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Timothy Robert "Timbox" McKenzie
Born May 21, 1991
Nationality Amerimutt  MiniflagUSA.png
Education Old Mill Senior High School, Millersville, MD (Class of 2012); Anne Arundel County Community College (1 year)
Occupation Hauling shit in a warehouse

Behold Timbox (Timothy Robert McKenzie), the dumbest man ever to walk the Earth. Aspiring to dethrone Chris-chan as the lulziest lolcow ever, Tim is a 31-year-old Asian fetishist, pedophile, faggot, racist, pervert, autistic, retard manchild who lives in his parents' house. Hailed as "the most delusional being ever to touch a keyboard", Tim is best-known for producing shitty ideas for films that will never be made which prominently include his favorite interests: children's cartoons, dinosaurs, and Asian girls.

Tim in his natural habitat.


Who is more foolish: the fool, or the fool who follows?

Timothy Robert McKenzie shot out of his mother's vagina on May 21st, 1991 in Baltimore, Maryland. She decided against aborting him in hopes he'd be a successful adult. Sadly, her son's obsession with fictional Asians and terrible cartoons proved her wrong.

He was diagnosed with ass burgers at an early age. This not only led to Tim's unhealthy obsession with the idiot box, but also made him into a racist weeaboo. Thanks to his parents' coddling, he developed zero common sense or emotional intelligence. He was non-verbal until age 7, was held back in special-ed classes, and only managed to graduate from high school at the age of 21. Tim spent most of his high school life stalking and flirting with (Asian) girls completely out of his league, trying to impress them with his knowledge of dinosaurs. Timmy had a tendency to carry numerous books on dinosaurs throughout the hallways of school and was very uncooperative with his teachers at times when given instruction to put away his books. Tim thought highly of himself like a modern day Renaissance man but in reality, this was far from the truth. His awkward conversations with girls in high school and sexual harassment advances isolated him from the rest of high school and Tim relied on spewing his bullshit ideas on other retarded classmates and teachers. He considers himself a film expert because he knows about the Criterion Collection, and stuff like Citizen Kane. He also won a Great Mouse Detective contest in 1999, the prize was a trip to London, but he didn't go.

Timmy wants to prove to the world that autistic people can do things just as well as neurotypical people or better, even though this has been proven over 9000 times before by more intelligent people with the same condition. He thinks that "realists" are "out for his blood", and believes that he is "discriminated" against for being autistic, while he is actually just a colossal idiot. He also cries like a bitch every time he sees Dexter's Mandark wear a black cape, so if you want to scare Timbox on Halloween, dress up as Mandark, and look at him menacingly.

Read his full "autobiography" here.

Dexter's Odyssey

Yes, he is dead fucking serious about this shit.

Tim realized his unrealistic dream of becoming a filmmaker by stealing the intellectual property from his favorite TV shows and movies. Over the past decade, his autistic fascination with cartoons, dinosaurs, and Asian girls have combined to create his increasingly stupid "intended masterpiece" of a film, which will be 8 hours long and a film masterpiece comparable to Gone With The Wind and Citizen Kane called Dexter's Odyssey. Around the year 2006, Timothy's two brain cells concentrated all of their might to birth this thought-abortion made of copyright hell. Basically, it's about Dexter and Lee Lee going through some stupid quest stolen from Lord of the Rings. They not only come across characters like Samurai Jack, the Power Puff Girls, Avatar-like characters (the shitty Cameron movie, not the shitty cartoon with magical, flying Asians), and some Dodo from Looney Tunes no one gives two fucks about, but they also come across his self-insertion who tries to steals Lee Lee from Dexter throughout the journey, eventually replacing Dexter as the main character; oh yea, Tim's character comes from the magical land of "Timboxia." Over the years, his fanfiction got more absurd with wonderful ideas like changing Mandark into a tranny. Tim expected this movie to be made with IMAX-quality audio, a hundred billion dollar budget, Genndy working on it with his old crew, and the movie to retain Dexter's old, ugly animations with new animation techniques/technology. If you thought what you just read was bad, you should read the original version of his Magnus Opus where Dexter has sex with some forgotten character no one cares about, and has more Mary Sues than a J.K. Rowling book.

Dexter's Odyssey will never be made because Tim's standards are absurd and very unrealistic. Aside from copyright Hell Cartoon Network isn't willing to go through, Tim's animation standards are unrealistic because there's no way a movie company will waste money on retaining the ugly animations from the old episodes with new animation techniques and technology. More than half of the actors involved with Dexter's Lab are dead or retired. Even if Cartoon Network will humor Tim by saying they will make Dexter's Odyssey, he would have little or no say because only Genndy or CN's corporate executives would make it (Tim doesn't own the rights to Dexter's Lab, and neither Cartoon Network nor Genndy will sell the rights to an autistic manchild).

In essence, Dexter's Odyssey is the Timbox Sonichu. Unlike Sonichu however, Tim has done virtually nothing to actualize producing the film, refusing to accept anything less than a billion-dollar budget and harem of Asian hookers to make the movie. Even his Facebook "friends" called him out for doing nothing with his "project," yet assuming it'll be the most amazing thing out there.

Lee Lee

The girl of Tim's dreams, a paragon of racial purity and exceptionalism.

When Tim laid eyes on his waifu Lee Lee, it was love at first sight. Lee Lee is a minor character that appeared in only 10 episodes of Dexter's Laboratory. She is the love of Tim's life and the girl of his dreams. He has drawn many skillful renditions and produced equally well-done Photoshops of his beloved cartoon gook.

Lee Lee is a top-tier waifu because she is pure. Poisoned by no love interest other than Dexter, having no interests but the most feminine and refined, and boasting a figure no pedophile manchild could resist, every other waifu is objectively shit in comparison.

I love you Lee Lee <3 About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

He once spoke of wishing to "create the perfect race" by procreating with her.

Videos About Timbox

Other Film Ideas

Some other idiotic film ideas Tim's pea brain has produced include:

Dinosaurs: An Epic Prehistoric Tale - Probably one of Tim's other "completed" films based on his dinosaur obsession. It's about dinosaurs going through some quest/adventure Tim stole from Pixar's Dinosaur and Land Before Time. Good luck trying to read this god-awful story (who knew dinosaurs acted like pimps, and ate shitty food similar to TGI Fridays stuff?). Note this was supposed to be a kids movie according to this autistic retard.

The Princess of Shangrila - Take Disney's Mulan, and replace Mulan with Lee Lee in samurai armor.

ToonTalker - Timmy thought a movie about a human interacting or even falling in love with a cartoon character was very original despite Ralph Bakshi and Robert Zemeckis already did this with Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Cool World. Whenever Tim talked about this movie, he would obsess over some washed-up actor named Ezra Miller because he looked Asian to Tim even though Ezra Miller is Jewish and nowhere near Asian.

Brave Toon World - Tim's newest film idea, most likely a ripoff of Huxley's Brave New World with Dexter's Lab and Samurai Jack shoe-horned into this mess. Creative my ass.

Mighty Jack Skylar - Originally a rip-off of Jurassic Park and Congo titled Dinosaurs: An Epic Prehistoric Tale until Timmy decided to change his fanfic into some kind of teen comedy with dinosaurs. The teen comedy version is about some Asian teen who does zany things with a dinosaur he found like harass some bullies (the bullies are all girls for some reason). Tim used pictures of school shootings and other tragedies to promote Mighty Jack Skylar before he baleeted his original tumblr.

Lee Lee's Childhood - A half-hour, special edition short film, focused entirely on his beloved gook waifu. To quote the man himself: "Given that Lee-Lee’s Childhood is to be made in high-resolution 70mm widescreen (with its clear depth of field), and given that more care and expense (and attention to detail) may be poured into this ambitious 70mm widescreen special edition Dexter’s Laboratory half hour short than anyone ever had on any short film or cartoon, I hope that Lee-Lee’s Childhood would someday be a perennial Christmas favorite on TV as well!" Yes, once again, he is dead serious.

Timmy the Movie - A Dexter's Laboratory ripoff in which Tim self-inserts himself as a Japanese boy, a boy genius, and claims that it will be "auto-biographical". By his account, the protagonist of the film is 8 years old. Tim couldn't even speak until he was 7. He just wants to be Asian so damn badly.

Clerks 3 - What do you get when you allow an autistic manchild combine the Clerks movie with with his boner for dinosaurs and shitty movies like Lost World and Congo? A fanfiction so bad it pissed off the site he posted it on, ridiculing him out of the forums.

Maya - Same shit as Dexter's Odyssey. Only this time, the main characters are an Asian brother and sister pair of Mary Sues. Oh yea, it uses stuff from some old Dexter's Lab special no one cares about let alone liked. He's not even trying to hide the stuff he is stealing from Genndy in this one. According to him, it's "The Lord of the Rings of the 21st Century!"

The Ashi Movie - A shitty cop movie that starts Ashi, his new love interest from the shitty new season of Samurai Jack. It's basically a stupid, pointless action movie Tim hopes would blend in live action with some kind of unrealistic 2D-3D combination to "make Ashi interact with the real world."

Dexter and Ashi - Some kind of stupid movie where Dexter and Ashi go on space adventures, and sleep together like a couple. Tim stopped talking about this one when everyone accused him of being a pedophile.

The Return of Ashi - Originally supposed to be an unrealistic amusement park ride that involves 3D, outdated IMAX technology, or some stupid shit, Tim used his brain cells to pitch a movie where Jack somehow revives and rescues Ashi so they live happily ever after Tim gets his waifu back.

The Lord of the Atoms - Tim's newest idea, basically another Dexter’s Odyssey. Apparently it’s about a big old fight for an atom that includes Tim’s favorite characters; Samurai Jack, Aku, Dexter, Mandark, Elmer Fudd? (because why the fuck not?) and, of course, Ashi.


Yep, he's a furry.

This future sex offender is primarily attracted to Asian females - children and women alike, real and fictional. He has expressed ardent longing for actress Lucy Liu, and subscribed to a YouTube channel about pornstar Tia Ling. On the release of Big Hero 6, he began to sperg massively over the Asian female character in the film, GoGo Tomago.

An outspoken pedophile, Tim actively speaks of wishing to adopt and cuddle cartoon children, which like Lee Lee and GoGo, are either minor characters or crowd fillers without names. He loves seeing little girls impregnated and shaking their asses.

He also ships fictional minors, oblivious to how much of a creepy pedo he is.

He once experienced a wet dream about cartoon penguins, and admitted he wants to date and fuck a cartoon snake from the Kung Fu Panda movies.: therefore he is a furfag too.

YouTube Antics

Tim used his old YouTube channel in order to spread the word about his wildly unrealistic film ideas, promote the superior East Aryan race, and share his sexual attraction to Asian children with the whole wide world. Here are some of his best-known works.

Tim masturbating to his waifu Lee Lee, a fictional Asian child

Tim having a makeout session with his waifu

Tim details his infatuation with Lucy Liu

Tim jerking off to a penguin at McDonald's

The Original Brony

Tim even made his dad buy the production cel from this episode off eBay. Poor, poor Doug.

Long before other basement-dwelling manchildren became obsessed with a children's cartoon about fictional horses, Tim got a head-start by openly expressing his love of little girls and their ponies.

Tim achieves the world record for faggotry in under 5 minutes.

If you think you have problems, watching the above video will probably make you feel better about yourself.

Posting Career

Timbox has posted on many websites and blogs to promote his love for Asian minors and 90's cartoons, only to be ridiculed and banned from them. Chris Battle, an illustrator, had to block Tim from posting on his blog because Tim's creepy behavior and obsessions with old cartoons and dinosaurs disturbed Chris. Even when Chris was being nice with the warnings, Timbox refused to change his behavior, insisting Chris will reunite with his hero Genndy to make his unrealistic movie and some shitty artbook a reality. Other illustrators blocked Timbox when he got out of hand while guys like Dan Goldwasser, a soundtrack album producer, decided to share Timbox's craziness with the world.

He also has the tendency to go into long rants about 9/11, claiming it destroyed the "dream of the 90s" (whatever that is!) and uses photos of school shootings, terrorist attacks, and other tragedies to describe his ideas. He passionately claims that "filthy browner kids" stole and destroyed his original ideas. Three-letter organizations should be keeping an eye on this guy.

Newgrounds - Even Newgrounds thought Tim was a creepy pedophile when he obsessed over fictional Asian kids on Newgrounds' forums. When a site known for shitty flash porn thinks you're a pedophile, chances are you hit rock bottom in your life.

Toonzone - The forum where Tim made his internet debut as a 15-year-old in 2006, and first posted his shitty fanfic film ideas. Tim sperged about Dexter's Lab and dinosaurs in his own thread, and was oblivious to the sarcastic replies and comments people made about his posts. Tim was ultimately permabanned in the summer of 2008 from Toonzone for excessive spamming and aggravated sperging over crappy kid's cartoons. The mod that b& him happened to be an Asian man. Tim, rather than begging the mod to allow him to suck his 2-inch penis, reacted the way he usually does and called for RetroJunk to declare war on Toonzone in an internet war. Yes, he really is that stupid.

Homestar Runner Forums - Tim thought it would be a great idea to not only combine Dexter's Odyssey with Homestar Runner, but also propose a movie that changes characters like Trogdor into "real dragons" (your guess is as good as anyone else). No one appreciated his posts, and the mods threatened to ban him if he continued to say things like he will make the movie with the Brothers Chapp. Timmy cried like a bitch, begging not to be banned and "haunted."

Original Trilogy - Like Toonzone and the Homestar forums, no one tolerated Tim's shit posting especially when he talked about his ideas for Clerks 3 or Star Wars DVD box sets. He would pick fights with posters who told him he should getting laid rather than sperg over dinosaurs and terrible 90s cartoons. He was ridiculed out of the forums after he brayed about Clerks 3.

RetroJunk - Tim contributed multiple articles about film-making and cartoons over the years. Many were totally unreadable and full of impenetrable autism. Despite the praise he gained from some entries, he overstayed his welcome when he talked about...you guessed it, his obsession with Dexter's Lab, dinosaurs, and Asian kids. Tim, along with BuddyBoy600 and a handful of other spergs and manchildren ruined the site for many of its regulars, who eventually abandoned the site.

Escapist Forums - Probably the only site that stomached Tim's antics when he posted there (because these nostalgia fags ignored him for the most part until his obsessions kicked in).

Criterion Collection Forums - According to Dan Goldwasser, Timmy ran amok with his crazy shitposting before the site closed its doors. Chances are the forums probably kicked Tim out for his typical shit posting about stupid cartoons, yellow fever, and dinosaurs.

IGN - Ridiculed out of the forums when he said he was going to write a book that was a blatant rip off of the very first Samurai Jack episode. Tim wasn't happy when they called him a hack, trying to use Shakespeare as an excuse to use other people's IPs (like Tom Preston, Tim doesn't understand how copyright laws and inspiration work).

Facebook - Joined groups that talk about shitty nostalgia and shitty 90s cartoons only to get banned from said groups. One of them thinks Tim is the autist who came up with Anytown.

TV Tropes- You'd think a site full of autistic manchildren obsessed with TV and fiction would be a place for him. He posted one time in the forums asking about Mee Mee and Lee Lee and his "movies", tropers told him to STFU, got butthurt and (thankfully) never returned.

4chan - Yup, he even had the balls to bring up his shitty magnus opus in it's /co/ thread. You guessed it: Tim was ridiculed out of 4chan the minute he brought up Dexter's Odyssey. He probably tried to come back to 4chan to sperg about the shitty new Samurai Jack episodes, but once again 4chan either ignored or ridiculed him for obsessing over Ashi.

Funnyjunk - Tim makes unfunny pictures and many shit posts over Samurai Jack and Genndy's other shitty cartoons.

deviantART - Like your typical DA poster, Timbox steals Ashi pictures and other stuff from people, claiming they're his original pieces until someone catches him red-handed. When he isn't jerking off to Ashi, he whines about how God Emperor Trump and 8Chan's /cow/ thread are ruining his life.

Twitter - Tim's other safespace where he just spams the same shitty blogs he made on DA onto his Twitter account. Despite Twitter is infested with communist, socialist, and leftist-SJW shit, even those miserable cunts reached their limits with Timbox's faggotry.

Reddit - Yet another safespace for Tim knowing Reddit is a haven for SJWs, radical leftists, pedophiles, and manchildren like himself.

Cartoon Brew - The site uses Disqus's post system where you get to leave comments on shitty articles written by shitty SJW writers. Timmy contributes...literally nothing to any article or topic in the comments section, as he can't shut the fuck up about Ashi, shitty 90s cartoons, and outdated film techniques no one cares about.

Liquid Tim aka the Anytownfag

Tim isn't just retarded, but is the kind of special needs kid who has his own doppelganger. His doppelganger is known for being a tryhard fail troll that is known for his shitty, talentless animations that he shills on deviantART and other websites that he posts on. While he goes on these websites, he often goes on these websites often impersonating Tim, Alex Jones, animation companies, or people in the animation industry. This particular forum poster likes to shill The Anytown Show, his favorite shitty animated series on every forum he goes to. He has gotten himself banned off of Toonzone, SBMania, Kiwi Farms, 8chan, 4chan, and Deviantart many times by shilling his shitty toons earning him the name "the Anytownfag" on 4chan and 8chan. The fact that he exists for no reason other than to be Tim's doppelganger has earned him a spot as one of Tim's biggest enemies since his content and Tim's are very similar to the point where it can be debated whatever or not the Anytownfag is Tim himself using an alter ego.

HAAnimation's trailer for his shitty content

It's the Great Space Coaster!!!

Yogi's Treasure Hunt without Yogi

Johnny Bravo has a sex change

Hope you like Kung Fu fighting!

The Anytown Show Pilot

The Anytown Show in 2003

The Anytown Movie

The Anytown Show started off as this sperg's first cartoon series but later he would branch out. This show along with the rest of his programs consist of nothing more than pictures made in MS paint with poor grammar on top of it. Once he expanded onto other autistic poorly written ideas, he would forever be known for Pooh's Adventures and Greeny Phatom shit tier content that are nothing more than shitty incoherent crossovers of old Cartoon series from the 90's, 00's, and even sometimes the 10's all which are done in a very shitty Sonichu like fashion.

These are the shows that he currently runs on his channel:

  • The Anytown Show - A 90's fag's wet dream or at least it would be if it had good writing. Before he used this show to shill shitty drawings, he also tried to steal clips from various shows calling it his own, eventually stopping due to copyright strikes, thus creating the current version of the Anytown Show-- a slideshow.
  • The Great Space Coaster - The series involves Bloo and his pals going on adventures with Timmy Turner and other cartoon characters that HA Animations feels like throwing in for no reason other than autism.
  • Mabel 12 - It's like Ben 10 but with Mabel from Gravity Falls as the star instead, along with characters from Ben 10, Danny Phantom, American Dragon: Jake Long, and Kim Possible thrown in. Contains the same bad writing and animation from the other shows.
  • Yogi's Treasure Hunt - Some revival of the 80s series of the same name, except without Yogi or any of the other characters from the original series, being replaced with characters Anytown guy likes.
  • Four Elements - This is basically a crossover of all the different shows from the 90's and 00's that were centered with an Asian theme and borrowed elements from anime. This show mashes Avatar, Samurai Jack, and Xiaolin Showdown in a way that ruins all three of them.
  • The HAAnimation Show - It's just The Anytown Show but with a different name. All of the above content is included here.

Links of the Anytownfag's faggotry:

thumb == Reactions to Criticism/Getting canceled

by Waifus ==

Like Tom Preston, Chris Chan, Sons of Kojima, and the like, Tim doesn't take criticism very well. When he found out 8chan's /Cow/ board talked about him, he would make one shit post threat after another, posting his name to make sure it was him (He eventually learned to post anonymously to try his sperging on other 8chan boards). If anything, it encouraged /Cow/ to make fun of him even more, and even Tumblr joined in the trolling (Tumblr loved it when Tim said he hated "browner kids" for ruining his ideas). Tim even tried to report posters only to give the mods a good laugh. Outside of 8chan, Timbox will delete his social media pages only to bring them back when he thinks his trolls are done with him, hoping he can peacefully jerk off to fictional minors again. Tim will never leave the internet like Chris Chan and Dobson.

Following the example of his role model Chris-chan, Tim reacts extremely poorly to even the slightest and kind-hearted criticism, or when you tell him the new Power Puff Girls show sucks. He has hurled death threats at his gentlest critics without hesitation, and often speaks (in all caps) of wishing to "destroy" his detractors. Even when you try to be nice to Timbox, he will treat you like shit if you don't kiss his ass for the wrong reasons, or he runs away from the internet crying about the "8Chan bullies." The following gallery of screencaps should speak for itself.

In 2021 multiple shit taste western waifus came forth in calling out Tim for being a sexual predator. If your accused of being a sexual predator by a penguin, mouse, fictional asian minors and even your own waifu, you definitely are irredeemable.

"I WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!" -Timbox 2016 About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Eventually, Tim wound up with the ED page you're reading now. Tim's family found out about his ED page (because Tim probably told his family about it), and one of his brothers tried to take it down. ED caught him red-handed, banning him from the site, making sure the page stays up. Almost a year months later, Tim or one of his brothers attempted to edit and remove the Wiki page that contained older versions of Dexter's Odyssey and other embarrassing stuff Tim made over the years. The owner noticed the edits, banned Tim and his family from the wiki, and fixed the pages. Tim and his brothers still pop up now and then in Tim's /cow/ threads, calling all of the anons "blackies who will eventually wish for Tim's help."

Racism seems to run in the McKenzie family.

Friends of Timbox

Lucas Williams - Timmy's "friend" mentioned in his fifth thread. Tim told the boys to stop trolling him and listen to his friend.

Kari5/Serife - A lolcow from Denmark with a obsession over the Kingdom Hearts character Kairi. This particular cow received a mention on Timmy's fifth thread due to 8chan making three threads about her. Kari hopes Tim will defend her, but so far it hasn't worked out as intended.

Gibs "T-Log" Hamari - Some attention-whore from Toonzone who thinks /cow/ is out for him like a bunch of ween retards when no one really gives a shit about him. The dumbfuck obviously has no clue about Tim's antics when he thinks it's okay that Tim is threatening people like Genndy over cartoons, or that he acts like a pedophile over fictional minors. When Boy Genius wants attention from people, he calls them T-Logs thinking it'll rouse up trolls (It's a shitty derivative from A-Log, but the moron doesn't know anything about the actual A-Log stuff). Unfortunately, no one really pays attention to him even when he makes different accounts to make himself look good.

Enemies of Timbox

Genndy Tartakovsky - The man Tim looked up to, he later betrayed our autistic pedophile-manchild by killing his beloved Ashi on his birthday. Tim claims he still loves Genndy, but he probably fantasizes about threatening Genndy and his family in order to make him revive Ashi.

8Chan /cow/ - He thinks /cow/ is out for his blood, but all /cow/ really does is make fun dipshits like him and Andrew Dobson.

Black people and non-Asian minorities - "Browner kids" used to tear up his pictures in high school when he sperged over shitty 90s cartoons like Dexter's Lab. Tim and his brothers also think it's okay to call someone a "blackie" online when someone makes fun of your shitty obsession over shitty cartoon characters like Samurai Jack, Dexter, or Ashi.

HA Animations aka the Anytownfag - Tim gets mad every time people think HA Animation's works are his own since it is easy for people to get confused who's work is who since Timbox and HA Animations both make similar crappy content that both involve nostalgia faggotry and crossing over children's cartoons, but what sets HA Animations content apart from Tim's is that HA Animation actually makes content, although poorly made.

4Chan - Tim made many shit posts 4chan didn't take lightly.

Every forum he's been banned from or ridiculed out of - 'Nuff said.

Encyclopedia Dramatica - Tim and his family tried to take his page down only to fail at it.

AenimaNerd - An autist himself, Aenima A-logged over Timbox's antics on 8Chan's /cow/, and then made the smart decision to talk to Timbox hoping to change him for the better. All he did was make Tim more of a butt-hurt faggot, and make Tim scream about trolls trying to "break his barriers" when 8Chan made Timbox upset.

Donald Trump - Timmy thinks Trump is some kind of evil, rapist-tyrant man who is out to get his precious Ashi, cartoons, "autists like him," and his dreams not knowing the liberals and SJWs who feed him this stuff are the ones screwing him over, taking away his rights and the like.

Ashi, Tim's new waifu

Timbox ruins a long dead meme with his new lady friends

Recently Cartoon Network made their biggest mistake ever, bringing Samurai Jack back to appease the masses of their fantards who wouldn't stop whining about how much the new Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans Go! sucked and ruined their childhood. In the revived show, Jack has some new enemies, The Daughters of Aku, an Asian female group of assassins. Stereotypical Asian females in a Genndy Tartakovsky show? You know Timmy is going to flock to that like a fly flocks to poop. His deviantART page is now filled with art of The Daughters of Aku, especially his favorite one, Ashi. He even (badly) Photoshops, Dexter and Mandark into pictures of Ashi and the other Daughters of Aku, because he's a lazy stupid ass with no talent and an even worse imagination.

Tim spent many lonely Saturday nights jerking off to his new waifu...until his heroes Genndy and Samurai Jack cucked and trolled Tim with the last four episodes. Jack and Ashi fell in love around the end of the shitty new season, but in episode 9 she betrays Jack after Aku revealed she's his legitimate, biological daughter, causing Timmy to lose his shit.


Now, I am so mad with you cruel people right now, 8chan /cow/!


—Timmy-boy feeling betrayed by his waifu, blaming her and /cow/ for his life being ruined.

It gets even better when Genndy kills off Ashi in the last episode when Jack finally defeats Aku (Aku's death erases Ashi and everyone else from the future). Tim cries for his dead waifu every day and goes on deviantART demanding people will sign a stupid petition to revive his jerk-off material. No one really pays attention to him, or just makes fun of his stupid posts about Ashi. Oh, yea, the last episode of Samurai Jack was around his birthday too, so Genndy unintentionally trolled Timmy on his birthday! Tim says he respects Genndy's decision to kill Ashi, but deep inside, he wants to track him down, rape his wife (and daughters and grandkids if he has any), and kill him for stealing his precious Ashi.

What possibly happened to Timbox after losing one of his precious waifus.

A year later, Tim continues to cry over his dead waifu, steal other people's stuff for his wank material, and even nag and harass anyone who is tied to the show with his Ashi obsession. He's even gone to 4chan and other sites to get support for reviving Ashi only to get banned and ridiculed for being a tremendous faggot. Anyone who doesn't want to help him with his quest to save Ashi for Jack his sake will have to put up with Tim's endless bitching and whining about /cow/, Trump, and realists ruining his life and dreams of being with his precious Ashi. Tim's obsession for this character is so unhealthy, he even had the nerve to tell Tara Strong he jerks off to this fucking character.

His obsession got so bad, even Aku's new voice actor had to chime in on the insanity because he got sick and tired of Tim and many other virgin, manchildren-pedophiles threatening and harassing him if they don't get their dead Asian bitch back online or offline. After remembering the incidents he had with Dan Goldwasser, Tara Strong's twitter, and Chris Battle, you would think common sense might have finally kicked into Tim, as he "took a break" from the Internet, right? well...

The Battle over Ashi

As if harassing Greg Baldwin and Tara Strong weren't enough for Tim, he has now declared war on his former role model Genndy Tartakovsky, even threatening his family, friends, and coworkers on Twitter and deviantART. He first declared war on Genndy through a deviantART blog, but he took it down very quickly in fear of his family and losing his DA account. After declaring war on DA, Tim made a stupid petition to make Genndy change Samurai Jack's ending. Tim threatened anyone who made fun him or his stupid petition on Reddit or Facebook, even pm'ng posters with more threats. Tim is still issuing threats to people while feeding into his own absurd fantasy of him beating up Genndy and CN up in some violent battle for a dead, fictional Asian no one cares about anymore. Hell hath no fury like an autistic faggot angry over his dead waifu (even though the fat autistic bitch will never get out of his home in Maryland to actually attack Genndy and his peers.

How to Troll Timbox

  • Call him a faggot, pedophile, or manchild. Combining all three insults tends to upset him.
  • Dress up as Mandark, wear a black cape, and go to his doorstep.
  • Or better yet, get Eddie Deezen to call him using his Mandark voice.
  • Call Tim out when he acts smart and is actually wrong about something (this usually pisses Tim off).
  • Mock him for shipping fictional minors in relationships.
  • Tell him to stop shit-posting his bad movie ideas and obsessions for minors and Asians on forums, threatening him with bans or warning from mods.
  • Encourage him to actually do something with his shitty stories out of writing bad fanfictions (because Tim hates putting effort into anything).
  • Insult his shitty taste in nostalgia/pop culture media, or tell him no one cares about Dexter's Lab or Samurai Jack anymore.
  • Remind Tim how awful the new Powerpuff Girls show is.
  • Tell him the new season of Samurai Jack is the same old shit Genndy did years ago.
  • Tell him Samurai Jack is going to kill/marry any of The Daughters of Aku.
  • Photoshop Syrian refugees or illegal immigrants raping/gangraping Ashi, and show the picture(s) to Tim.
  • Bring up his obsession for Lee Lee and other fictional, Asian minors.
  • Tell him Spielberg and Cameron are not geniuses, but overpaid shit directors.
  • Ask him if he's actually seen any of the movies/books he's comparing his stuff to.


Behold the words of an autistic dumbass!

Ever, ever, ever.png


—Timbox responding to his naysayers

I wish you idiots were destroyed, not me!!


—Another response to his naysayers

I am not a realist like you all. And don't you ever make fun of Samurai Jack. Just grow up, people. Period


—Tim trying to sound like a visionary (and failing at it)

And just ignore the uproar over Ashi among some certain nay-saying people; besides, those who hate Ashi are, just like those at 4chan or 8chan or anyone from the alt-right, just plain evil, not me!


—Tim begging people not to make fun of his new waifu (Yup, he bought into that "Alt-right" bullshit. Tim is that retarded.)



—Tim warning the trolls for the umpteenth time not to mess with him.

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