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A sideways 2 can be made to look like a tilde

The tilde is the highest evolutionary form of punctuation. Sadly, in the primitive world that existed before Al Gore invented the Internet, the tilde was virtually unused. Today, if you are connected to the web, you probably use the tilde on a daily basis.

Archaic Usage

A tilde before a number used to mean "approximately". Example: "Jesus was born ~100 years ago."
Popular British hermaphrodite Tilde Swinton
In the dead language of Spanish, a tilde over the letter n (ñ, alt+164, Ñ, alt+165) instructed the reader to pronounce it "nya". Example: "lol c u mañana", or "say wat Ñigga?"
In Portuguese it is used only in the word 'mãe' ("prostitute" in English), so it is read 'muhee'.

Modern Usage

Wiki signature + Timestamp
~~~~ (-1 for no timestamp, +1 for just timestamp) 'SIGN YOUR FUCKING POSTS'
Shortcut for LiveJournal usernames
Instead of typing http://www.livejournal.com/community/ljdramamods, type http://www.livejournal.com/~ljdramamods! E-Z
Make your name look pretty (often used with asterisks)
Your mother
I fucked ~ last night.
Crying face
When signing regular letters or e-mails:
"I hope you masturbate in a comic book, get a papercut on your nuts, and they fall off.
Sincerely, your Lord and Master,
To indicate nonchalence, sarcasm or exuberance
To pull down the console in any PC first person shooter since Quake 1.
Typical MySpace profile. Notice: Tildes in name.

Indicates free member profile. (~tartlet)

Wapanese Usage

In this case, the tilde is used by retarded anime fangirls as a failed attempt to sound "cute", when placed between the body of text and an exclamation mark. This is highly retarded and not advisable if you want to get through life with your balls/vagina intact. It is wholly observable in environments where Wapanese and Otaku populations are especially high. You should notice that describing these populations as n00bs and retards is extremely redundant, as Wapanese people and Otakus always match this criteria. In the "AngloJapo Dictionary" tilde is defined as "a failed attempt at punctuation OR gaining internets OR life"

"Haaai~! ^__^"
"~Baaaaai~! *Hugz*"

When someone forgets to sign their posts (using "~~~~" to do so)

  • Add {{Sign}} to their page
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