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The TikTok a.k.a DickTock, ShitTok, or known as Douyin was the experiment to create the most horridious, cancerous, and faggotry cesspool in extience. It was created by the Chinese company ByteDance in 2017, after it was merged with Musical.ly to create the most AIDS-riddled platform. After the merger the cesspool grow further and further and surged around pandemic.

The goal of TikTok is create "challenges", that are basically people being their most retarded, so more people can jump in on the shit-hole for it to go viral and everyone in the entire world is infected. None of the stuff you will find here is original as humans are do dumbass to come up with original ideas.

TL;DR, TikTok is a very similar but ever so slightly more awful version of the various dieases that have been plaguing the World America and other soulless NPC countries like the UK, the Netherlands, France and India. It is most commonly used by teenagers and children who believe that snippets of their miserable lives are worth the whole universe knowing about.


In September 2016, ByteDance created an app called "A.me", which later became known as "Douyin". After it's launch, literally no one in China wanted to use that app, until Azn celebrities began using the app in the next year, but at least you know Douyin wasn't as cancerous as its international counterpart. As Musical.ly fucking died down that year, ByteDance purchased the app to merge with Flipagram into one app for $1 billion, Thus the most cancerous platform was then created. It was previously brought by Facebook, but who cares? 

As it was merged with Musical.ly, now you're going to see a thousand of Americunts using the app lip-syncing and dancing every day, and skyrocketing to the top of the list of most downloaded apps. YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and others were among the rivals because of their success. They first started out by "copycatting" TikTok, not knowing anyone would want these stupid apps, only because the companies who own these popular social medias are, in fact, brainlets. 

In 2020, COVID-19 started spreading across the world, leading everyone into boredom and using TikTok apps because none of the other social media apps were found entertaining, until attention whores, SJW, Twitter fanbase, and more, started fucking everything up in general, while ByteDance keeps packing up their jewgolds under their belts.

How to use TikTok

You may be asking, “How the fuck do I use TikTok?” Well, it's quite simple. All you need is a phone or the interwebz, and then you can see all the AIDS on your screen. If you want to create AIDS, follow these steps:

  • Film yourself being as retarded as possible.
  • Put a shit sound on it
  • Post it
  • ???

If your TikTok is viral enough, you may start a TikTok challenge, and millions of people will be infected and get more views.

You can also create "duets" to be even less original, by just copying someone else's work and get attention. You can also "react" to someone else by being saying your worthless opinion on something.

Types of TikTok

  • Lipsyncing, nowadays you don't even have to do any movements any more.
  • Move your hands around and call it a Dance.
  • Make an unfunny sketch.
  • Being an attention whore and pull a prank on someone.
  • Captions about your retarded opinions.
  • Just post yourself staring at the screen, it will get millions of views.
  • Be naked, maybe in a bathtub for the simps.
  • Dumb trends such as looting your own school.

Types of TikTok Users

These are the types of users you will find on TikTok.

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