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"Oh no Richard, do it like usual.
TheRealAgerbon lectures us on law.

TheRealAgerbon is a gap-toothed denizen of JewTube who once courageously came to the defense of Peppermintpatti in between multi-day sessions of yiffing to furry porn. Apparently he wanted to give off an air of righteousness, perhaps something akin to a white knight riding in on a noble steed in an effort to save Peppermintpatti. Unfortunately, he failed because his vast, almost dinosauric weight crushed the steed, and because Patti is a dyke and a Jew.

TheRealAgerbon is well known for being a D&D nerd, as well as the fact that he plays Dance Dance Revolution despite his denials.

Hit him up on MSN Messenger at agerbon_master.


TheRealAgerbon, along with his equally messy but far moar violent brother Vipor231 have left YouTube for LiveVideo during the great exodus of '06-07.

TheRealAgerbon has recently confessed on his LiveVideo forum to being a virgin who can't get a job because he has Asperger's Syndrome and depression. Also because his pussy hurts. The post is full of typical nice guy whining because women constantly lie to him and cheat on him. It also displays the typical asspie approach to grammar and syntax.

On LiveVideo, Fagerbon has continued whoring himself to peppermintpatti and has become a Victor1st fanboy. He also posted a video saying that he would date men. He has also become an internet panhandler by creating his own cafe press store.

Fagerbon has reappeared on Stickam (see below).


First off! *Sigh* Raggagecat, whatever the fucking little gay-ass name is: I don't play fucking DDR! And as for Peppermintpatti seeking attention: she's not seeking a fucking attention!



She made that video for her fucking friends! Not little...little fucking 12 year old assholes who aren't into that who make fucking websites about discriminating her!



Would you make fun of someone who's in a fucking coma?


—Fagerbon,, proving that he doesn't know us very well if he even has to ask that question.

Hate crimes are against...America's... America's conjustible system!



It doesn’t take rocket science to know a penis goes into a vagina. It requires thrusting, feeling, and distinct movement to require a orgasm.



I am the type to Get along with every soul alive, regardless of culture, belief, sex, skin, creed, etc. because we are all different and it is fair that way. Not WRONG like other highly stuck into themself to fore see truth. I don’t believe in Slavery, hate crimes, cheating, being unhonest.



Should also be noted that despite saying this he proceeded to use the word "retard" as an insult. Lol Hypocrite