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The Man as seen in Monopoly

The Man (also known as Jews and to a lesser extent, white people) is the person who keeps us down, mah brutha. Not much is known about The Man, but he goes by many names. The Man is similar to Santa Claus in that he is white and knows everything about you... including that time you touched your sister inappropriately. (You sick fuck.)

The Man owns everything worth owning and is laughing at your poverty.

While The Man oppresses all, he particularly enjoys making upward mobility difficult for black people - unless they become self-hating negros and join the Republican party.

And remember, The Man is watching you...ALWAYS. Even when you're stuffing your fat fucking face with "Italian Food" at Olive Garden.

In Soviet Russia the man sticks it to you.


"The Man" usually describes an individual who holds authority over another, such as an employment supervisor, police officer or ED Sysop.

It is important to note "The Man" is a title almost exclusively conferred upon a rich-as-fuck American male of northern-European ancestry. Every four years this person is elected via a secret election which the darkies are ignorant of. The ballots, which are hidden in specially-marked tubes of Preparation H, are mailed in.

While "The Man's" identity is usually a closely guarded secret - it is well known that Ronald Reagan, held the office from 1988 to 1992 after finishing his lower post as President of the United States. Reagan was able to roll back many of the rights blacks had gained in the 60s and added Arabs to the list of oppressed minorities. In many ways, Reagan was far worse than Hitler - since Jews got their own country after their ordeal was over.

Events The Man is Responsible For

Even The Man can fall on hard times.

The Man is either behind or blamed for everything bad that ever happened in the complete history of existence even though, in reality, Jews are the reason for these mishaps. A brief list includes:


Watch closely to see The Man effectively pwning an injun.


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