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The_Donald is a Donald Trump forum, and former subreddit, that is designed to have discussions about Trump and, quite possibly, to boost trumps ego high into the sky. The Forum is well known to be the biggest circlejerk, political or otherwise, on the entirety of the internets. It was first created as r/the_donald on Reddit, where it was the perfect place for Conservative Retards to sperg out and praise Trump as the man who would Make America Great Again. Unfortunately, the Libtards of reddit didn't appreciate being out-sperged by a bunch of Conservatards, and quickly put the banhammer on r/the_donald. However, this didn't stop those from r/the_donald, who quickly decided to do an exodus to a new site. would be this new site.

In the Beginning

The website that would become would first be known as r/the_donald. It was founded by u/jcm267 on June 27, 2015, 11 days after Trump decided he wanted to be President. Immediately the subreddit blew up, and it wasn't just with the internet people who liked it either; normal people started using it to to get the daily dose of The Donald. Eventually, enough right-wingers had come there, that many right wing talking heads decided to do AMAs for r/the_donald; this included people like Scott Adams, Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, Helmut Norpoth, Curt Schilling, Peter Schweizer, Roger Stone, Milo Yiannopoulos, Tucker Carlson, and Corey Stewart, just to name a few. With the help of an userbase made up of angry Incels, Alt-Lite Pussies, False Losertarians, and Neo-con Starpower (Including Drumpf himself), r/the_donald became one of the most popular places on Reddit, because it was one of the only places where you could be a Conservative.

Impact on Right-Wing Culture

Throughout the existence of Right-Wing Culture, TheDonald has played a huge roll in forming it into what it is today. Some of the most annoying and retarded phrases used by right wingers have actually come from or were coined by r/the_donald. Here are just a few of those phrases...

  • Pede.
  • Based.
  • Red Pilled.
  • MAGA (of course).
  • 4D Chess.
  • No Brakes.
  • Nimble Navigator.
  • God Emperor.

R/the_donald didn't just have annoying phrases, it also brainwashed almost the entire conservative movement into throwing their support behind Trump, helped grow the presence of Trump Supporters online, helped bring traffic to reddit, and even helped spread news about The Donald to all corners of the Internets.


Orlando Night Club Censorship

After the Orlando Night Club Shooting made national headlines, it was inevitable that the info would go to Reddit, and that people on both sides of the Political Spectrum would have smart, civil, insightful debates on the topic. However, Reddit thought this topic was a bit too risque to talk about, and deleted comments from r/news that talked about the night club shooting. So, people went to r/the_donald to talk about the shooting. However, people started to notice that Reddit was keeping the r/the_donald posts pertaining to the shooting from being on the front page of reddit, probably because they were filled to the brim with misinformation. As a result, Jcm267 and a fellow moderator, CisWhiteMalestorm got butthurt, and complained to Reddit about being censored. It got so bad that Reddit CEO Steve Huffman himself addressed the controversy in a statement where he said: "...Reddit is not a conservative place."

The Great Oculus Meme Debacle

Eventually, r/the_donald got so big that people from Facebook decided to hop on the Trump Train. However, hoppng on the Trump Train would prove very stupid for Steve Palmer, the guy in charge of the Oculus Game Station. He decided to create a 501 Organization called "Nimble America", with the help of r/the_donald whos' purpose was literally just to spread Trump based Internet Memes on Facebook and other parts of the web. Soon, Palmer realized how completely retarded "Nimble America" was, and decided to distance himself from "Nimble America" as much as possible. However, the damage seemed to be done, as Palmer had donated 10,000 Dollars to "Nimble America", probably using Oculus VR money too.

Amazon Vote Brigading Controversy

To show Trump how truly in love they were with him at r/the_donald, they decided to Vote Brigade his books on Amazon, so that his books would be the most popular on the site. They had a plan to buy Drumpf's shitty book, "Great Again: How To Fix Our Crippled America", so that they could out-perform Hillary Clinton's Book, "What Happened", that was coming out the same year. However, that message didn't quit get through to some people, and some of R/the_donald, bought Drumpf's other shitty books, like "Trump: The Art of the Deal". After "What Happened" reached #1 on Amazon, R/the_donald tried cover their goatse-red, butthurt assholes by saying that Hillary Clinton's "What Happened" was actually the best selling book in "Contemporary Women Fiction". Whether or not this is a joke is unknown but there is one thing we here at ED do know...'s probably not.

The CNN Gif Debacle

If this part is TL;DR for you, than here's the short version

  • Some guy named HanAssholeSolo made a Gif of The Donald taking down CNN.
  • CNN got butthurt and doxed him.
  • H.A.S walked back and apologized like a pussy.

If you want the full story, than go to H.A.S's ED Page right here.

Matthew Gaetz Crowdfunding

Now, a subreddit with politicians on it would not be important news to anyone in America with a functioning brain; however, R/the_donald is no ordinary subreddit. As stated previously, many famous conservatives have cooperated with R/the_donald, ranging from simple conservative radio hosts like Alex Jones, to politicians no one gives a shit about like Roger Stone. This lead to a lot of those people trying to crowdsource for money on r/the_donald. One of these people was Matt Gaetz (Moar like Matt GAYtz. AMIRITE?). So, what Matt Gaetz did is he tried to crowdfund a Congressional Amendment, so that Trump could investigate corruption done by Clinton. The allegations of corruption were completely bullshit, but because it was Hillary Clinton, all of the supporters on R/the_donald started giving their money hand-over-fists to Gaytz, so that they could lock that dirty bitch up.

Racism N' Shiet

Of course, since it's r/the_donald, there is definitely some racists floating around in the community. This is all but proven by the fact that, when the infamous march on Charlottesville (AKA the "Unite the Right Rally") was in it's planning stage, white nationalists were advertising meeting times for it on r/the_donald. The rally ended up being a shitshow, and some guy ended up killing someone with his car, and injuring 19 other people. Racism would also play a major role in another event that would reach the subbreddit faster than shitty photoshops of The Donald as Jesus: The Christchurch New Zealand Mosque Shooting. After that, they found out that the retard who did the shooting, for some reason, cared about US Politics, and also was one of Donny's Gay Cult Followers. And soon, because everyone on r/the_donald is full of skeptic retards, the subreddit started treating Tarrant as if he was Right-Wing Jesus.

The Great Deletion

Soon, after years of being out sperged by a bunch of right wingers, the left finally claimed reddit as their sperging ground, and gave r/the_donald the banhammer. That didn't stop the Right wing though as they did an exodus, and found a new home for their retardation...


Just look at this, and see the ego that is oozing out of it.

The Trumpies Decided to create their own forum. They now live in The Grand Internet Nation of TheDonald, where no one can invade and tell them they are wrong, where no one can say anything even slightly critical of Trump, not even the force of reality can creep in and ruin the fun. They have created the ultimate Circlejerking Hugbox, where theonly thing they can feel, besides each others dicks, is the greatness of trump washing over them, always; festering in their sea of faggotry, forever.


Because of The Great Autism March of 2021, was targeted in the mass silencing, and the retarded owner decided to create a website domain name, dragging the word "patriot" threw the mud in the process. So the circlejerk is, unfortunately, still alive.

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