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The Young Turds was once a news show, watched by liberals before liberal become synonyms with regressive crybaby. Nowadays it is the Buzzfeed of Youtube, except with somehow even more biased content. The chief of the show is an aggressive loud-mouth who got fired from MSNBC, because he felt he had to preach his obnoxious outdated views to the masses. Other hosts include a slut, an MST3K reject and even more regressives, doing their damnest to not let any facts slip through their bias.

It goes something like this
Tyt gun control.jpg


Fat Tony began a talk show in the mold of a public access show he had done previously called The Old Turk. With the help of friend Ben Mankiewicz whom he had previously spammed public access television with, his childhood friend Satan, and Jill Pike they began The Young Turks. Three homeless folks are paid in beers as full time crew.

In 2005, the trolling received attention for its 99 hour "Live On Air Filibuster" conducted during the Republicans having their lulz nominating some guido weenie to the Supreme Court, right after the emo-raging over W's victory. Hosts including Thom Hartmann, Mike Malloy, Bob Kincaid, Brad Friedman, and Peter B. Collins filled in so that the shows regulars could go work their 2nd yob at McDonald's.

It was announced on August 20, 2007, that Mankiewicz would leave the show and all the dweebs thumbed up a comment of "Ben sucks" to the top. In September 2008, Ben Mankiewicz and Ben Lyons replaced Bill O'Reilly and Richard Roeper as hosts of Dweeby Whines About Crappy Movies. At roughly the same time, Pike left to pursue a job in Washington, D.C. at an establishment called The Booby Trap, at which point somebody's little daughter, Ana Kasparian was hired to say "NO WAI" after practicing her ABCs with TMZ blurbs about random whores.

During the United States 2008 elections, the show developed close ties to another vlog, often whoring their ads and featuring personalities such as Michael Moore's little wannabe and some chinese guy.


Prior to Air America making a grave mistake, the show was broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio, on Sirius Left 143 and later 146, at least 100 years ago, and re-aired on Sirius Talk Central 148 one time Last Thursday. The Young Turks was the first show exclusively for Sirius Left after they moved their Mac servers out of their parents' garage. The show was the only thing on Sirius for several years. The Young Turks was also carried by a ham radio in Wichita, Kansas on Saturday nights and uploaded to geocities by, aka SSBJVegeta99.

On February 2, 2009, The Young Turks was removed from the broadcast schedule on XM/Sirius Channel 69 for being Shit, America Left, and their program was filled by an extra hour of tape recorded saxophone solos from NPR news. Fat Tony made them an offer they couldn't refuse and the show returned to XM/Sirius on March 16, 2009.


Cenk Uygur

CenkUygur Armenian Genocide Not Real.jpg

Besides having the name of the vomit, this self proclaimed "Proud Mangina" is so full of himself that it is a wonder that he actually allows other on his show. Once upon a time, this man was actually seen as smart, believe it or not. Now people has finally caught up to the fact, that whenever he is presented with facts, he stumps his feet like a fucking child, and goes full out temper tantrum.

And Cenk, it seems, when it comes to Islam and religions generally, is just as anti-Islam as Harris. Where does this shit come from that Harris would persecute Muslims? It comes from Cenk listening to what others have been saying about Harris, rather than reading Harris. By the time it gets to the Aslan and Harris interviews he has gotten around to reading some Harris, though we’re not sure what – seems like just a few bits and pieces. But it’s too late. He’s dug his hole and he just keeps on digging.

This is a fucking disgrace. As others have said, how can you trust TYT when this sort of bullshit is an example of balanced reporting., Ron Murphy

Cenk's message to all his viewers:
CenkUygur Fuck You.jpg

Last Thursday, Uygur's misogynistic past was discovered by some Internet rag called The Wrap, which took the time to dredge through the Wayback Machine and publish some of Cenk's views on women as sex objects. Cenk apologized, naturally, but blamed these attitudes on being a conservative at the time. Some of the more touching quotes are:

Obviously, the genes of women are flawed. They are poorly designed creatures who do not want to have sex nearly as often as needed for the human race to get along peaceably and fruitfully.


It seems like there is a sea of tits here, and I am drinking in tiny droplets. I want to dive into the whole god damn ocean


There must be some serious making out by the third date. If I haven’t felt your tits by then, things are not about to last much longer.


Ana Kasparian

You still look like a fucking dog Ana

The voice of reason on this literal shit show, and she is dumb as a fucking doornail. And like the rest of the crew a complete fucking hypocrite. The best evidence of this can seen when she got extremely upset over the Beach Body Ready ad, that was running Last Thursday.

This is real funny since this bitch actually wants to be a go-go dancer, if she wasn't busy taking off her clothes in order to get on YouTube.
Or getting her nose done, because her brain is unfixable.


She made me realize that banking off looks and unearned fame might earn a steady income for 15 minutes. But when the 15 minutes are up it's hard to make a living...Unlike the reality stars and super models, I have other "credits" and I wake up every day feeling proud of the work I do. I do everything with dignity. Even though wealth would be great, it isn't worth losing my self-respect for it...Every morning I have to look at myself in the mirror. I never want to see Heidi Montag's reflection staring back at me. I want to see Ana Kasparian: a girl who values education and people who follow their dreams...not dollar signs..., Ana Kasparian

Other hosts

Some other co-hosts are: Some Dork in glasses, a guy who doesn't want to be there but feels sorry for them, what's his name, what's her face, and RJ Eskow. Tony also has regular bits and on air interaction with those who help run the show; The living Bernie can still win meme Kyle Kulinski, some illegal immigrant, Ana Kasparian, Dave Koller, J.R. "the black guy", Tom Hanc, and a couple of other fruitcakes.

Despite the plural-sounding name, 90% of the show is really just Fat Tony single-handedly trolling Joe The Plumber impersonators about the teabags on their colonial hats and their masturbation to masculine portraits of Ayn Rand.


Cenk literally makes up racist quote and attributes it to Sarah Palin

This one speaks for itself. Kind of ironic as Cenk and gang are constantly talking about how conservatives are the ones that disrespect women.

San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

They thought the terrorists were white.

Alex Jones trolls TYT

In an act of epic lulz, crazy Alex Jones of Infowars stormed the studio during a live airing holding a "Bill Clinton is a Rapist" T-shirt and got the cockroach to epically lose his shit as he realized he can't shout people down when they are in the same room as him. The drama ended as Jimmy Dore, a non-comedian who was in the studio spat in Alex's face and Ana Kasparian "fat shamed" Alex Jones by yelling at him that he's a fat fuck as everyone laughed.


Because the young turks believe in a fair and equal election, they sperged to heights previous unreached when it was obvious that Donald J. Trump would triumph against the hildabeest. Sadly they did not take the opportunity to sell 600 gallon bottles of Ana's tears to thirsty African children because fuck charity. Viva Liberalism™!

UC Berkeley Protest

When a violent protest against speaker Milo Yiannopoulos erupted at UC Berkeley, Cenk "what genocide?" Yogurt and Ana "My real nose was a joke" kasparian fucking lost it.


Last Thursday's full episode

Kink-shaming a retarded furry

Do not put this up on youtube!



Spam-off series

In February 2010, What the Fuck?! began airing on the show's website, featuring improv comedy stolen straight out of old Herbie The Love Bug movies.

In September 2010, TYTSports was launched. Their audience was too busy collecting welfare to notice.


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