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Please dig up lulz on them both.
Take that, God!!
Terroja after making passionate lurve to hair-care products. Note the cum all over his lips.
Worse than any scat pr0nz
The man-beast, complete with six "abs" of pure fat, bears his breasts again.

TheAmazing "Amazingly Fat" AtheistFedora icon.png (a.k.a. Thomas "Terroja" James Kirk, born February 20, 1985) is a professional Harry Knowles lookalike and an unamazing, neckbearded colorblind idiot who sits on his fat ass all day making militant, gay, pseudointellectual atheism videos in his garage while wishing he had a girlfriend to suck his little Asian boy penis (What is amazing about him is that he has the gall to describe himself as a "professional ranter"). The son of the infamous Mandeville-based scam artist Thomas James Kirk II, Terroja inherited many of his father's venal, sociopathic tendencies, including running his own hilariously inept donation scams. He has made innumerable YouTube videos insisting that he is indeed an atheist as well as a faggot and that the world needs to deal with already. He's a sexually molested metalhead fanatic, a high school dropout who has never held a job and is proud of it. He is also a closet furry with a severe BDSM submission fetish and has a sexual attraction to underage children because he himself was molested by a Catholic priest as a child, not to mention that he looks like the long-lost son of Bruce Vilanch and was the inspiration for The Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons. He has released three mediocre books, which both contain a list of gullible kids across America, the best ways to molest them, and how to get away with it. Most online death calculators--when accounting for TJ's BMI, drinking and smoking habits, sedentary lifestyle, and family history--put his projected date of death between 2039 and 2043.

According to Terroja, pedophiles shouldn't be in prison--they're just misunderstood and persecuted, just like Jews, blacks, and Catholic priests, but this is just him trying to massage his hurt ego because of the time he himself got molested. A note to the FBI agents undoubtedly reading this site: check this motherfucker out--he's bound to have a kiddy porn stash large enough to give [email protected] a run for his money.

His views are largely deemed ironic considering that he believes in no Gods but is clearly the bastard offspring of Cthulhu and Xenu.

I used to watch TheAmazingAtheist. Then I turned sixteen.


Notable Videos

On the subject of Columbine

After Pekka Auvinen's rampage

Discussing Pekka the mass murderer he was BFFs with

A complete meme fail.

Anyone bullied into suicide are pussies.

No one agrees with me!
TheAmazingAtheist in his salad days
Amazing Atheist announcing his food fetish?

Notable Quotes

His penis is the least harmful thing a priest puts into your child



I mean, what can you really do with a baby? It's too small to have sex with, and even if you could, you'd go to jail.


—TJ revealing his regret that baby fuck if illegal.

Excuse me, I have a penguin living up my ass.


—TAA reveals his sick bestiality/vore fantasies

It's either a really small dick or a really big clit.


—TAA, trying to defend his dick size.

Well, we can't all take the high road like you! I should be more civil and call people "douchebag" and "neckbeard".


—TheAmazingAtheist, responding to this article, lol

Having pedophilic attractions doesn't mean you automatically go out and start molesting kids. From the time I was 14 to the time I was about 19, I used to have extreme pedophilic fantasies, and I somehow managed to never even come close to acting on them.


—TAA, admitting he wants to fuck little kids.

I seriously doubt that any particularly nasty mental scars have come about by having your ass grabbed as a 5-year-old. It's a complete social myth.


—Lying to himself about his childhood.

I mean, once you have caffeine and doughnuts, your pretty much unstoppable; there's no way you can top us now God, sorry.


—TAA, after too much coffee and doughnuts.

And women ultimately suffer as well. Women fucking hate being pampered and adored and extolled and all the fake ass nonsense. They want a rude obnoxious bastard who'll smack them around when they back talk, fuck them without the slightest concern for their needs, curse at them, spit on them, degrade them in every way possible. Any guy who is polite and soft-spoken knows that girls don't go for that. They go for Joe Niggerdick. the motorcycle riding caveman without two brain cells to rub together."


—TheAmazingAtheist, attempting to understand women and failing miserably.

It might be offensive to compare gays to shit flavored oatmeal. But then again, it's kinda applicable! Not, not no.. Oh God, just never mind, don't go there."


—TheAmazingAtheist, acknowledging the existence of God.

I have a girl coming to meet me for the first time in just under 20 days and I'm uglier than two sickly jackals fighting over a jar of mayonnaise. To top it off, my penis is small and my douchebaggery is the stuff of modern lore. In short, without money, I have no chance of getting any long-term ass. You guys have got to help me."


—TheAmazingAtheist, begging his audience for money to get ass.

You are not Maddox, and you are not funny.


—TheAmazingAtheist summed up perfectly on a comment to one of his old blog post.

If you were to take TJ and force him to smoke a garbage bag full of crack, he'd turn into Brett Keane."


Fakesagan, comparing TheAmazingAtheist to a notorious retard and scam artist.

"Flapjack" makes me think of "Lumberjack", and "Lumberjack" makes me think of hairy chests. When you say "flap", I'm thinking about the flap of a man tit.


—TAA's favorite food, Flapjacks

New York City is considering banning transfat in foods served in restaurants.

If that statement of fact doesn't make you seethe with rage, then your testicles have an appointment with my size 15's (if you don't have testicles, then your opinion doesn't really matter).

I told all you well-meaning fucks that cheered like retarded monkeys at a shit-flinging contest that they were going to go after the food next, and you laughed and called me ridiculous and spanked my bottom with nazi-insignia paddles, telling me what a naughty boy I was . . . Um . . . nevermind . . .

THE POINT IS THIS!: I should have the freedom to be as unhealthy as I want to be and companies should have the right to sell me the most heinous substances on earth as long as they don't misrepresent the product to me! It's this little thing that's been going out of vogue lately that I like to call freedom of choice.

Freedom has consequences. We used to understand that those consequences were worth it. When did we forget? When will we remember again?

When is America coming back?


—Terroja Lee Kincaid, where the extra fat came from.

A Deep Intellectual

His most insightful video to date

One of TJ's trademark characteristics is his persevering teenaged mindset, and like most teenies do, he thinks he's above everyone in the world. Especially prevalent in the last couple of years of videos he's made, TJ likes to pound into his empty-headed audiences' heads that he hates human stupidity. In short, he's a misanthrope. And like all misanthropes, he's obnoxious about his self-loathing and demands attention to it.

Typical Religion "Debate" with TheAmazingAtheist.
Not to mention the term "Dark Ages" has been widely discredited. Yeah, absolutely no scientific progress was being accomplished during the Black Plague... except all of this shit

However, what sets TJ apart from the drooling masses he apparently hates? Not a thing at all. In fact, with all of the lulzworthy stunts he's pulled over the years, he's displayed the unfortunate (for him) fact that he is more stupid than the average Joe. Talk about irony at its finest. All you'd need to do is read the entirety of this article to see how. But this section is exclusively for the crap that he spews out his mouth like the diarrhea he shits from his fat ass.

For instance, TJ revealed in one of his videos that he doesn't know how to make bread, which is only one of the oldest recipes known to man. He thinks you simply mix wheat & water together, and you get bread. If he just picked up a fucking cook book so basic a baby could read it then he'd learn the piss-easy recipe, but because TJ is too fucking lazy to do so, he'll stay stupid as usual. He also thinks the term "suffrage" is synonymous with suffering, so this cements his lack of understanding of politics, let alone adds more proof that he hates the wimmins. Could explain why he harbors deep love for non-human species and clearly loathes his fellow man (his pet dog, and wife who is a beluga whale, are recipients of his sympathy; neither of them happen to be human).

He's quite inconsistent with his views, at least the ones he describes in his videos. With regards to the Amanda Todd suicide, he effectively argued in his video (see the section below) that people should pick & choose what tragic issue they pay attention to, which ends up being the very thing he tried to argue against. If that's not monumental stupidity, then we're all Dane Cook.

TJ also displays his pseudo-intellectual status, at least that's what he is at the best of times, when he repeatedly mispronounces words that are fairly common. One could troll him with a quick, easy tutorial on how to properly pronounce the word 'niche', because TJ thinks it sounds the same as Nietzsche, the surname of one of his idols.

His god-awful marketing campaign for his soon-to-be-hacked oncoming website Not Productive also displays his sheer stupidity, and his seeming inability to maintain consistency in his views. TJ basically complained about YouTube whores like Shane Dawson and RayWilliamJohnson who regularly feature in the front page of YouTube. However, not long before it (and TJ has shown no evidence of retracting his statements) with regards to his departure from TGWTG, TJ complained about his neglectful treatment there because he basically argued that as one of the more popular content-makers on that site, he should get more preferential treatment. Again, because he hasn't shown any inkling of retracting that view since then, it's safe to say that this is another example of his stupidity.

On TJ's alternative, more boring channel TJDoesLife, he recently released a video called "No Pwnage." He went on a convoluted ramble explaining why he doesn't make attack videos against other people, namely other Youtubers. While that is flat-out bullshit, he was just being disingenuous towards his viewers. If you know TJ's character at all, you'll realize that what he really means is that he would rather make videos that don't piss people off or cause drama so as to reel in more viewers. In short, TJ basically admitted to appealing to the lowest common denominator, becoming a run of the mill vlogger on Jewtube.

A few years ago, TJ made a video complaining about overt advertisements plaguing more and more facets of everyday life, especially the films he so reveres. He's also mocked a few big YouTube channels, such as sxephil, for being money-grubbing attention-whores. Since then, however, he's dropped the ball and rolled it off a cliff by making multiple advertisement videos. In fact, not one, but two of them are for, of which is premised around a useless feature popularized by Facebook (if you're too retarded to know what that is, it's the "Like" feature found in wall posts). While most other sellout vloggers simply resort to product placement or stick to begging for favorites and subscribers, TJ bases entire videos off of doing the same thing. Hypocrisy at its finest, people, and with this manchild in mind, it won't end any time soon (great for the lulz).

To elaborate further, TJ recently said: Talent is irrelevant. I’m not even going that have that argument with you. Whether I’m good or not has nothing to do with the fact that my job is the same as theirs. Entertain people by talking. If you have that skill, you get compensated for it. That’s the deal. I have it, and it’s how I make my money. I’d rather make it from my audience than from big business using me as a megaphone to hawk their products. TJ is too stupid or dishonest to realize it, but he makes money through Google, which is among the most powerful IT companies in the world. They're a big business, and it is through their community participation programs that he's able to make an easy dollar regurgitating the lines of George Carlin and the hatred he holds for his fellow man. Whereas Carlin & Hicks had to sell tickets directly or through vendors, TJ isn't even half that good; he had to make enough videos with enough popularity to sign up for YouTube partnership, which in turn allowed him to place adverts on his videos. When some dumbass views or clicks those adverts, he gets a small piece of the pie for the hits. Only a retard requires further argumentation as to just how stupid TJ is in this regard.

The following video proves the above point. It ranks, easily and effortlessly, amongst his dumbest videos ever produced, and is of no redeeming value whatsoever. First problem with his video is that he's contradicting himself based on his actions, in which he's made over a half dozen commercials of his own (albeit of lesser quality and of no entertainment value whatsoever), four of which are for a shitty website. The next point, and it is mind-boggling, is that the company he's bashing in the video is basically getting exactly what they want because TJ even talks about the commercial. It's a god damn commercial you fucking retarded beastfucker. Anyway, the video below...

TheAmazingAtheist: Makes a video complaining about a commercial, but directs traffic and potential new customers to it instead.

The stupidity of TheAmazingAtheist, of course, is as on-going as his dick will be small for the rest of his life.

Tough Guy Complex

He is (apparently) 6'7 tall, and goddamned if he hasn't told you already. He is strangely proud of his height, mentioning it at any opportunity - often in a threatening way. However, TJ has never done a day of labour or workout in his life. In fact, he has admitted in the past that he can't come close to executing a push-up. Conveniently ignoring any law of physics not pertaining to sheer mass, he is hilariously unaware of cases where smaller foes defeat, sometimes easily, larger ones. One of many examples of that would be when a lone wolverine (no, not that Canadian mutant you dumbfuck) manages to rape a fully-grown Grizzly bear to death. Does fatfuck not realize that strength means nothing if your body doesn't know how to utilize it?

He'll snap your shit up

I'll kick your fuckin ass basically, asshole; I don't care if you fucking work out every day of your life. You're not gonna change the laws of fucking physics.


—TJ threatening to beat up a literal competitive bodybuilder

I can beat any normal-sized person in a fight, unless they are particularly tough or have had combat training of some kind.


His only argument that could validate any measure of him being a tough guy was his story of beating up an aggressive, coked-up spic at Disney World, even though a small child could pull off that same feat just as easily, albeit more swiftly.

In one video TJ proclaimed that he would be willing to enter into a literal war to give private businesses the right to refuse to serve black people.

Despite all his tough-guy posturing, TJ recently made a video bitching about how he came across a few people taller than him in Chipotle, and about how it made him feel threatened - proving that at heart he is just a little bitch. Making this rant more lulzy, he proceeded to go into a self-rationalizing spiel about breaking his diet by being at Chipotle.

Thin Privilege

Ironically like the Social Justice Warriors that TJ despises with every cell of fat, TJ also claims there is such a thing "as thin privilege". This gives credence to the belief that TJ is no different from the idiotic bitches he tries to pwn, except that he is a white male. He even goes so far to call people who pick on fatasses bullies. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you couldn't make this shit up. Welcome to SJW, brother. We have been expecting your lard ass into our ranks.

TheAmazingAtheist Thin Privilege.jpg

Thin privilege is definitely real

TheAmazingAtheist Tired Of Fat Jokes.jpg

Knock knock!
who is there?
LOL TJ is a fucking fatass

Failed business endeavors

Mr. Kirk is above working like most chumps do, and feels that he's fully capable of taking on the rigors of self-employment through entrepreneurship. As a successful grade 10 dropout with not even a modicum of business acumen, he has engaged in a number of online business ventures that have managed varying degrees of failure. Of course, since he can't learn from his past mistakes very well, fuckups seem to repeat themselves time and time again for poor ol' TJ, while he maintains his fatal repulsion to hard work & labour.

Channel under attack

Almost everything was restored within 48 hours. But at least it served as a distraction from NotProductive.

As of August 2013, TJ has recently enjoyed one of the many wonderful benefits to being a YouTube contributer, namely a flagging campaign where several of his videos were arbitrarily removed for no apparent reason. It's unknown if it was a campaign of his arch-enemies, the [[feministFucktard]], or YouTube realizing his videos suck, but whatever it was, his vids were restored in two days, so a lost opportunity. Since TJ is a YouTube partner with several hundred-thousand subscribers, TJ gets favoritism from the JewTube staff, so it's unlikely TJ could even get flagged off the site, as JewTube gives far more leniency to users with larger viewbases and as such bring in more Jewgold.

Critics of TJ, who are oftentimes just as retarded as he is, got particularily butthurt over a statement TJ made during this incident in which he suggested that YouTube videos should be protected speech. This has since started a minor flamewar between YouTube nobodies which hopefully will engulf TJ.

Let’s consider that for a moment. Should your phone company control what you say on the phone? Should your ISP control what you say online? Then why should YouTube get to control what you post on YouTube?

If YouTube was a small, exclusive site, I think your argument would have merit. But YouTube is large enough now, culturally important enough now, that we must extend First Amendment protections to YouTube videos. And even if YouTube should be able to control video content on their site, I still have every right to criticize their decision, especially when it effects me directly. I am, after all, a veteran of the site. And I’ve made Google a lot of money over the years with my content. Are you saying that a company isn’t accountable to it’s users? Are you saying that a company isn’t accountable to it’s employees (and they are my employee, even if I am an independent contractor legally speaking)?


—TJ, Legal scholar YouTube nobody.


Sex tapes

BananaGate 2011

Intellectual MOTHAFUCKA!!!

Like Chris Chan and other famous internet lolcows TAA has finally completed the last bit of the lolcow cycle: a sex tape has emerged of him inserting a banana into his anal cavity and covering his body in milk, coffee and "chocolate syrup" (we at ED, in our expert opinions, have determined it is actually fecal matter). The full video is near-impossible to find, but screenshots are well disseminated. Watch this space.

a fat man with Syrup, Coffee and sticking a Banana up his ass will make any woman wet. Yes, that's right: TJ says the video was originally sent to some girls on the Internet whom he was hoping to impress.

Of course, he thinks he's clever by playing it up in a video and that sending videos of you having anal sex with fruit is somehow not disgusting nor perverse. Though the sheep lap it all up (no pun intended), he could make a video where he rapes his way through the holocaust and his idiot fans would still blindly follow him:

OilGate 2013

On April 3, 2013, Anonymous dredged up yet another boner-slaying video of TJ being a degenerate whackjob. TJ lies on a bed, exposing his micro-penis and morbidly obese body to the camera. He pours scalding hot cooking oil on his dick, convulsing and moaning for about 20 seconds. Then he proceeds to dip his balls into the pot, which is again followed with about 20 seconds of moaning and convulsing. He then pours it all over his ass—and squirts it directly into his asshole—and smears it around. His moans are perhaps the most disturbing part of the video: you can tell he is in agony, but there is a distinct tone of sexual satisfaction.


It's hard to say which is worse, TJ's revolting sexual self-hatred or his complete irresponsibility when it comes to keeping this shit a secret. Maybe it just turns him on when people laugh about his penis of vanishing proportions.

The full video of him pouring hot oil on himself can be found here. Watch at your own risk.


File:Bandicam 2017-11-24 11-46-25-298.jpg
"Pay me for my crappy movie reaction. I didn't do any editting but you still need to pay me to watch"

As anyone aware of TJ knows (except for his fanbase, who have lost all mental ability), TJ is a notorious, relentless e-beggar and scam-artist. His self-entitlement knows no bounds, and coupled with his spoiled upbringing, he thinks that everyone in the world, as stupid as everyone is (except for himself, but that's just what he thinks) should give him money when he thinks he needs it. Like the lolcow that he is, TJ's e-begging campaigns always demonstrate to everyone just how much of a retarded idiot he is, which contradicts his position of championing intelligence and human greatness. Here's a shortened run-down of his scams and e-beggary:

  • Money for a road-trip around the U.S., meeting other atheists, and creatards. (Didn't happen. In fact, he was directly challenged on this during a Q&A session on Reddit. TJ denied all memory of any idea of a roadtrip. Eventually he was presented with a link to a Myspace page wherein a manifesto was laid out, donation links were set up, expired links to videos purely on the road trip were linked, and a commissioned banner was displayed. At this point TJ stopped responding. Pretty damning for his fanboys who insist he "just" begs, never outright scams. Anyway, view the exchange here ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive).

  • A chance to stick his micropenis into a fat ho from another city. (didn't happen; too small a penis; neckbeard; bought a lambskin coat instead)

  • Payment for an electricity bill because he is too stupid to prioritize his money. He thought it would be better to invest his e-welfare money on fixing classic cars. (happened, but he had the money anyway; his fans are none the wiser)

  • Funds for a "charity" to help victims of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. (didn't happen, or no one could know otherwise; knowing TJ, didn't happen and he spent it on fast food binges)

  • "Donations" for freespeechvids, a site that he had no clue on coding, maintaining, owning, and networking. It crashed and burned and not a fuck was given that day. (happened; particularly hilarious lolcow exhibitions preceded its inception, including a makeout session with HardCaseOwnsYou)

  • Pick-me-up for a new DSLR camera because its shutter-life had been long-exceeded. He also said that the CMOS sensor had worn out, even though in reality, the average CMOS sensor can last for several decades before any noticeable decay happens. (didn't happen, or no one could know otherwise because how would anyone tell that he actually spent such money on such an item?)

  • Gifts for his wedding to a land-dwelling member of the beluga whale species. (happened; fans thought it would be cute to donate to such a cause; he divorced the whale for a mentally disturbed queer that he may or may not be getting pegged by at present)

  • "Donations" for ThatFatAtheist. The home page was deleted when the site's original admin, who is a furry and an emo who is otherwise indistinct from TJ, was shit-canned by TJ. The furry, spiteful as his kind typically is in cases of dissent, closed the homepage down. The forum shamefully remains. Hack for great justice. (happened; a junk site was produced as a result; the page finally shut down because the last vestiges of users on the site basically went "fuck it"; he owes his retarded fans money so his sycophantic viewers should (but won't) hold his feet to the fire)

  • "Donations" for NotProductive. The Indie Go-Go charity drive ended in February. It doesn't help him that almost no one knows about this whole thing when you consider the scale of the interwebz, so the likelihood of success, contrary to TJ's ego-inflated knowledge, is very nil. Also, somehow it costs twenty-grand to make (although he managed less than $18K) to make a cheap-ass video embedding vanity site that is be plugged with annoying advertisements anyway. Will likely get hacked into oblivion, and lulz will ensue.(happened; however, it lasted roughly a month before the "beta" stage ended, and because of straightd0pe's criticism of the final product, TJ will probably never allow it to resurface so that it can be hacked or trolled; it is now a fucking YouTube channel, which goes against the principles of the marketing pitch for the site that he put out - on YouTube.)

  • Help for a contingency plan in-case Hurricane Isaac ruins his house. When he begged for money for this, the power to his house was cut-off for days. Win. (happened, because people want to be heroes; 108 dollars were raised, so because he can't move out with that little money, he decided to buy enough cheeseburgers to feed a third world country for a week; he moved to Ohio state recently, so any money he got was clearly wasted)

  • Birthday money/presents from his froth-at-the-mouth fanboys each year. Hell, the lolcow, barely even trying anymore, admitted that he's basically a shameless beggar in a post he made on Youtube on his most recent birthday. (likely happened, given that his fans are about as smart as a speck of turd plopped out of this manchild's ass; his fans probably are pieces of turd; today he lives in Ohio, so now he's pretty much cozy & safe from any big-bad hurricane that could topple his bullshit lifestyle.)

  • Patronage from the more naive of his fanboys, wherein he essentially gets a paycheque every month because some people feel that his "entertainment" is worth spending their hard-earned money/welfare on. This is because of one or more of the following reasons: 1) His YouTube traffic can't sustain his current lifestyle and 'production values'. 2) He is putting more money towards maintaining NotProductive (which is, at present, a mere YouTube channel, thus contradicting the fucking message of his sales pitch video). Or 3) He just sees it as another avenue to ride his idiot fanboys for all they're worth. (is happening right now; he has a staggering 2 patrons and is getting a lulzworthy $5.67 a month as of this writing; with that money pouring in he can still afford a full value meal at his favorite fast food joint).

  • A patreon page for his sleep-inducing, pseudo-intellectual cesspool that is the Drunken Peasants podcast. Funny enough, it is earning nearly a thousand times more money per month than TJ's actual channel. (happened; the podcast continues to pollute the interwebz with TJ's pseudo-intellectual rambling, his retarded brother's try-hard pontifications, and other tripe. Also half of their podcasts are either talking about Brett Keane or inviting him to come on the podcast to "own" him(Straightd0pe did it best), even though they're all a brunch of scamming faggots.

In the following video TJ talks proudly about how he has never done an honest day's work in his life. His only ever job, he claims, was working in his rich daddy's call centre - where he would "steal" leads from the other employees to ensure he didn't get fired. And this is the kind of person people happily give their donation money to. Go to around 13:16 for the rich admission of being a scumbag...

The Amazing Atheist's values

In spite of all of these documented cases of him begging to his fucktarded fanboys for easy money (because, you know, those fuckers owe him for all the content he made for them), he's instead very likely supplemented his sedentary, anti-social lifestyle without a hint of integrity or honesty. Should his viewers be skeptical of how he was able to move to Ohio (again) as he announced on his blog? No, of course not, at least if you're a brainless follower of this crook. Regardless how much money he ever gets from a bunch of mindless drones who are guilted into paying his bills, his ventures into any modicum of independence or prestige fail miserably or last for a very low amount of time. So while a bunch of retards around the world continue to give him money out of gullible & misplaced compassion, the rest of us can laugh at the results that follow and all the times TJ displays his monumental stupidity. FOR THE LULZ!

UPDATE: TJ is hitting, or has already, rock bottom and he NEEDS YOUR HELP! So because he has a fatal aversion to actually getting a fucking job(because he's above hard work). He is essentially goading his idiot fanbase into giving him monthly payments through Patreon. The justification for this most pathetic of his begging displays yet: he has "high production costs", and although he'd never tell you what those costs are, so you can know why you're giving your money away (you fucking retard), it's high enough and his ad revenue is lower than he can afford to maintain. Which is odd, since he e-begged for a DSLR camera just a few months ago, AGAIN. Unlike smarter entertainers who try new approaches (like new production values, studios, management, etc.), he is unable to adapt to his surroundings. He describes the situation as, verbatim, "Because of my high rate of production, only one video a month will be charged to my pledges." He has posted a video about his oh-so helpless situation:

He admits that he has put all of his eggs in the YouTube basket, which for anyone but him & others like him, is rather hilarious because it shows how skewed their priorities are. Yes, there are entertainers who rely on their content delivery to make a living, but success & sizable audiences are integral to achieving this; TJ does not really have either, so we at ED ask: What do you expect, fatboy? He only has 448 thousand subscribers (at the time of writing), whereas the users smosh, PewDiePie, and JennaMarbles respectively have 25, 64, and 22 million subscribers. He barely has a tenth of the subscribers of either, but he thinks he has enough clout to make it on YouTube. The three mentioned channels can get away with the same priorities that TJ feels safe with because of how successful they are, but because he has more fat in his skull than gray matter, he can't come to this conclusion on his own.

Wow, a whopping $6.67. Don't spend it all at once.

ANOTHER UPDATE: With the recently released "The Amazing Atheist Channel Moving Forward" video, TJ is dropping a clusterfuck e-begging bomb onto his diehard audience, wanting for a multitude of things that he can already afford on his budget that he cannot honestly disclose to skeptical onlookers. Such things include YET ANOTHER camera (he has a Canon Rebel T3I, and somehow that's not good enough for him), a new PC on which to edit his videos (does he not know that he can simply replace parts with newer & better ones?), new sets simply because he finds the backdrops he currently uses to be boring, and he has a goal for Patreon where he nets at least $5,000 a month from retards!
A survey on Formstack has been established in order to gauge where his channel should go, and what should be improved or removed entirely, and over a thousand people so far have filled it out. Use this opportunity to troll him and tell him how irrelevant he's become: The Amazing Atheist Fan Survey.
What are his promises to his viewers? One of them is to remove overlay ads on his videos. He also wants to downplay advertisements on his channel. Of course, he doesn't describe what he actually means by this. He says he'll increase fan interaction somehow, although if one listens to what he says in the TL;DW video (shown below), he admits his reasons for not really listening to most of his viewers in the first place and why it's guaranteed not to change. He also wants more people to debate with him. Also, he wants to improve his web presence, possibly admitting that he found NotProductive to be the epic failure that it is and is disingenuously sweeping it under the rug.
The guy admits in the video below that he's run out of ways to argue against his detractors who question him on what he does with money that he bilks out of his idiotic fanbase. Also, everything described immediately above was paraphrased from this video. So this might just mean that we'll never get the .PDF he said he'd release in order to satiate his skeptics' needs to know what really happened with NotProductive?

That's a spoiled, privileged fat white boy for you. The world owes him for his "talents" and fuck off if you take him to task for the borderline criminal schemes he puts out seemingly day by day.

Pekka Auvinen Connection

During the middle of 2007, the user Naturalselector89 (A.K.A Pekka-Eric Auvinen) started to troll and argue with TJ, calling him a fat retard along other things. Throughout the summer, TJ and him would argue and insult each other, with TJ dedicating an entire video to him. The feud started after TJ made the point that the people obsessed with IRL trolls Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, along with other an heroes were great risks to society as a whole; that they were potential mass killers. This obviously caused the people called out by TJ to retaliate. Mainly, they did this by shitposting and trolling on his comment section, notably a user named RobinMcVeigh, who idolized Reb and VoDKa as gods.

Eventually as time went on, Naturalselector89 was terminated, so he created the account Sturmgeist89. He built up his channel again, with about 1/4th as many subs as before, before he eventually went on a shooting spree at his school, to get the high score. Sadly, he wasn't able to get on the top 25 due to using a shitty .22lr pistol.

As usual, the shitstorm immediately formed after the genocide crusade, and when the old media found out about the connection Pekka had to TJ, it got him lot of unwanted attention, prompting him to make a few videos addressing this. A lot of retarded masses wanted to blame TAA and say he was Pekka's buddy and encouraged the IRL Trolling, however anyone with a brain can do some basic research and find out it was the other way around. Ironically, TJ once admitted to admiring the Columbine killers. That video also discusses his concern with columbine admirers.


TJ's father, Thomas James Kirk II (Yes, that makes TJ "Thomas James Kirk III!" Wuttafag amirite?) was a con artist who got rich by setting up diploma mills and fake churches in Louisiana. TJ's dad even claimed to have taken a vow of poverty so he could cheat the tax man and keep his scam skrilla, ironically making TJ's dad the same kind of greedy christfag he rants against in his YT vids.

Thomas James Kirk II

Additionally, in his now-deleted Reddit account, TJ described how his father once broke into the house of a vacationing couple and stole and sold all their worldly possessions. Moreover, he went on to defend his father's actions, as he was "just a young man".

This unusual upbringing probably explains TJ's frauds, scams and e-begging. And the fact that TJ's dad spent five years in federal prison getting plugged by other inmates probably explains TJ's love of bananas and rape.

"Like father like son" amirite?

How to troll TheAmazingAtheist

Protip: simply bringing up EncyclopediaDramatica or calling him fat won't suffice. Well, turns out both work just fine. The dude even believes in "thin privilege" which is ironic for some very obvious reasons.

  • Bring up YouTube Favicon.png StraightD0pe, a YouTube troll who is constantly a thorn in the side of TJ's due to his constant exposure of his latest scams. Mentions of Straightd0pe still make him butthurt to this day.
  • Make fun of his art. Yes, seriously, he wishes he could sue people for making fun of that MS Paint shit he's drawn.
  • Make fun of Macs. He's a Macfag, though he doesn't actually use one. He actually laments about not having the money to buy those overpriced pieces of shit.
  • Say video games are superior to films. This particularly bothers him because he's been forced to tone down his insults towards video games to appease his fanbase that pays his e-welfare checks.
  • Say that Marilyn Manson sucks: This isn't a joke, it really works. He even broke up with his BFF because he said this!
  • Say the Christopher Nolan Batman films suck. He's publicly said anyone who doesn't like the films should go die, and even made a 10 minute plus video whining about some shitty has been comedian calling the films boring.
  • Bonus points if you tell him that Tim Burton's "Batman Returns" film is better than The Dark Knight.
  • Let him know that Christopher Nolan's 2010 film "Inception" is overrated and is a rip-off of "The Matrix."
  • Tell him that "Unforgiven" is the most overrated Western film ever, and thus it sucks.
  • Remind him of his microdick, which if his most recent sex tape is any indication, is nearly indistinct because of his body fat. He wishes he had a big penis, but he needs to be reminded that he will never have one.
  • Ask him repeatedly what happened to NotProductive, because this is an issue that he hopes people can largely forget or ignore.
  • Call him a Men's Rights Activist, which he is. Even though he agrees with virtually every standpoint that most MRA retards regurgitate like broken records, he gets defensive as hell when you call him like he is.
  • Contact TheAmazingDouche about: e-begging and why did he make over 100 and 9,000 videos asking for money. It is known from e-begging alone he has made probably over 25,000 USD.
  • Post comments criticizing the youtube channel not productive to the video titled: Welcome To Not Productive for just being: unproductive, disproductive, but JUST PLAIN NOT PRODUCTIVE.

The short version of TJ's pitch
TheAmazingLiar's introductory video in its full TL/DW glory

Go ahead thumb down the video at least you would be productive unlike a $17,000 website that turned into a youtube channel which could be made for free. His website made poor progress developing and never made it to completion which can be seen here.

A hilarious timeline of lies:

"18th Apr 2012 | 3 notes
not productive is coming soon"

apathyape asked: When will Not Productive be back on the web? I was trying to find the site and all I can find is this one. Thank you!

We’re focusing on generating original content first. Once we have sufficient Not Producers, the site will return."

"Now in the year 2014 
Loading... | 6:08:15 Jan 5, 2014

Got an HTTP 302 response at crawl time

Redirecting to..."

Misc. facts about TJ

The Amazing Atheist talking to some fans.

Here are some random factoids that don't really fit in any specific section, but shed a horrible and pathetic light on TJ nonetheless:

  • TJ thinks it should be perfectly legal for fathers to abandon their infant children ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive). This is most likely an admission that he plans to do this if he ever actually manages to impregnate his hambeast (unlikely given the size of his dick). The fact that he has such a reckless and juvenile mindset means that anyone who supports him, especially monetarily, must be either be 13 years old or brain-dead.
  • While actually a hardcore gamer, for years TJ pretended he hated video games simply to make himself look different and unique. TJ thought video games would mesh with his emo image, so he went on various faux rants against video games, even one time claiming they make people violent and lazy (how ironic). Yes, TJ actually pretended to hate something as trivial as video games just to stand out in the crowd.
  • TJ fashions himself as a bisexual, peppered with the odd sexual deviancy here and there. He has stated multiple times on his tumblr that he'd like to take on a cock. However, based on the fact that TJ seems to relish in public humiliation over his rather gross sex life (see the section about his sex tapes), there's no proof that TJ has gone the full nine yards yet and taken a dick up his fat, banana-crusted ass. With this in mind, so far he's yet another bisexual in statement only, perhaps bolstered by his Pilsbury doughboy shape, which fags are known to find anathema to their standards. He has also commented that he finds men's asses unappealing, as if anyone could get it up for his ass.
  • He thinks that there's no wage gap between males & females in America; called this a "myth." He provides no argument to bolster this claim but why should he when his fanboys are there to defend him tooth & nail?
  • He thinks bestiality is okay and the exact same thing as eating meat.
  • In late December of 2017, TJ decided to walk away from his position of co-hosting the Drunken Peasants Podcast (which was his primary source of revenue), giving the faggy reason of "creative differences" (probably didn't get enough blowjobs from his co-host).

The Proof TJ is a pedophile

At 0:31:03 ...

Update: TJ now claims he was just joking, seriously...

As for this nonsense about me dating a 14-year-old when I was 23, I was actually mocking a friend of mine who was over 30 and was macking on some 16-year-old girl. The sad fact is that when I was 23, I was single and pussyless. And I was too timid and frightened to even approach a girl sexually, let alone one who could wind me up in prison.


—TheAmazingAtheist, ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)

When pressed on his bullshit, TJ claimed he was simply mocking Fakesagan who he claims was dating a 16 year old girl at the time. However, when one watches the clip, it's certainty not apparent TJ is "mocking" anyone, Fakesagan makes no claim to dating an underage girl, and Fakesagan seems disgusted by what TJ says. When pressed further on this he offered no rebuttal and just blocked anyone challenging him. All we have on this claim is TJ's word (since Fakesagan is probably dying in a ditch somewhere), and since his word is worth less than Zimbabwean currency, this claim is about as likely as him just "forgetting" about that road trip or him eventually showing that all the money he solicited for NotProductive didn't go straight up his ass.

Images following are credit of OP. @AutisticApe Image 1 Image 2 Image 3 Image 4 Image 5 Image 6 Image 7 Image 8 Image 9

More evidence of his pedophilia has come out recently, the user @AutisticApe on twitter has dumped KIK chat logs that show as of late he still has pedophilic thoughts. The tweet in question can be found here

From the time I was 14 to the time I was about 19, I used to have extreme pedophilic fantasies . . . I also think that the age of sexual consent should be lowered to 12 or 13.



The above statement can be found here


You know, I always wondered what your wife looked like... then I saw a picture of her on Encyclopedia Dramatica. It was horrifying.


—Commenter on Youtube. We're always glad to provide information for you!

Our pal, engaging in two forms of bestiality at once. Wait...

TJ, like the planet with a gravitational pull he is (with bananas often puncturing its ass-end), has had another planet with a gravitational pull under his wing for a few years. In 2011, Uranus (TJ) made a statement that he was going to marry Pluto (Holly). He's also been open about his perverse sexual activities with her, such as being the submissive in the relationship, tainting the minds of less fucktarded folk with images of fried dough fucking bleached dough. Also, this probably the intended target for the NotProductive donation drive all along. You know, fuck transparency and honesty, right TJ?

As if the idea of Jabba the Hut and his female clone having intercourse, in light of his micropenis, wasn't bad enough, now he's going to be a proud hubbie to a tubby getting even more welfare checks, this time from the government. Given his egoistical and boisterous nature, expect him to flaunt his being attached to her 'til death do them part (probably while doubling down on double down sandwiches) in his videos and on his blog.

As the above video tries to make clear, it's not an e-begging video. It's merely some predictable gloating about how special his life is, and that he's selfish yadda-yadda. No one cares, but he thinks we do. There's a link in the video to send gifts, because as he says, he's not going to turn down free shit.

Ever since settling down with Marriage, TJ has apparently dropped the soap and become a fucking pussy no longer making "ownage" videos. His reasoning, though it's just him sugar-coating his true intentions, is that arguing with people with opposing opinions amounts to nothing and perpetuates an "us vs. them" mentality. However, if the multiple, an hero provoking promotional videos he's made are any indication, he really meant to say that he wanted to appeal to the lowest common denominator as much as possible. Marketing and politically correct pussies would tell you that pissing off demographics and camps of different viewpoints means less money to be made.

So basically, TJ is another boring, generic vLogger hilariously dependent on their Youtube escapades to make a living.


Because TJ's micropenis couldn't penetrate the many layers of fat that Holly exhibits, it would only stand to reason that they would eventually get a divorce, less than a year after getting married. This would play perfectly into TJ's schemes as it was yet another way for him to make money of gullible shits on the internet, who gladly gave them wedding presents. Of course they only did to get free stuff.

My marriage to Holly has drawn to a close. Our split has been very amicable and we remain close friends. I don’t regret our marriage or the time we spent together and will continue to cherish those memories... I am now in a relationship with my boyfriend Kyle. We are very happy together and look forward to spending a life together.


—I ditched a fat cow, now I am a complete homo, TJ

TheAmazingAtheist Wife Prediction.jpg
Well the first half did come true

Getting Owned By A GoAnimate Video

TJ makes fun of a rape victim


On this particularly lulzy occasion TJ, in a minor spat with some feminists on reddit, got so pissed off by insults flung his way that he flipped the fuck out and started making fun of a woman when she revealed that she was a victim of rape in the past during an argument about some hypocritical feminnazi's reddit user name 'ICumWhenIKillMen'.

Being a brainwashed Men's Rights Activist waist deep in faggotry, one of TJ's favorite pet topics is feminism. However, after feminists recently zerg-rushed his reddit, he totally lost it and began threatening them with rape (with, "I'm just joking!" said right afterwards of course) in an attempt to offend them. What actually happened was he started a drama filled shitfest that everyone and their mom wanted to stick their nose into, even annoying douchebags in the Atheist elite like P.Z. Meyer, chimed in on the issue. Moralfags quickly took to the chans and doxed TJ in retaliation (though he denies it ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive)) for something people like George Carlin did 20 years ago which no one seemed to care about then. Ironically these are the same people who get belly laughs from things like Virginia Tech.

Yeah. Well, you deserved it. So, fuck you. I hope it happens again soon. I'm tired of being treated like shit by you mean little cunts and then you using your rape as an excuse. Fuck you. I think we should give the guy who raped you a medal. I hope you fucking drown in rape semen, you ugly, mean-spirited cow. Actually, I don't believe you were ever raped! What man would be tasteless enough to stick his dick into a human cesspool like you? Nice gif of a turd going into my mouth. Is that kind of like the way that rapists dick went in your pussy? Or did he use your asshole? Or was it both? Maybe you should think about it really hard for the next few hours. Relive it as much as possible. You know? Try to recall: was it my pussy or my ass?


—TJ, responding to a rape victim who criticized him on his reddit.

I'll make you a rape victim if you don't fuck off.


—TJ, informing the feminists that they are asking for it.

I'll rape you with my fist.


—TJ preparing to administer cunt punches to the rampent feminists.

BTW, you have to admit, when I told you that I hope you drown in rape semen, you got a little wet, didn't you? It's okay. We're friends now. You can share.


—TJ fapping while thinking of rape and generally being a sick fuck.

I am aware of the pretense offered for your violent tendencies towards me. Also, I'm pretty sure I could rape you without getting killed if it was really on my agenda. I mean, you didn't kill the first guy, right?


—TJ weighing up his chances of scoring some free poontang without getting stabbed.

No, I'm not mad. I'm just trying to trigger you. It's not working, I guess. So, I guess the whole triggering thing is bullshit after all?


—TJ trying to get the rape victim to an hero or cut herself or some shit.

Exchange can be found here: The thread can still be viewed but his account was deleted due to massive butthurt. TJ responds on his tumblr: "That guy is an ingrate. Every time he lost a channel, I helped him rebuild his audience. Then, the second I say something stupid, he pounces on it like its a magic elixir to fix that cancerous growth on his face? I would think that years of helping him keep his audience would earn me at least enough respect for him not to jump on what is easily the dumbest thing I’ve ever said publicly before the echo has even stopped reverberating. It’s almost like he was waiting for an opportunity."

Sissy Fight With Harmful Opinions

See also: Candid

In this latest tale of TJ acting like a twat we have him crying and whaling like brat in the direction of a Harmful Opinions (Powerword: Tim Morrison). Mr. Opinions had been snooping around Candid and Googles advertising streams and had helped leak Candids Abhorrent Non Disclosure Agreements and contracts for the prying eyes of internet dwellers like you. To sum up Candid it's an attempt to gather user data similar in fashion to 4chan on all the most offensive pseudo anonymous users by tricking them to join the service using non SJW youtubers, encourage the users to post offensive crap and sell the collected data and posts on the sit to the highest bidder, of whom would use it to entale a more restricted future for the web than it already is. TJ was one of the anti SJW Youtubers Candid approached to secretly advertise their service in exchange for some green. After the contracts and list of Candid shills dropped TJ threw a bitchfit at Tim, clearly TJ did not like being exposed again for being deceptive to his subscriber base, in fact he was so mad he threw a bitchfit at Candid for not allowing him to do an attack video on Tim, who already was getting some of his stuff mysteriously hacked at this point and denounced by a certain circlejerk of altrighters.

Some time later after TJ Bizarrely offered to send Tim a tit pic for ten bucks and Tims continued efforts against Candid, TJ decided to unleash himself from Candids Collar, (Despite being under NDA and Contracts with them still) and strike out on his own against Tim to which blew up Gloriously in his face.

TJ Getting blown out of the water by the thumbnail alone

Gallery of TAA

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