you would never find in the back of Walmart or Petco. Despite her admirable dedication to lugging the 50 gallon aquarium from one apartment to another, the fish had to go to new homes, or they would have died en route back from Montana to Washington. As you can see in her recent video discussing atheists, the fish tank behind her is void of all life, a testement to her never ending devotion to getting out of Montana and getting back to the coast where she belongs. May God bless the souls of those fish and their thankful new owners. *moment of silence*


Finally, we have her babies. It is common knowledge that the larger the hambeast, the smaller the dog. Except on the many occasions where fat people have owned big dogs, and small-framed movie stars and models have owned chihuahuas. Since a breed hasn't been invented yet that is the size of a microbe, Timmy instead got football-sized "papillons" and "chihuahuas". Being the responsible pet owner she is indeed known to be, Dee decides it is better to inoculate and fix the dogs than to buy several gallons of cookie dough ice cream to shove into her fat face. There is more logic to this madness, however. Having been raised in the art of irresponsible pet-ownership, Timmy's skills are almost to the pinnacle of knowledge. Though not as good as she would have liked them to be, never having the benefit of learning from an experienced mentor. She was told her chihuahua, Vegas, was good enough for showing when he was 8 weeks old. Alas, Vegas never saw the upside of the showing table due to the fact Timmygal would rather sit in front of the television, watching Dr. Who and gorging on 12 boxes of Oreo Cookies in a day. But it is alright because with no hope of getting a decent man in her life, she says she loves both her dogs anyway. They are all she has.

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